BBC Contracts Out For a ‘Hitman’


The BBC have been busy trying to dig up anyone who has been ‘victimised’ by the government’s welfare reforms as Guido highlights:

Newsnight have been caught  red-handed using a private firm to try stir up outrage toward’s the government’s, legal, tweaking of Housing Benefit changes.




No mention of all those who have been or will be helped by this reform…all those needing a family home but are crammed into tiny houses, bedsits or hostels.


What does the company, Support Solutions,  that was running this man hunt for the BBC say about its services?

Our aim is to influence policy in favour of the sector in these challenging times and to be the first to know of and interpret policy development and change which impacts on our sector.

  • We are experts in the Welfare Reform Act & Universal Credit, especially as these affect vulnerable people and organisations that provide and/or commission services for vulnerable people.
  • We help clients to enhance their housing revenue streams


Their aim…to influence policy and get more money for clients in the housing arena….sounds quite political to me….and in direct opposition to government policy.

Wonder why the BBC chose them to dig up some suitably disadvantaged persons to put on the telly as examples of government cruelty?


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42 Responses to BBC Contracts Out For a ‘Hitman’

  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The BBC Trust could not be reached for comment…..


  2. Pounce says:

    The bBC, really must be held to order, it is acting as an unofficial political party where it uses its tax funded media outlets to promote the political agenda of its woolly school boy mindset so we have:
    Support of anything anti-Government=Because the People can only be victims of the Tory Party

    Support of anything Islamic=Becasue as we keep getting told Muslims can only be victims

    Support of anything ‘Homosexual= Becasue as we all know Gays can only be victims., unless the people doing the bullying are Muslims, then you pull out an article about how Gays and Muslims should stick together as both are victims of….white racism

    The bBC must be held to account for acting as a political party outside its remit of impartiality


    • Mo says:

      “acting as an unofficial political party”
      Well said Pounce. How disgustingly true this is.
      Doe anyone know if individuals can be held accountable in some legal sense for what they do within the BBC?The corporation itself has litttle or no sanctions applied and even when a wrist is smacked it does not directly affect the individuals who are responsible.


      • Guest Who says:

        ‘Does anyone know if individuals can be held accountable in some legal sense for what they do within the BBC?’
        Guessing from the actual outcomes of a lot of very expensive… Internal… Redacted… Legal defence-funded inquiries, not.
        As to the BBC as a corporation being held accountable for what individuals say externally, even if under the BBC banner, it would appear ‘views my own’ is a get out of anything free card for employee and employer.
        It’s just one of the many things that make them so unique.


  3. Bert S says:

    In light of the recent finding in the John Humphries and welfare case, the BBC will no doubt be commissioning an equal and opposite survey of those who had benefitted.


  4. chrisH says:

    I remember that “Tell Mama”-the voice of the Muslim victim, after Lee Rigbys murder( he was the victim of a dodgy clutch, so the BBC might tell me)-was also trawling for “anti-Islam” incidents on its website, because Channel 4 wanted some footage for some upcoming exclusive on whiteys intolerance of Muslims.
    Clearly the liberal broadcasting media have money to spare. and-like gun gangs in Harpurhey etc-can be bought for a few minutes of “playing the victim” film.
    Traitors in our midst indeed!


    • RTD Colonel says:

      Dodgy clutch plus major misunderstanding of CPR probably caused by lack of training courses available to those nice men who were first on the scene first aiders seeking to clear his airway – bloody Tory cuts again


    • Pounce says:

      Chris H wrote:
      I remember that “Tell Mama”-the voice of the Muslim victim, after Lee Rigbys murder( he was the victim of a dodgy clutch, so the BBC might tell me)-was also trawling for “anti-Islam” incidents on its website,

      Oh I can better that. A few days ago bombs were set off in the city of Kano in Nigeria, these bombs not only happened to innocently go off in Christian areas, but for some reason outside Bars selling Alcohol. The bbC ensured that anybody reading their version would feel that actually Muslims can only be the victims:
      “Correspondents say the Muslim majority in the city are now anxious about possible reprisals, as people come out onto the streets after breaking their daytime fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.”

