13 Responses to “I keep hoping we can pin it on the Tea Party. But to no avail.”

  1. john in cheshire says:

    Haha. More than a grain of truth in there. And the nose-pick was the highlight; very film noir.


  2. Bigt says:



  3. chrisH says:

    Arf arf!
    Still, Kelly will be pleased to know that Front Row tonight were trumpeting the opening of a new space to show us all the worlds longest longboat.
    Comes to £135 million pounds, but the BBC don`t see this as money that could be going to Syria, welfare or to the NHS.
    Hence no awkward questions-only the curator( a BBC presenter funnily enough) telling us that it will be energy efficient, so doesn`t cost millions at all.
    See- this would be bad money if it were going to bankers or businesses that might employ the chavs one day.
    But it is good money if Lords Rogers/Foster get to provide the BBC with a museroom at our expense.
    The arts, the BBC…you can`t put a price on patronage and flaccid self-regard….135 million pounds…well, why not?


    • DJ says:

      Hey, anyone remember when the BBC was concerned about public spending…. y’know, for a brief moment two weeks ago?

      Using their figures, this big boat house costs 38.6 Thatcher Funerals, but I’ll take a wild shot in the dark that they didn’t feel the need to interview any critics for balance here…

      …I’ll also guess they didn’t overestimate the cost by nearly 3 times either.


  4. DB says:

    Sunny’s a new one on me. She has a podcast which I intend to check out. (Anyone else think she looks a bit like a hotter version of a young Arabella Weir?)

    Out of interest, what podcasts/Youtube channels etc do others recommend? My BBC experience consists of little more than the headlines these days – there’s so much more out there I’d rather spend my time listening to and watching.

    Perhaps we can use this thread to share stuff.

    For starters, my number one choice of daily listening is the Adam Carolla podcast. Angry, politically incorrect, but above all very funny.

    Red Eye from Fox News. If you don’t catch it streaming live online in the mornings you can find recent episodes here.

    The Opie and Anthony Show, where pretty much anything goes. Along with comedian Jim Norton on the 3rd mic this show prides itself on being staunchly anti-PC/pro-free speech. It’s a breath of fresh air after listening to years of BBC output. Subscription only satellite radio, but fans usually upload each day’s output somewhere on the internet. Try here for example.

    I have more, but does anyone else have some favourites?


    • John Anderson says:

      I check out the daily TV clips on realclearpolitics.com/video. So MSM as well as Fox.

      And the realclearpolitics.com round-up of all the key US press stories, left and right, is good – even if you just check the top picks. David Preiser has said several times that BBC US is a waste of space, it could all be done by a news aggregator like RCP.


  5. Louis Robinson says:

    Excellent. Thanks for the tip.


  6. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:



  7. Doublethinker says:

    Has Eddie Mair gone bonkers? On PM today in a report about the foiled terrorist attack in Dewsbury, he asked if people were fed up with being frightened about terrorism and then mentioned that many more people were killed on the roads than in terrorist attacks!
    Is he trying to keep things in proportion? After all there have only three recent court cases involving multiple Muslim terrorists who planned to kill as many people as possible. So there isn’t really much of a threat is there?
    If he thinks that he must be bonkers and needs treatment urgently.


    • Andrew says:

      I too heard the PM article. Edward Mair has not gone mad. His reflex is automatic: draw attention away from the real danger by any means possible. So public fears aroused by reporting terrorism (or the danger of the so-called right-wing backlash in the US or here) are always more dangerous than terrorism itself. People might then agree to calm such fears by not talking about terrorism (which the BBC prefers) rather than admitting it is a growing problem and dealing with it.

      This reminds me of the glib but funny Republican put-down after the Three Mile Island accident years ago and concerns about nuclear safety: “More people died at Chappaquiddick than at Harrisburg!”


      • Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

        I used to have an American bumper-sticker saying “Nuclear Power is safer than Teddy Kennedy’s Car”!


        • Andrew says:

          I recall another joke from around 1980:

          The bad news: Jane Fonda is coming to the Democratic Convention in Chicago.

          And the good news: Teddy Kennedy’s driving her.


          • amimissingsomething says:

            Delightful (if somewhat risqué…)!

            And who says there are no ‘right-wing’ comedians…or jokes?

            …The BBC, that’s who, so you know it must be true. (Well, they can’t find any, anyway.)