Cameron: “No Political Advertising In The UK”..Laugh? I Nearly Cried All Over My TV Licence…

As David pointed out the BBC piece on Cameron’s Letterman test encapsulated the beeboid world view so perfectly that it was hovering on the borders of self parody. Indeed one wonders if, like the scribblers at Pravda or the Volkischer Beobachter, the beeb’s hacks fall about laughing at the barefaced hypocrisy of the drivel they purvey….

Mr Cameron prompted the loudest applause of the evening when he explained that Britain does not allow political advertising, a big issue in the US where multi-billion dollar attack ads are being used in the presidential campaign.

Let’s have another dig at those crude, uncultured mall, shopping, fast food loving unsophisticates across the pond with their billion dollar attack adds. We do it far more effectively over her, dahling – the BBC runs political advertising 24/7 on behalf of the Labour Party with embedded attack ads on Tories and what’s even better they are financed, not by Ed Milliband & Co but by a poll tax….

Job done…”it’s what we do”….

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13 Responses to Cameron: “No Political Advertising In The UK”..Laugh? I Nearly Cried All Over My TV Licence…

  1. Marsh says:

    You only had to listen to the awul V Derbyshire this morning to prove your point


    • NotaSheep says:

      I haven’t listened to the vile VD for some months now. As a result my blood pressure is lower and my fantasy football team is riding high thanks to switching to TalkSport.


      • hippiepooter says:

        Again, I have to express my bemusement at such strong feelings against VD.

        I think her content does veer into Jeremy Kyle territory every so often, and there are flickers of lefty sympathies, but compared to the full blown pravdaism I took political refuge from from R4 10 years ago, it’s a breath of fresh air.


  2. Backwoodsman says:

    Sadly, oh so true !


  3. Fred sage says:

    I have never heard a comedian make a joke against the Labour Party on the BBC but always the Tories and Thatcher can be hilarious in their eyes.


    • Earls Court says:

      They should make all BBC ‘comedians’ work in a northern working mans club see how long they last.


  4. Umbongo says:

    Since this show is taped in New York and since, according to Louise Mensch anyway (and FWIW in my experience she’s correct), confessing to being a Republican in New York is like eating bacon sandwiches in a mosque, I think we can take it that the audience (let alone the host) are Democrats one and all. Unfortunately for the Democrats it appears that the Republicans – this year – are outspending the Obamoids, hence the unpopularity of paid political advertising with this particular audience.
    As David Riddick notes it’s preferable – as well as transparent – for political parties (including Labour) to pay for their own publicity. It’s certainly preferable to having the taxpayer-funded major purveyor of broadcast information in the UK transmit 24/7 political broadcasts on behalf of the Labour Party (and the Green Party when it suits).
    Mind you, the major channels (all, I think, of the broadcast-to-air ones and most of the cable channels) in the US are to the Democrats what the BBC is to Labour. Thus, getting rid of paid political ads (and replacing them with anodyne “party political broadcasts” solely at election time) would suit the Democrats very nicely thank you. Moreover, it’s likely that were paid political advertising to be banned in the US, the shortfall in revenue would be made up – directly or indirectly – by cash from Washington. Accordingly, (as with the UK taxpayer and BBC/Labour here) the US taxpayer would end up funding Democratic propaganda all day, every day: win-win all round for the Democrats.


  5. Richard says:

    Slightly off topic. Watched the beeb advert for the Ryder Cup this morning. They showed two flags, the Stars and Stripes and the EU flag. Don’t the world service get a dollop of eu funding?


    • Robin Rose says:

      Yes, the BBC equates the European Ryder Cup team with the EU, which is nonsense, but it’s what we pay for. I suppose by the BBC’s logic Norwegian or Swiss golfers would not be eligible for the Ryder Cup.


      • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

        ” by the BBC’s logic Norwegian or Swiss golfers would not be eligible for the Ryder Cup. ”

        And Turkey!


  6. michael holloway says:

    i could not cry on my TV license because i will not give the B——- the money.


  7. chrisH says:

    Typical sneering from James Landale in regard of Cameron not knowing some random facts wheedled out of Lettermans Google researchers.
    Now I know Cameron was a clot to go onto such a show. It only trivialised whatever he had said at the UN a few hours earlier( which vehicle would the BBC choose to make Cameron look a plonker in, then?).
    Yet the idea of any smug lefty or Beeboid knowing answers to such questions-even the simplest ones-only shows how stupid and sneery they all are at the Beeb and Guardian.
    I mean -Stephen Byers thinks/thought 8×7=54 when he was on Today as an “EDUCATION Minister”….but not too much has ever been made of that. Certainly not at the time either,,,imagine if George Bush had done the same.
    Byers also got to do his one man dirty protest throughout any taxi for hire that was his so-called career. AND get to keep all his pensions!
    Yet the BBC slate Cameron….the BBC are truly despicable.


  8. Dave666 says:

    Damn I’ve entered that parallel universe again.