Tim Stanley, Heretic or Kafir?




‘The Changeling’ takes you into a Catholic world of blurred edges and deepest shadows where you cannot trust that what you see is true.

The Cambridge Student newspaper 2007


You may have been following the spectacle of the academic, historian and all round cosmopolitan Tim Stanley trying to handbag working class Tommy Robinson for his views on Islam.

The most recent cause of Stanley’s angst is, he tells us, because:

EDL leader Tommy Robinson tweets link to anti-Semitic website. That’s the company he keeps


Stanley writes in the Telegraph but regularly moonlights at the BBC and the Guardian amongst other media outlets. He typifies the snobbish, patrician, over educated, over mannered and self regarding pompous metro sexual self proclaimed elite that inhabits the corridors of the BBC that preaches to us all….as he himself admits:

Tim Stanley ‏@timothy_stanley 1h   Yes, I’m a snob towards the EDL. Since when did despising Right-wing violence become bourgeois?


Aahh…so…he can despise the EDL but the EDL can’t despise or criticise Islam….and it seems you can’t criticise Stanley’s  opinion as ‘comments’ are off under both his anti-EDL pitches.


His fellow Telegraph blogger and BBC correspondent Jake Wallis Simons is beating the same path…could they be BBC ‘deniable operatives’? Saying things that the BBC would love to say but can’t…so it gives the nod to its ‘outliers’ to put the boot into the EDL in non BBC publications.

Here JWS falsely claims a Facebook memorial page for Lee Rigby was an EDL front………as highlighted on BBBC.

Here he has another go at the EDL.


Stanley’s Hypocrisy

Stanley claims it is the ‘violence’ of the EDL that he loathes when the reality is it is their stance on Islam that he hates, which is odd really…you would have thought an academic would be all for encouraging debate….as his student newspaper, The Cambridge Student, reports Oxford Union did when they debated this in 2007:

The motion at the Union last Thursday was incendiary:  ‘This House Believes that Islam is incompatible with Western Liberalism.” In the crowd sat an unusual amount of Muslims, waiting expectantly to see if they were ‘incompatible’ or not, and what was going to be done about it.


So, once again, it is fine for the intellectually and morally superior to debate Islam but not a ‘working class chav’ like Tommy Robinson?


Stanley criticises Tommy Robinson for retweeting a link to an article which finishes on an anti-Semitic note….

Odd from a man who works for the Guardian, that well known publisher of anti-Semitic tracts…and the BBC, which has probably done more to incite violence and contempt against the Jews of Israel than most other news organisation….or so the Balen Report probably would tell us….and who used to support the Labour Party but now backs the Republicans in the US…both Partys which were the joint instigators of a ‘war against Islam’ as the left like to tell us.


Stanley has nothing to say about the revelations in this video:  Undercover Mosque…but then again nor did the BBC, it completely ignored the revelations preferring to conduct a week long witch hunt against Jade Goody.

Nothing to say about Mehdi Hasan’s revelations about anti-Semitism being rife in the Muslim community…‘Our dirty little secret’ as he called it.


It seems some anti-Semitism is OK…just not if you’re white and working class…that’s if you believe that Tommy Robinson’s retweet indicates at all whether he is anti-Semitic or not.


Nor has he anything to say about this exchange on Tommy Robinson’s Twitter feed  immediately below the Tweet he claimed was evidence of Robinson’s anti-Semitism….with someone who says they are Muslim, about Rochdale and the Muslim rape gangs:

Tommy Robinson EDL ‏@EDLTrobinson 5 Aug Sick dirty way of thinking #islam pic.twitter.com/5EQkpEkpMx

Normani Kordei ‏@NormaniKordei97 5 Aug @edltrobinson wft you twat. How is it a dirt way of thinkin you fuckin wank stain.

Victoria ‏@VixxyLix 5 Aug @NormaniKordei97 @EDLTrobinson grooming and rape of underage girls and calling it trade is disgustingly sick!!!



