By Their Tweets Shall Ye Know Them: The Tweets

Following on my post explaining the situation, here are the tweets. Some will be screenshots or some other form of publishing because the actual tweets have been deleted after the BBC staff member responsible was caught. With one exception, there are no retweets here, as that’s a separate debate. A comprehensive research project if far beyond my means, but just scanning through so many of them tells me that for many BBC employees, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Note the trends on certain issues.

Because some people seem to keep missing the point, let me repeat: This is not meant to prove that all tweets are biased, nor is it meant to prove that all BBC staff are 100% of the Left. Many BBC employees are fairly responsible with Twitter, and do not tweet their political opinions at all. This is meant to prove that those who do freely tweet their personal political and ideological opinions are nearly all of the Left. Nearly every department of the BBC is represented here, both on air talent and editors and producers behind the scenes. This also demonstrates that in many cases the line between official and personal accounts has been blurred so much as to be essentially non-existent, contrary to BBC guidelines. The whole thing needs to be trashed and re-examined.

This is mostly all thanks to the keen eye of DB, without whose vigilance this would not have been possible. I just kept a list as the sheer volume of them began to reveal certain patterns, before starting to search the feeds myself. Other contributors are: Craig, Reed, Jeff W, Guest Who, Laban, Notasheep, BBC Waste, David Vance, ChrisH, and yours truly. (Apologies if I missed anyone.)

Kaye Adams, BBC Scotland radio presenter

KAYE Adams, the BBC broadcaster, has been accused of being unfit to present a top current affairs programmes after she tweeted that Boris Johnson “should p*** off back to boarding school”.

The former presenter of Loose Women, the ITV talk show, who presents a popular Radio Scotland show, was on holiday in Tuscany when she made a series of expletive-filled Tweets about London’s mayor. She has now apologised and deleted the comments from her Twitter site.

Paul Adams, BBC Washington correspondent

Also, when reporting from the Republican National Convention, Adams made 10 tweets, all negative, and for only one day, Aug. 30. From the Democrat’s convention, he made 30 tweets over three days, Sept. 4-6, all positive, including the #DNC2012 hashtag. The RNC hashtag was absent from all of his tweets.

Sarah Afshar, Senior producer for Newsnight


Anita Anand, BBC Radio and TV presenter

In case anyone isn’t sure who Anand is, a charming photo of her can be seen here. The other person in that photo is the star of his own R5 Live show, Richard Bacon.

Here’s a screenshot of Bacon telling his followers to check out a vicious anti-Palin article by her personal womb inspector, Andrew Sullivan.

Wendy Bailey, former BBC Radio broadcaster, producer Children in Need, and lots more.


 Ros Ball, BBC Parliament correspondent (with an activist statement photo on her Twitter page)



Bob Ballard, BBC Radio commentator on swimming and diving




Mark Barlex, BBC On Demand editor, tweeted from the BBC College of Journalism account(!)

The “gift” is the video hosted on the BBC website of that Iraqi reporter throwing a shoe at George Bush.

He’s talking about the Newsnight report on the inauguration speech which the BBC edited to make the President sound more Green-friendly.

Mark Blank-Settle, BBC College of Journalism social media maven

Claire Bolderson, BBC presenter

Peter Bowes, BBC correspondent in the US

Jane Bradley, BBC Midlands Current Affairs producer



Toby Brown, BBC News Channel producer

Am reading an essay on American capitalism and it’s effect on women. 50% jealous of academia. 50% glad to be out of it…

— Toby Brown (@browntoby) April 19, 2012

Mario Cacciottolo, BBC journalist


  Jenny Clarke, BBC Radio Manchester

Shut up going on about how great Manchester is George Osborne. We know it is and flattery will not buy our votes. Now kindly fuck off.

She soon got caught out, tweet and entire account deleted before we could get the embed code. Original tweet url was:!/jenrclarke/status/120849989885902848. She then set up a new account @jennyfleur88. Tweets protected now.

