We Mujahadeen….


Hadda in the comments has also noticed this…..

Hilary Andersson has tried to put some distance between ‘Islam’ and the Boston Bombers….going so far as to air the suggestion that they weren’t true Jihadis at all but were possibly in thrall to white supremacist right wing ideology.

At least Mark Mardell, when he famously denied that Major Nidal Hassan murdered 13 fellow soldiers in the name of Islam, didn’t try to claim Hassan shot them because he was in the Klu Klux Klan….merely that it was a  ‘senseless tragedy’…

 The alleged murderer was clearly a Muslim, but there is very little to suggest that he adhered to a hard-line interpretation of his religion or that he had political or religious motives.

Still, searching for patterns and for answers is part of what it is to be human. I loathe cliche, but perhaps, for once, this is a “senseless tragedy”, devoid of deeper meaning.



Inconveniently for Mark Mardell, if the already known facts of the case weren’t enough, these words from the mouth of the Jihadi Major should make him perhaps reappraise his assessment of the Fort Hood shootings:

In an extraordinary scene Major Nidal Hassan, 42, addressed a court room packed with relatives of his victims in a polite, quiet voice.

He told a court martial at Fort Hood, Texas: “Good morning. On the morning of Nov 5, 2009, 13 US soldiers were killed and many more injured. The evidence will clearly show that I am the shooter and that war is an ugly thing.” He said war meant “death and destruction for both sides, for friend and foe.”

“The evidence presented here will only be one side of the story,” he said. “I was on the wrong side. I then switched sides. The evidence will show we Mujahideen are imperfect soldiers trying to form a perfect religion. I apologise for any mistakes in this endeavour.”


Hmmm, curious…that was a quote from the Telegraph…


this is from the BBC:

We are imperfect Muslims trying to establish the perfect religion.”


Spot the difference?  Wonder who is right.


Here is USA Today’s version:

 “We in the mujahideen are imperfect beings trying to establish a perfect religion … I apologize for any mistakes I have made in this endeavor.”

And the New York Times:

 “We the mujahedeen are imperfect Muslims.” He added, “I apologize for any mistakes I’ve made in this endeavor.”


Don’t say the BBC are once again altering reality to suit themselves.


Both Andersson and Mardell weren’t ‘wrong’, they weren’t ‘mistaken’….they both deliberately attempted to alter the truth of events happening in America to fit  their own narrative, the BBC ‘institutional’ narrative that Islam and Muslims are to be portrayed in the best possible light and anything that reflects badly upon the religion is to be excised from the news or the reputational damage minimised if that isn’t possible.



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29 Responses to We Mujahadeen….

  1. bodo says:

    In the BBC web report;
    “He climbed onto a desk, shouted an Islamic benediction, and opened fire with two handguns, pausing only to reload, witnesses said.”

    Shouted an Islamic benediction?? Hmm, never heard ‘Allah u akbar’ described in such a mealy-mouthed way. But we can rely on the BBC to spin the attack and end up with it sounding liking a family picnic.

    Just re-read Mardell’s report as linked above. It still shocks how denies reality.


    • DP111 says:

      Fort Hood jihad mass murderer: “we are imperfect Muslims trying to establish the perfect religion”

      However, he added: “Witnesses will testify that war is an ugly thing. Death, destruction and devastation are felt from both sides, from friend and foe. Evidence from this trial will only show one side. I was on the wrong side, but I switched sides,” reported Reuters.



    • James Sr says:

      ‘Islamic benediction’ – it sounds quite enticing doesn’t it, rather than the wailed implorings of mass murderers? I guess this is only par for the course from our glorious state broadcaster, much as they say ‘officers from Operation Trident are investigating…’ rather than ‘a black kid was stabbed to death by another black kid’. Curiously they aren’t so concerned not to cause offence when a ‘far right’ group is involved (or even if it’s not).


  2. George R says:

    Beeboid deceit on Islam and Fort Hood.