Stanley is also a Catholic…and yet has he anything to say about the Catholic Church’s stance on abortion, homosexuality, women’s place in society, child abuse or Islam?…after all it wasn’t so long ago that the then Pope said this:

Muslim religious leaders have accused Pope Benedict XVI of quoting anti-Islamic remarks during a speech at a German university this week.

“Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”

Religious leader Ali Bardakoglu said the Pope’s comments represented what he called an “abhorrent, hostile and prejudiced point of view”.



If the Pope can say that why can’t the EDL?  Is the Pope a racist bigot?  Tell us what you think Stanley?

I imagine Stanley supports Islam as it has a very similar cultural stance to all those things (mutual dislike between Christianity and Islam aside). If he didn’t support Islam and its stance on  misogyny, its homophobia, its anti-abortion stance and child abuse, its desire to control and rule over its congregation he couldn’t very well claim to be a Catholic. Support for Islam is really part of the battle against the atheists…my enemy’s enemy is my friend…at least for now….defending Islam is part of the strategy to keep all religion, as an idea, mainstream and legitimate…..

‘On abortion, on homosexuality and on abuse, the mainstream media has it in for the Catholic Church.’


And what of Peter Foster, Stanley‘s good friend and colleague….does he think Foster is an idiot or racist bigot?

‘Peter is a Catholic, but he writes in the Daily Telegraph of his dislike of Rick Santorum thus: “I can’t escape the whiff of the witch-hunt about Mr Santorum, who is of a breed of Catholic unfamiliar to us English: a man of the strictest Catholic theology … I find Rick Santorum so, um, scary.”’

But Stanley doesn’t denounce or disown Frost…he doesn’t vilify him or call him racist or a bigot…..how is it that Frost can write about fundamentalist Catholics in those terms and not be denounced by Stanley as he denounces the EDL for their criticism of Islam?


Stanley is a hypocrite attacking a working class man for daring to have views of his own not handed down to him by the likes of Stanley, and having the guts to act on those thoughts…unlike Stanley who hisses loudly from the safety of his blog.


Stanley has completely lost his way in his desire to defend Islam…his latest article is a classic example of cultural cringe, the fear of offending, the complete surrender of his own cultural, religious and political values and beliefs…..

 Islam is way more English than the EDL

Muslims cling on to values that were once definitively English and that we could do with rediscovering. Islam instructs its followers to cherish their families, to venerate women, to treat strangers kindly, to obey the law of any country they are in (yes, yes, it really does), and to give generously.


Well you can certainly argue against all those points…but what about the inconveniently violent aspects of Islam? They seem to be completely missing from Stanley’s considerations.

What drives Stanley’s massive hypocrisy, his love of Islamic teachings and culture?

Let’s take a closer look at the life and times, and ‘thoughts’, of Chairman Tim.


Tim Stanley unsuccessfully ran for a sabbatical post on Cambridge University Student’s Union, standing in 2007 for Welfare Officer. His manifesto consisted of a handwritten note simply reading:

“This is hand written because I was too drunk to write a manifesto. There is no better testament to my character”.


Only 6 years ago. So drunk he couldn’t string a coherent thought together and get it down on paper…..Has anything changed?

He tells us that ‘I took a PhD in history at Trinity College, Cambridge in 2008.’

He was born in 1982 and so essentially Stanley has been a student for most of his life until he was 26, then he went into academia, teaching, and of course graces our lives with regular stints in the media.

So the cloistered life of a student, back into academia as a lecturer, media poppet and now religious fanatic on the quiet….not a good mix for telling others how to lead their lives.

Perhaps events occurring during his time as a student at Cambridge shaped his character, values and beliefs?….Here a report from The Cambridge Student….

Student witch-hunt

The row over academic freedom has been reignited in Oxford, as a group of students have tried to remove a Don due to his political beliefs. A student petition has made against Professor David Coleman, a professor of demography at Oxford and co-founder of the think-tank Migration Watch UK.

The petition has been launched by Oxford Student Action for Refugees.

