And Now For Your Moment Of Schadenfreude

Posted without comment, because, well, just click on the link and watch the video.

Video: Secret gun-rights provision in ObamaCare?

Yes, the link is to the Right-wing Hot Air, but the actual video is from CNN. Not Fox News, not Breitbart.

(Link fixed now, sorry.)

Ed Morrisey explains:

By golly, Nancy Pelosi was right — they didn’t know what was in ObamaCare until it passed! Of course, in this case all she needed to do was ask her buddy Harry Reid, who apparently sandbagged his party’s gun-control wing by inserting an interesting clause in the 2800-page bill that no one in Congress bothered to read before voting on it. CNN’s Jim Acosta reveals the restriction on firearms-registration data collection built into the 2010 law.

The reason Reid inserted this clause, CNN reports without ever having actually talked to Reid (he declined comment), was to make the NRA “benign” in the ObamaCare fight — and to push back against “conspiracy theorists” who claimed that the bill would allow Barack Obama to start grabbing guns. Hey, that would never happen, right? Sure.

Oops. Please post comments about anything you see or hear from the BBC on this story.

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7 Responses to And Now For Your Moment Of Schadenfreude

  1. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    Link broken..?


  2. RCE says:

    Me neither.


  3. Roland Deschain says:

    I’m guessing this is the link David meant to provide. I haven’t had time to view it.


  4. Beeboidal says:

    Here’s the link

    Perhaps a journalist from a well funded public broadcaster could pop along and ask the Obama administration how they intend to fix this, gun control being a hot topic and all. Before that though, the woman who says “the NRA put it in at the last minute” should be fired from whatever position she holds.


  5. Louis Robinson says:

    Love it! Harry Reid bites Obama in the bum. And Nancy Pelosi gets to find out what’s in the bill after reading it.


    I predict the music hall escapologist The Amazing Obama (a laugh! a song! and a drone attack!) will slip Houdini like from the chains that bind him. This guy is Plasticine man. Mostly he reminds me of Harold Wilson (Older readers will know what I mean).

    Wilson. like Obama, saw himself as a “man of the people” and promoted his image, contrasting himself with stereotypical aristocratic conservatives. Remember he wore a Gannex raincoat, ate HP sauce and smoked a pipe. (Actually before one 24 Hours interview I saw an aide take his cigar and expensive lighter from him and replace it with a pipe and matches for the purposes of the interview. He was a phony!)

    So apart from his Marie Antoinette wife, Obama IS Wilson. I can even hear him after the devaluation of the dollar echoing Wilson’s famous words: “This does not mean that the pound here in Britain – in your pocket or purse – is worth any less….”,

    “The dollar in your pocket” – pure Barry.

    God bless the Disunited States of Omerica!