For Clarity’s Sake


Em…why hasn’t the BBC apologised to Israeli Government…after all the BBC is quick enough to condemn them when they feel the need?

For the sake of clarity we expect that the BBC gets the reporting right….and the photographs, images and words used do not misrepresent the situation in Gaza or Israel.

We don’t expect ‘lies’ from the BBC.  But we get them.  Not all misrepresentations can be so easily explained away as ‘mistakes’.

The consequences of such lies are serious.

Right now across Europe Jews are being driven not just from their homes but from their countries…Sweden, France, Holland, Germany and even in Britain Jews are under attack.

These attacks are incited, given ‘sanction’ and ‘authority’, by the lies spread by news organisations such as the BBC which deliberately demonise Israeli actions and presents Palestinians  as innocent victims suffering under a savage and illegal Israeli occupation.

BBC News kills jews?

I think more than an apology is required.


I’m certain Danahar would rapidly deny that any of the BBC’s output could endanger anyone, let alone Jews, around the world.  His colleague, the BBC’s Science Editor David Shukman, might say otherwise……he has an article in the BBC News website’s ‘Science and Environment’ section entitled “Inside the world’s most ‘impossible’ science project“….this is what he suggests…..

“Given the hostility felt towards Israel, for instance, would any Arabs or Iranians ever consent to being pictured in the same room as Israeli scientists? If we were seen talking to one, would others boycott us? And, worst of all, would our filming put anyone in danger back home? Not everyone in Iran or Israel or the Arab countries likes the idea of their people fraternising with the other side.”

So Shukman doesn’t want to film Arab or Iranian scientists working with Jews…because if the film is seen in Iran or in Arab countries those scientists might be in danger….very considerate of him…….unlikely the same reaction would occur in Israel.

It’s just a shame the BBC are not so concerned about the effect their coverage of Israeli actions will have to further incite the rapidly growing atmosphere of anti-Semitism around the world.

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13 Responses to For Clarity’s Sake

  1. Span Ows says:

    Alan, date says 29th November, is this a draft post that didn’t get published?

    These attacks are incited, given ‘sanction’ and ‘authority’, by the lies spread by news organisations such as the BBC which deliberately demonise Israeli actions and presents Palestinians as innocent victims suffering under a savage and illegal Israeli occupation.

    Spot on.


    • Alan says:

      Yes…thought carefully about posting it….and decided to when Shukman made his comments about putting Arabs and Iranians in danger with their broadcasting….as BBC Watch says it’s not likely Israeli scientists are in danger from ‘their own’ for fraternising…..or as we might say working, with ‘the other side’.


  2. Guest Who says:

    ‘the BBC are not so concerned about the effect [of] their coverage’
    It would appear not, even domestically.

    Ask Lord McAlpine.
    Though that was a different time, now well and truly moved on from.
    DavidP reminded in his twitter summary the blatant campaigning compromises that snared one Stuart Hughes, to the extent of a severe talking to from his line manager, if not actual published Trust-based censure for the rest of the media to pick up on.
    I am unclear as to why the BBC’s merry ME,Me,me crew are not now fighting for their careers.


    • Guest Who says:

      In the BBC world, are some lies more ‘honest’ than others?
      Seems like they’ve bought the farm.
      If with our money,


  3. DJ says:

    A yes, the BBC: where bogus rumours of an apology are a lie, but fauxtography is just something that happens. Just one of them things, guv. Can’t do nothing about it.


  4. Alex Feltham says:

    The evil behind it all is the progressive mindset.

    See “the Regressives” at:


  5. wallygreeninker says:

    Donnison is just Hamas’ useful idiot. Anyone who reports that the (by implication) wicked Israelis were hitting a site close to a UN school when they destroyed Hamas party HQ, and fails to realise that the building was next to a school for a purpose is not the sharpest tool in the box. His local ‘picture editor,’Jihad Mashawari (in fact his minder on behalf of a terrorist organisation ) clearly played him like a violin.


    • ltwf1964 says:

      ah but that’s the thing

      scum like this know EXACTLY what they are doing when they are reporting this kind of thing

      “BBC News kills jews”

      I think that should be a strap line for this blog

      just as an aside……I watched Mr Mark Regev(three cheers) being “interviewed” by Carrie Gracey on (my tax free)bbc news channel yesterday

      that man has the patience of a saint.How he puts up with the crap that these lowlifes throw at him without losing the rag is quite beyond me


  6. deegee says:

    The question is would someone from the BBC have tweeted For the sake of clarity Twitter rumour that the BBC apologised to #Israeli, #SriLankan, #Uruguayan, #SaudiArabian or even #SouthSudanese (or any other state) Gov’ Press Office on Weds is a lie?

    I doubt it. There are plenty of non venomous synonyms e.g. inaccurate, incorrect or even wrong that could have been employed. The one country a Beeboid would feel secure in offending is Israel because whatever is the BBC’s official policy, unofficially it and every BBC journalist sent here has already chosen sides.

    It’s not that the BBC doesn’t discipline its people. Carol Thatcher got the boot for a private converstation. It’s just that the BBC has no limits when it comes to offending Israel.

    It leads to a further question. When is the BBC prepared to apologise for anything? A quick Google suggests that the answer is never for anything outside the UK.

    Someone want to prove me wrong?


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Israel’s criticism is a badge of honor for the BBC, proof that they’re speaking truth to power. Israel would be better served trumpeting the BBC as a Zionist mouthpiece, and watching them scramble to appease.


  8. pounce says:

    The so called f-ing left have caused much more pain and misery than anybody from the right. But hey they keep on playing “keep the red flag flying ” and character assassinating anybody who doesn’t support their cause.

    Me I can’t wait for the day somebody walks into the bBC with an assault rifle and over 1000 rounds and starts to utter ” Jesus Christ” every time he sends a personal message to the c-nts who have no problem getting me to pay for the Pro-Islamic propaganda they try to pass off as NEWS.

    The bBC, the traitors in our midst


  9. Demi says:

    Great post.