BBC Ignores Islamic Incitement To ‘Torture and Beat Gay People’ ….In Leeds


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What is Radio Asian Fever?  ‘Radio Asian Fever will serve the south Asian communities of Leeds, in and around the Harehills area.’

It’s also a radio station that had been ruled by Ofcom in June as ‘likely to encourage or incite the commission of crime’ against the gay community.


I can find no reference to this story, either from June or, as yet, today,  on  the BBC, even Leeds local news…but they do know of the existence of this station:

New community radio station launched in Leeds  Asian Fever, based in Harehills, have been granted a five year community radio licence. Why not contact them about training, or even the chance of presenting your own show.

Is it likely that the BBC are ducking the issue of Islamic ideology?…they are quite happy to tell us Christianity should keep up with the times and change its laws, tenets or values…for example over women Bishops ( 5Live Tony Livesey)….but are reluctant to give the same advice to Muslims.

Curious because today they had a long discussion (Somewhere on 5Live…no link) about the use of the word ‘Gay’ as  derogatory term for anything ‘bad’….might have been relevant to the subject….Keen to defend Gay people but only up to a point…that point being where it interferes with certain ethnic ‘cultural practises’?


How did the station incite hate or crime against gay people?

Rubina Nasir, known as “Sister Ruby”, had delivered two sermons in Urdu on Radio Asian Fever last year.

Ofcom noted that Nasir had said: “What should be done if they do it [practise homosexuality]? If there are two such persons among you, that do this evil, the shameful act, what do you have to do? Torture them; punish them; beat them and give them mental torture.”

She had also said: “Allah states, ‘If they do such a deed [i.e. homosexuality], punish them, both physically and mentally.’ Mental punishment means rebuke them, beat them, humiliate them, admonish and curse them, and beat them up. This command was sent in the beginning because capital punishment had not yet been sent down.”

The regulator believed they had the potential to incite violence or criminal hatred against gay people.

Ofcom ruled the content “could be objectively and reasonably regarded as calls to action to undertake violent and other forms of potentially criminal behaviour against the homosexual community.

“In our view, the presenter clearly set out that it was appropriate for people listening to the programmes to: “Torture …; punish…; beat … and give … mental torture” to homosexual people. We considered that the use of the imperative clearly indicated to listeners that they should act in this way.”

Ofcom said it would impose a statutory sanction, often a financial penalty, on the station in due course.


As well as Gays she didn’t have a good word to say about people of other religions…

‘In a broadcast the following day she focused her attention on another Qur’anic verse and said it was critical of mixed-faith marriages.

She said: “What happens when a Muslim man or woman get married to a Mushrak [a follower of another religion).

“Listeners! Marriage of a Muslim man or woman with a Mushrak is the straight path to hellfire.

“Have my sisters and brothers, who live with people of bad religions or alien religions, ever thought about what would become of the children they have had with them – and the coming generation?

“Where the filth of shirk (the sin of following another religion) is present, where the dirt of shirk is present, where the heart is impure, how can you remove apparent filth. How many arrangements will you make to remove the apparent filth?

“We are saying that Mushraks have no concept of cleanliness and uncleanliness.”


The station has just been fined for that offence:

A radio station in Leeds, which is aimed at the Asian community, has been fined after a presenter advocated homophobic violence and branded gay people as “evil” and “shameful”.


I cannot imagine the BBC ignoring similar provocative statements being made by a Christian radio station and then being fined by Ofcom as a result.

Hey You! Yes YOU! Wanna Job?


Bearing in mind that the job was as Director General of the BBC, one of the world’s biggest and most powerful broadcasters, you might think that the job would be hard to just walk into.  In fact it seems it would be harder to get a job in the BBC canteen than to get your feet under the DG’s desk.

Here is is a statement by Chris Patten which you can tuck away for future reference when the BBC start fulminating about any other organisation appointing someone to a position of power and influence without due process….things like an interview or selection of candidates.