Colleagues at Oxford University have risen to Professor Coleman’s defense, calling the petition a “student witch-hunt” and arguing that students should debate their views with Coleman, not call to sack him.

Professor Coleman has called the petition “a shameful attempt, of the most intolerant and totalitarian kind, to suppress the freedom of analysis and informed comment that it is the function of universities to cherish.”


And another example of student intolerance of differing views, also from The Cambridge Student 2007:

An investigation by The Times Higher Education Supplement has revealed students’ widespread abuse of academics by means of the internet.  Lecturers have been publicly attacked on networking websites, coming under, sometimes sexually explicit, abuse. Insults to their professionalism and appearance have been broadcast to a potential audience of millions via the web, as lecturers have been attacked online as “useless” and “rubbish”. One has even been branded a ‘waste-of-space bitch’.


The refusal to debate subjects they don’t want to see criticised openly, the attempts to eradicate free speech and intellectual argument, the use of abuse and smears on the internet to undermine opponents.

Guess nothing has really changed since his student days, you can see where he developed his politics and religious views, and his methods of dealing with those whose views he holds in the deepest contempt…..smear, vilify and libel them, attempt to deny them any place in the debate by undermining their character and reputation.


What of his religious convictions? Does he have values, beliefs or principles, or any that he sticks to for long?

Not really…..he is a bit of a ‘changeling’….. 

The Changeling’ takes you into a Catholic world of blurred edges and deepest shadows where you cannot trust that what you see is true’  The Cambridge Student 2007

This is how he describes himself:

I define my politics as Anarcho-Catholic – an eclectic kind of pacifistic, red meat eating, gun loving, tax hating, Buddha hugging voodoo. I’m temperamentally conservative, but neither a Tory nor a Republican. I love America deeply and I suspect she is the last hope for mankind (I really don’t want to have to learn Chinese).

To which the BBC adds.…‘who supports the right-wing Tea Party, which he describes as “misunderstood”.’


How long before he changes religion yet again…he doesn’t seem too happy with his latest venture into Catholicism…..how long before he jumps ship and converts to yet another religion? Stanley seems to jump aboard whatever fashionable movement or cultural trend is the most popular….recently Catholicism was on the up, now it is Islam.

Stanley would probably have been on the streets with Mosley’s Black Shirts in the 30’s…telling us Hitler was ‘misunderstood’…Stanley is a man who has no convictions, principles or values of his own as we can see from his journey through the political and religious spectrum up close and personal……


Stanley joined the British Labour Partyat the age of 15. He was Chair of Cambridge University Labour Club in 2003-4, and stood as the Labour candidate for his home constituency of Sevenoaks at the 2005 general election, where he came third. He has since distanced himself from the Labour Party, and has been arguing in support of the US Republican Party….and is now a Tea Party supporter.



In October 2012 Stanley stated he was “raised a good Baptist boy”. He is a convert to Roman Catholicism.  Previously, he considered himself to be an Anglican, beginning around “one glorious summer” in 2002, and was baptized as an Anglican in Little St. Marys, Cambridge, in New Year 2003. He later aligned himself with the Church of England’sAnglo-Catholic wing before becoming a Roman Catholic.


Tim Stanley is a religious fascist, a fanatic, he loves the smell of burning heretics in the morning and the clanging shut of the Iron Maiden, but a fanatic who doesn’t have the strength of character to be fanatical …he hides behind the Papal skirts of a civilised Catholic Church peering out longingly at the other more strident, violently assertive religions of the world wishing he could be like that.


How long can it be before he takes the ultimate step and commits himself to Islam, that stridently self assured and confident religion that likes a bit of ‘fire and brimstone’?

He doesn’t like the ‘culture of sober reflection and ecumenical goodwill’ that envelops the Catholic Church at present…the silence and contemplation. He wants extremist fundamentalism, if you believe then you should follow those beliefs…it is no good picking and choosing only those bits of the Faith that you like…‘It makes no sense. For what is a Catholic except someone who accepts Catholic doctrine? Isn’t that what defines us?’

