Currying The Khan For Multiculturalism

 BBC have disinterred Alf Garnett  and made him Muslim for a laugh…’rubbing the Right’s nose in diversity’ no doubt!

Citizen Khan:

‘The first in this new family-based sitcom set in the capital of British Pakistan – Sparkhill, Birmingham.’

Citizen Khan seems to have stirred up a few things…possibly not how the BBC intended….‘Viewers say the programme ‘takes the mickey out of Islam’ and is guilty of ‘stereotypes about Asians’

It is possible that the goodly souls at the BBC, or at least the Muslim writer, intended to nudge such reactionary figures into the modern, multi-cultural world rather than live in a ‘British Pakistani’ ghetto even if it’s just in the mentality. (Though their reaction….see below…‘This is not Islam, this is war! ….may not be the desired on)

It is almost certain the main target was non-Muslims….‘Look, says the BBC, ‘here are a Muslim family having the same problems as you, living a similar life…and look…no one is being beheaded or stoned to death’

Muslims are not ‘aliens’, they’re just like you…do not be afraid.

Just to reinforce the point they have parachuted in a white convert as Mosque manager, ‘Dave’, in the programme (and played strangely enough as if he was a classic TV English vicar)…..using Kris Marshall (Nick from ‘My Family’) as the convert….a friendly, well known face to drive home the ‘friendliness’ of Islam?

Propaganda? Possibly….Muslim families are like everyone else…and Islam is so popular even white people like nice ‘Nick’ want to convert.

However a slight give away is that Dave/Nick/Kriss is given the line…‘We are all born Muslim’….regardless of whether you are actually Christian, Jewish or of any other faith.

This is classic Muslim fundamentalist propaganda…it is the line that Muslim extremists use….any radio phone-in or programme about these extremists and you will hear them refer to converts as ‘reverts’…i.e. they have always been Muslim but were ‘lost’ for a while.

Insulting and possibly dangerous stuff to be peddling on the BBC.

However the putting all that aside it is funny…and if it upsets fundamentalist Muslims all good.


Just remember…..

Jesus was English,  God is Church of England


This came from one of the comments….No link for the original forum or wherever it came from but looks genuine enough, so much for tolerance and diversity…the Religion of Peace, bless ’em:

 O Muslims! who witnessed the mockery of Islam on ‘Citizen Khan’ on BBC One Please put a complaint in to BBC now it’s our duty as Muslims to do so :

Follow the below steps.:

1) Go on t:
2) Click ‘Make a complaint’
3) Ye’
4) ‘Television
5) BBC One
6) Citizen Khan
7) 27/08/2012
8) When it was actually broadcast
9) 22.20
10) Offence
11) No
12) ‘Insults, ridicules Islam. Unfair portryal.
13) In regards to the new comedy series titled ‘Citizen Khan’ i would like to make a formal complaint. Myself and many other Muslims feel disrespected by the sayings and doings throughout the show.
We as Muslims witnessed the show is mocking our Holy Book ‘Quran’ and also the Place of worship ‘Mosque’. The whole show is constantly mocking either the pakistani culture or the religion Islam.
The images put into non-pakistanis or non-muslims about either us Pakistanis or muslims in all are the wrong images which upset us as proud pakistanis and muslims.

We feel though as if this show has crossed the line and we expected a comedy show but now we have witnessed a mocking show. We will not accept this to continue for much longer as it is utterly unacceptable.
We would like you to take what we have said in this letter on board and understand what it means to us British Muslims to have to watch a show that is continuously Mocking Muslims and Pakistanis. We would like to kindly request you that this Comedy Series is either stopped or taken back to the drawing board to fix all this mockery.

14) Yes
15) Fill in your contact details
16) Select where you live
17 UK users ONLY fill in half of postcode
18) Go to review & submint


If i was you i would stay away from BBC as much as possible, it is run by big zionists, mainly jews and indians work for em, and also the public should not even have to pay for TV Licence as it is a zionist scam = fraud which public is blind to loooooooooool


Obviously most modern media is controlled by the Jews.





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101 Responses to Currying The Khan For Multiculturalism

  1. Rich Tee says:

    I’m finding this situation very amusing but I give the BBC some credit for making an effort.

