Guess The Guest

The Today programme is letting go of the controls and allowing the Great British Public to work the machine in the guise of guest editors.

Or not.


The guest editors are the usual bunch of ‘safe hands’ who can be relied upon to toe the party line and not rock the boat……

Sir Paul Nurse who believes strongly that scientists have a duty to speak out about science in public life and challenge pseudoscience (ie climate sceptics!)….and is of course strongly pro AGW.

Melinda Gates. Wife of Bill Gates…..happily in line with BBC ethos of tackling poverty by the rich, and the British government, giving away all their money to poor countries….

‘Since retiring as the company’s general manager of information products in 1996, Melinda Gates has focused on philanthropy. The foundation, which was founded in 1994 and renamed in 2000, seeks to tackle extreme poverty and enhance healthcare throughout the world. “I am very excited about the opportunity to guest edit the Today programme,” she says. “I hope to highlight the amazing progress that has already been made in improving the lives of the world’s poorest people, and the vital role that UK generosity and African leadership have played.’


Benjamin Zephaniah……who must be paying PAYE by now at the BBC he’s on so often… need to say anything about him.


Al Murray, Pub Landlord….. in real life nothing like his on-stage persona……

‘The comedian could not be further removed from his outrageous alter ego. In place of the boorish pub bore, Murray is a sensitive, intelligent Oxford history graduate with a most un-Landlordly interest in learning and literature. Unlike his rabidly right-wing creation, the comic says he could never bring himself to vote Tory.  There is, i’m very glad to report, a huge gulf between performer and performance. Murray is quick to underline that ‘there is a strict gap between me and the Landlord. It’s not even a fine line – it’s a Grand Canyon!’

And finally the token non lovey type…journalist Ann Leslie…someone from whom BBC journo’s, so called, could learn a lot…. though she is politically non partisan and  did support the Iraq War and Bush.…..her husband was a BBC studio manager…..

‘She did, however, back the Iraq war, thereby contradicting her newspaper’s editorial line. ‘I don’t vote any particular line. I was against the Kosovo war because I believe it delayed the departure of Milosevic. I was in favour of the Iraq war from my experiences seeing the Shias being pulverised and I came to the conclusion ” and I didn’t know about WMD, who did? ” that we would have to dislodge Saddam Hussein sometime because he certainly had the intention to get WMD. He was an off-the-wall psychopath.’

The catastrophic aftermath of the Iraq war has, in part, led to Leslie’s growing disenchantment with George Bush, a politician she had long admired. She used ‘subterfuge’ to get a one-on-one interview with the US President when he was running for the White House in 2000. ‘We got on like a house on fire,’ says Leslie. ‘He’s a very, very sharp man. He has a speech problem, which his father had too. But he has great instinct. I’ve been a great cheerleader for him, but recently he appears to have lost the extraordinary instinctive ability to connect with his own people. Having said that, I loathe the anti-Americanism that newspapers like The Independent go in for. I despise the moral equivalence that Bush and Blair are ‘war criminals’. How many mass graves are we digging up outside Esher, of people who have opposed Thatcher or Blair?’

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20 Responses to Guess The Guest

  1. Mavis Ramsbottom says:

    they should have Mr Blobby as a guest editor


  2. chrisH says:

    Can`t bear the Toadys “let the housetrained bien-pensants” attitude to their last week of the year.
    Bono last year wasn`t it?
    Still-pleased that Anne Leslie got a pop-nobodys yes-woman I`d have thought.
    Got a regard too for Al Murray-that bit about not voting Tory is hardly the sign of a thinking man, but he`s no Jeremy Hardy I hope.


  3. Guest Who says:

    Well, when it gets back in the hands of the ‘pros’ at least all is well..
    BBC Radio 4 ‏@BBCRadio4
    Next year there will be a new Hansel and Gretal movie – find out more about the original at 13.45

    Wrong kind of kindergardeners on the line?


