Bang Bang or Bongo Bongo…What Would You Report?

Apologies to anyone who has covered this in the comments….I haven’t read them yet.

 The BBC seem to have lost all sense of journalistic direction and proportion with the latest manufactured UKIP ‘scandal’……it proves the BBC is way, way out of touch with ‘normal’ people who more than likely agree with UKIP….as indeed a majority of the emails and texts into 5Live today seemed to ….it’s not as if the UKIP MEP was a ‘purveyor of death and fear’ now was it?

Further to David’s post on UKIP the BBC has been highlighting this strongly all day…and it is all over their website.

Unlike the UKIP candidate who said he wanted to introduce sharia law and cut off people’s hands…the BBC didn’t mention that at all….as I noted in a previous post.


But what else is going on out there on the fringes of the political world?

 Tory Candidate Marcus Simpson Jailed for Smuggling Guns from Serbia


The judge told Simpson:

“It’s not an exaggeration to describe you as a purveyor of death and fear.”



That report was also in the Daily Mail print edition and presumably other papers… no excuses for the BBC to not report it….

…and yet…nothing from the BBC, the world’s finest news broadcaster with more journalists than any news organisation outside of China…as Mark Thompson told us..


This is the best the BBC could do…a link to the Daily Star:

Elsewhere on the web

  • Daily Star / NEW 1 hour ago… for 16 years. Marcus Simpson smuggled submachine guns and other weapons from Serbia Marcus Simpson smuggled submachine guns and other weapons…
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55 Responses to Bang Bang or Bongo Bongo…What Would You Report?

  1. London Calling says:

    BBC quotes extensively from one Laura Pidcock : “That didn’t cut it with Laura Pidcock, from campaign group Show Racism the Red Card.”…

    Well, little surprise that Laura Pidcock is a Labour Councillor from a family of Labour activists

    “Labour’s Laura Pidcock, 25, became the youngest county councillor after winning the seat for Cramlington Eastfield Northumberland. Laura, an education worker, follows in the footsteps of her father, veteran councillor Bernard Pidcock, who won the Holywell seat. And to complete the triple celebration Laura’s boyfriend Terry Johnstone, 29, was elected county councillor for Bedlington West.”

    Now on BBC speed-dial for an anti-UKIP quote. Laura Pidcock joins the other labour activists on QT camera Amy Rutland, caught declaring UKIP is “disgusting” – another BBC-staged smear against UKIP. Its the BBC that is disgusting.


    • Mark says:

      The greatest broadcaster in the world will be sending out teams of intrepid investigative journalists to expose the horrors of Labour nepotism in the rotten boroughs of its heartlands.

      About as likely as a halal pork chop !


    • #88 says:

      This must have been the person invited onto Bacon’s show this afternoon.

      As frightening an interview you will ever hear (and as you might expect went unchallenged by the swooning, gormless idiot, Bacon) .

      Ms Pidcock not only helpfully told us all what is acceptable for us to say and what not, she give us her interpretation of our laws on discrimination / harassment etc. These summed up by her as; if anyone feels that what is said or heard is unacceptable, IT IS. A definition guaranteed to create conflict, especially where people are determined to be offended (and compensated).

      To be honest I’m not a fan of UKIP but I do care about our liberty and freedom. This Marxist proves yet again that they will do anything necessary to silence those who they disagree with, who do not think like they do. It frightens me that this person has access to our school kids.

      PS: Among the phrases that we should no longer use is ‘nitty gritty’ because of it’s origins in the slave trade (the ‘detritus’ left over in the slave ships, she says). She says we should all get up to date with what is acceptable and not. Up to date? Up to date ‘Nitty gritty’ has a meaning far removed from that she describes. It is an expression that has changed in sense and meaning , it’s origins lost in time.


      • Andrew says:

        (1) She is only 25 and cannot have had much experience of life, so should not lecture us.

        (2) If I ‘feel’ that much of the BBC’s output is “unacceptable” and discriminates against White British non-gay able-bodied males, for instance, can I have some compensation? E.g. some or all of my £145.50 back ?