    We can expect it to continue throughout the trial: Beeboid propaganda for Islam, by censorship and deception.

    Yes, I’ve commented on the same, deceitful Beeboid censorship which systematically attempts to distance Hasan’s murders from Islam by omitting key words as above.

    (from ‘B-BBC’ Open Thread 6:11 pm Comment)-

    So Beeboids extends its CENSORSHIP relating to Islam.

    Not only do Beeboids censor words such as ‘jihad’ but also the word ‘mujahideen’ and also, now it seems, in the context of jihad murder, the cry ‘Allahu akbar’.

    It seems that more honest reporting on the Ford Hood jihad murder case can be found elsewhere than INBBC.


  3. DJ says:

    Yep. This isn’t about ‘competing narratives’ or attacks from both sides. He said what he said, and what he said is in the court transcript.

    A news organisation that doctors quotes is like a bank that passes forged notes.

    If they can fire Carol Thatcher for offences against PC, they can certainly fire people for outrageous breaches of professional ethics.

    So, what say you, Cherry Vultures?

    ….Wherever you are.


  4. Pounce says:

    I wonder if the bBC will run with this Story about how the followers of Chechen movement Kavkazskiy Emirat (Caucasus Emirate) decided to teach a young couple in Germany a lesson for not piously observing ‘Ramadan’ Put it this way, the 24 year old pregnant female lost her baby after she and her husband were put in hospital. The thing is the group is the same one the 2 Boston Bombers belonged to.
    and here’s the original German version


  5. Bodo says:

    BBC report starts with Hassans apology for ‘any mistakes’ clearly implying he is apologising for the deaths of the 13 soldiers he murdered. Other reports give a clear impression that Hasan regards his “mistake” was to enlist in the US Army in the first place, when he should have been fighting with the Mujahideen AGAINST the United States.

    Have I read that right? And am I right in saying the BBC has twisted the story 180°?



    • Stewart says:

      ” He climbed onto a desk, shouted an Islamic benediction”
      I take it that’s the BBCs weasel word version of ‘allahu akbar’
      Cowardly, obfuscating hypocrites


  6. George R says:

    Here’s an article by Raymond Ibrahim which relates this Fort Hood-Hasan jihad murder case to aspects of Islamic doctrine, and which, therefore, INBBC would be inclined to censor:-

    “Nidal Hasan and Fort Hood”


    [Opening excerpt]:-

    “One of the difficulties in discussing Islam’s more troubling doctrines is that they have an anachronistic, even otherworldly, feel to them; that is, unless actively and openly upheld by Muslims, non-Muslims, particularly of the Western variety, tend to see them as abstract theory, not standard practice for today. In fact, some Westerners have difficulties acknowledging even those problematic doctrines that are openly upheld by Muslims — such as jihad. How much more when the doctrines in question are subtle, or stealthy, in nature?

    “Enter Nidal Malik Hasan, the psychiatrist, U.S. Army major, and ‘observant Muslim who prayed daily,’ who recently went on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood, killing thirteen Americans (including a pregnant woman). While the media wonders in exasperation why he did it, offering the same old tired and trite reasons — he was ‘picked on,’ he was ‘mentally unbalanced’ — the fact is his behavior comports well with certain Islamic doctrines. As such, it behoves Americans to take a moment and familiarize themselves with the esotericisms of Islam.”



  7. Framer says:

    Just a reminder of the BBC news website headline for the Panorama programme and the opening paragraphs:

    Tamerlan Tsarnaev had right-wing extremist literature

    By Hilary Andersson BBC News, Washington

    One of the brothers suspected of carrying out the Boston bombings was in possession of right-wing American literature in the run-up to the attack, BBC Panorama has learnt.
    Tamerlan Tsarnaev subscribed to publications espousing white supremacy and government conspiracy theories…
    The nature of the ‘right wing’ literature (i.e. anti-semitic) was not stated.