Lord Patten also denied there was any element of cronyism in the appointment, which was announced just 11 days after Mr Entwistle resigned and only involved one candidate being interviewed.
He said: “If you appoint somebody who is regarded by most of the world as the outstanding candidate then it does seem to me that arguments about process are pretty by and by.
“If we had spent the next four months on this you would have all been telling us we were off our trolleys.
“We had to move fast. I’m delighted in moving fast we have also managed to find the out-and-out outstanding candidate.”


Aasmah Mir ?@AasmahMir
RT this if you still love the BBC..


These tweets come from a stream provided by this site which brings together most of the BBC crew in Israel/Gaza.

They are mostly from Gaza and as such present a certain narrative to the world that is pretty much concentrated on Gaza…and as decided by the BBC, on the victims of Israeli strikes.

That by its very nature produces a very unbalanced picture and elicits the most sympathy for the Palestinians…it doesn’t matter whether by design or default….the BBC should be aware of the problems that will arise from such a narrative which is nurtured by a particular strand of reporting….that problem being an impression of Israeli aggression and Palestinian suffering….which is infact a turn around of the truth….the Israeli military actions, as always, being a response to Palestinian aggression, the intent of which is to eventually rid the Middle East of Jews.
Kate Benyon-Tinker ?@katebt3000
Rainy afternoon in #Gaza

Jon Donnison ?@JonDonnison
Oh dear… its raining on #Gaza’s parade.
Jon Donnison ?@JonDonnison
Comment heard in #Gaza just now “yesterday it was raining missiles and rockets, stop complaining about the rain”
Jon Donnison ?@JonDonnison
To be clear. When I give out IDF figures its because someone in the IDF media dept has just given them to me. #Gaza

Paul Danahar ?@pdanahar
Just been back to see my colleague Jihad whose 11 month old boy was killed by a shell last week. Jihad’s brother is still critical
Paul Danahar ?@pdanahar
The ceasefire was the first chance his extended family had had to pay their respects
Paul Danahar ?@pdanahar
Much of the conversation as we sat around a small fire drifted towards tales of the types of Israeli shells which hit their neighbourhoods
Paul Danahar ?@pdanahar
UN’s OCHA say Doctor I tweeted about who’s injured son died at his own hospital had been too busy to see his boy the 3 days before he died
Paul Danahar ?@pdanahar
So UN says 2/3 of those people killed in #Gaza during the conflict with #Israel were non combatants .
Paul Danahar ?@pdanahar
UN’s OCHA figures for #Gaza: 158 killed. 103 civilians killed ,at least 30 are children, of whom12 are under ten. 13 women killed

Jeremy Bowen ?@BowenBBC
Docs couldn’t revive Mahmoud, 14. Half an hour after rushed into hospital, his father tenderly kissed him and took him for burial #Gaza
Jeremy Bowen ?@BowenBBC
#Gaza childhood. Lama 6, Dina 8 in wreck of neighbour’s house where 3 killed yday. Their brother killed in 2009 at 16
Jeremy Bowen ?@BowenBBC
At the house destroyed Sunday in #Gaza killing 12. Men digging for body of a missing girl. Lines of mourners offering condolences.

Jeremy Bowen ?@BowenBBC
Piece I wrote for the BBC website about the #Gaza ceasefire — and the girl with the wish list  #Israel
Jeremy Bowen ?@BowenBBC
Wishes for the future handed to a #BBC colleague from a child whose family fled from #Israel shelling in #Gaza



Jeremy Bowen is doing his bit for the war effort….we’re just not sure whose.

Here he is pushing the sentimental narrative on behalf of the Palestinians….

Jeremy Bowen ?@BowenBBC
Piece I wrote for the BBC website about the #Gaza ceasefire — and the girl with the wish list  #Israel
Jeremy Bowen ?@BowenBBC
Wishes for the future handed to a #BBC colleague from a child whose family fled from #Israel shelling in #Gaza

Aided by another BBCer: (Bowen’s producer)

Cara Swift ?@cswift2
PHOTO: A girl in #Gaza wrote down her wishes for the future a handed them to the #BBC #Gaza (via @BowenBBC) #Israel

This is his write up on the web:

In the last hours before a ceasefire, in a United Nations school in Gaza City that was packed with families who had fled from Israeli shelling, a girl of about 13 pushed a piece of cardboard torn from a biscuit wrapper into the hand of one my colleagues.
It was a checklist for the future, with one spelling mistake:
I hope to stop a war
I hope to live in a happy life
I hope to be pace [at peace] for ever
Happy dream

Bowen rounds it off…..
But this is Gaza, a place where nightmares can come true.



