The BBC paint one picture of the Mau Mau but a B-BBC reader paints another;

“I was there as a Police Inspector in the Kikuyu Reserve. I am astonished that the British Government should be giving compensation to Mau Mau. of course it is a different Government to that of the 1950s. Mau Mau murdered large numbers of their own Kikuyu tribe. They didn’t beat them up they chopped them up. What about their families? Oh I forgot, they murdered the families as well.

Mau Mau was not the Kikuyu tribe it was an aberration of the tribe forcing its will on the majority of the tribe. The Mau Mau strategy was enforced oath taking or murder. Kikuyu houses were scattered around the country side.  I personally dealt with more than a hundred murders as did colleagues wherever Kikuyu people lived. This was contained only when the people were moved into fortified villages and their men folk were armed. Latter day historians now call these concentration camps, not safe havens.

Once they felt safe the Kikuyu people went after the Mau Mau and played a major part in their defeat. After the defeat of militant Mau Mau they obviously became more clever in the field of misinformation. Latter day historians should note that Jomo Kenyatta would not have any Mau Mau in his Government. How could they get it so wrong? Perhaps rewriting history is their only way to get noticed”

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  1. RTD Colonel says:

    Just a misunderstanding – those poor Mau Mau boys were probably just attending family weddings, doing a lot of good work for charidee, or seeking space to come to terms with a mental illness.


  2. BBC says:

    Look stop this nonsense now. The mau mau are just a branch of the religion of peace so they are good and untouchable.
    How do we know? Because we say so, and the BBC is loved all over the world for its unbiased coverage of just about anything. Our only question before we comment is do they vote labour and how large is their postal vote. Sod the grooming of vulnerable white girls, that’s just done by Asian men. Now lets not get specific it might be embarrassing to the cause comrades.


  3. Pounce says:

    And there lies the reason I will be voting UKIP next time round, because this present Government in trying to shed the Evil Tory image enforced onto them by the left, have no problem throwing British money to any cause they feel will make the left like them just a little bit more.


  4. RTD Colonel says:

    Sadly the GVT haven’t the b%%ls to take on the BBC and call them out over the multiple examples of at best bias …
    Farage hanging up on the BBC Scotland rather than pander to his patronising narrative has been enough to convince me to vote UKIP.


  5. Ian Hills says:

    I look forward to a documentary on the white victims of Mau Mau savagery, for whom compensation is long overdue, and a broadcast apology from Obama on behalf of his grandfather, who was one of the savages.


    • therealguyfaux says:

      “…{A] broadcast apology from Obama on behalf of his grandfather…”

      Sure– right after he breaks into song, singing “Elvira”:

      “Giddy up a oom papa oom papa Mau Mau
      Giddy up a oom papa oom papa Mau Mau
      Hi-ho Silver, awaaaaay!”


    • Ralph says:

      I look forward to a balanced one which is what the BBC should be producing. Someone should tell the BBC that the heroes and villains approach to history is best left at primary school.


  6. stuart says:

    dont worry sir,give it 5 years or so and them buck idiots in the home office and the goverment will be sued by al qaeda in iraq and the taliban in afhganistan for compensation and forced to issue an apology from william hague if he is prime minister then on grounds that the british army treated these terrorists in a harsh manner and upset there feelings,dont think it wont happen,it will.


  7. Mwingo says:

    I am an East African and hold the UK classified documents describing the initiation ceremonies of the Mau Mau. When the recent case went to court I was going to see if I could get them published but the descriptions were too revolting. Also of interest during the troubles the government infrastructure was not attacked except for one police station. So it was not a colonial war but a tribal one. Not many Brits were killed hundreds of Kikuyu were savagely killed. Special police were able to turn a Mau Mau to work for them within hours. The history of the Mau Mau has been distorted by our socialist historians.


    • Wild says:

      “The history….has been distorted by…socialist historians.”

      How shockingly unusual.


  8. Guest Who says:

    If lobbing out such notions, might be best to first ensure what you are posting doesn’t suggest you’re a few strings short of a banjo.


  9. GCooper says:

    I’m happy to expose hillbilly’s knee-jerk pro-BBC posturing with the following proof that the above story most certainly concerns the vile, propagandising BBC ,

    There is an occasional series of BBC R4 afternoon plays (the name of which escapes me) about a brother and sister who work as investigators, tracing relatives of people who have died without leaving wills. It’s not a very good series but, well, BBC radio drama isn’t what it was, after all.

    A recent episode concerned the estate of a white district commissioner whose wife had left him in disgust during the Mau Mau terror, because she believed he condoned the murder of black Kenyans by ”the authorities’.

    The entire play revolved around the way in which the British authorities when handling the uprising, behaved little better than the SS..

    It was the bien pensant received wisdom of the liberal elite at its most pointed – and clearly broadcast to chime with the recent case.

    Thus does the BBC do its job, seeping opinions into the ears of listeners who don’t even realise that what they are watching or listening to is not, in fact, drama or entertainment, but the poison pill of propaganda, sugar coated , as Mary Poppins would have said. ‘to help the medicine go down’.

    So the next time your dotty maiden aunt (or your mother) comes out with a stream of sub-Marxist drivel about some historical event, don’t assume she has signed-up for an OU sociology course, or has secretly subscribed to Socialist Worker. More likely, she just listens to the dear old wireless and hasn’t a clue that she has been thoroughly indoctrinated.


    • Andrew says:

      Your final paragraph hits the nail on the head.

      Fifteen or twenty years ago, I used to brace myself mentally ahead of certain Radio 4 programmes, where I expected bias and ‘allowed for it’; but my guard would drop in the case of others where I didn’t. That’s the problem! It’s the ‘comedy’, drama, arts and special interest broadcasts where the steady drip drip drip of propaganda is at its most toxic, perhaps because they are more subjective areas than Stock Market prices, sports results or plane crashes, where there is less scope for editorialising.


  10. johnnythefish says:

    Don’t expect the BBC to give the full story on this any more than they do on The Crusades – they ignore the bits that don’t suit their narrative. So in the case of The Crusades the rapid rise and expansion of Islam in the preceding 400 years through invasion, war, slaughter and subjugation, went down the memory hole many years ago.


  11. uncle bup says: