So, the Government announces an extra HALF A £££ BILLION for ‘struggling A&E”‘s in England.  Labour responds by saying this is not enough (when is it ever enough for the comrades?) and the BBC dutifully follow up by wheeling on  Dr Clifford Mann, president of the College of Emergency Medicine to inform the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that  he had “real concerns” about how the money would be allocated.

“It seems disingenuous, and in many ways demoralising to those that managed to apparently perform satisfactorily, to understand or realise that they will benefit from this not at all,” he said. “It is a short-term fix. It does not address the underlying cause – we have a shortage of doctors.”

It is almost as if the BBC mission is to have an instant rebuttal unit that dampens down each and every initiative from the Coalition. In truth, the meme is that NOTHING this Coalition does is any good (apart from Overseas Aid and Gay Marriage). Makes you wonder if the BBC has agenda?

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  1. loyal and True says:

    Vance, what is your agenda?

    Dismantle the NHS? Why?
    persecute Muslims? Why?
    Hate Gays? Why
    Hate everyone non-white who achieves? Why?
    Want to encourage wars in Israel and Iran? Why?
    Want no support whatsoever for anyone in difficulties? Why?

    …and so on.

    You encourage hate and loathing but to what end? What possible gains and satisfaction can you receive from promoting hate?

    Is it to become as sad a creature as Katie Hopkins? Are so devoid of any love or humanity that this is going to be your obituary?

    David Vance: he hated humanity.


    • Demon says:

      loyal and true (to my country’s enemies):

      You left-wing haters are so offensively stupid. You are the ones who want to wipe Israel off the map, killing as many Jews as possible (dead Christians would be a bonus for you) not David Vance. He wants Israel to be given a chance to thrive in peace.

      He has never, as far as I recall, demanded that the NHS be dismantled, only made more efficient for the patients’ sakes. (Do you lefties actually remember that the point of the NHS was to care for patients? No of course you don’t – you think it’s just a means of creating a client-base who will support left-wing parties.).

      He doesn’t want to persecute Muslims, nor does he agree that being persecuted by Muslims is acceptable as you wish for. He also doesn’t support the ideology that persecutes gays, but you do! And so on.

      You couldn’t be more wrong in your vile accusations. Then , what’s new…you hate-filled commies hate decent people with a vengeance.


      • Keith Newman says:

        If the Tories want to succeed in reforming the NHS, Education, Law & Order, the Civil Service, Local authorities etc. then they only need to do one simple thing, dismantle their most hostile and vociferous enemy – THE BBC!


        • Chop says:

          They don’t have to dismantle the BBC, far from it, that plays right into the lefts hands, they will say “The Tories closed down debate by closing the Beeb”

          No, what they need to do is simply remove the license fee, and let the lefty, clap trap, anti-English BBC stand on it’s own 2 feet.


          • Sceptical Steve says:

            It’s all too easy to overlook the fact that the UK’s main alternative channel, ITV, also seems to espouse a pinkish, anti-government stance. I genuinely don’t understand why, but the implication is that simple privatisation of the BBC will not provide the expected panacea.


    • Deborah says:

      dear troll ‘loyal and True’ what a strange creature you are. Our complaints on this site relate to the fact that we have to pay a non-optional license fee to hear the BBC give only one side of many arguments. The fact that you have the ideas you have, of David Vance and the rest of us here, suggests that you listen too much to the BBC and their one-sided views.


      • Big Dick says:

        Is it a Scotty troll in the house. aka Not Loyal or True , would pay £400, a year at least to , Pravda bbc .


    • johnnythefish says:

      ‘Loyal and True’ to what, I wonder? The Cause?

      What a desperate, flailing, ad hominem, pointless rant. The pits.


    • Nick says:

      There is nothing humane about the state or it’s systems.

      There are currently 50 hospitals possibly affected. That’s 10m per hospital that’s needed.

      Now look at the salaries of senior administration – equates to over £3m per hospital as an average. So basically, for the last ten years, they’ve been paying themselves £30m per hospital and are now unable to fund medical care.

      Sort of puts the real problem into light, doesn’t it?

      Also, if you actually read the blog it’s about BBC bias. The BBC does unfairly represent Muslims in the media because there is a problem with their attitudes toward Britain.

      Those in ‘difficulty’ are often kept there by the state itself. The biggest impediment to progress and responsibility is big government that prefers to use buzzwords instead of actually helping people.


    • Kitemark says:

      I’m always suspicious when a contributor uses the words “hate” with such patronising profligacy. The other word is “fear”, as in, “…there’s no need to fear….” etc. To me it puts a sign post over the contributor with a downward arrow, saying “irrational and easily excercised”.