    Although I didn’t watch it does give the impression of being a bit stale and dated. I understand that for at least one critic the main complaint about it is that it is twenty years out of date. Not so much Goodness Gracious Me as Mind Your Language.


    • Daniel Smith says:

      I had no intention of watching this but I must admit my curiosity were peaked by reading the various comments here and in the linked site, Having watched it now on I-player, I must say I found this the most enjoyable (and least PC) new comedy I’ve seen on the BBC in many many years. It is so un-PC in fact that I am surprised it may it on to air.I found myself laughing out loud at several points, perhaps out of relief because someone finally mentions the elephant in the room. The piss is taken out of Pakistan, arranged marriages, muslim piety etc.
      For once, I cannot share Alan’s analysis of this. The ‘we are all Muslims’ seemed to me a little point in the context of Khan saying that Dave wasn’t a proper Muslim and then pointing to his own skin colour before launching into a wonderful comic tirade about how gingers couldn’t be Muslim.
      I think the comparison with Alf Garnet is spot on and comes with the same BBC reasoning. 50 years ago Till Death Us Do Part was a half hour advert for the labour party (written by leftwing fanatic Jonny Speight), the reactionary Alf was a conservative while all the young characters were signed up labour supporters. The ideology was clear: the future is labour.
      Now it must have become clear to even the BBC that multiculturalism is not quite working out, at least as far as Islam is concerned. Their solution is the same as before: create a racist reactionary (and male naturally) figure who represents the ‘wrong’ Islam, the rest of the family representing the BBC’s idealised version of an Islamic family. Then beam this into millions of homes in the hope that this propaganda will work.
      I must say, however, that on the strength of the first episode, Mr Khan seems to me to be a much better comic creation than Garnett (who has dated badly) probably because the writer/performer has more genuine talent and is less dogmatic than Jonny Speight.


      • noggin says:

        that type of orchestrated behaviour shown above re complaints, is a blight to so many outlets today, youtube being just one example


      • Aidan Lunn says:

        TDUDP simply reflected the attitudes of the time between the conservative older generation and the younger generation of the 60s. Hence why Alf hated Jimmy Savile and the Labour party of Harold Wilson, amongst others. It was reflecting a generation gap.

        And this was hardly a pariah of the left. Frequently arguments between ultra-rightie Alf and ultra-lefty ‘Scouse git’ Mike ended in stalemate between them – suggesting that politicians bicker too much to actually sort out real problems (and don’t get anywhere in the process). And when they were both drunk, they both got on much better – a very subtle suggestion that ‘all politicians are the same’. Not so much bias towards a political party or agenda, more a bias towards political apathy for the corrupt lot we have in the House of Commons, the world’s largest and most expensive lunatic asylum.


  2. Alex says:

    I don’t care what anyone thinks, this is foul propaganda of the highest order- but, it’s backfired like a wheelbarrow with an exhaust pipe. When was the last time we had a sitcom about a modern-day, urban Christian family with a Muslim convert? DISGRACEFUL! And I don’t bloody-well care if it’s funny or not. This is yet another BBC attempt at Islamic subliminal indoctrination in the pop media market.
    Positively, though, The BBC has finally got a taste of its own multicultural medicine with this pathetic attempt at portraying multicultural Britain as successful and funny; if you let a largely medieval, intolerant and aggressive religion into a contemporary secular and Christian country, and then proceed to placate and advertise it as contemporary, open-minded, fun and peaceful, then don’t expect any murmurs of sympathy when the followers of the represented faith throw the rattles out of the pram. The BBC’s Islamic/multicultural agenda IS very REAL which, alone, is reason enough to stop the TV License fee – or as it should rightly be known, an enforced communist tax.

    Islam should be given no higher media status than any other minority faith. I, for one, am sick of hearing about it.


    • Aidan Lunn says:

      According to its creator (the geezer who plays the main character), it was always intended to be exactly like it was seen on screen.