And of course he does his bit for the Jewish children too…..

I know there are children on the other side of the border wire, in battered towns like Sderot, who have the same kinds of hopes as the Palestinian girl in the UN school.’




The BBC are pretty insistent that rockets from Gaza are a reaction to Israel’s blockade on Gaza… could choose to believe that except that the rocket fire started a long time before the blockade and evidence shows that the mindset of the  rocketeers is not effected by anything the Israelis actually do…it is their very presence in ‘Palestine’, ALL of Palestine, that is the cause of the rockets.


katya adler ?@BBCkatyaadler
Not clear if/when #Israel will lift #Gaza blockade. If daily life doesn’t improve in Gaza, pop support for rocket fire will likely return

BBC Watch shows the timeline for rocket fire into Israel and Wyre Davies also blaming the Jews….

Next, at 01:03, we hear Wyre Davies telling us: [emphasis added]

“If there’s to be a lasting truce, this destructive cycle has to be broken. At the end of a conflict, Gaza is allowed to rebuild its institutions and infrastructure but – increasingly frustrated with the Israeli blockade and all of its restrictions – Palestinian militants fire more and more rockets into Israel. Then there’s an overwhelming Israeli military response and much of what has been built up is destroyed.”

BBC Watch’s timeline:
‘As is well documented, the first rocket attack carried out by terrorists from the Gaza Strip took place on January 30th, 2001 when the village of Netzarim was targeted.  For the next couple of months, it was Israeli villages inside the Gaza Strip which bore the brunt of attacks with this new weapon, but in March 2001 the first rocket was fired over the ‘green line’ at Kibbutz Nachal Oz. In the almost twelve years since then, the capabilities of the rockets have extended and the numbers fired now run into the tens of thousands.

In other words, Davies is telling viewers that the rockets are a result of the blockade, rather than citing the historical facts which prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that the rockets began to be used by Hamas and its affiliates as a means of terrorizing the Israeli civilian population a whole six and a half years before the blockade came into being.


Hamas’s Alqassam Brigade suggests any truce, regardless of the blockade being lifted, is wishful thinking, a delusion……

And Before You Go….

There’s nothing like kicking a man when he’s down and Steve Hewlett is giving George Entwistle, and Mark Thompson, a bit of a thumping in this interview with Sheila Fogarty about the new DG, Tony Hall. (From 55 mins)

He also vividly demonstrates the visceral hatred and antipathy for Thatcher (PBUH) that still runs through the blood of any veteran BBCer.

What is notable about this interview is that Thompson and Entwistle say they were ‘hands off’ because they wanted to ensure ‘independence’ of the programmes and for there to be no impression of interference from above.…but this interview shows  that the Head of News should and can take an interest in proceedings along with an overall view of a programme to ensure it meets any organisational strictures or legal or taste criteria without actually interfering in the  production itself.…in other words Hewlett is taking a swipe at Entwistle and Thompson, saying they failed to properly oversee Newsnight and failed to ensure that proper systems were in place to make things run smoothly and correctly.

Steve Hewlett is  presenter of R4’s Media Show and Guardian columnist.

He was editor of Martin Bashir’s Interview on Newsnight with Lady Diana and worked closely with Tony hall who was then Director of News.

SH:  He (Hall) rose to the top during the years of John Birt who is much maligned for Dalek speak and structural organisation but I think history will judge John Birt rather more generously having saved the BBC from the ravages of a Thatcher government determined to clip its wings.
(BBC unaccountable and unclippable?)

SF:  The Diana programme…that was a programme…that was a national, even global, moment of television.

SH:  Exactly….Had it gone wrong it would have knocked Newsnight into a cocked hat.