      • Stewart says:

        Nicely put – “irrational and easily exercised”.-
        Like a religious fundamentalist


    • Frederick says:

      The NHS has killed over 12,000 people from neglect.


    • Dave s says:

      Nothing Mr Vance wrote is relevant to your post. If you don’t like him just say so and get on with your life.


    • Derek Buxton says:

      I think you have the name wrong, it is Cameron who hates all the British, especially the English majority. We are just milch cows to him.


    • The General says:

      ‘Loyal and True’ to what? Certainly not to honesty, truthfulness and most importantly your country (if indeed you see it as such).


  2. nofanofpoliticians says:

    OWNID (Often Wrong Never in Doubt)… the moniker of the leftie.


  3. Disloyal and incorrect says:

    People, what is my agenda?

    Why do we cry about the NHS?: So that we can claim that under this Tory led Government, p[people are dying

    Why do we cry about persecuted Muslims?: Because Muslims can be only victims in our eyes

    Why do we Claim you Hate Gays?: Because my boyfriends knows of a friend of a friend who saw a video of a man being attacked for being Gay in East London which was said to be a Gang of Muslims. But we all know it was EDL propaganda where they used racist HIndus to try and malign innocent peaceful Muslims.

    Why do we say you hate everyone non-white who achieves? : Because we believe that in your world, we need Non-whites to accept below minimum wages in which to keep white people rich.

    Why do we claim you want to encourage wars in Israel and Iran? Why? Because As a Leftie I need another war in which to be able to claim the moral high ground, yes I know that more Muslims have died at the hands of Islamic countries and Muslims, than any Non Islamic entity, but the fact remains we (The left) have been claiming that Israel will attack Iran since 2001 and as of yet nothing has happened.

    Why do we claim you want no support whatsoever for anyone in difficulties?:Again by trying to claim the moral high ground, we can try to get Labour voted in.

    …and so on.

    We encourage hate and loathing but to what end? What possible gains and satisfaction can we receive from promoting hate? Its our Left wing nature

    It is our wish to become as sad a creature as Jimmy Saville? (PBH) We are so devoid of any love or humanity that this is going to be our obituary?

    The left: we hate humanity. (and our reflection in the mirror)


  4. Demon says:

    Nicked Emus, you were actually quite clever for a change. Your hate-filled rant at the top successfully misdirected this thread from discussing the money drain that is the NHS.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘successfully misdirected this thread from discussing the money drain that is the NHS’
      Quite. Get a quick ‘ism in there and he’ll have reinforcements aplenty.
      Best not to then, though this does leave the floor open for a ringer.
      What are the odds?


      • Guest Who says:

        They could call it… ‘tactic #47 in the BBC playbook’.


      • Chop says:

        Don’t mention gayes….otherwise Scotty boy will be popping up like some kind of foam flecked whack-a-mole.


  5. Rtd Colonel says:

    Next time St Andrew of Burnham is on a news programme will he be asked about the complete cock up over GP contracts which saw them rewarded for being even less flexible directly creating a stream of additional people visiting A&E as they could not get appointments or adequate out of hours visits – may be not a shortage of doctors but an increase in demand fuelled by the NULAB years


    • Alex says:

      Yes, indeed, and I wonder if they’ll mention Labour’s 12 billion IT system cock-up. Yes, that’s 12 billion pounds, ladies and gents, on an IT system that simply didn’t work! And the BBC have the audacity to refer to Labour on the NHS?

      Everything the Labour party touched turn to disaster during their 13 year reign: immigration, the economy, the NHS, education, the ‘justice’ system, welfare…. And yet they are worthy in the eyes of the BBC? If they ever get into power again England is finished.


  6. Alex says:

    Yes, and most infuriating of all DV is the plain fact that, as David Cameron mentioned today, the NHS is simply having to deal with millions more people with less money. Millions more people who were let in under Labour and less money because the Coalition are spending OUR HARD EARNED TAXES in the likes of Pakistan! It’s an utter disgrace that our elderly are dying in corridors and yet our political class just pick a charity of their choice and, bang, there goes a few billion. But, the BBC are pro-immigration and pro giving our money to other countries because it makes them and the left-wing chattering classes feel good about themselves at the snooty wine-party dinner table in Knightsbridge.


  7. PhilO'TheWisp says:

    The BBC has a device called Spoiler Speed Dial, or Phone-a-Gob. Always ready with a lefty to provide “Balance”


  8. ember2013 says:

    Some representatives of the NHS won’t be happy until every orifice of every Doctor is stuffed with gold (regardless of how many patients are dying unduly.)