Katie Connolly, ex-BBC US correspondent. From Newsweek to the BBC, now works at a Democrat strategy group, worked on the campaign to re-elect the President. Go figure. Lots of tweets, too much to post here, but Craig’s list and full analysis can be read here. Highlights:

this palin speech is more like a stand up routine, esp with the redneck jokes 1,273,863,138,000.00 via TweetDeck ouch. sarah palin calls us the lamestream media. #palin #nra RT @chucktodd: FOIA-requested Todd Palin related emails involving Palin’s time in office in Alaska now up on 1,265,387,931,000.00 via TweetDeck My boss Jon Meacham responds to critics of our Sarah Palin cover photo 1,258,492,120,000.00 via TweetDeck

She regularly corresponded with a number of JournoListas, and RTed their groupthink as often as possible.

Matt Danzico, BBC News reporter in the US, and former Obama campaigner. His Twitter page has both the disclaimer and the BBC logo wallpaper


(UPDATE: Forgot to mention this last one is from before Danzico worked for the BBC. This was from back when he was working for the 2008 campaign. Usually people go work for a political party or campaign after a stint at the BBC. I included this to demonstrate both his consistency and as an example of what is not an obstacle to being hired as an impartial journalist.)   Several more can be seen here. Tom Donkin, journalist for BBC News Online Magazine


  Gavin Esler, newsreader, presenter for Newsnight and Dateline

  Stephanie Flanders, BBC Economics editor

  Matt Frei, ex-BBC, now with C4, former anchor of BBC World News America

  Leah Gooding, newsreader for BBC Newsround (Screenshot because Jude Machin changed the avatar after complaints, relevant tweet deleted.) Leah Gooding approves of Jude Machin's Obama Avatar Jim Hawkins, BBC Radio Shropshire (One of many presenters who uses his “unofficial, personal” account as the official one for a BBC show)



Rhys Hughes, BBC Radio 1 producer

Here’s what his avatar was until DB posted it last week and somebody told Hughes to clean up his act.

Katty Kay, anchor, BBC World News America and pundit in official BBC capacity on MSNBC and other show



 Rachel Kennedy, BBC News editor Screenshot because Kennedy deleted the tweets after Guido Fawkes linked to DB’s post on them and it gained wider attention. Same goes for this one: Dominic Laurie, Business presenter for Radio 5 Live



  Brian Limond, “controversial” BBC Scotland comedian

“Would Prince William write to FIFA on behalf of the Scotland team wearing poppies? No. Cos he thinks ENGLAND won the war.” This message was quickly followed by; “I’d love to slide a samurai sword up Prince William’s arse to the hilt, then yank it towards me like a door that won’t f@*king open.” This was eventually followed by another anti-Royal family message: “Absolutely f@*k England and its royal wee family living it up while pensioners freeze to death.”

Tweets deleted after complaints. More here. Sue Llewellyn, BBC social media expert This is the only Retweet in this collection, included here as evidence of the groupthink regarding Sarah Palin, and particularly the blood libel so many BBC journalists and other staff tried to push. Even one of the BBC’s experts in social media felt free to retweet such a thing. Now for an original tweet:

Jude Machin, BBC journalist, formerly US-based, now in UK (See Leah Gooding above) Screenshots because it’s all been sent down the memory hold after she got caught, then got caught again, then got caught again.

Jude Machin Twitter Screenshot Obama avatar

Leah Gooding approves of Jude Machin's Obama Avatar

James Macintyre, former BBC Question Time producer, now political editor for Prospect magazine and Ed Miliband’s biographer


Chris Mason, BBC political correspondent
Screenshot because his Twitter feed archive wouldn’t go back far enough

Paul Mason Newsnight economics editor




John Mervin, BBC News New York business editor


Link goes to Time magazine article about how “Conservatives have lost touch with reality”

  Claudia Milne, editor BBC News Online US edition

Fallows was Jimmy Carter’s speechwriter and is a popular Left-wing pundit

Daniel Nasaw, US-based feature writer for BBC News Online Magazine




Matt Prodger, BBC Home Affairs correspondent




Mark Sandell, editor World Have Your Say, BBC World TV and World Radio



Joan Soley, BBC News Pentagon correspondent (note BBC News wallpaper despite “my views” disclaimer)


Regarding one of the Republican presidential candidate debates:

Brett Spencer, Radio 5 Live Interactive editor Screenshot because he deleted the tweets after being caught. Allegra Stratton, Newsnight political editor

 Jeremy Vine, Radio 2 host, Eggheads presenter, former Newsnight journalist (and another one who uses his “personal” account as the official one for his BBC show)

  Sarah Walton, journalist for BBC Look North

  Tim Weber, ex-BBC business & technology editor for BBC Interactive, now Director at Edelman



  Lucy Williamson, BBC Seoul correspondent

Screenshots because Twitter feed archive doesn’t go back far enough:

Plenty more here.