SF:  …Taking on the Establishment…

SH:  Let me tell you he dealt with that in an absolutely proper way.  As an editor I was left to get on with it.  I made sure he knew through the line of managers that he knew what was going on.  He came to view an early roughcut of the programme.  His comments were at all times helpful, he made the system work to assist me and Martin and the team in getting the programme out.  I could not have wished for a more straightforward, more supportive, more engaged boss.
He didn’t try to interfere, he made sure the system worked.  At the same time as putting us to properly rigorous tests in terms of how we had gone about it, what we’d done, whether we’d asked the right questions and whether we’d edited it fairly and all of that.




Gormless In Gaza



I read these tweets and then read a report on BBC Watch which relates what the BBC’s Kevin Connolly has been saying on the Jeremy Vine show…..that it is not insignificant that the Israeli elections are nearing…..but there is a distinct mismatch between the outlook from the Israeli tweets and Connolly…..reading the tweets would indicate that if this was a war launched as part of an election campaign then that election is lost for Netanyahu:


Amir Mizroch ?@Amirmizroch
It’s absurd to me to watch @netanyahu @barak_ehud @AvigdorLiberman stand and talk about success when alerts all over the south.
Amir Mizroch ?@Amirmizroch
Once again Israel achieves a military victory and a diplomatic defeat.
Marc Leibowitz ?@Marc_Leibowitz
Hamas is celebrating victory right now. How many Israelis are celebrating? Some pundits on Galatz are trying to sell a “tie”. #Bull
Amir Mizroch ?@Amirmizroch
Dear @netanyahu @barak_ehud @AvigdorLiberman please whatever u do please please don’t say “if they fire just one rocket we’ll hit them hard”
Amir Mizroch ?@Amirmizroch
So who won? #GazaUnderAttack or #IsraelUnderFire ?

Marc Leibowitz ?@Marc_Leibowitz
@Amirmizroch Not Israel. This cease fire was a bad deal for Israel. Not Abbas. Initial thoughts, winners appear to be Morsi & Hamas.

Robert Kraychik@RobertKraychik @Amirmizroch If Netanyahu is sincere about not liquidating terrorists during this ceasefire, then this is a victory for Hamas.


The peace deal:


This is what Connolly had to say on Monday 19th:

“Yeah, I think we should is the simple truth. I mean I think from Binyamin Netanyahu’s point of view, if he were able to show that he had eradicated or really, really substantially degraded the threat of rockets from Gaza then that would be something very useful to take into an election campaign. Israelis are going to vote in about two months’ time and there’s no question that that would be a political advantage to him. I think for that reason he might hesitate to launch a ground operation – an incursion – into Gaza. All the talk here is will Israel send troops in or not. I think…you know…Israel looks at these things very differently than international public opinion looks at them. International public opinion is very focused on civilian casualties. Israel says, though, civilian casualties in Gaza are high because Hamas hides its weapons among the civilian population, so a lot of Israelis feel that if they can just stick to this operation until it’s carried to its logical end, they can really, really damage Hamas’ military potential and if Netanyahu can do that without incurring too many Israeli casualties then …you know…it’s a brutal political calculation, but it’s real, Jeremy,… then that would be, I think, an advantage to him. And of course he is an elected politician – that simply has to be in his mind.”



Guess he called that one wrong….no ground war…which the Israelis want, and Hamas probably claiming the victory as they are still alive and shooting off rockets.

The whole article from BBC Watch illustrates everything that is wrong with the BBC’s coverage of this conflict…The BBC automatically tries to impart that Israel is the instigator of any violence and that the Palestinians are fighting an unequal war against a powerful and ruthless enemy……much like the Brits and Yanks against the Taliban then…. a ragtag army defeating the most powerful and sophisticated forces in the world.

It is self evident that Hamas, just as Hezbollah did in Lebanon, are quite capable of putting up the strongest resistance and that it was Hamas who began this latest conflict…as stated by William Hague….but so soon forgotten by the BBC’s correspondents it would seem.





“In this life, we want nothing but Facts, sir; nothing but Facts!”


‘Perception of bias can be as damaging as the reality’
Met. Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan Howe

This is from a document from the BBC (via Guido) which is making the case for them not revealing their spending but it also reveals their level of management reduction which you might bear in mind as you read the interview by Victoria Derbyshire with the Met. Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan Howe…..