        • Roland Deschain says:

          I thought nitty gritty was to do with getting to the eggs left in the scalp by nits. You have to get to those to deal with the problem. Sod all to do with slaves AFAIK.


          • Corran Horn says:

            Look’s like I will have to tell my Black boss, who is very fond of saying “Lets Get Cracking” after giving us a job to do as it has it’s roots in the slave trade.

            Being as he has no time for all that PC crap, I can see him offering me a clip around the old lughole if I do.


      • Rtd Colonel says:

        Hey didn’t UK, post reformation and finally Wilberforce bring the western slave trade to an end using the Royal Navy in pursuit of good.
        Compare contrast with more recent politicians using armed forces for more questionable missions.

        Did the Barbary Pirates/ Bedouin continue the slave industry as they had been instructed to by some peaceful guy or follow our lead?

        Why are we the bad guys in all of this slave trade stuff – at least we have stopped.


    • Rtd Colonel says:

      In the pidcock household forget double (expenses) bubble let’s go triple ripple!


  2. London Calling says:

    (Refering to the continuing “Bongoland” Geoffrey Bloom story the BBC continues to run)


    • Guest Who says:

      Rather stuffing Ms. Pidcock’s run (above).
      Left hand, even lefter hand?


  3. George R says:

    “The Silly Season”


  4. Guest Who says:

    ‘The BBC seem to have lost all sense of journalistic direction and proportion’
    Or, as they call it, ‘a commitment to impartial information and education’.
    It’s in that Charter thingie somewhere.
    Seems there a rules that can and are made to be broken.
    You just need to be on the correct side doing so.


  5. stuart says:

    it is just another silly season whipped up into a hysteria story by the politacal department down at radio 5 live hq to smear ukip,for heavens sake there have been vans paid by the coalitian goverment going around london in the last few weeks with posters telling illegal immigrants to go home,there have been mass arrests of illegals and bogus asylums seekers in a public clampdown,not that a big fuss really by the media over that,but the left need a bogey man to attack and ukip are in direct firing line now by all sides including the bbc and 5 live.


  6. Andy says:

    Just been alerted to this on the BBC Top Gear website, Jeremy Clarkson says:

    “Plus, remember that we have been telling the auto makers for some time that we’d like lower prices, so if the opportunity arises for General Motors to save a few quid by making its cars in Bongo Bongo land, then they’ll take it.”


    • Mark says:

      Jezza only survives at the BBC because Top Gear is a goose that lays the golden eggs for them.


    • DB says:


      Plus, remember that we have been telling the auto makers for some time that we’d like lower prices, so if the opportunity arises for General Motors to save a few quid by making its cars in Bongo Bongo land, then they’ll take it.

      No doubt the journalists are once again queuing up to use the BBC fainting couch following this latest revelation.


      • Craig says:

        Not once but twice (at least).

        From ‘For Crying Out Loud: The World According to Clarkson, Volume 3‘:

        “So, Prince Harry has been photographed in a nightclub squeezing the ample right breast of a pretty young blonde. Good. I wish he’d gone further, caught a spot of syphilis, and then driven home in a bright red Ferrari at 150 mph.
        For years people have argued about whether or not we should have a royal family, and that if we should, what kind of role it should play in today’s world.
        Should it be old and stuffy, a moth-eaten metaphor for the Britain that once was? Or should it have a more meaningful role than opening hospices and asking visiting dignitaries from Bongo Bongo land if they’ve come far?”


      • The Beebinator says:

        how many times do you hear beeboid scumbag journalists saying nitty gritty? i do remember in 1997ish the head of the nursing union was forced to resign for saying it because of its historic racist meaning

        bongo bongo land, to me just means any hell hole in the 3rd world, like tower hamlets for example


        • ROBERT BROWN says:

          And parts of Slough, Birmingham, Leicester, Burnley, Bradford, need i go on? Fifties Britain was no fun in those parts, but at least they were ‘our’ people.


          • The Beebinator says:

            nooooo dont go on, its depressing enough as it is


          • Mark says:

            And in the Fifties, immigrants wanted to slough off (no pun intented) their parent culture in order to integrate into British life. Many of their children anglicised ‘exotic’ names, and others named their children after statesman, which is why many Caribbean boys were called Winston or Gladstone.
            We do not (heaven forbid!) want a return to the days of the ‘No Blacks, no Irish’ mentality of the 1950s, but neither do we want multicultural Balkanisation.
            Our politicians, sadly, do not have the will to even try squaring the immigration circle.


  7. Mark B says:

    Of course Bloom was not the first politician to use the Bongo-Bongo term.

    It was one of my favorite MP’s, Alan Clarke. Whether he be in heaven or hell, I am sure he is having a good chuckle right now.


  8. Rtd Colonel says:

    Does this mean that Um Bongo is/was a racist drink? – I think we should be told …


    • Andrew says:

      What of Ali Bongo, a children’s entertainer of yesteryear? O’Brien’s verdict: Double plus ungood: (1) anti-Muslim racism in the name Ali; (2) Bongo as outlined ad nauseam elsewhere.


      • Rtd Colonel says:

        lol from his wiki

        The original character had sung a song which began: “My name is Ali Bongo and I come from Pongo, pong-tiddley-pongo land.” Among his later magic catch-phrases were “Uju Buju Suck Another Juju”, “Aldy Bority Phostico Formio”, “Hocus Pocus Fishbones Chokus”.

        The best leader UKIP never had!


    • The Beebinator says:


  9. Rtd Colonel says:

    Um Bongo – can I sue the manufacturers for offending my sensibilities/tastebuds – I perceive I have been abused in some way – not quire sure yet but will consult ‘Where there’s blame there’s a claim, – Anyone got a no. for Mansfield or Khan?


    • Andrew says:

      Well, the number for Mansfield is 01623 and as for Khan … needle in a haystack, mate.


    • Buggy says:

      I’m pretty sure they didn’t “Drink It In The Congo” either, which should strengthen your case.

      Filthy stuff ! Lord knows what industrial runoff actually went into the hell-brew.


      • Stewart says:

        Perhaps you preferred Kia-Ora

        I blame Robert crumb myself


        • Buggy says:

          No, I absolutely did not !

          I was raised on “Robinsons Special Pimms-Flavoured Barley Water For Young Gentry”, which is only available to those of us who can indicate our entry in Burke’s Peerage to the shop assistant when purchasing.

          And is not advertised with ghetto crows, dogs etc.


        • Richard of NZ says:

          As kia ora is a Maori greeting what is wrong with using people of various colours? In the recent past Maori have started referring to themselves as “black” (instead of the actual brown), even when they are no darker, or even lighter in colour, than me of “pure” Irish ancestry. Even my blonde, blue eyed niece, about 1 250th Maori, sometimes calls herself black, mainly for the benefits it brings.


  10. stuart says:

    have you noticed vicky derbyshire is fronting newsnight thiis week.rumours are she has been chosen to take over when paxman retires,very strange woman indeed,the boring thinks he is funny brummie dullard chris williams is filling in for vicky on her 10pm slot on 5 live.


    • Big Dick says:

      Is she still doing her radio show from Manchester ? Or is she pretending to be there, while broadcasting from Portland Place in London , like the Dame & others ,so therefore what a waste of money of sending them all up there in the first place . The whole 5 dead monster will return to the London fold sooner or later ! ( or close it down ,a better saving of our money.)


  11. stuart says:

    10 am


    • Buggy says:

      11 pm.

      Half past………. three.

      Chiswick Steps. *Oooh !*

      Hammersmith Broadway.

      Mornington Crescent !


    • Beness says:

      Phil Williams do you mean? I have not been listening but i think he’s the unfunny Brummie.


  12. George R says:


    Is the following near enough?:-

    “President Ali Bongo of poverty-stricken Gabon splashes £85m on Paris home… while average income at home is $12 per day.”