  9. The Beebinator says:

    the government are giving the NHS a half billion quid over 2 years yet they give a billion quid a month to bongo bongo land. excuse my french but fuck bongo bongo land, lets sort out our own land first


    • John Anderson says:

      It seems to me that Britain gave the whole world the notions of rule of law, representative democracy and the protestant ethic/capitalism. Plus Britain bequeathed its former “Empire” with systems of education, transport, basic health servicescivil administrations and Parliaments as well – most of which had not existed.

      Latterly – and still – we have had millions of immigrants from these countries – many of whom remit money home in large quantities.

      Hasn’t Britain done its share ?

      Yes, if there is an overwhelming disaster, maybe some aid is justified. But all that can be handled by charities.

      And there is nothing to stop British firms going to these countries if there are commercial and industrial opportunities – from which both sides benefit.

      For the rest – it should be for each country to find its own salvation. If left to their own devices they might be less tolerant of all the corruption and inefficiency. Shelling out taxpayer money at a huge rate is not worth the candle – it seldom leads to long-term improvement.


      • johnnythefish says:

        John, you’re forgetting what the Romans/Vikings/Normans/Barbary slave traders etc ‘did for us’.

        For God’s sake, has the BBC taught you NOTHING?


  10. stuart says:

    the bbc will never address the issue that mass immigration and health tourism is directly increasing massive pressure on the nhs full stop,you can only fit so many people into a car, you can only fit so many patients into a hospital ward.with millions of more people projected to come into the uk in the next few years,i fear the health service will be on the verge of total collapse.


  11. The Beebinator says:

    my minds just been put at rest regarding immigration and the nhs. we’ve nothing to worry about. Immigrants themselves have come up with an ingenious method of cutting down on numbers. this must be one of the advantages of uncontrolled immigration because im sure no native brit would have come up with such an idea



  12. johnnythefish says:

    Thinking about this……£500 million…….£500 million…

    Shouldn’t the coalition be congratulated for its rapid replanting of the money tree forests which were laid waste by Labour?


  13. flexdream says:

    Somehow for those being paid or rewarded for providing services like A&E no increase is ever enough. What would be? A billion? Two billion? Ten billion? It’s well past the time that the government made some difficult and painful choices and changes. It will never satisfy its enemies by increasing spending.


    • uncle bup says:

      The State teat suckers say

      ‘we do not have enough money to do what we are supposed to do because we waste so much of it’.

      The solution is NOT to give them more money. Paradoxically (though I don’t see it as a paradox) the solution is to give them less money.

      Amazing how even in the Public Sector that sometime needs must.


  14. CCE says:

    NHS Hospitals given half a billion pounds of extra emergency funding, amounting to almost 4.17% of the overseas aid budget. Why should either bottomless pit be stuffed with my money?

    1) A&E is a preferred option for the professional health vacationer as you do not have to register, there are no meaningful checks and is a open portal to unlimited free healthcare as you are assigned clinical staff to take on your care. It is blatantly and constantly abused by ileagal immigrants and a very large number of foreign health thieves.
    2) A&E is abused domestically by the lazy, the stupid and the feckless as is treated as a primary care service for those who cannot be arsed going to the GP to complain about constipation etc.
    3) Peak demand is in delightfully vibrant and culturally exciting urban areas and on chav festivals (Friday and Saturday ritual ‘prayers’ – you know, the kneeling down and vomiting in the streets after 9 pints of white lightning – and general all the mayhem and blood letting associated with ‘british’ drinking culture)
    4) Emergency ambulance call out rates increase massively in excess of population growth rates
    5) DNA rates (Did Not Attend) for appointments with counsultants (approx £400 per hour) run at about 15%

    There is a very simple solution, Charge for A&E

    Pensioners, veterans and disabled people free
    People with actual injuries or emergency health issues (heart attack etc) free
    Everyone else – £25 (cash) per A&E attendance if NHS entitled, £150 plus credit card or insurance details (verified) if foreign.

    End of ‘crisis’.

    People do not value anything that is without cost to them.


    • Andrew says:

      … or, to put it another way, if you make anything free then the demand for it will be more or less infinite.


  15. McClane says:

    I’d never heard of the College of Emergency Medicine before. Thank you for the reference.

    Since most healthcare workers in A&E are like to be members of Unison, Unite, the RCN or the GMC I fail to see what function the CEM has in A&E.

    Still, it’s a good enough name to put on Today to impress listeners with when you want to be anti-government.