      And the radio licence, the predecessor to the TVL was introduced by a capitalist Conservative government of the 1920s. And the BBC don’t even want it – former DG Greg Dyke wanted it scrapped and the remains (underspend) from the Digital Switchover handed back to the people, but the Government ignored them both times and continued to force the TVL proceeds on the BBC. And as it goes on other things not even remotely related to the BBC, I doubt the Government will be getting rid of it soon.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Oh, I see. The BBC really wants to be freed from the fetters of the license fee and become a good ol’ fashioned capitalist corporation and compete fairly in the free market. Do the Beeboids equally want to ditch the “official national broadcaster” thing as well?


      • Alex says:

        Aidan Lunn, that is the single biggest discharge of ass-seepage I’ve ever read on this forum. Speak sense man. If the BBC were floated on the free market as a private enterprise, they’d be filing for bankruptcy after 24 hours.


  3. noggin says:

    “HIGHLY disappointed especially when her father walks in and she “dis-respectfully” opens the Koran!!” 😀
    … especially as an advert for the latest “ladies night” falls out on to the floor eh!. once again showing its impossible to these adherrents to get over themselves.
    this is the bbc? just imagine if it was real comedy …


    • hippiepooter says:

      Every village garden fete I still try to whip up Jihad about the Vicar of Dibley but still not one taker!

      Strewth these Muslims know what religion is about: killing and hating. Where has Islam been all my life!


  4. Aerfen says:

    I didn’t watch it all, but within a few minutes they were takinga pop at the English by claiming that at an English wedding you ‘get cucumber sandwiches and half an hour later you all go home’. Twenty years out of date? More like fifty!


    • Pah says:

      20 years; 50 more like. In fact its untrue. I have never been to a wedding (and I’ve been going to them since the 60’s) where it hasn’t dragged on all bloody day – and often into the night.

      But that’s the English for you. Party animals.


  5. Yiskor Dolly says:

    That inane canned laughter, after every bleeding sentence.


    • noggin says:

      maybe the reason why …..
      the party pooper paedophile extraordinaire Khomeini
      “Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.” and if any more example was needed
      “Muslim fun park day flop,” The Sun,
      A MUSLIMS-only day at Britain’s biggest theme park has been axed after a huge bookings flop.
      Organisers Islamic Leisure had hoped to attract 28,000 people to the event at Alton Towers, Staffs, on September 17 — but less than 1,000 tickets were sold …
      kinda makes you wonder where in citizen khan all those women were being driven too ?
      … unless it mean t away to marry their cousins

      oh! why so seeerriiousss!


  6. Steve says:

    If I may digress ever so slightly…
    I didn’t watch this “comedy” and I don’t intend to. However, I do hope that the writer(s) will work the story of Ifthikar & Zardana Ahmed who are in prison for killing their own daughter Shafilea for not following the “Islamic” way of life in the UK. As the judge said in sentencing them to 25 years, they sought to create the Pakistani way of life in Britain. What is worse is that 1 of their other children actually agrees that the parents were right in what they did.
    I didn’t see any in-depth, forensic Newsnight-like, Panorama-like analysis of this case. I suspect this is because this is very explosive stuff. There are many ethnic minorities who seek to live & behave in Britain like they did back in their own country. This is just plain wrong and this is where multiculturalism has failed miserably.


    • Alex says:

      Well said.


    • noggin says:

      you know the real problem is, these are just not, another community, that with a couple of blips over the years, kinda fit in. and they will tell you that themselves …
      everything, every single pore of them reeks of separation, isolationism, and (never mind the al bbc propaganda), they are not in it to gain any position for the common good … EVER
      and that is through the ideology
      any corruption part maybe on the money and hey how come they re making jokes about pakistanis? thought that was an al beeb no no
      maybe bernard manning will get a reprise.


    • Aidan Lunn says:

      Probably because a “Newsnight-like, Panorama-like analysis of this case” is what Newsnight and Panorama are for?


  7. wallygreeninker says:

    It’s all part of the on-going BBC campaign to make Islam appear normal, respectable and at home in the UK. Owing to people’s natural common sense, they’ve set themselves a sisyphean task- things will have come to a pretty pass if they ever actually succeed.