      So the Islamic majority in the city. Err Don’t you mean the whole north of Nigeria. Here is a link
      link to a map of Nigeria which shows just how many Muslims live there: Which lets be honest mirrors everyother Islamic area of the World, where,where there are Muslims, no other faiths exist. Be it in the ME,Asia or even East London. So if the Area around Kano is 99% Islamic just whom are the Islamic popualtion there worried about attacking them for reprisals, as unlike the West that small 1% of a minority isn’t going to take up arms against the Islamic majority. Gee I wonder why
      In the North of Nigeria, Muslims angry over how their man didn’t get the Job of president in 2011 have supported the Islamic terrorist groups ‘Boko Haram’ in pushing for a break-a-way state in which Islam will rule. and thus affording Muhammadu Buhari his chance to become….Dictator for life. Who you say? Here is the bBC’s whitewash of profile of the former Islamic dictator. The only thing is, the bBC don’t call him one, yet he took power in a military coup and his record was everything a dictator stood by. Which is why they write these nice things about him:
      But others remember it as a praiseworthy attempt to fight the endemic graft that prevented Nigeria’s development.

      He retains a rare reputation for honesty among Nigeria’s politicians, both military and civilian, largely because of this campaign.

      As part of his “War Against Indiscipline”, he ordered Nigerians to form neat queues at bus stops, under the sharp eyes of whip-wielding soldiers.

      Civil servants who were late for work were publicly humiliated by being forced to do “frog jumps”.


      • Pounce says:

        A very notable incident concerning the above dictator was when he had his former transportation minister Umaru Dikko kidnapped from the UK in 1984 and then flew a Air Nigerian jet to Stanstead to quietly take the Dikko back to Nigeria. So let me get this right, A former Nigerian MP living in exile in London is kidnapped by the Nigerian Government and minutes before been loaded onto a Nigerian aircraft is found and who does the bBC lay the most blame on….Why the Israeli. The Dictator of Nigeria at the time Muhammadu Buhari isn’t even mentioned. Here read the article:

        The bBC, the traitors within our Midst


        • Pounce says:

          The main aim of Boko Haram is to ethnically cleanse the North of all Non-Muslims and once the region is 100% Islamic, their bid for a new Islamic state-let will be promoted by the likes of the..bBC.

          So it really makes me laugh when I read how the bBC correspondents claim that the 99% Islamic population of the city of Kano are worried about …reprisals. More like the 1% Christian population are.

          The bBC, the traitors within our midst


          • Mo says:

            Well pursued Pounce. BBC are traitors to their culture and live to be hip through supporting anything anti UK in order to distance themselves from the evil British Empire.


  5. PhilO'TheWisp says:

    The knives are out for the bbc now. First Miller, then IDS, Shapps today, all cabinet or senior Tories expressing anger at the bias. I predict the BBC will be taken down a major peg or two now.

    Perhaps BBC can cut its news spending from £430m and get some sport that people actually want to watch, and make some funny comedy instead.


    • uncle bup says:

      Actually says:
      I blame Dismal Dave, he has had ample time to deal with the lying Marxist corporation, yet has done nothing other than blow kisses at them like a lovestruck schoolgirl.

      You have to wonder just what his game is.

      Cut ‘n’ paste from guido. Says it all really.

      Wavy Davy couldn’t get a majority when up agin Mad Gordon MacRuin who was three hours away from the cash machines not working. Pretends to love Droidsville and the NHS and acts as though he does. Lazy as buggery and leaves all the hard-lifting to gove ids etc.

      Still, in fairness he has almost single-handedly built up a party from nothing intoto a major political force.



    • Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

      I predict the BBC will be taken down a major peg or two
      I wonder whether a hopeful sign is that the government has insisted on the BBC being included in the discussions about ‘media plurality’, and the statistics in their consultation document heavily emphasise the dominance of the BBC, although nowhere do they make the obvious point that we all are forced to pay for the BBC whereas we can choose whether to pay for all the rest.
      I hope that all Biased-BBC readers will respond to the consultation (by 22 October 2013) with appropriate comments about the bBBC.


      • Stewart says:

        Oh yes Hattie’s law. If Cameron had any balls he would use that stick to beat the BBC until they realised how their bread is buttered. After all the Tories have nothing to lose, sucking up to the BBC will gain them nothing whereas threatening their monopoly may make them pause for thought
        Nothing ‘concentrates a mans mind’ and all that


  6. RTD Colonel says:

    Make funny comedy again – how long is Brigstocke’s contract? — Spot another payoff scandal ahead!