He says that he can’t accept that ‘Bishops prefer tolerance to Truth.’

Which is strange really as Stanley spends his time preaching tolerance of Islam at the expense of the Truth.

He admits: ‘There is, in many quarters, a scent of death about the Catholic Church. We are waiting for our extinction at the hands of barbarians or old age.’

Who are those ‘barbarians’?

Stanley is a Muslim, he just won’t admit it to himself yet.

He denies that will ever be the case but you can see he prefers and longs for the violent assertiveness of Islam as no one any longer expects the sadly missed Spanish Inquisition…..

I will definitely die a Catholic. No doubt about it….They accept their mortality and submit to the will of God…But I often find it hard to live like a Catholic. Part of the problem is that I am a convert…..As a personality type, I am a fire and brimstone evangelical.

As a child (brought up as a Baptist), I was taught that everything you need to know about God and man is found in the Bible….The most ubiquitous phrase was “God willing.” It articulated an almost Islamic faith that God was behind every action and consequence.

God willed it and it was done. And you didn’t ask any damned questions about it.

Baptism reinforces its tenets every day with aggressive proselytizing. Not so Catholicism. Catholicism is a religion of silence and contemplation.…[but is] a little too quiet for my taste. Bishops, it can feel, prefer tolerance to truth.

Priests bend over backwards to reassure people of other faiths but are reticent about pushing the validity of their own.

This is the phenomenon of “I’m a Catholic but…,” and it really makes no sense to a former Baptist. No Baptist would ever say, “I’m a fundamentalist but I don’t believe in all of it.” That would be a contradiction and a rejection of faith and might even get you excluded from the church.

It makes no sense. For what is a Catholic except someone who accepts Catholic doctrine? Isn’t that what defines us?

There are many complex reasons why the “I’m a Catholic but…” phenomenon is widespread. But a good insight into it is offered in a fine blog post by my friend and colleague Peter Foster. Peter is a Catholic, but he writes in the Daily Telegraph of his dislike of Rick Santorum thus: “I can’t escape the whiff of the witch-hunt about Mr Santorum, who is of a breed of Catholic unfamiliar to us English: a man of the strictest Catholic theology … whose message is transmitted through a distinctly evangelical amplifier … I’m afraid I can’t find much that’s terribly sympathetic or merciful in Mr Santorum, and I’m not sure that’s a particularly good quality in a man who wants to assume the awesome responsibilities of the US presidency……I find Rick Santorum so, um, scary.”

I don’t find Santorum scary. In fact, I find his tone on moral matters refreshingly clear. But here is the likely difference between me and Peter. I was raised in an evangelical culture that is largely imported from America. He was raised in a cradle Catholic community that is steeped in the modern Catholic culture of sober reflection and ecumenical goodwill.

There is, in many quarters, a scent of death about the Catholic Church. We are waiting for our extinction at the hands of barbarians or old age.

I shall close on a quote from Buchanan’s memoirs, Right From the Beginning: “There was an awe-inspiring solemnity, power, and beauty about the old Church, which attracted people who were seeking the permanent things of life … Not only did we proclaim ourselves to be “the one holy Catholic and apostolic Church,” under the watchful eye of the Holy Ghost – with all others heretical – we were gaining converts by the scores of thousands, yearly … Ecumenism was not what we were about; we were on the road to victory.

Why compromise when you have the true Faith?”




This part gives the lie to Stanley’s tolerance of Islam:

Priests bend over backwards to reassure people of other faiths but are reticent about pushing the validity of their own.

This is the phenomenon of “I’m a Catholic but…,” and it really makes no sense to a former Baptist. No Baptist would ever say, “I’m a fundamentalist but I don’t believe in all of it.” That would be a contradiction and a rejection of faith and might even get you excluded from the church.

It makes no sense. For what is a Catholic except someone who accepts Catholic doctrine? Isn’t that what defines us?