    • Dictionary Boffin says:

      ‘sisyphean’ – nice adjective! It originates from the late 16th cent.: from Latin Sisypheius (based on Greek Sisuphos: see Sisyphus ) + -an . 🙂


    • Aidan Lunn says:

      Then why did it ‘extract the urine’ out of Islam? If you take the piss out of something you are berating it for it not appearing normal.


      • wallygreeninker says:

        It is more a case of amiable joshing about the foibles of characters who are stock stereotypes widely recognised within the ‘community’ – but a community not noted for confronting its internal problems squarely. If even this is too close to the bone for hard liners, devoid of a rudimentary sense of humour, shows how anything less than utterly fawning on anything connected with their god-forsaken religion isn’t good enough for them. It still doesn’t mean that one purpose of the series – and probably its main one – is to normalise Islam and a Muslim presence (and, goodness help us, by implication, Muslim ideas) in British culture for the general viewer.


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    You guys realize that the BBC really thinks this is just a show whose time has come, right? After all, Mohammedans make up such an important demographic for them – fastest breeding group, Mohammed variations number one baby name in Britain, etc. – and they’ve received so many complaints that there isn’t a show out there targeted specifically at an “Asian” audience.

    They’ll just be angry at any complaints that this is an attempt to brainwash you all. Every complaint about that further convinces the BBC that the public is mostly racist, and they’ll simply roll their eyes at it all.


    • Earls Court says:

      Socialists think there always right never wrong.
      No wonder civilisation will collapse in the new few years.


  9. London Calling says:

    Oh dear. BBC says “Complaints over BBC Muslim sitcom ‘stereotypes’ ”

    Not a realistic portrayal, exit stage left, after a rapid re-write by BBC script editors, the sitcom will now to feature paedophile grooming, honour killing, wife beating, adultery-stoning, under-age arranged marriage, fatwah-issuing, poppy-burning… that should answer any accusation of stereotyping. Trouble is, I can’t see anyone laughing. It’s only a comedy isn’t it?


    • Earls Court says:

      I’d like the BBC to do a drama series about this multicultural utopia that they think we live in now. They could set it in one of our inner cities that most BBC employees have never been too in their lifes.
      Or a drama series about all the champagne socialists that live in Islington or Hampstead.
      Or maybe a fly on the wall series about trickle tits evan davis.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Here’s the actual link, and it is a hilarious read.

      Seems they get complaints that showing any kind of humor is mocking Islam, and that the show is full of stereotypes. So they smell an organized campaign. This must come as a shock to them. What’s really funny is that, not only do the reactions kind of verify what people here say about Mohammedans being overly sensitive and seeing attacks on Islam everywhere, if their goal was as people here claim, they must be thinking, “Hey you idiots, we’re trying to help you out here and make the racist whites accept you more. Don’t you get it?” Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, eh, BBC? Well, that’s what you get for deliberate agenda pandering, whichever way they were actually trying to do it.

      So, considering also the complaints from people here, the BBC gets complaints from both sides, all of it negative. In other words, once again, they got it about right.


      • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

        All we need now is for someone to light that “faux outrage” touchpaper as per the Mo cartoons, and POW albeeba will have a real problem!
        I live in hopes.


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          Bah, it’ll just be another round of mouth-breather outrage whipped up by the Sun, no?


      • johnnythefish says:

        ‘We’re delighted that so many people enjoyed this new comedy and we have received a number of appreciations from members of the Muslim community and beyond in praise of the show’.

        SOOOOOO New Labour. Hilarious.


  10. DJ says:

    Two observations:

    While the BBC was airing ‘Al-Teri and Jhuan’, Channel 4 was running with ‘Islam: the Untold Story’, a documentary covering the theory that the Koran evolved over time – contrary to everything Muslims believe.

    So which is the unique public service broadcaster and which is the slippery commercial operation?

    Also, as someone alluded to upthread, not only does this little exercise in propaganda ignore the reality of honour killings, it actually tries to make a joke out of them. Never mind the hysterical whining about ‘Islamophobia’ – young girls like Shafilia Ahmed really have been murdered for being too westernised, and the BBC’s response is to run with a gag about slipping on a hijab at the last minute.

    Mitt Romney can’t mention ducks without the BBC detecing racist code words, but apparently they’re cool with smirking allusions to the fact thousands of nominally British citizens live their lives under cnstant threat of violence.