And there you have it. Come see the bias inherent in the system. I’ve actually lost count of how many tweets there are and how many Beeboids are represented. Someone else will have to do it now since my eyes are all bleary from laying this out.

For balance, here’s one which appears to be from the Right by James Landale, BBC News political correspondent (h/t Jim Dandy)

Oh, and apparently Andrew Neil is on the Right, and Nick Robinson used to be in his youth. Balanced or what?

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89 Responses to By Their Tweets Shall Ye Know Them: The Tweets

  1. ltwf1964 says:

    multiple reasons if any were needed to not pay the tv licence

    I refuse to subsidise smug,self satisfied,egotistical,jew hating leftard dirtbags such as those above

    they take your money,live it up,rubbish your political opinions and laugh in your face while they’re doing it

    I think not

    I have a little more pride in myself,as well as better priorities for £145 lefty slush fund money

    they almost literally make me want to puke


  2. Span Ows says:

    Didn’t get beyond the first Bacon Tweets before I was itching to comment:
    “So self serving & transparent”…a perfect part description of Bacon himself. I’d add bias junky fuck-wit.

    “Did you just see Obama’s speech. My God, had there been a better political orator in own time? Last 6 or so mins were remarkable I thought.”

    Serious question: forgetting who and what Obama is for a minute: does anyone here ‘really’ like the way he talks? I like people who can speak well and express themselves; I like orators…I find Obama almost impossible to listen to, the breaks, the intonation, everything it’s BAD in my opinion. Am I missing something?


    • David Brims says:

      It’s not oratory , it’s rapping, like a black baptist preacher. Obama’s cadence is going up and down like a yo yo. Highly irritating.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Yes, His speechifying is very much in the manner of black preachers. He was very proud to claim (in “Dreams of My Father”, if any of that can be considered true these days) that He used to carry around tapes of Rev. Wright’s speeches for inspiration (until the good Rev. was thrown under the bus for election purposes). But good grief, man, it’s not rapping.

        These mannerisms are highly effective, and have been around for a long time for that reason. This was in the white Southern Baptist scene before there was a black Baptist scene. Just don’t let Him off the teleprompter. Not that the Beeboids would ever admit that.

        Having said that, the cult of personality on display is pretty worrisome.


  3. David Brims says:

    A treasure trove of dirt.

    But where on earth is screeching harpy Kirsty Squawk ?


  4. David Brims says:

    It’s so predictable, so tiresome, the leftwing group think.

    They’re like sheep. ” ba, Obama is the Risen Christ, ba ! ”


  5. Rufus McDufus says:

    Very impressive list. Must’ve taken to find them … or maybe not!


    • Rufus McDufus says:

      Must’ve taken *ages* to …


    • Jonathan Wilson says:

      And whats the betting that some of the “direct link” tweets will over time disappear into the either as if they never happened… like the 13 years of nue-liebor and the destruction it has caused to the UK has magically never happened according to the bbc.


  6. n says:

    Scum. I will never fund these bastards.


  7. London Calling says:

    None of them have even an close relationship with the truth. Obama was elected because he is brown, and apparently being brown is “cool” if you are white and under thirty. What a worthless load of fuckwits the lot of them. And WE are supposed to pay for this bag of horseshit?


  8. DB says:

    Great work collating all these tweets – thanks for taking the time to do this.

    On a quick read through I notice that Radio 1’s Head of Programmes Rhys Hughes has changed his personal Twitter pic since I drew attention to it last week. The anarchist chic avatar appears to have vanished.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      I noticed that as well. I forgot you posted that screenshot, or would have included it. Added now. Thanks!


  9. NotaSheep says:

    I would say staggering were it not oh so predictable. How long before Dez can find some right-wing examples?


