Did you read Tom Utley’s take on the Today programme a few days back?

“Does anyone believe that the Beeb, which bewails every cut and lauds every increase in government spending, would have made such a fuss about any other three-day clampdown costing less than one ten-millionth of the NHS budget? And is it remotely conceivable that, on any other matter, it would have expressed such sympathy for the grotesquely incompetent CQC — whose appalling record over upholding standards of care for the elderly and vulnerable the BBC, to its credit, has done so much to report?

Final question. Last year, BBC TV’s Panorama exposed the scandalous ill-treatment of patients at the Winterbourne View private hospital, which had been missed by the CQC. Does anyone remember Auntie accusing ministers of ‘chasing headlines’ when they moved swiftly to close down the rotten place?”


It was of course inevitable that Brown would reject the very sensible recommendations made to cut the NHS workforce by 10% over the next five years. (Personally, I would favour much deeper workforce cuts in this monolith but at least this would be a good start) His response is entirely political and not based in economic reality rather like his entire period when Chancellor. Earlier today the BBC dragged on NuLabour cohort Sir Gerry “We love the NHS” Robinson to discuss the issue and I thought he was fair enough agreeing that cuts could be made at both administration and clinical level, presumably not the result the BBC were looking for! So just after 8am, we had a discussion between Niall Dickson, chief executive of the health analysis charity the King’s Fund and Carl Emmerson, Deputy Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Lots of BBC digs at Daniel Hannan during this item, by the way. And, of course, wealth distribution gets a favourable reaction.

What did you think of it?


I read this shocking instance of NHS incompetence. One can only imagine the upset felt by the family of Mr Milner. What struck me was that whilst the atrocious bungling of the NHS is set out in the first part of the report the BBC makes sure that not just one but two NHS apologists get to have the final say, assuring us that this was just one of those little misunderstandings that happen. (In a vast bloated unfeeling bureaucracy, that is.)


Working in the NHS is clearly the world’s toughest job (!) and it’s not surprising that sickness rates are vastly above those of the private sector. Ahem. Listen to this interview. Boorman is hopeless but Humphyrs clearly holds back. Repeat after me – the NHS is the envy of the world. The third world.


NHS worship is a central theme of the BBC, I guess one State monolith will always approve of another. But I wonder will the BBC be investigating why it is that almost €1.2bn has been spent on NHS bureaucrats in 07/08 – a doubling of expenditure since 2003? I suspect that unlike you and I, when the BBC sees this vast increase in funding they don’t feel angered at such financial profligacy, they feel jealous.

Update by Natalie Solent: Since it seemed silly to have two separate NHS posts on B-BBC on the same day, I have taken the liberty of adding this link to David’s post. It takes you to the blog National Death Service, which in turn links to a BBC story called “Bloggers debate British healthcare”. I’ve been posting to this site since 2002, and for bias I think that story comes in the top five.


24 hours to save the NHS? Remember that Labour PR spin from the eve of the 1997 election? Looks like from the depths of his bunker, Gordon Brown is once more on the attack using the NHS as a weapon to gain political capital. This morning, the BBC ran the spin that the NHS is facing its biggest organisational and financial challenge ever and will not survive unless it changes and is cut down. (No explanation why it all meltsdown from 2011 — hello Alister Darling!!) This scaremonger was used to entice the gormless Conservative Andrew Lansley into pledging that his party would lavish even more cash on this much loved by the BBC Stalinist construct. Then later on,McDoom weighed in to complain about Tory cuts, using the BBC interview with Lansley. Why it’s almost as if it were co-ordinated! The BBC – doing the jobs that Labour won’t do.