  7. Albaman says:

    “No mention of all those who have been or will be helped by this reform…all those needing a family home but are crammed into tiny houses, bedsits or hostels.”

    Unless this policy will somehow increase the supply of housing will we not just see different individuals in “tiny houses, bedsits or hostels.”

    Perhaps you can tell us how may people have been “helped” so far bearing in mind the chronic shortage of social housing in the UK and the lack of affordable private housing.


    • Charlatans says:

      Albaman to give you just one borough:

      Welwyn Hatfield Council’s Cabinet Planning and Housing Panel on Thursday intimated 56 out of the roughly 870 tenants affected have (already) made the move at this early stage.

      Add the results from thousands of other boroughs together and that is not a bad start to alleviate the other part of the equation, which you do not seem to want to mention;

      Part of the housing crisis that the last Government left the coalition to sort out and cope with the extra millions they imported with such needs, to go with the school places, NHS , GP and hospital facilities they also need. Not only did they stupidly have an open borders policy they certainly did not leave a golden legacy, like they inherited in 97, to pay for the obviously resulting consequences.

      Quite the opposite actually.. Remember My Byrne “There is no money left”.

      Combine this with Liebores body bag foreign and NHS policies. Are you are proud of their achievements?

      You should also appreciate frequently in overcrowded properties there is one or more members of the household disabled. There are 900,000 social housing homes with at least one adult who is disabled or long term sick. There are many others with disabled children.

      Critics of the Government’s changes to Housing Benefits to reduce under-occupancy often portray the change as an attack on the disabled, never mentioning the needs of the disabled in overcrowded accommodation.


    • Ian Hills says:

      Did you know that economic migrants refugees are allowed to jump the social housing queue?


  8. dez says:

    Ian Hills,
    “Did you know that refugees are allowed to jump the social housing queue?”


    • Corran Horn says:

      Click and you shall find Desmond.


      • dez says:

        “Click and you shall find Desmond.”
        Ah yes, silly me…
        “Alleged jumping of housing queues by new arrivals is a myth, research reveals”


          • Corran Horn says:

            Thanks Stewart, that’s what I was looking for but I didn’t have the energy to hunt it up for the goat botherer (see troll)


          • dez says:

            “And this happened how?”
            Yes some immigrants live in social housing. But nowhere in that report is any evidence that; “refugees are allowed to jump the social housing queue”


            • Stewart says:

              No you have failed to explain this apparent anomaly
              Let me help you
              Social housing is awarded on a points system points are awarded on the basis of need
              a lone parent arriving in the country with 2 children will automatically have more points than a married couple with2 children, living in overcrowded private accommodation, no matter how long they have been on the waiting list
              Similarly a couple arriving with 3 or more children will also have more points
              They, de facto, jump the cue, pushing people already on this list down even if ,as is the case in Lewisham and Newham no ‘corruption’ of the point awarding system has taken place
              At least this is the explanation given to me when I was a tenant of red ken,
              living with my wife and 18 month old child in a one bedroomed 10 floor flat
              Wyfold house in Thamesmead I recommend any who care to take a look for themselves
              I take particular and profound exception to your characterising mine and many others first hand lived experience as a failure


            • johnnythefish says:


              My local authority gives preferential rates to illegal immigrants and refugees for adult education courses – 50p an hour. So for the most expensive course the council offers at £230, they would pay £15. Good, eh?

              PS Your socialist leanings are pretty clear, so your unqualified support for the BBC does their ‘impartiality’ claim no favours.


        • Corran Horn says:

          Nice to see you took my advice, but you must stop liking your own posts. It’s just not a good thing, it shows you to be needy and desperately craving attention, oh silly me I forgot your one of our resident under bridge dwellers so that explains it. Haven’t you some goats to be harassing?


          • The Beebinator says:

            i’ll post the pic of the that last link you made



            • dez says:

              The Beebinator,
              “i’ll post the pic of the that last link you made”
              Completely nonsensical Mr. Beebinator. Illegal immigrants don’t get benefits. Asylum Seekers aren’t illegal immigrants.
              Neither is it evidence that: “refugees are allowed to jump the social housing queue”


          • dez says:

            “dez: More evidence for you:”
            There is no evidence in any of your links that; “refugees are allowed to jump the social housing queue”


            • Demon says:

              Dezi, you ask for evidence, you ask for links. All is provided but you refuse to even contemplate the real world. It is you who have failed, not them, and you know it. That’s why you hate this site so much, thousands of examples of evidence of BBC bias but you stick your head in the sand and pretend it is not there.