  10. john in cheshire says:

    David, I’m sure that in the Psychotherapy field, this kind of behaviour is termed a Psychosis. It’s not a disease, so it’s not a pejorative. It’s an evaluation of a person’s mental state. Many people who have a psychotic personality are quite benign. However, that so many of them are employed by the bbc and in their propaganda departments tends to suggest that they are being actively sought and employed. With their suggestible natures, then a few weeks in the bbc journalism college, they can be let loose on the world to do their pre-programmed imperatives. They could be pitied if they weren’t so malignant.


    • wallygreeninker says:

      Perhaps Mackay’s ‘Memoirs of extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds’ ought to be on the reading list at their college of journalism. The trouble is that the Beeboids would only conclude that everybody else was crazy except for those inside the bubble.


  11. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ’s leftist, anti-freedom of speech, censoring ‘tweeters’ target the opinions of historian David Starkey, as James Delingpole noted in a piece:

    “If David Starkey is racist then so is everybody”
    By James Delingpole (2011)


    • NotaSheep says:

      Talking of Richard Bacon, his interview of James Delingpole was the most nauseatingly biased attack piece I’ve heard for years. He clearly was so angry with a climate denier that he became even less coherent than normal and was in a right strop throughout.


      • johnnythefish says:

        I reckon the strop was because Delingpole was too well-informed and in command of his subject. Warmists can’t debate because all the evidence is stacked against them, so they resort to ad hominem attacks and clapped out mantras.


  12. graphene fedora says:

    Not that we needed it, but here, for all the doubters of systemic bias, are the beeboids, live & unplugged: a torrent of irrefutable evidence that shows the upper echelons of the BBC to be pathologically incapable of impartiality. And this is what they’re prepared to parade in public, so you can imagine the rest. Greater diversity of opinion can be found in the 1922 Committee. These tweets are nothing less than outtakes from a 24/7 puppet show of ever-predictable left-wing postures, an iRainbow world. Endless burblings from snide, backslapping, piss-taking, tax-funded, self-indulgent, parasitic narcissists, playing trendy games behind a firewall of privilege. Apart from that, I like them. (By the way, thanks to all concerned for the compilation)


    • George R says:

      Yes, I must say that I hadn’t realised how all-pervasive and revealing the Beeboid political tweeting is. Thanks again, David P.


  13. Hooper says:

    Dave, why on earth do you waste you life posting on a blog about a foreign country’s media? It’s almost like a kinky perversion! Your blogs are at times very good but can bé really boring though. You should get out more and start a new hobby, perhaps- stamp collecting?


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      I really need to make this into boilerplate and put it up somewhere for easy reference.

      The BBC is much more than merely a foreign country’s media. The BBC broadcasts in my country, including BBC World News America, produced in and targeted directly at the US. Furthermore, they’ve increased their spending and efforts on the US version of the website, hiring more and more staff, including several to produce those award-winning, “bespoke” video magazine pieces.

      The BBC is making an effort to attract US eyeballs more and more. They do this both for revenue and, as Jeremy Paxman put it, to “spread influence”. It’s much more than a foreign curiosity which has no effect on me. And I’m not even going into my personal experiences.


    • Demon says:

      Hooper, you should ask why so many Beeboids pass comments on American politics, see above, after all they are a foreign media to the USA. David has a perfect right to comment on a foreign media that tries, and hopefully fails, to influence politics in his country.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Gosh, 15 likes for a comment telling me to give up and go away. Anybody brave enough to put their name to any of them?

      If you find my posts boring, feel free to either scroll past and ignore them, or help me out so I can do better.


      • Reed says:

        I think he sent his friends over for a ‘like flashmob’ .


      • Guest Who says:

        David, the BBC Intranet surely can muster around 20,000 quite quickly.
        Then there is the Graun staff roster… plus their six readers.
        However that may, even for them, not be the smartest play.
        Imagine an FoI on a Nick Robinson post’s comment section, especially one that is up and shut before anyone outside a very small bunch gets home to offer their 2 cents.
        Not being a veteran news room jockey like some, I’d therefore venture standing up in one’s cubicle and asking those within a 5m radius may crank up the requisite ‘support’.