  11. UK "Enrichment" News says:

    OT: Not sure the BBC will be reporting this one….

    If it were the other way around and a large group of white English lads attacked an Asian pub, it would be headline news.


    • Big Ben says:

      If the races were reversed what are the chances of a white 17 year-old getting off with a warning?

      Is anyone still blind enough not to see we now have a fully effective two-tier sentencing policy, one for whites, a totally different and more lenient one for non-whites committing comparable offenses?

      To keep on track my answer is that I don’t expect the BBC to be reporting on this glaring inconsistency anytime soon.


    • johnnythefish says:

      A taste of things to come.

      A couple of years ago I was chatting to a woman from Colne at a party. She said the Muslims had such a grip on things in the town that as soon as the coppers were called out to any disturbance involving young ‘Asians’, Muslim adults would suddenly appear by the carload to ‘take care of the situation’. The coppers would inevitably back off.

      Multiculturalism – imposed by socialists, backed by the BBC, now in a country near you and spreading fast.


  12. 1327 says:

    Interesting that the white convert gets to keep his “British” name no doubt as you say to show how normal and non-frightening he is. In my limited experience (as there aren’t many of them) the white converts like to change their name to something as exotic as possible and dress weirdly as well. I suspect their reason for converting is to draw as much attention to themselves as they possibly can.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      es, Yusuf Islam for instance, unless he wants to sell records when he reverts to Cat Stevens. Funny that.


  13. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Forgot to laugh at this bit from the BBC article:

    The BBC said the first episode of Citizen Khan was watched by 3.6 million viewers, which it described as a “very positive start”.

    As always, ratings = quality.


  14. Tipple says:

    It’s just a variant on “Desmond’s” from the 1980/90’s. to make us feel less uncomfortable about the immigration factor.


    • hippiepooter says:

      Desmond’s was funny. Though I guess if you’re more against anyone with a coloured skin instead of ‘multiculturalism’ as a means to destroy national identity, you’re going to carp about any ‘darkies’ who get on our tv screens.


    • Ian Hills says:

      Or more comfortable about immigration, like hippiepooter and other self-hating white cranks.


      • johnnythefish says:

        To expand on previous post:

        Controlled immigration + integration = good.
        Uncontrolled immigration + multiculturalism = disaster.


  15. Jeff says:

    This could get interesting. Islam’s main cheerleaders in Blighty seem to have attempted a sly piece of subliminal propaganda. And it’s backfired. As a comedy it seems to be on a par with My Family…and probably as unfunny. But our Muslim friends are notoriously touchy. Will we see some bearded, third world lunatic announce a fatwa?
    I do hope so…


    • Earls Court says:

      I hope so against the BBC


      • Big Ben says:

        The real comedy is reading the comments by the vibrant semi-British yoofs (innit). I can’t see them backing down anytime soon. The BBC has opened a real can of worms here. Inadvertently too which makes it even more gratifupying!


  16. wallygreeninker says:

    There’s also, of course, the subtext that one particular country isn’t all bad, despite what you may read:


  17. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Surprised nobody has come up with this sooner:

    ‘The Kuffars at No. 42’


  18. zemplar says:

    This is the spin-off series for the Pakistani bloke out of ‘mind your language’, but thirty years too late. It even looks like it was made thirty years ago. Unfunny, but the fact Muslims are getting upset about it makes it worthwhile. I can’t wait for the fatwa on the writer, that will probably come from the head of the BBC…


  19. imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

    I watched about 10 minutes of it and it was awful, even without the patronising subtext of ‘Look! Non-indigenous folk are just like you and me really’. It reminded me of ‘Mind Your Language’ from god knows how many years ago. It seems BBC drama and comedy programmes have to have certain boxes ticked before they are commissioned. The ticked boxes being :
    Must have an ethnic, disabled or homosexual hero/heroine.
    Must have a white business man villain.
    Bonus points for some scientist to waffle on about climate change.
    After these criteria have been applied any real comedy or realistic story line has been thoroughly bled out in favour of the politics.


    • Aidan Lunn says:

      In fact Khan is the butt of the joke here, he’s an Asian mix of Arkwright (tight-fisted businessman) and Alf Garnett (ultra-ignorant).