He is saying that Catholicism should assert itself, its beliefs and doctrine…but to do that means denying and denouncing Islam…for the two are diametrically opposed to one another…Islam denying the central tenets of Christian faith.


Either Stanley believes in Christianity and thereby must denounce Islam as a false religion, or if he still attacks the EDL for criticising Islam , he must himself become a Muslim…or an atheist…he certainly cannot remain Catholic and be a cheerleader for Islam which quite happily defines him as a Kafir whilst demanding brimstone and hellfire from the Catholic authorities imposing the ‘Will of God’.


So Dr Tim Stanley what are you?  Catholic, Muslim, Heretic?  Maybe all three…a very unholy Trinity.

There’s always the new priesthood….that of the BBC which has taken over the role of the Church in the UK….thanks to Is the BBC biased? from which I stole this link:

‘Is the BBC a friend or foe of the Catholic Church?’











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24 Responses to Tim Stanley, Heretic or Kafir?

  1. Ian Hills says:

    A creature of passing fashionable views, possessed no doubt of the latest smartphone, ordering lattes because that’s what posh people do on the ads…there are plenty of posers like him, and just as easily forgotten.


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    “So, once again, it is fine for the intellectually and morally superior to debate Islam but not a ‘working class chav’ like Tommy Robinson?”

    Yes, of course it is. You can bet there was never any doubt that the Union would come to the “correct” conclusion. It’s a lot like Nicky Campbell’s serious debate sessions. They can tackle the tough questions so long as they arrive at the correct conclusions.

    Stanley has been quite open about his life-long Labour support, and even his time as an activist. Supposedly he’s grown up slightly and espouses a couple of nominally conservative views, but he’s never actually been put to the test on them, as far as I’m aware. It’s only natural he’d take the position that he’s not about thought control at all, but is only worried about violence. If nobody in the EDL had ever gotten into a fight, he’d find some other reason to hate them. If there was a rash of EDL gangs drugging and raping teenage girls up and down the land, I’d probably stop laughing.


    • Ken Hall says:

      So he’s another liar that refuses to acknowlege the truth of the UAF thugs that always turn up to start the fights at EDL demos. He never condemns their violence, nor their hypocricy or fascism.

      Basically it seems to me that Stanley is trying to be “provocotive” to make a name for himself. Most people like that write abusive tweets to women from the safety of their teenage bedrooms, and grow out of it before they get old enough to rely on pay-cheques.

      Stanley, however is an immature Troll afforded the privilege of a column in the Telegraph, but without even the slight courage required to face up to the response of his Telegraph trolling by allowing comments.

      In short, he is an immature, ignorant troll, unworthy of serious consideration. He needs to grow up!


      • Mice Height says:

        I was just about to say the same thing, Ken. If he despises violence so much, but dare not criticise brown people, then why not write a piece on the Communist thugs of UAF, who’s arrests always far exceed those of the EDL, and whose presence ‘counter-demonstrating’ always creates the problems in the first place.

        After that Tory MP Tweeted about the ‘multicultural nonsense’ of the Olympic opening ceremony, I’m sure it was this clueless bell-end that they wheeled on to say that “The debate about multiculturalism in Britain is over”
        Strange that, I don’t ever recall any discussion, let alone debate, ever being allowed.


  3. David Brims says:

    ”I’m not one of those New Labour metropolitan types who wants to create a rainbow nation of hippies .”

    That’s a yes then.

    ”But its precisely because I’m a traditionalist that I look at Islam and see much to admire – ordered, sensitive to the sacred, civilised – and then look at the British far Right and see much to loathe – ignorant about history, invariably irreligious, law-breaking, lacking in charity.”

    You mean like the epidemic of muslim raping white girls ?

    ”Of course, I’ll be labelled a snob for writing all of this.”

    At least he has some self awareness.



    • The General says:

      “..so much to admire….” Sexual intercourse with children, ‘Thighing’ with infants, stoning, mutilation, amputations, beheadings, public hangings, misogyny, wife beating..etc etc..