      • London Calling says:

        Orchestrated Spontaneity – they have alerts organised so the keyboard warrior team all pile in with false flag support. They seem to think we can’t spot it, pathetic. Elsewhere the green eco-nazis have it down to a tee. Phoney.

        “Low Carbon Economy” and “Clean Energy”were the big lies spouted by Obama, now they appears as Red Ed Daveys catchphrases. Systematic abuse of language and thought. Yet apparently we need a watchdog, to keep an eye on celebrity hacking.


      • Hooper says:

        I don’t want you or anyone else to go away; all I said was that I struggle to understand why you spend so much time on here and I also said I like your posts , so please don’t get the wrong impression. And it looks like I have 20 ‘likes’!


        • mat says:

          ‘I struggle to understand’
          But why are you even trying what is it about David that is making you so obsessed by his interest in the BBC ? please explain as I struggle to understand!
          20 wow I have more pairs of socks then you likes


      • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

        Those likes are probably coming from behind the proxy servers used by Dez et al.


  14. Umbongo says:

    DP and others, many thanks for this although, quite frankly, it’s pretty depressing. It’s not so much the exposure of BBC groupthink, it’s the sheer banality, infantile opinionating and kneejerk leftism which are revealed in all their vile detail. The best diagnosis of the psychological disease which grips the BBC (echoing john in cheshire‘s comment) is that this is a species of emotional plague: not the one described by Reich but one even more pervasive and malevolent and one, moreover, which we are compelled by law to finance.


  15. Reed says:

    It’s quite a compendium, isn’t it – and very consistent in its bias.

    Perhaps there should be another top-of-page tab – “Tweets of Shame” – to list these and others as they come in. It’s a great showcase of exactly why this blog exists – to highlight the cultural, political and institutional bias of the BBC.

    Nice work DP.


  16. Mice Height says:

    Paul Adams – “Wow, Obama could look like Mandela by the time this is over!”

    Mice Height – “Wow, The USA could look like South Africa by the time this is over!”


  17. royof the rovers says:

    just proves a point the more tweet you have the more twats you make.
    BBC the pain in the arse that you cant get rid of.


  18. Daphne Anson says:

    Talking of tweets, what does Paul Danahar (retweeted by Jon Donnison) mean by this (re last night’s UN vote re Palestine)?
    “Voted No: Canada, Czechs, Palau, Nauru, Micronesia, Marshall island, Panama, US, Israel. Looks like cast list of ‘Coalition of the Willing’ “


    • NotaSheep says:

      What about Martin ‘Tories are lower than vermin’ Plaut, did you see his tweet when he though Eritrea would vote no? “What does this tell us about Eritrea’s foreign support from Israel?”

      Screen grabs here


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Danahar means that the list of Zionist supporters resembles what he imagines was the group of countries who supported Bush and Blair’s illegal regime change war. St. Jon Stewart called it the “Coalition of the Shilling” (shilling as the verb, not currency, although…..)

      Danahar is denigrating both the countries and the vote. No bias there, then.


  19. johnnythefish says:

    I wonder how many worker Beebs are being paid triple time this weekend to find evidence of right-wing tweets?

    Well done DP – overwhelming proof of bias and shameless arrogance.


  20. Guest Who says:

    Tour de Forceps, Dr. P.
    Slight puckering in certain quarters at this little lot when it registers, especially post-Leveson.
    However, as the BBC does have its own version of ‘The Vanishing’, backed by many, well-funded lawyers, I may just keep a screen grab of all this too.
    Stuart Hughes, his Producer, Line Manager and all at CECUTT will understand.
    Nothing personal guys, simply a trust issue.


    • Reed says:

      “Tour de Forceps” 🙂


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The tweets themselves in the direct links may be deleted, but I believe the embed code lives on in infamy. Screenshots are still recommended, of course.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      There’s an obvious joke in there, but I’m far too polite to make it.


      • Guest Who says:

        One merely has to wonder who it is that polishes Mr. Robinson’s toenails, and where.


    • johnnythefish says:

      If Stephen Fry engaged brain before opening mouth he’d never say anything – which would be nice.


