Katty Kay Tweets Political Endorsement

The latest tweet from Katty Kay, BBC Washington correspondent and anchor of what’s left of BBC World News America, and the highest-profile Beeboid in the US:

First of all, Bloomberg is no longer a Republican, hasn’t been for years. He quit that Party and has been calling himself an independent since 2007 – which Katty knows for a fact – so the whole “bi-partisan” thing is false right away. Not only that, but as Katty also well knows, Bloomberg is a life-long Democrat who switched to Republican only so he could run for New York City mayor without having to bribe the Democrat machine in certain outer boroughs because he felt he’d stand out better among the Republican candidates. Quite frankly, Katty Kay is being dishonest when she calls this a bi-partisan ticket.


UPDATE: Katty’s partisan ticket isn’t even an original thought. She’s merely regurgitating partisan opinion from her friends within the Beltway Bubble:




That’s the Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker, btw.


Just another biased display from perhaps the most hyper-partisan Beeboid in the US. Here’s Katty displaying her advocacy for Climate Change legislation with Mayor Bloomberg himself. And here she is just the other day on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” (where she’s a regular panelist in her official BBC capacity) expressing her frustration with the lackluster message coming out of the President’s campaign. Why trust this woman on anything anymore? A complaint has been sent to the BBC, and since she does work in the US and report on US issues, they can’t give me the brush-off right away.

Note that this is an officially sanctioned BBC twitter account. The logo is featured prominently and there is no “views my own” get-out-of-bias-free disclaimer.

Over to you, professional journalists and media experts who defend the indefensible.

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18 Responses to Katty Kay Tweets Political Endorsement

  1. Span Ows says:

    On first reading the Tweet doesn’t seem that bias but when you take into account the known knowns (:-)) it is a very ‘leading’ message.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      It’s bias to even suggest a ticket. The “let’s get this done” is a clear judgment on her part.


  2. DB says:

    Angry spiteful anti-Romney BBC US journos.

    Here’s BBC New York business editor John Mervin getting worked up about Romney collecting flood relief items:

    So Romney is “taking the piss” by trying to help. Mervin is a wanker. He’s also upset with the way Chris Christie phrased his thanks to Obama:

    And here are the BBC’s Daniel Nasaw and Suzanne Kianpour getting snarky about the Romney campaign’s efforts:

    The fact that Romney hasn’t left the stage free for the beloved Obama seems to have really rankled. You can tell these BBC hacks are just itching to leap on anything they can spin as a Romney misstep. I think they’re really getting worried now.


  3. mamapajamas says:

    Obama is suddenly All Action Obama after taking the heat for doing nothing in Libya and during previous flooding and hurricane disasters in states that didn’t vote for him in 2008. Election year… (’nuff said)

    Romney is simply doing what good people do when there is a disaster– doing what he can to collect relief supplies. He has a very loud microphone at the moment, so what he can do is “much”. He would be doing this with or without an election… he has a track record of doing what he can during disasters.


  4. Guest Who says:

    ‘A complaint has been sent to the BBC, and since she does work in the US and report on US issues, they can’t give me the brush-off right away.

    Note that this is an officially sanctioned BBC twitter account. The logo is featured prominently and there is no “views my own” get-out-of-bias-free disclaimer.
    But it will hinge on the purely factual, and that is what she is going beyond in her ‘reporting’.
    Media acting as PR for political preferences makes a mockery of ‘news’.
    The outcome of Sandy may illustrate the obvious power that can be wielded to serve tribal agendas if anything the President does is lauded and anything Romney does is mocked or derided.
    He can do no more and would be slaughtered if he didn’t, so I make no criticism of the man, but a pol in a helicopter ‘assessing the damage’… isn’t.


  5. Sir Arther grebe-strebeling says:

    I think this whole charade is a Jewish plot and that there is no hurricane Sandy ( should have been named Alan anyway) it’s all done in wind tunnels, and such like. Bucket of water here, drift wood there. Ask George Galloway.


  6. Jim Dandy says:

    Oh dear. Let me have a go at indefensible defending.

    First ‘bipartisan’ is not particularly accurate given Bloomberg’s current independence. But he was elected first time on a GOP ticket. And he’s not now a Dem. so in accuracy sure, but only biased if you ‘re one eyed.

    As for the clip, you must be joking. She accuses Obama’s campaign of being ‘depressing’ because of its focus. She is critical of the campaign. I genuinely think David does see bias here. He strikes me as a thoughtful chap. But you have to be seriously one eyed to see proObama bias in this.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Are you kidding me, Jim? Listen to her. Look at the expression on her face, the tone in her voice. “Depressing” is an emotional term, not an objective judgment. I can think of several ways she could have better expressed it. She’s been a cheerleader for the President for four years, and the lack of inspiration now is obvious.

      As for the bi-partisan lie, it’s a lie. Katty knows, as I’ve demonstrated, that Bloomberg was never a real Republican, and hasn’t been one for years. If she had said this give years ago, I’d let it slide. But she’s saying it know, in spite of her personal knowledge of the facts. “Un-affiliated” is non-partisan, and it’s a real stretch of credulity to accept that Bloomberg/Booker is a bi-partisan ticket. By constructing this phony concept, she’s attempting to portray herself as bi-partisan. It’s false on both levels.

      Then, of course, you seem to have avoided opining on whether or not Katty was expressing personal approval of politicians here, happily parroting something from the WaPo. She didn’t simply RT it, mind: she re-wrote it and added her own positive spin.


  7. George R says:

    For BBC-Democrat:-

    “The Failed Democrat Campaign to Smear Romney and Cut the Pie into a Dozen Pieces”

    by Norman Berdichevsky.