  8. BBC controlled by Islam says:

    Yet again Newsnight is obsessing over Muslim news. Anyone might think we are living in an Islamic country: perhaps that’s what the vile, middle class want. The chattering classes are board with new age and so their next plaything is Islam. I don’t care what happens in Muslim countries but I do care about being forced to pay for a mafia organisation blowing our money on Muslim crap.


  9. stuart says:

    putting this dark skinned (white pc speak by the bbc) peacefull follower of allah chechen terrorist scum to death when convicted is just to good an easy optiion.oh no,anybody who watches these usa documentarys about life in a maxium security prisons over there knows its a living hell being locked up in a cell 23 hours a day wondering if you are going to be gang raped by the bloods or the cripss or looking over your shoulder to wonder if you will get shanked in the back,in this case this guy will be begging for the death penalty,i say no way jose,let him by a slow painfull death for the rest of his life minus the 72 virgins locked up in one of the usa max security hellholes called prison


  10. kfr says:

    adolf hitler converted to islam in 1943 after the fall of stalingrad according to a new book to be released by the grandson of a forrmer waffen ss bodyguard for hitler……http://www.billionbibles.org/sharia/hitler-muslim-brotherhood.html


  11. George R says:

    Unsurprisingly, BBC-Democrat doesn’t find space to report this online:-

    “Alabama Muslim pleads guilty to jihad terror charge, said goal of Islam was to take over the world through jihad”



  12. George R says:

    INBBC’s political bias in misuse of language relating to Islam continues-

    In Syria, in reporting deaths of over 60 jihadists of al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda linked), INBBC readily adopts Islamic lingo in calling them ‘Martyrs’.

    [-see third para below]-

    “Syrian” [jihadist] “rebels ‘killed in army ambush near Damascus.'”



  13. George R says:

    “Fort Hood Terrorist Calls Himself an Islamic Holy Warrior in Opening Statement”* (*censored out by BBC-Democrat).

    By Daniel Greenfield.

    [concluding extract]-

    “Now Hasan has come out and said that he’s a Mujahideen, an Islamic holy warrior, the Soldier of Allah acronym that he put on his business cards while still in the military. And the media will shake its head, say it’s bizarre and go back to ignoring the terrorist’s own testimony.”



  14. Banquosghost says:

    Sadly it isn’t unbelievable that the BBC appears to have taken a conscious decision to deliberately obfuscate the murder of American soldiers by a murderer doing so in the name of Islam.

    On what level can they possibly justify siding with Islam over America which is how I interpret their bizarre editorial decision making.

    It truly is utterly disgusting, and any American viewers of the BBC or readers of its websites must be confused and rightly full of contempt for a British media organisation treating the murders of their soldiers with such disgrace.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Trouble is, the Beeboids don’t see it as siding with Islam or against the US, per se. They see themselves as siding against Islamophobia. I’m not saying this makes any sense, mind. I’m just saying that’s the level on which they operate here.


  15. George R says:

    Continuance of reporting of Hasan-Foot Hood murder trial.

    1.) ‘Fox News’:-

    “Fort Hood gunman’s apparent death wish halts military trial”

    (inc video clip).


    2.) BBC-Democrat:-

    “Fort Hood gunman Nidal Hasan ‘wants execution’ – lawyer”

    (inc video clip).



    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      It’s not his religious beliefs inspiring this behavior, is it?


  16. George R says:

    More BBC-Democrat censoring out of Islamic jihadists in America:-
    “Federal Reserve jihad mass murder plotter blames plot on childhood stammer and unfaithful girlfriend”



  17. George R says:

    BBC-Democrat not interested in this, so censors it:




  18. George R says:


    Will BBC-NUJ use this propaganda video (2 mins)?-




  19. George R says:


    Will BBC-NUJ report this?:-

    “‘I lost consciousness in the blast. When I woke up I was in a hospital in Israel’:
    Casualties of Syria’s war find salvation in an unlikely place.”