  20. imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

    zemplar – snap! oh I’m too late


  21. +james says:

    When was the last time anyone saw a Pakistani wearing a Jinnah hat? Oh yeah, in Mind Your Language.


  22. Ron Todd says:

    Three birds with one stone,

    1. Any time anybody complains they don’t tackle Muslim issues this show will be mentioned.

    2. As others have pointed out look they are just like us propoganda.

    3. Viewing figures. If good it will be look how popular Mualims are they cannot be bad. Or if poor look how racist the common people are.


    • Earls Court says:

      If any Muslim wanted to burn the BBC down I would buy them some petrol to help them.


    • DJ says:

      Now that’s how you reach out to the public!


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Excellent. See what programming with Social Engineering intent gets you, BBC? I would love to be a fly on the wall at the next producer meeting.


      • Earls Court says:

        producer meeting?
        Is that where they all wear che t-shirts, get all their ideas from the guardian.
        Have coke and rentboys to help them be creative.


  23. DJ says:

    Meanwhile, back in the real world this:

    Neil Armstrong was also the target of more Islamic supremacist fantasy: there was (and is) a persistent claim on Islamic apologetic websites that he had actually heard the adhan, the Muslim call to prayer, while on the moon, and had converted to Islam — a claim that this intensely private man was forced repeatedly to deny.

    If the BBC was as radical as it pretends to be, they’d dicth the ‘dumb whites’ shtick and go with mocking folks who hallucinate about calls to prayer on the moon.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Five bucks says there’s a Beeboid or defender of the indefensible right now searching for proof this is a false-flag op.


  24. Ian Hills says:

    What next, a sitcom about the moors murderers?


  25. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    Canadians organise a “walk your dog past a mosque” day in reponse to arrest of a dog-walker.
    details here at :


  26. George R says:

    A ‘local’ INBBC Glasgow report on an ‘asylum-seeker’, with no mention of the relevance of Islam, Muslim or jihad:

    “Nasserdine Menni jailed for seven years for funding Stockholm bomb attack”


    • George R says:

      The INBBC report does not mention that the convicted man is a Muslim, inspired by Islam; and the Islamic relevance of “the purposes of Jihad” is not explained.


  27. Pounce says:

    I only watched this program as I happened to have the telly set to bBC1, anyway how I found it:
    1) Very Weak: Poor Script,far too much canned laughter
    2)Racist The main character was allowed to promote the view in this day and age that Pakistani people are superior to everybody else and that Indians , whites (esp ginger people) are inferior people.

    3) Stereotyping Males are superior to women.
    And that all Muslims are shady money grabbing bastards who can’t trust their daughters.

    Now, if all of the above had been about a white skinhead family living in London then the very same bBC which had no problem spending so much money on this shite they would have had a melt down and be currently running debate after debate about how racist the British people are. But yet the bBC which would never air the Union flag as it reeks of racism has no problem allowing the Pakistani flag to take the centre stage at the start of the show.

    The bBC, the traitors in our midst


    • Aidan Lunn says:

      The main character was allowed to ‘promote’ that view because that is the view of many such men in the Muslim community. And that’s where the joke lies – he’s the ‘leader’ while driving around in a car approaching 30 years old, covering his upholstery in the packaging it was delivered in, buying toilet roll in bulk whilst lecturing his family on how much to use, not knowing that you don’t get married in Mosques, accidentally singing Tom Jones songs out of the microphones on the minaret of his mosque, not knowing that you can have black and white Muslims, trusting one of his daughters, having to do favours to get what he wants and also living in the same kind of house (terraced, Victorian, inner-city) as the rest of the community that he is supposed to represent.

      None of that sounds like he is exactly being praised or upheld for anything, more being a deluded, ignorant fool who is not fit enough to lead a chimps’ tea party, let alone a community.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Unless I’ve misunderstood, you’re saying that the suspicions of many people here are right: this show is meant to tell people that the main character represents the dying old guard, and the rest of the happy family – forward-thinking, modern, dying to integrate, and more or less just like you all underneath the trappings – are really the true faces of the modern British Mohammedan. Laugh at the stereotype and the message slips in between the ribs.


        • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

          ” forward-thinking, modern, dying to integrate, ”
          yes, but the problem really is that their view is exactly the opposite of the truth. It’s the young generation that become more distanced from our ways, become radicalised, go and fight the great Jihad.


        • Aidan Lunn says:

          No. Just that he represents an ignorant fool, regardless of his age or generation.


  28. Justin Casey says:

    The bit where Mr.Khan comes in with a bag of fifty toilet rolls was not very true to life… It`s my understand that Muslims are told in the Koran to use thier bare left hand with a bit of spit, or if they`re out in the desert some sand… I can see how Muslims would think the BBC was being sarcastic, it just wasn`t true to life… Also the fact that the future son in law wasn`t related didn`t help and would have angered many Pakistanis, also the fact that there was only one wife and the daughters were over nine years old unmarried and not being raped every night by Mr.Khans siblings etc…


  29. moise pippic says:

    It will be interesting to see how Muslims who are offended by this BBC soap will make their displeasure felt, and if the BBC will then adjust the characterisations to placate the claimed offence that has been given. Or will the series be aborted and the script put under the same lock and key as the Balen report?


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      My suspicion is they will pull the series after a couple more episodes. Time will tell.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      Does the sitcom family have a teddybear that needs naming?


  30. George R says:

    As INBBC continues its Islamisation of Britain, I would be curious to know how little of the following speech by ‘the supreme leader’ of the Islamic Republic of Iran does INBBC not politically support?



  31. As I See It says:

    This is just the sort of mess in which an achingly PC institution like the BBC will inevitably land itself.

    An analogy would be a person who is passionately anti-corporal punishment happily making a rod so others can use it on his own back.

    This show (made under BBC strict PC guidelines and of course the genuine fear of provoking this volatile community) will be inevitably pretty lame and appeal neither to the white low-brow viewership, nor the liberal-elite, and especially not the ethnic audience that seems already to be deciding that it has been “offended”. Now there is really nowhere left to go.

    An ordinary flop would gradually slip down the schedules being put out later and later until it disappeared down the memory-hole which is BBC2.

    The Beeb is stubborn beast and it certainly won’t cancel mid-series.

    If only the BBC would draw some lessons from this looming fiasco.

    i/ Commission projects for their quality – not by PC quota.
    ii/ Certain communities are as they are – not the way some left-Liberal elite would wish to imagine them.


  32. George R says:

    ‘Multiculturalism’, which BBC-NUJ politically campaigns for (and want to legislate for), essentially means:

    -Mass Immigration, preferally of poorer, non-English speaking Muslims from Asia and Africa, unlimited by numbers, and on an unlimited time-scale;
    -Preferential treatment of such immigrants when they become British residents, with indigenous British people expected to pander to the cultural, religious, economic and political demands of such immigrants.

    What the BBC-NUJ is doing amounts to the furthering of the colonisation of the British people through politically sponsoring a ‘multiculturalism’ through mass immigration.

    It hardly needs saying that BBC-NUJ is on the side of mass immigration in all this, as in its biased reporting here:

    “London university anger at overseas student uncertainty”


    “More universities could lose foreign students after London Met.
    “More universities where students have a poor grasp of English could lose the valuable right to admit foreigners after the Government took the unprecedented step of stripping such powers from London Metropolitan.”


  33. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Next week’s episode: Judge lets off amusing anachronistic Papa Kahn for making crude sexual remarks to local white women because he wouldn’t know better due to his coming from a restrictive Muslim background.

    Oh, wait: that actually happened. Forget I mentioned it.


  34. George R says:

    For BBC-NUJ ‘comedy’ dept:

    How ‘hilarious’ is this contemporary reality of Islamising British society?-

    “UK: Pharmacist who made sexual remarks to female colleagues let off because of his ‘restrictive Muslim background'”


  35. Mr Kendal Mint Cake. says:

    I’m yet to find something that Muslims are NOT offended by. And the programme is shite, just don’t watch it. Muslims seem to have the tolerance of an eight year old, who wants to eat his pudding before he’s had his main. My, we are big babies. Or stupid.