  21. Nick Darlington says:

    Well those twittering classes certainly tell a story don’t they?
    That is a frightening collection already. Being paid (reluctantly) by us why can’t they be normal balanced even cheerful characters rather than chip-on-shoulder holier than thou opinionated so and sos? I can honestly say that I don’t hear anything like those comments in my day to day life except when passing SWP and Marxist Society recruiting tables during the local Freshers’ Week.


  22. Mike Fowle says:

    Well, I must admit I am shocked. I thought it was bad but I didn’t realise it was so pervasive and so cringe making. What a disgrace.


  23. DJ says:

    All of the above would be bad enough, if we didn’t have to hear the self-same members of the hive sermonising about the vitally vital importance of Diversity.


  24. Henry says:

    Forgive my ignorance – if the tweets embedded above are deleted by the user will they still appear here? Seems unlikely – in which case may be worth further snapshots???
    Splendid collection of evidence 🙂 well done


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      I think that as long as you have the embed code from the tweet itself, not just the url, it will be populated from the server even if the tweet is deleted by the user. See here for an example.

      Most of the screenshots other than the nice group ones are here because the embed code was not collected, or the twitter archive just doesn’t go back far enough to get retrieve it now.

      However, if the whole account is killed, I think even that vanishes. In any case, screenshots are always advised and encouraged.


      • Guest Who says:

        ‘However, if the whole account is killed, I think even that vanishes’
        After a few high-profile political twittercides and ‘ism/bullying court cases, from the likes of Guido I had the impression that once out there it lurked ‘somewhere’ no matter what.
        Like a twitter version of a Google cache or twittersniffer.
        Maybe not to the likes of an ITiot like me, but the more savvy rummagers in the dark underbelly of the net.
        For instance, when your chum Stuie Hughes was digging his trench and taunting DB, does this mean the only record is what was on the pages of B/BBC that you and he captured and shared?
        If so I wouldn’t put it past them to claim that their professional journalism trumps grubby blogging on the cred stakes, even post McAlpine.
        Otherwise the capture would seem to be an essential, as the BBC is very, very adept at ‘tidying up’ after the first assault troops have done their business and ‘moved on’.


      • Henry says:

        Thanks. Yes I embedded a test tweet which I then deleted – this seems to be true.


  25. prole says:

    Whilst one admires anyone who has the time to wade through twitters murky depths, what has this proved. That BBC staff have opinions? Of course they have, so has everyone. What they don’t do, despite this blog, is use them to produce the bias you dream about but don’t find.

    In fact what journalist doesn’t have opinions? I never met one and since FOX TV is always trumpeted as a great service what about that company for a classic case of what happens when the opinions totally invade the news.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Fox News!! Fox News!! Look over there! Fox News!!

      The answer to your question is in both the original post and at the top of this one. If you choose to ignore it in favor of a different presumed answer, that’s your own affair.


    • Reed says:

      “…what has this proved. That BBC staff have opinions?”

      No – it’s a large amount of evidence that employees of the BBC (especially those in News) have similar opinions that are suggestive of a suspiciously identical worldview. Coincidence? All of it?

      “In fact what journalist doesn’t have opinions?”

      That’s not the point, Mr. Obtuse. The point is that there appears to be an enormous amount of groupthink within the BBC, to such a degree that the various biases and prejudices (yes, we all have them) can’t help but make their way into the output. The complacency that comes with being constantly surrounded by people of a like mind in their work place, with assumptions unchallenged, and the leeching of that mindset into their work, has been highlighted so many times over the years by this blog. There is an obvious pattern.

      …and the Fox News thing – nobody is forced to pay for it!!!! How many times!!


      • johnnythefish says:

        The most trolls like Prole can achieve is a small amount of disruption and time-wasting as evidenced by you and others having to constantly repeat themselves (‘climate change’ is a classic example). I suppose they hope to wear us down. How naive.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘In fact what journalist doesn’t have opinions?’
      What human doesn’t, for that matter.
      Thing is, there a wee difference between having them, and imposing them, especially to a rather one-sided degree, backed by a £4Bpa brand.
      Especially if you are meant to be professionally impartial. Genetically.
      Hence the term ‘news’ vs. ‘views’.
      Otherwise you are getting funds for propaganda purposes, which is fraud.
      This was a good question:
      ’22. At 22:36 11th Feb 2012, thefrogstar wrote:
      Further to comment #21, I am still confused about how the BBC really views the relationship is has with Twitter. The last time I looked, Twitter was still a for-profit corporation based in the US. Yet it has been heavily promoted by the BBC and it’s journalists. Why?