    The ‘Daily Mail’ report is currently undated, but he’s only been President of Gabon since 2009.)–PARIS.html

    Beeboids would not mention that his religion is: Sunni Muslim.
    (See ‘Wikipedia’ below.)

    “Ali Bongo Ondimba”


  13. Framer says:

    Owen Jones on BBC Papers tonight with Clive Myrie and an ex NOTW journo all nodding in agreement at the horror of Godfrey Bloom.
    Shouty (whose mouth seems to have changed shape) was repeating himself endlessly about being ever keen to discuss overseas aid and immigration.
    Except he isn’t and doesn’t. Nor will the BBC now they have UKIP in their sights.


  14. stuart says:

    yes it is phil williams my mistake,the only man i have heard on 5 live who trys to crack jokes and even the 5 live background staff goes silent,the problem is even then he stills thinks he is being funny,just embarrasing.


  15. Richard Pinder says:

    I suppose the lefties could agree with the plain speaking Yorkshire UKIP MEP, but only if he was lawyer, saying “its far to dangerous for asylum seekers to return to the Democratic Republic of Bongoland, because the country is full of efnics, and therefore they would soon die if they where forced to return”.

    Also I believe that Bongoland would have either Drums or an Antelope as a national symbol.


  16. Adi says:

    Well, since their investigative on the Tsarnaevs is doing so fine…


    • Adi says:

      Big bada boom…
      (5th Element)


    • Adi says:

      Well… 2 more student “right-wingers” were arrested today in the Boston bombing. Their names: Dias Kadyrbayev and Azamat Tazhayakov, members of the same Chechen “right-wing” org the Tsarnaevs were.

      It is time for the Al-Beeb to “upgrade” their “investigation” “team”!


  17. George R says:

    “His ‘bongo bongo’ jibe was offensive but on foreign aid he speaks for the majority of Britons ”



  18. George R says:

    “Bloom could have chosen his words better, but he speaks the truth”

    By Macer Hall.


  19. DopyDog says:

    I really don’t understand what there is to be offended about by the phrase “Bongo Bongo Land”. I have searched for a definition, and so far have found nothing. A bongo of course can either be a type of small drum or a type of antelope. However, the reaction to Godfrey Bloom’s choice of words would suggest that “Bongo Bongo Land” is racist. I don’t think it’s in the least bit racist.
    The fact that there is no such place as Bongo Bongo Land makes it obvious what Bloom was getting at. He was simply using it as a metaphor for “foreign land”. So instead of singling out specific nations (which would be wrong) he made a name up to represent such a nation. “Bongo Bongo Land” does not have any racist connotations. Race is irrelevant.
    Whilst all the focus is now on Bloom’s language, the (quite valid) point he was making seems to have been missed. Whilst Britain continues to spiral down into deeper poverty, why should we be paying out millions of pounds to foreign aid? Nobody likes the idea of children in third world countries suffering for lack of food or medical facilities etc, but at the same time, here in the UK our NHS is in crisis, the police are dangerously underfunded, our prisons are full to capacity, unemployment is high and the cost of living means it is increasingly hard, if not impossible, for an average wage to support an average family. Britain needs to change direction, surely that’s obvious. We need to halt immigration (no, that does not imply racism) and we need to halt foreign aid, except for in the most extreme circumstances. Currently we can’t do either of these things whilst we are under European rule, so therefore we also need to leave the EU.


  20. ember2013 says:

    Let’s look at the Bloom issue objectively. He gave a speech at a meeting in July. The meeting was a small group. The people attending wanted to discuss UKIP ideas.

    His speech was intended for that group and not the nation.

    The Guardian and BBC, by broadcasting the speech (or parts of it) actually caused the offence because the broadcast clearly hit the ears of people who would be offended.


  21. krf says:….this is for the ukip haters


  22. George R says:

    It could be that the ‘bongo, bongo’ phrase derives from a popular song of 1947 by Danny Kaye and the Andrews Sisters:-

    (via Christopher Booker, ‘Telegraph’ today.)