            • Charlatans says:


              This link should help you: Note UKBA involvement and Local Authority Housing, (or provision of Private through LA auspices):

              1.2 Asylum seekers and housing
              The majority of asylum seekers are
              not entitled to housing support from
              local authorities; those who need
              accommodation have it provided by
              the UKBA. In order to be eligible for
              UKBA housing asylum seekers must
              Claimed asylum ‘as soon as
              reasonably practicable’ after arrival
              in the UK10
              Have no access to alternative
              And/or be able to show that refusing
              them support would breach their
              human rights.11
              Asylum seekers can claim for
              accommodation support, or subsistence
              support, or both of these. In 2007 around
              70 per cent of support applications were
              for accommodation and subsistence
              support. In the first quarter of 2008, 175
              principal asylum applicants, out of 4,770
              total applications, were ruled ineligible for
              Accommodation is paid for by the
              UKBA and may be provided by local
              authority housing, a registered social
              landlord or a private landlord. Asylum
              seekers cannot choose where they will
              live and will be dispersed to identified
              areas across the country, staying in
              self-contained accommodation or
              hostels.13 They cannot move from their
              assigned accommodation without
              permission from the UKBA.
              Housing for asylum seekers is often
              of a particularly poor standard, shared
              and overcrowded, causing significant
              vulnerability and harm. A 2001 Shelter
              study into quality of private rented
              housing provided by agencies to
              asylum seekers, found that 86 per
              cent of houses of multiple occupancy
              were unfit for the number of occupants
              and 17 per cent of dwellings were
              unfit for human habitation.14 A 2005
              study in Leeds uncovered further
              evidence of poor quality housing,
              including a woman with two young
              children living in accommodation
              with a leaking toilet and collapsing
              ceilings.15 An asylum seeker quoted
              in a 2006 study of housing needs in
              Nottingham described accommodation
              for asylum seekers as “places where
              no one else wants to live.”16 In 2007
              the Joint Committee on Human Rights
              concluded that in some cases the
              quality of the accommodation provided
              contravened the human rights of
              asylum seekers.17
              Once a decision is made on their
              asylum claim, asylum seekers
              may lose the right to their existing
              housing support, whether their claim
              is accepted or not. If their claim is
              accepted they have 28 days to find
              alternative accommodation and
              can apply to their local authority for
              housing assistance. The Home Office
              also offers an interest-free loan of
              between £100 and £1,000 depending
              on need to help with a deposit for
              accommodation, training for a job or
              buying essential items for their home.
              However, problems can arise here
              where applications for housing benefit
              take longer to come through and there
              is a gap between UKBA support being
              withdrawn and new support becoming
              If an asylum seeker’s claim is refused
              and they opt to return home voluntarily
              they can continue to receive their
              accommodation support under Section
              4 of the Immigration and Asylum Act
              1999, commonly known as ‘hard case’
              Case Study
              Ruth is an HIV-positive asylum
              seeker waiting for a decision on
              her claim.
              She was given private
              accommodation by the UKBA
              which was dirty, damp and
              in poor repair. She requested
              alternative accommodation as
              she has two young children who
              could not live in those conditions.
              With just 24 hours notice she was
              told she would be moved to new
              accommodation, giving her very
              little time to pack and let friends
              know she was moving.
              She had no opportunity to check
              if the new flat was suitable. When
              she arrived she discovered it was
              so dirty that her children could
              not stay there the first night.
              When she asked for
              improvements to be made the
              private landlord said she would
              have to pay half the costs for
              repair work


  9. OldBloke says:

    dez, do you think that the BBC is bias in it’s news gathering and reporting?


  10. Alan Larocka says:

    Can Dez be on the ‘Nuremberg’ style list when these lefties are finally held to account?


  11. Charlatans says:

    Dez: Did you understand my reply? All clear now for you? Please do us all a favour and conduct your own research next time and stop wasting everyone else time. Why do you want to live in denial anyway? For the sake of what? Do you have some political agenda here?


  12. Stewart says:

    When you say ‘their story’ you mean ‘their’ as in the BBC


  13. Andy S. says:

    The trolls are out in force today!