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Kebab Time has some taxing questions for Labour…I wonder if the BBC has any…though Labour’s Margaret Hodge threatening legal action if the BBC asked any questions about Stemcor’s tax affairs silenced them pretty quickly….that and the fact that they weren’t very keen to ‘kebab’ her any way.

Kebab Time posts this from the Times:

Will Hodge be demanding Labour cough up some of that £24 million they took from the Unions over the last 3 years…you know…..moral duty and all that…just as she suggests all those commercial companies do…above and beyond their legal requirements?

No doubt there is a completely valid technical reason why Labour dodges tax…..still….moral responsibility and all that…eh?

I imagine the BBC would be just as disinterested if it was the Tory party dodging tax…..the Tories paying, according to the Times, £521,000….Labour nothing…and yet Labour has more funding than the Tories…work that out.

Labour tops party funds league table

Labour remains the best-funded UK political party, reporting income of more than £33m in 2012.

Accounts for 2012 show it received more than the combined figure for the Tories, £24.2m, and the Lib Dems, £6m.


No ‘Labour Tops Party Funding Tax Avoidance League Table’ report from the BBC?



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  2. The General says:

    The BBC are being disingenuous by claiming they can’t legally ask Hodge about Stemcore’s minute amount of tax paid on their 2.3 billion turnover in this country . Until Labour win another term of office, this is still a free country and everyone is supposed to be accountable. It cannot be held libelous to ask the questions the BBC are so keen to ask of others not connected with the Labour Party, indeed it is their duty as a public news broadcaster to do just that.
    Can one of you BBC zealots who post here, supply any plausible legal reasons the BBC cannot ask the question never mind pursue it in the way they have in the case of Starbucks et al.?


    • Ken Hall says:

      Of course they can’t. Had this been the tories getting the most funding and paying no tax, the BBC would be all over that story like a rash.


  3. RTD Colonel says:

    Why not spin on from their to ask about the well documented child sex abuse scandal in Islington that took place during the fragrant Ms Hodges’s tenure of a relevant post close to that – and the ALLEGED obsfucation and chicanery employed to make it all go away.


  4. RTD Colonel says:

    their – appalled – stupid boy Pike


  5. Umbongo says:

    It’s interesting how the searchlight of apparently disinterested analysis has shifted to concentrate on the finances of Stemcor. Stemcor, in matters of tax avoidance (and AFAIAA everything else) is blameless. Lady Hodge’s rank hypocrisy is nothing to do with Stemcor; it’s all to do with her agenda to overturn the rule of law. The rule of law: you know, the principle which, among others, bases our liability to tax on the wording of the relevant acts, not on the opinions of a senior Labour parasite like Lady Hodge nor fascist wannabes like Richard Murphy and Prem Sikka.
    Stemcor happens to be the entity which was the source of her family’s wealth and the subject of her father’s tax-avoiding arrangement of setting up a trust to retain it under family control. The trust so established could have had a stash of gold bars rather than a controlling interest in Stemcor as its main asset but Lady Hodge benefited and continues to benefit from the avoidance of tax occasioned by the creation of the trust. This has nothing to do with Stemcor but all to do with Lady Hodge’s agenda and the BBC’s willingness to further that agenda by conspicuously refusing to submit her to the intense interrogation and scorn which – had she been a Conservative – would surely have continued to this day.


  6. tommy says:

    …though Labour’s Margaret Hodge threatening legal action if the BBC asked any questions about Stemcor’s tax affairs silenced them pretty quickly….

    Funny, this bit of information seems only known to you and no-one else. Surely not another lie?

    Vance was warned of making statements on Hodge live on the BBC and of course the coward agreed!