That ‘Right Leaning Think Tank’



The BBC more often than not will reveal to us, in the interest of transparency and impartiality, that a think tank is right leaning.

It is a rarity to see left wing think tanks or charities similarly defined.

I have yet to hear The New Economic Foundation so described despite being not just left leaning but out on the fringes of the loony left, the Resolution Foundation or the Rowntree Foundation are never called ‘left leaning’ despite that obviously being the case.


Today the BBC brings us the Million+ think tank, ‘a think tank that also represents newer universities‘ which is telling us that ‘England’s teacher training system ‘broken down’

The system of planning teacher training in England has broken down and risks a future shortage of teachers, a university think tank says.

In her evidence to the committee, Pam Tatlow, chief executive of Million+ – a think tank that also represents newer universities – said School Direct, , which is focused around on-the-job, school-based training, had been introduced “without any robust assessment of its impact on teacher supply”.



Pam Tatlow?   Ever heard that name before?  You might have…she was in the news not so long ago….as a short listed Labour party candidate.


You’d have thought that might just be a bit relevant when you have a person strongly criticising government policy and yet is Labour through and through.

Apparently the BBC doesn’t think that to be the case.


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25 Responses to That ‘Right Leaning Think Tank’

  1. Thursdaythe12th says:

    This is my shocked face.


  2. John Standley says:

    The BBC seems to have many graduation of “Right-wingism”:

    Right, Centre-right, Far-right, Extreme-right, Hard-right, Ultra-right, etc.

    On the left, by contrast, we only ever seem to get the rather lame: “Left-leaning”, you know, not quite err properly left wing, just mildly, sort of, er.. leftish.

    I would like the bbc to tell us what criteria are used when ascribing “Right-wing” characteristics to any person or organisation, after all, “Right-wing” does seem to be a very wide spectrum.


    • will says:

      And of course “conservative” is a description of a wide variety of people & causes that the BBC reports in a critical manner.


      • Andrew says:

        … but, of course, it is NEVER ‘conservative’ to oppose reform of the NHS, of the EU, of the BBC or of the national curriculum: these are somehow ‘progressive’ positions, although quite how isn’t explained.


        • Wild says:

          Anything which seeks to preserve the privileges of the Leftist establishment is progressive, and anything which seeks to undermine the power of the Leftist establishment is dangerous right wing conservatism. It is hard to think of a single Thatcher reform which the BBC did not oppose or any expansion of the State the BBC did not support – all in the name of balanced and objective reporting of course.


          • Andrew says:

            Lots of references to “conservative” (boo! hiss!) in the Radio 4 prog’ about Turkey (this morning from 09:00 and repeated again this evening). It’s Global (= good) v conservative (bad) there apparently, rather than secular v Islamic.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Right-wing is anything not to the Left of Gramsci. And racism and fascism, of course.


  3. Tommo says:

    I thought everyone knew this, but in Beebland leftie think-tanks are designated by the adjectives “leading”, “influential” or “respected”.


  4. Leha says:


    I rest my case


  5. deegee says:

    The Political Compass UK sees Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dems gradually moving Rightwards. Most UK parties are Authoritarian rather than Libertarian.

    While I am not going to bat for the Compass it has to be more accurate than the BBC’s walk-like-a-duck test.


    • pah says:

      That’ll be the site part owned by Glenys Kinnock. Not exactly a recommendation.


    • Joshaw says:

      UKIP more authoritarian than the Conservatives, but no more right-wing?

      BNP right of centre (just)?

      Greens libertarian?

      Can’t take it seriously.


      • RTD Colonel says:

        BNP RIGHT of Centre??? Usually compared to National SOCIALIST parties, by that judgement surely left of centre


      • RTD Colonel says:

        Sorry read quickly after a couple of G & T’s didn’t appreciate the irony – my humble apologies.


    • Span Ows says:

      Their historical points aren’t bad but they are currently totally off the rails: I am a good deal further to the left and more libertarian than Ed Miliband? I don’t think so.


  6. nofanofpoliticians says:

    Hmm, yes.

    Guido has some insight into this Think Tank too.

    The bias of the BBC is now incontrovertible.


  7. RCE says:




    We know you’re there.


  8. IanH says:

    Nicky Crapbell on R5L this morning peed his pants when someone called in to say that someone had referred to someone else was a c****. Highly paid tosser offered Conservative as an option, and then only when his dim brain fired off a synaptic event did he laugh and say he couldn’t resist. Yeh right, he may be stupid, but some of us with more than half a brain wonder why you licence fee payers put up with this overpaid waste of carbon.


  9. dez says:

    9th July 2013:
    “Taxpayers’ alliance criticises Wales Office bonuses”
    Taxpayers’ Alliance Co-Founder and Chairman, Andrew Allum; “From 1998 to 2002 Andrew served as a Conservative member of Westminster City Council.”
    Taxpayers’ Alliance Co-Founder, Matthew Elliott; “In November 2007, Matthew was presented with the Conservative Way Forward ‘One of Us’ award by William Hague”
    Taxpayers’ Alliance Chief Executive, Matthew Sinclair; “nominated for the Conservative Home ‘Best Young Conservative Blogger award'”
    No mention of any of this in the BBC report…
    No outrage from Alan or B-BBC…
    How strange…


  10. Stewart says:

    As I have pointed out before control of the education establishment is vital to the ‘Liberal inquisition’ and the BBC will do anything to defend it


  11. mark says:

    Why doesn’t the BBC repeat Citizen Smith.
    Is it to much uncomfortable viewing for all wannabee May 1968 revolutionaries at the BBC.