Random Thought

Remember that 11 year  old boy who managed to evade security and check-in at Manchester and board an aircraft…remember how ‘shocked’ the BBC et al were?

Funny how completely unshocked they are when illegal immigrants from very  dodgy parts of the world slip in here and make themselves at home.


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  1. Chop says:

    Look no further than the staff at airports to understand how illegals, or otherwise, find it so easy to slip past “controls”


  2. London Calling says:

    Never mind the illegals, next time you are standing in one of those very long queues at passport control, have a long hard look at the the people apparently holding British passports.


    • Big Ben says:

      Very true.

      When I came back into Gatwick a month ago the EU passport queue looked more like Islamabad.


    • Span Ows says:

      This is worrying: I don’t use Heathrow much any more despite making 80 to 100 flights a year however the 3 or 4 times that I have I see exactly what you refer to. Also corroborated by colleagues. It cannot be ‘coincidence’ so we must assume it is like that most days…the stats CANNOT be true about numbers of Muslims in Britain, the true numbers are being hidden because what we see is only the “obvious” ones (multitude burkhas etc)


  3. Jeremy Clarke says:

    Thanks for that, Alan. Awesome.

    I too had a random thought this morning. My eldest asked me for some money for her lunch and I suggested she took a box of eggs and some cheese from the kitchen and bartered them for a pizza or a sub.

    Then I thought that this principle could work in the world of broadcasting. The BBC could trade a bag of Question Times for a half-a-dozen The Only Way is Essexes, and Richard Bacon for, half a Jeremy Kyle and the rights to the third season of Hell’s Kitchen.

    My other random thought was that there don’t seem to have been many wasps around this year. Where have they gone, I wonder? Is it Olympics year in the Wasp kingdom or are they all sitting in queues at Heathwasp airport, waiting to emigrate to Waspistan?

    Any more thoughts, random or otherwise? I have loads.


    • Span Ows says:

      I suspect the wasps are being effected by the same virus that hit bees etc. (obviously the bee situation is a thousand times more worrying!)


    • Blackflag says:

      and they say satire’s dead.

      Of course random doesn’t indicate ‘meaningless’.


      • Jeremy Clarke says:

        “Of course random doesn’t indicate ‘meaningless’.”

        I’m sorry. My post wasn’t intended to be ‘meaningless’: it was a nod to Dante’s journey through Hell, with a few modern cultural references thrown in.

        That’ll teach me to try and be a smart-arse. My bad.


  4. Joe Bloggs says:

    Can we keep the random thoughts to ourselves. This is supposed to be a blog about the BBC. The link to the BBC is so tenuous here it is not really there.


    • Blackflag says:

      Why don’t you think for your self? Clear as day…any tom dick or abdul can waltz into this country and the BBC will send them a pack telling them their ooman rights and where to claim the dole.

      11year old gets on plane…big stink about security….what’s ‘security’? Oh its that thing that’s supposed to stop any tom dick or abdul coming here and bombing the hell out of an aircraft bus or train etc.

      BBC are not bothered about security if it lets in immigrants legal or otherwise.

      Labour let iun 3 million immigrants…and you haven’t a clue who, or what they are.

      Still….gives you a good feeling to know you’re providng housing, schools and the NHS for the world eh!


      • Joe Bloggs says:

        While I partly agree with Alan’s comment above, I am saying that this is a BBC-related blog.

        I would like better analysed posts rather than “I had a random thought…”. David Preiser does this brilliantly. His arguments are detailed, relevant and honed. DV does it with shorter posts. Alan’s posts are either very very long or very short. The very long ones are all over the place and seem to be more about bashing labour than about finding bias. He also seems to have a problem with font sizes.

        This site is important and it needs to retain credibility if it is to have an impact. Random thoughts and then tenuous connections with the BBC are not credible.


        • johnnythefish says:

          You make a very good point, but it is easy to stray from the prime purpose of identifying BBC bias into having a go at anything socialist that grabs the attention, as the mindsets that bind them are inseparable.


          • Wild says:

            The BBC is a like a conversation between A and B where you have to work out what A is saying from the criticisms (and the face pulling) made by B.

            For example. The BBC tells us that Enoch Powell made a speech in 1968 in which he predicted the number of immigrants who had settled in this country by the year 2000.

            I have not heard the BBC mention or refer in any way to the figures he gave in his prediction. Zero. Nothing. Zilch.

            So what did he say? In his 1968 speech he predicted that there would be about 5-7 million emigrants in this country by the year 2000.

            So what happened?

            In the year 2000 immigrants made up 6.6 of the population.

            In May2011 the Office for National Statistics declared that our ethnic minority population rose by 40% in eight years.

            In short, in England and Wales one sixth of the population are now non-white.

            In some boroughs of London it is over 80%!

            It is bias by omission. The near monopoly of current affairs broadcasting by the BBC should (obviously) be replaced with media plurality.

            Do you believe in a free society or not?