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Mark Easton adds to his file of opinionated pieces with this ‘report’ claiming that removing the DNA of people not convicted of any crime from the police database will result in more rapes, murders and serious crimes….oh those nasty Tories!

‘Will the government’s Protection of Freedoms Act lead to an increase in murders, rapes and other serious crimes? New research from the United States suggests it might.’

No equivocation there then.

‘The legislation, which became law last May, is resulting in many thousands of DNA profiles being removed from the UK’s giant DNA database

In a Commons debate in October 2011, Home Office Minister James Brokenshire challenged the suggestion “that the more people’s DNA is on the database, the more effective it is”.

However, it’s also true that in 2008/9 there were 79 murder, manslaughter or rape cases in which DNA was matched to individuals who had been arrested but not convicted.’


Easton is arguing against himself there……if the police had the DNA why weren’t the individuals convicted?


He continues….’With the murder rate in England and Wales now at its lowest level since Jim Callaghan was prime minister, there are many theories as to why violent crime has seen such a significant fall in recent years. One answer is the DNA database.’


One answer‘…that’s a very slippery rhetorical device…..becuse it’s not ‘one answer‘…it’s only ‘one theory’ amongst many….the many that aren’t listed here by Easton.

‘It is broadly accepted that there is a balance to be struck between crime prevention and individual freedom. This new research adds a little more evidence to help decide where the balance should lie.’


Guess we now know where Easton thinks that balance should be.


Always grateful for his personal opinion funded by the license fee.


The BBC were trailing this programme last week, ‘In Search of The British Dream’ (Tonight (28th) at 20:00 hr)…it is of course about immigration.

Yes, really, the BBC investigating immigration and its effects on British culture, society and infrastructure such as housing, the NHS and schools.

If that’s what you thought, you’d have been far from the truth.  Needless to say.

What we actually get is a pro-immigration piece of propaganda…the sole purpose to persuade you that immigrants are not a drain on any of the social services and that they have no intention of coming here just for the easy life provided courtesy of British tax payers.

‘Foreigners are settling in the UK in record numbers. Mukul Devichand seeks to see the country through the eyes of those who have recently arrived.’

The BBC man, Mukul Devichand, who fronts the piece is one of the BBC’s ‘go to’ people when it comes to ethnic storylines.

He has been set on the trail of Nick Griffin and has produced a programme presented by that other BBC stalwart of the left, Michael Sandel…again on immigration….all about those ‘undocumented’ immigrants to America.

Devichand has been allowed to pre-air his propaganda in the Guardian, the BBC’s outhouse, as opposed to inhouse, journal.

Remarkable that there is such a close working relationship between those two media organisations.

Any chance that they are working in concert to promote a certain view point?……It has to be said that Devichand’s piece has got widespread attention already on the ‘net’…which is undoubtedly why it was allowed to go into print.

Here is some of what he tries to pass off as  impartial journalism:

‘What if we were told that thousands of people from Africa we’ve seen arriving here are not, in fact, fleeing poverty at all? Or that, legally speaking, they’re not even Africans, but rather nationals of such generous welfare utopias as Sweden, Denmark and Holland?
For BBC Radio 4, I’ve been searching for some idea of what the modern “British Dream” could be, through a series of frank interviews with some of the almost 3 million new arrivals to England and Wales since 2001 (the first of three programmes is broadcast at 8pm starting tonight). Time and again, our team uncovered Africans who were not any longer from Africa. They were EU citizens and actually giving up welfare rights in places like Scandinavia to come to the UK.
With all of western Europe at their feet, they are drawn to Britain – even if they are, at least as first, poorer as a consequence. Stories like theirs are a powerful corrective against the tendency to over-simplify when it comes to describing the “influx” of newcomers to Britain.

Their admiration of our society does seem to indicate some kind of “British dream” that has drawn in many millions.’


Funny how tolerant and welcoming the ‘British’ are when it suits the BBC…at all other time we are racist little Englanders….as an example today on Victoria Derbyshire…..a programme devoted to telling us how unacceptable it is to have too many white police officers as Black and ethnic minority  people do not want to be ‘policed’ by people who do not reflect their own community or race…..Muslims must police Muslim areas, Blacks police Black areas, women majority women’s areas, Leeds United football matches by officers who only support Leeds United, no middle class officers to patrol in social housing estates and so on.

It all makes sense to me….No police officer can  possibly be expected to understand the little chaps’ problems unless they too have ‘lived them’ also….the police are of course social workers now….they’re not there to enforce Britsh Law.

So ….all these immigrants just love and admire our Society…they just don’t want to actually take part in it or have anything to do with ‘whitey’….’just show me the money!’

Seems kind of racist an attitude to me…but it went unremarked of course by Derbyshire.


What is usually missing from all these BBC ‘exposes’ on immigration is the White voice…..we did get a series on the white working class….only to be told that their attitudes sprang from a deep ignorance, a lack of education, and essentially, racial prejudice…..which is why the BBC provides them with programmes like Devichand’s…to educate and enlighten….so they too can enjoy and celebrate the new diverse, multi-cultural society that has been forced upon them.

Just a shame all those white kids are all too busy out inter-marrying with their local ‘immigrants’, out eating their fast food, taking on their style, fashion and speech patterns, and  dancing to the ethnic beat to listen to some R4 bloke preaching at them on how to relate to the Black and ethnic minorities living around them.

Yes, I can see they’ve got a lot to learn from the BBC  Race Commissars.


Turning A Blind Eye

You can learn as much about a country from its silences as you can from its obsessions. The issues politicians do not discuss are as telling and decisive as those they do.

You can also learn a lot about  media organisations from the stories which they decide to cover and those they try to hide.

The BBC has an increasing tendency to smother any report which would reflect badly upon Islam or the Muslim ‘community’,  either remaining silent on the Muslim identity of any person caught acting in an unChristian manner or if forced to admit a person is a Muslim the BBC will  attempt to claim that any anti-social actions were not as a result of Islamic teachings or belief but driven purely by crime or madness.

This report about a Muslim who had sex with a 13 year old girl is just another story of sex abuse on the face of it but you don’t have to delve very far to realise that what is revealed has far deeper implications for society….but it is a story the BBC prefer to bury:

‘A muslim who raped a 13-year-old girl he groomed on Facebook has been spared a prison sentence after a judge heard he went to an Islamic faith school where he  was taught that women are worthless….In other interviews with psychologists, Rashid claimed he had been taught in his school that ‘women are no more worthy than a lollipop that has been dropped on the ground’.

Adil Rashid, 18, claimed he was not aware that it was illegal for him to have sex with the girl because his education left him ignorant of British law.‘ [Despite ignorance of the Law being no excuse…it seems it was in this case]

Here is a Muslim who attends a Muslim faith school…schools which are being promoted by the present government, in which he is taught that women are worthless.
We don’t know the religion of the girl but you can see the connection to the sex gang in Rochdale for instance where they believed that white or non-Muslim girls were worthless trash.

You may also comment that in Islam it is perfectly legal to have sex with a girl from the age of nine… ‘as did Muhammed’….as long as they are married.

So we have a man taught that women are worthless and that under Islamic law sex with young girls is legal….and all that being taught in a ‘British school‘…based on the writings in the Koran and the Hadith…Schools being promoted by our very own British government.

All that and yet the BBC do not report this case.   It is a case which has serious implications…..if Muslims are being taught such beliefs and are encouraged to obey a different legal system to that in use by the rest of society that is a recipe for social unrest and conflict.

Allowing a completely alien cultural, social and legal system to grow within your own society is to allow a time bomb to slowly develop, one that has already seen events such as 7/7, numerous other Koran inspired terrorist actions, and of  course the recent ‘Muslim Patrols’…which are in fact only the most visible evidence of what goes on in Muslim dominated areas….such ‘enforcement’ of Muslim ideals has been occurring for a long time.

Eric Kaufmann, professor of politics at Birkbeck, University of London is working on a research project on Britain’s changing population, said:

“If your country doesn’t have hard borders, you may get people creating their own boundaries below the level of the State.”

Such hard boundaries include not only the obvious national borders but the laws, culture and values of a society which if allowed to be broken down end in an ever growing disparate society, one ever more dangerous and uncontrollable…. A society in which a few men armed and ready to use violence can take control and impose their own law…as in Mali.

Below Tony Blair recognises what could be at stake….though of course he talks of ‘political Islam’…..making a distinction between that and ‘Islam’ when there is no distinction in reality…Islam has always been political, it is more politics than religion, the ‘religion’ being merely a façade, a front giving divine sanction to an ideology of conquest and colonisation.

But what I understand [now is] how deep this ideological movement is. — this is actually more like the phenomenon of revolutionary communism. It’s the religious or cultural equivalent of it, and its roots are deep, its tentacles are long, and its narrative about Islam stretches far further than we think into even parts of mainstream opinion who abhor the extremism, but sort of buy some of the rhetoric that goes with it.