      Sadly, perhaps as a consequence of having to censor a bunch of others, it was never answered.
      Unique, eh?
      Hence, again, what is proven is that you seem more adept at setting the BBC’s bunkers up for a busting, for which … bravo.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Twitter is a valid tool, if used properly and wisely. No way am I arguing that they shouldn’t use it.

        The problem lies both with the poor guidance and management, the laissez-faire attitude towards supervision (i.e. none unless there’s a properly written complaint or three), and the overwhelming amount of Left-wing ideologues at the BBC, with a worrisome amount of groupthink on very specific topics.

        The sheer comfort from which they all freely share these opinions speaks volumes about the atmosphere in which they work. We often hear that people not of the Left feel like they have to keep their heads down, or even keep their opinions to themselves entirely, while this lot clearly feel no such pressure.

        Quite a number of them appear to be rather far to the Left as well, not to mentioned seriously misinformed on certain issues.


        • Reed says:

          How many times do they breach their own guidelines…

          d. You shouldn’t state your political preferences or say anything that
          compromises your impartiality. Don’t sound off about things in an openly
          partisan way. Don’t be seduced by the informality of social media into
          bringing the BBC into disrepute.

          Click to access 14_07_11_news_social_media_guidance.pdf


          • Reed says:

            “Don’t sound off about things in an openly partisan way”

            It would appear that some BBC employees have misread ‘Don’t’ as ‘Do’.


          • Guest Who says:

            Prole… clean up in aisle… oo… is that the time..?
            This latest pwning of the BBC should now be closed for comments
            I’m going to savour that pint now.
            Tx, Reed.


    • ltwf1964 says:

      a particularly feeble attempt,even by Prole’s abysmally low standards


    • Henry says:

      “what has this proved. That BBC staff have opinions?”
      It’s evidence that they hold boringly predictable opinions, and give the impression that they are surrounded not by an atmosphere of lively critical debate, but of political conformity bordering on religious zealotry.
      A task for you, provide even half this amount of evidence at all of personally held rightwing views from BBC journalists.


    • RCE says:

      I have to admit, I expected this thread to be a DOTI free zone (for obvious reasons) so fair play to Prole for pitching in.

      And what is more, all thanks to him for (yet again) illustrating the complete intellectual bankruptcy of those who seek to denigrate this site and claim ‘nothing to see here’. Prole’s post is absurdly pathetic, even by the lamentable standard to which we are accustomed.


  26. The comment about this site by some little turd sums it up for me. The patronizing little shit (I think I am regressing) said something to the effect that – David did not think you are still at it”. The shear arrogance of this statement is breath taking. They feel completely immuned from any criticism. They have the power of and are a unaccountable elite,. We plebs can go f..k our themselves. This is a new aristocracy, with absolute power. What I find increasingly disheartening is the the average Joe out there does not give a shit. The great British public is indifferent to the damage being done to our society, culture and civilization. I have a Facebook account which I restrict to my family and close friends. When I post about the BBC etc. the silence is deafening. How can we act against the BBC. That is what I want to know. Do we stop payingthe license fee? Do we all refuse to pay it? Answers please.


  27. Alex Feltham says:

    Reader if you seek their memorial, look around.

    See “the Regressives” at:


  28. Dave s says:

    I caught some banal show on R4 around 640PM. No idea what it is called but the word has obviously gone out. UKIP must be destroyed as a political force. Strange how afraid the liberal left ascendancy is of anybody who challenges their absurdities
    The smug leftwing comedians were really giving it their best shot.
    Reeking of obvious bias.
    So called comedy on the BBC is just an excuse to indulge in left wing propaganda.
    Which is why it is so unfunny and so poor and so boring.