  4. The Highland Rebel says:

    It appears that Saudi blood money is lubricating the false tongues on the Today programme this morning – 29/12.
    They are telling us that the greatest crime worldwide of 2012 was Israel using drones to protect it’s population from terrorist attacks.
    More absurdly they were telling us that the greatest humanitarian crisis last year was the ‘palestinian’ refugee crisis. Nope, not Christianity being wiped out in Egypt, Iraq, Iran and Syria nor the genocide of hundreds of thousands of Christians in North Africa. Not even the hundreds of thousands of innocent victims of murder committed in the name of Islam throughout the world.

    But there again this is Al Beeb and they cannot help it.


  5. Mice Height says:

    Ah, professional self-pity-wallower, Benjamin ‘I can’t complete a sentence without referring to the slave trade’ Zephaniah. We simply don’t hear enough of his self-righteous, anti-white bile on the BBC.
    The only person missing is Yasmin Alibhai-Brown-Supremacist.


    • ROBERT BROWN says:

      When this silly man was on, even the Humph sounded exasperated with the utter banality and stupidity of the man.


  6. Dave s says:

    I think I will spend longer cooking my porridge .I can’t do it and listen to the radio.
    But then I am not one of those due to inherit the BBC’s vision of the future.


  7. Cosmo says:

    Remind’s me of the old Yorkshire saying, ” they all piss in the same pot “, Ann Leslie the exeption.


  8. johnnythefish says:

    They should have asked Nurse at what point he took it upon himself and on behalf of the AGW hypothesis to rid the Royal Society of its 350 year-old motto ‘nullius in verba’, roughly translated as ‘on the word of no-one’.

    He’s in good company with the AGW publicists at the BBC, all of them rotten to their socialist core.


  9. Frank Words says:

    Could be worse.

    Doreen Lawrence
    Cherie Blair
    Ken Livingstone
    Dame Margaret Prosser
    Steve Coogan

    Try that on for size……


  10. Jim Dandy says:

    Ann Leslie’s programme was excellent. I enjoyed Paul Nurse too, although it’s a pity he didn’t interview Delingpole again.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘a pity he didn’t interview Delingpole again.’
      From the guy who just wrote (albeit in a unique way comprehensibility-wise)…
      ‘you quickly sink into conspiracy, lunacy and the (even worse) someone praying James Delingpole in aid of their case’
      The lunacy concern may be warranted, mind.
      Along with the Alzheimers.


    • DJ says:

      Well, that’s the thing, isn’t it? At the exact point where Nurse started doing ambush interviews, he stopped being a scientist and started being an advocate, but the BBC still puts him forward as the UK’s answer to Spock.


  11. chrisH says:

    I do like to hear the BBCs correspondents-the likes of Douchette, Stoopid Flanders and Lard Lardhell-hold forth on their “next year predictions”.(The Correspondents Look Ahead…Radio4, 2912.12 @1.15pm).
    Utterly shameless-wrong whenever they go beyond the trite and banal.
    Flanders in particular-I therefore urge you all to worry like hell about Mexico, and to plan for the Euro meltdown; for Steph regards these as good news stories to come.
    Lyse Doucette was pleased to have predicted that North Korea would be stable in 2012…so no test rockets or purges then?
    I repeat again-be very afraid of what passes in Mexico, and get ready to ditch the Euro…for Flanders says these won`t be problems.
    This from a lady who shows up at her polling booth a day early, and moans of voter apathy…only the Beeb could love her, as well as assorted lefty stooges who want the keys to daddys car again, having crashed it two years ago…so time to “move forward “…well for you to push the buggers back to their waiting limos and your bank vaults.
    We that thick then?…


    • Dave s says:

      I thought the show was a comedy programme. There was a woman with a very strange accent talking gibberish. Thanks for putting me straight.
      It was probably because on the way to where I was going earlier I heard another woman with a very strange accent – Tossvig I think her name was- definitely talking gibberish along with some other very odd people who could have been politicians as it sounded like a party political broadcast from the labour party recorded over the past year.
      i do remember they seemed to all dislike the Queen for some reason. Other than that the usual quickly forgotten drivel.


  12. Span Ows says:

    p nurse (snigger)


  13. David Brims says:

    Where’s Yappin Ali Baba Brown ?

    She hates white people, don’t you know, she said so, on BBC news 24 Dateline with Gavin Esler

    Esler ” What is it with you and white people ? ”

    Yappin Ali Baba Brown ” don’t like them.”