‘Between 2009 and 2011, we reduced the senior management pay bill by 26.9% and reduced headcount by 24.4%.’

One of the biggest and most contentious issues in Government policy is the cutting of the Police budget by 20%.  This has been a favourite subject of the Media and in particular the BBC over the last couple of years.

It played out in front of us with ‘Plebgate’ as the police looked to be playing a political game to embarrass the Government and the Police Federation milked it for all it was worth.

We are frequently warned that cuts will lead to frontline officer numbers being reduced and that crime will rise as a result.

You  might think that a long interview with the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, in which he speaks about the effect of the cuts on the effectiveness of his force, would be news.

You would only be partially right in thinking that….for some parts of the interview were deemed more newsworthy than others for the BBC editors….Plebgate for instance was highlighted, police moral over pay and pensions was highlighted with a suggestion that public sector pay should be allowed to go up, the BBC’s own interest in regard to the Savile investigation was highlighted…but one revealing part of the interview went missing.

You  might have thought that the senior policeman in charge of the Met. saying that the budget cuts and the actions taken to meet them meant he would have a better and leaner police force, that the changes were reasonable and sensible, would be news.  You might think that when he says that the changes should be made even if we were not in a recession somebody at the BBC would think  ‘That’s an important statement that contrasts starkly with what opponents of the cuts say’.

You’d be wrong if you thought that.  The BBC ignored the inconvenient and highly politically embarrassing comments for some, and proceeded to highlight everything it could that it thought would make the cuts look like they will damage the police force….for instance how often do you hear that an extra 2000 police constables will be on the ‘frontline’ in those news bulletins?  Not once.

This is the BBC once more playing politics and hiding the facts to suit its own agenda.

Judge for yourself…..

This is the BBC introduction to the radio interview on 5Live:


‘The Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan Howe says he believes the police officers involved in plebgate row with Andrew Mitchell DID accurately report events. He also explains why morale in the force is low, and why public sector pay rises should be considered in future.’


The whole interview, about 50 mins long, is worth a listen as Hogan Howe is very open about everything and the interview is wideranging and covers a lot of contentious or well known issues.

Here is the relevant part of the interview (From 38 mins in …whole thing starts at 29 mins), slightly abridged…..

VD:  Let’s talk about the cuts to the Metropolitan Police budget of £500 million by 2015, senior officers cut by a quarter and replaced by 2000 police constables….what kind of force will you be left with?

HH:  Well it’ll be different but it will be better.  There’s no doubt that any organisation trying to find £500m is a challenge…that said our budget is £3.5 billion/year, so it’s a significant amount of money but we have a significant budget.
I hope what you will see is we will be leaner, we’ll have less managers, I don’t think its always true that more managers make a better organisation. (Just ask Paxman).

VD:  But you’re losing a quarter of senior officers, how can the force end up being better?

HH:  More managers don’t make a better organisation.

VD:  I’m not suggesting it does but with a quarter of officers gone….

HH:  The point I was going to make…if you look at the ratio of managers to managed around the rest of the police forces around the country probably the least managed have a 1 to 10 ratio, the average is 1 to 7, and ours is 1 to 5.….so all we’re talking about is getting our ratio up to 1 to 6 because the Met is big and difficult to manage…we’re not Norfolk.   Going from 1 to 5 to 1 to 6 is a 20% difference and I think it’s reasonable.   We will try to concentrate the supervision where we most need it.
Our broad point is we can have less managers and when we do look at some of the roles in the Met. they can appear over ranked.

VD:  What do you mean?

HH:  Well if you look at management and command teams in Lambeth, which is a very challenging area, the command team, such as Chief Superintendents, deserve their money…but then there are also CSI’s who run policy units.

VD:  You don’t need CSI’s to run policy units.

HH:  No, and of course over the last 20 years the force has grown and some of the money has been spent wisely and some actually….it’s like for all of us…if we an get away with it we’ll do it.  But at the moment we can’t get away with it so the challenge is to spend the money wisely.
They might be perceived as radical changes but we think they are sensible changes and even if we weren’t in a recession some of it we would do because it’s what we should be doing, spending money wisely.
I think this is a reasonable change.