  29. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    A brilliant compilation!
    In view of the bBBC guidelines (c. You are allowed to say that you work for the BBC, and you can discuss the BBC and your work publicly. But your name/title should not contain BBC in any form. And you should make clear that the views expressed are personal, and not those of the BBC) I wonder if there is any difference between the tweets from those who do have BBC in their twitter name (presumably officially sanctioned) and those who do not.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      If they have the “views my own” disclaimer, it’s not supposed to be an official account. Supposedly no logo should be allowed. But the on-air talent all seem to use their “personal” account as the official one for their show. They don’t all let their ideology hang out. Many are professional and easily mix personal stuff (football, TV favorites, getting stuck on a train) with their use of Twitter to promote BBC output or contact people for stories. But it seems that the vast majority of those who do like to express political opinion all share the same ones, and at a problematic level. And they’re everywhere.


  30. As I See It says:

    Ever been worried about the BBC’s tendency to become Labour’s propaganda arm?

    Caroline Flint ‏@CarolineFlintMP 27 Nov

    Wondering about background noise – Just did @bbc5live energy bill interview on mobile in rain outside Portcullis House due to fire alarm.

    27 Nov norman smith norman smith ‏@BBCNormanS

    @CarolineFlintMP rain, traffic, sirens, dogs……..we call it “atmosphere” in radioland

    6:08 AM – 27 Nov 12 · Details
    27 Nov Peter ‘Hobbo’ Hobson Peter ‘Hobbo’ Hobson ‏@voiceoverpeter

    @BBCNormanS @CarolineFlintMP indeed we do, why can’t we have silence for interviews, you would think dogs would have more courtesy!

    [Peter ‘Hobbo’ Hobson (not a BBC employee – but hopeful I’m sure) is – by the way – a supporter of a politcal party. Guess which?]

    Peter ‘Hobbo’ Hobson ‏@voiceoverpeter

    So happy to hear this morning of the Three new @LabourParty MPs. Well Done to all concerned

    [Norman ‘cough cough’ Smith is – you will recall – the BBC Downing Street anti-Cameron guy].


  31. johnnythefish says:

    Let’s not lose sight in all of this of the BBC’s own guidelines for use of ‘personal activity’ accounts, part of which says:

    d. You shouldn’t state your political preferences or say anything that compromises your impartiality. Don’t sound off about things in an openly partisan way. Don’t be seduced by the informality of social media into bringing the BBC into disrepute. Don’t criticise your colleagues. Don’t reveal confidential BBC information. Don’t surreptitiously sanitise Wikipedia pages about the BBC.

    Wonder what the BBC staff disciplinary procedure looks like…..


  32. The Intolerant Left says:

    Why is it that a person can be sacked from their job in the public sector when they post views contrary to left wing thinking in their own time on their Facebook page( Im thinking the blike who expressed reservations on Gay Marraige) , yet a BBC employee can post anything they like and nothing happens to them ?


  33. Beeboidal says:

    Great to see these all gathered together. The “Tweets of Shame” is a great idea. This list should not simply disappear from view as new blog posts appear.

    Recent “Tweets of Shame” recruit Rhys Hughes may have surrendered his avatar, but I’m glad to see that he has not given up following his anarchist groups. That’s the spirit, Rhys. He’s also following two people lampooning David

    David Cameroon ‏ @davecameroon
    The best and most popular Prime Minister of the United Kingdom ever! Join my loyal band of followers today. We’re all in this together!

    David Cameron ‏ @David_Scameron
    Saving Broken Britain by building the Big Society whilst twatting the Tory into history!

    and one lampooning Jeremy Hunt

    Jeremy_Twunt ‏ @Jeremy_Twunt
    You new SoS for Health. The vile alter ego and inner voice of Jeremy Hunt (But not, for the litigious, his actual voice). Commissionable #Movember Taches

    Poor Jeremy. He’s a big fan of the BBC, you know! And as for David Cameron, in a recent article Simon Heffer wrote:

    That’s why, when Cameron became Tory leader, one of his colleagues told me Tory policy would be tailored to ensure the party got a fair hearing on the BBC. It was proof of the Conservative party’s sensitivity to, and helplessness in the face of, the institutional leftism of the BBC – and it explains the party’s recent obsession with overseas aid and gay marriage.

    If Cameron thought that then he is deluded as deluded gets. A fair shake from this lot? Never.


  34. Guest Who says:
    When the BBC asked me to tweet a correction
    Other way round they’d just block him.
    It’s a unique thing.