I think a lot of people don’t understand that this is a generational-long struggle… and I think one of the things we’ve got to have and one of the debates we’ve got to have in the west is you know are we prepared for that, and are we prepared for the consequences of it?

The fact that Islam is political in itself and that the beliefs of the ‘radicals’ are in fact the beliefs of the  mainstream, though a mainstream that at least in public abhors the violence of the extremist but not his motives, should be understood but are not…and this is where the problem lies…a problem that the BBC has decided to ignore, refusing to engage fully in any debate about the true nature of Islam.

The BBC prefers to hide behind the usual guilt clause…that the West is to blame for the rise of Islamic extremism….as shown here by one of the BBC’s favourite sons, Jonathan Miller:

‘LaurieTaylor suggests that the revival of religion in fundamentalist forms has confounded the expectations of sociologists, and Jonathan Miller replies:
‘But we have to remember that in the case of the Islamic fundamentalism it’s associated with an objection to what they see as the military tyranny inflicted upon their people by the United States and by NATO. It’s a politically motivated thing.

The BBC might like to consider this:

BEFORE the recent French intervention in Mali began, 412,000 people had already left their homes in the country’s north, fleeing torture, summary executions, recruitment of child soldiers and sexual violence against women at the hands of fundamentalist militants. Late last year, in Algeria and southern Mali, I interviewed dozens of Malians from the north, including many who had recently fled. Their testimonies confirmed the horrors that radical Islamists, self-proclaimed warriors of God, have inflicted on their communities.
Policy decisions regarding this potential Afghanistan-in-the-Sahara must be informed by the fact that what is happening there is not simply a question of regional or global security, but of basic human rights.

Or this…especially relevant in relation to Faith schools when talking about Ray Honeyford:

Staging free speech
Lloyd Newson, creator of “Can We Talk About This?”, speaks to Maryam Omidi.
Lloyd Newson tackles issues of free speech, Islam and multiculturalism in his recent verbatim theatre production, which combines text drawn from interviews with movement. This is the point of departure for an interview with Maryam Omidi.

When British Muslims are demanding respect and equality in Britain why are they falling short in reciprocating it? Tolerance isn’t a one-way street.

We also interviewed Ishtiaq Ahmed, who’s associated with the Council for Mosques in Bradford. He did a survey in the late ’90s and there were students in Bradford who went to Asian nursery schools, Asian primary schools, Asian high schools and also colleges where they virtually never mixed with non-Asians. This is complicated, because there’s the issue of white flight, the issue of councils often dumping Asian families into poor areas. Honeyford was forced to resign in 1985. In 2001 the Bradford race riots erupted and many feel if we had acted on Honeyford’s central arguments and not been distracted by his tone, these riots may not have occurred. This year the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development published a report saying Britain’s schools were some of the most socially and racially segregated in the world.

Kenan Malik, a broadcaster, writer and scientist, interviewed Sir Iqbal Sacranie back in 2005 when he was the head of the Muslim Council of Britain. Sir Iqbal Sacranie is a man who said that death was too good for Salman Rushdie and who has condemned homosexuality, and yet has been knighted. Where’s the prejudice and Islamophobia there? To add to this, in an interview with Malik in 2005, Sacranie told him that 95 to 98 per cent of those stopped and searched, under the anti-terrorism law, were Muslim. Malik went and researched that figure and it was actually closer to seven per cent. When you consider that the Muslim population in the UK have a tendency to live in major cities, have more children (i.e. younger members, who are the demographic most likely to be searched), the figure of seven per cent is proportionate to the Muslim population. Considering this interview took place just after the Madrid train bombings and just before the 7/7 Underground attacks, it seems surprising the number of Muslim men stopped and searched was that low. So why was the head of the Muslim Council of Britain exaggerating Islamophobia so adamantly? The constant yell of Islamophobia by some Muslim organisations and liberals is a default position and often at odds with the facts.


Commenting on the proposed EU referendum, senior BBC foreign correspondent Hugh Sykes makes known his views of the better-off-out brigade. A taste of things to come from the BBC?

Update. Twitter has just changed the way tweets can be embedded meaning that things don’t work as before. Therefore here’s a good old-fashioned screengrab for the full exchange between Sykes and me.

Update 2. “scrupulously objective” :

Oh My Aching Spare Ribs…Stop With The Funny!




You couldn’t make it up.

In a report about the dearth of women speakers on programmes the BBC, Woman’s Hour no less, drops the female speaker in favour of a man:

It is one of Radio 4’s flagship programmes, designed to offer a women’s perspective on the world.

But Women’s Hour has been branded “misogynistic” and “patronising” after ditching a female technology expert in favour of two men to feature in a slot about the lack of women speakers at technology conferences.

Emma Mulqueeny said she was contacted by producers with a view to taking part in a discussion on yesterday’s programme.

But she said that within half an hour, she received another call to say that they had decided to feature a man instead as item concerned men campaigning in support of women working in technology.



Having said that Woman’s Hour steps in to defend one of its own….er one who works for the BBC and got a hiding, ‘unbelievably vulgar and misogynist abuse she received’ as Murray put it,  for her naive and simplistic views on immigration….Mary Beard.

Apparently this is one of the emails received in her defence:

I was horrified at the abuse MB received from unpleasant, cowardly people airing their nastiest, horrendously prejudiced and ill educated frustrations as a result of their own inadequacies…such pathetic behaviour and language!’

Jenni Murray’s not too bothered about her daft views on immigration that would destroy everything that makes this Nation what it is….mainly of course a nation that provides a massive subsidy to the ‘disadvantaged’…..a subsidy that would inevitably vanish as the freeloaders come piling over the borders with hands outstretched.


Talk about ill educated!

Five Go Ethnic Cleansing





This report is in marked contrast to the one on the BBC website which fails to mention the word ‘Muslim’….though on a radio news bulletin they do get round to it….5 men arrested….‘who claimed to be Muslim’ says the BBC.

That’ll be right…it’s all an EDL plot……..all to make Muslims look racist, homophobic and intolerant of British culture.

One thing that would prove though…is that the EDL are not racist…because there is no doubt from the videos that these ‘undercover EDL members’ have brown skin and ‘non-white’ accents….unless of course….they’ve ‘blacked up’ and adopted a rather convincing ethnic accent and are roaming Muslim areas pretending to be Muslim…is that what the BBC are implying?

Diversity…you’ve got to celebrate it…unless you’re someone claiming to be Muslim obviously.






“Is torture ever justified”? I will be on BBC1 “The Big Question” on Sunday morning to discuss this issue and invite YOU to offer your suggestions here! I think the question itself is framed in a biased manner but broadly speaking I believe in whatever is necessary to save innocents from terrorism.  

The Truth Is What Helps You!




In spite of a scientific consensus, many continue to resist or ignore the message of climate communicators – but why? What are the social and emotional explanations for this reaction?

Remember when the good comrades of the Soviet Union used to deal with their inconvenient political opponents or troublesome intellectuals by denouncing them as insane and locking them up safely out of the way in deepest Siberia?

The BBC has reinvented that technique in an attempt to discredit and silence climate change sceptics and force them out into the ‘cold‘…one of the first out of the blocks with this Kafkaesque solution was of course the now defunct Richard Black making an allusion that sceptics were abused in their childhood:

‘Why are virtually all climate “sceptics” men?…all proud possessors of a Y-chromosome….….climate scepticism has psychological roots; that it stems from a deep-seated inability or unwillingness to accept the overwhelming evidence that humanity has built with coal and lubricated with oil its own handcart whose destination board reads “climate hell”.
As one ex-scientist and now climate action advocate put it to me rather caustically a while back: “I’ve been debating the science with them for years, but recently I realised we shouldn’t be talking about the science but about something unpleasant that happened in their childhood”.

…And the BBC continues with repeated claims from its journalists that sceptics are ignorant, unqualified and driven by a political or industrial agenda…..and note the recent use of ‘Blogger’ as a description of all sceptics.

The latest smear is yet another attempt to label  sceptics as ‘in denial’, in need of psychoanalysis and treatment to remedy this ‘perverse state of mind’

In Thinking Aloud (16 mins in) (Via Bishop Hill) the BBC bring in Sally Weintrobe, a psychoanalyst,  and Paul Hoggett, to add the weight of  academic qualifications to their smear.   Weintrobe tells us that psychological techniques are used by people to deny or rebel against Society’s impress…ie climate change is real but scepticism is merely a childish response pushing against authority.

It does look likely that Weintrobe is not merely looking at climate change from a psychoanalyst’s view but is in fact a ‘campaigner’.

The programme began by the presenter telling us that sceptics indulge in ‘The security of ignorance’……so no doubt the angle he is coming from then.

Weintrobe tells us that it is increasingly clear that understanding people’s responses to climate change is more important than understanding climate change.

Where have we heard that before?

Now if you have been having a roam around the blogosphere reading the various articles by climate change advocates you will have noticed the change in emphasis….forget the science, that’s settled….it is now all about communicating the ‘reality’ to the ignorant masses…we must persuade them to believe.

I just wonder who has been talking to Weintrobe…both her and her fellow psychoanalyst on the programme, Paul Hoggett, seem remarkably up to date with the latest ‘narrative’ in climate change politics.

Has Harrabin or Dr Joe Smith been in touch to guide their thinking…or have they been soliciting her advice on how to deal with those who don’t have the Faith yet?

[Interesting link from a comment on ‘Bishop Hill‘ which highlights a comment from the very same Joe Smith on a YouTube video featuring…‘Speeches given at the book launch of ‘Engaging With Climate Change: Psychoanalytic and Interdisciplinary Perspectives’, edited by Sally Weintrobe. October 2012′  Smith says….’The discussion and the book are really welcome: this is a long-neglected corner of the conversation about how we cope with the emergence of new understandings of global environmental change. Joe’]

The question Weintrobe says is most important is ‘Why is knowledge of climate change reality so resisted?’

Possibly because the ‘reality’…that man made CO2 is the main driver of  global warming is as yet unproven.
The major fault with the programme, and which makes the programme kind of redundant, is that it avoids the inconvenient fact that most climate sceptics acknowledge that the planet has warmed…..they just disagree on the cause….therefore they are not ‘in denial’ about a fact….they just question the conclusions drawn by scientists, politicians, green pressure groups and others with deep vested interests that CO2 is the main driver.

The programme begins by saying ‘We take it as a given that climate change is happening’ (the unspoken part being…caused by man)…..‘our lack of concern can only be explained by unconscious factors.

Apparently people are too scared and anxious about the consequences of climate change to admit it is happening…they cannot cope with reality…don’t worry….psychoanalysis has a lot to offer we are told.

Our grief at the death of the planet is too great so we deflect our grief as the landscape cries tears….the guilt, anxiety and worry will just build up…..you need to engage with climate change before it is too late.

The Truth is what helps you!

Your fantasies, feelings and sense of identity can conflict with the reality…they can be treated.

There are three types of denial….industrial and politically driven denial, personal negation (which is merely the first step on the road to acceptance of the truth) and the very worst kind…as indulged in by climate sceptics…..DISAVOWAL, where we know the truth but turn a blind eye to it.

Criminal madmen?

It is unfortunate that we are in a culture of denial…..a ‘perverse state of mind’.

We are increasingly aware of ‘weird weather’ (heard that before?) and so must minimise reality and disavow it to protect ourselves from dealing with it.

Have no fear though…we can move beyond this….by understanding our own depression and getting treatment.



So that’s clear….anyone who expresses doubt about climate change is in denial, disavowal in fact, is depressed and in a perverse state of mind.

Well, all good fun….but it was a serious point I opened this post with…this is nothing less than an attempt by the BBC to label anyone who has doubts about climate change as psychologically disturbed and in need of treatment.

It is surely the BBC that has lost hold of its senses in propagating this nonsense which is no more than politically inspired mud flinging aimed at silencing and discrediting climate sceptics…and as made clear…this is not an isolated incidence…it is part of a concerted campaign by BBC journalists to undermine and stigmatise sceptics.

Keep paying the license fee.


BBC : £5,000 for Tranny Comedy

So Fawlty Towers gets censored but the BBC puts up £5,000 to promote transgender comedy (ht DJ):

The Trans Comedy Award opens up an opportunity for the transgender community and members of the general public to portray transgender characters and the transgender experience in an affirming manner.

We are looking for original comedy sitcoms, comedy dramas or sketch shows featuring transgender characters and/or themes and written for television. An award of up to a maximum of £5000 will be shared between the selected writer(s) in order that they may develop a pilot or taster.

Hey, let’s do the show right here!

FX Doorbell

Pizza Guy: Hello, did someone order a pizza?

Tranny Suzanne: Yes that’s for me and my friend Tranny Julie. But we wanted extra sausage.

Pizza Guy: Looks like you two have enough sausage already!

Tranny Julie: Ooh, cheeky! Get your gob round this while I knock off an Observer column.

Pizza Guy: So you were both trannies all along?

Tranny Suzanne: Yes. And now we have our own shit BBC sitcom, a bit like Miranda only somewhat more shemale.

(I do apologise – unexpectedly found a bottle of Glenmorangie in my cellar this evening and I’m bit off my head)