  4. lojolondon says:

    Stanley is a spoiled, pompous arse. I wrote on the other blogs he does for Telegraph, telling him so, and querying why comments were off on his Islam articles. I wonder if he will mention the acid attack on two white British teenagers in Tanzania, “for singing during Ramadan”.


  5. Chilli says:

    Probably a bit too long Alan. I lost interest half way through. You only had to read Stanley’s series of anti-Romney, probama posts during the election campaign, or his anti-Zimmerman post to know the man’s a complete knob.


  6. George R says:

    A useful exposé of Stanley, who is unable to criticise Islam.

    To find a Catholic who is very knowledgeable about, and critical of Islam, Mr Stanley has only to turn to Mr Spencer of ‘JihadWatch’.



  7. John says:

    The man is a fool (In my opinion at least) but I suppose we must acknowledge the Telegraph’s right to allow a wide variety of opinions to be expressed. In this respect it is of course fundamentally different to the BBC which brings my comment nicely back on topic!


    • Guest Who says:

      Looking at the comments on the few blogs around Timistan’s latest forays that, unlike his, have them enabled, The Telegraph’s editors and owners may now be aware of the esteem he is held in by their readership. As they are being apprised on the contributions to their environmental credibility by the ongoing efforts of Ms. Gray as ‘reporter’ on this beat.
      The joys of market forces where choice is possible may yet work its way through here, even if it cannot for more unique reasons in some places.


  8. stuart says:

    timothy stanley is just typical of these posh boy socalist white middle class keyboard warrior trolls who sneeer and looks down at the white working classes,this guy slags of the edl and anybody with so called right wing views but if he is so brave why dont he have a face to face debate with tommy robinson or anybody else who have concerns about the spread of violent radical islam in this country,he wont because he is just another posh boy leftie keyboard warrior coward,i bet he does live in some inner city muslim ghetto like in birmingham where last week 2 white english lads on a charity walk got stoned and racialliy abused by the muslim locals and had to be rescued by the police for fear of being lynced because they just happened to stray into there sharia law dominated muslim area,why does not timothy stanley write an article about this,no he wont because its the likes of him that appease and pander to the islamic extremists while the rest of us have to live in fear from the latest terrorist outage they intend to commit,shut up timothy stanley your just a buck idiot and a nobody cares about what filth and bile you spurt out against the ordinary white working class man or woman in this country.


  9. Conspiracy Theory Central says:

    Difficult to see what this has to do with the BBC, given that Tim Stanley rarely appears on TV or radio. But given Alan’s evident enthusiasm for the EDL it’s easy to guess the reason for this poisonous, spiteful hatchet job. Suggesting he’s a lefty is completely laughable, though. His politics are libertarian, he writes for the Telegraph more frequently than for any other outlet, and you don’t have to read much of his stuff to know that he’s anti state, pro market and pro individual liberty. But then if you’re very very far to the right – the sort of cretin who thinks the ruling class are happy to see the Islamification of Britain because they’ll ‘do quite nicely out of it’ – I guess a libertarian free marketeer might look a bit ‘left’.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘this poisonous, spiteful hatchet job… the sort of cretin…’
      Not all that you have difficulty seeing. Hope this helps.


      • Conspiracy Theory Central says:

        Calling somebody a cretin isn’t a hatchet job. Spending a thousand words being deeply unpleasant about somebody is. When that is motivated by an apparently pathological hatred of anybody with a university education it reveals something telling about the character of the author.


        • Guest Who says:

          ‘Calling somebody a cretin isn’t a hatchet job. Spending a thousand words being deeply unpleasant about somebody is.’
          As you say so, you obviously believe it to be true.
          This may still not be the case, though.
          Deep unpleasantness can be conveyed in 1,000 words, or just one.
          And I think you have managed just that.
          Now, try and tell me I am not allowed to think such a thing.


  10. stuart says:

    @ alan, well done because that ignorant upper class plum in his throat leftie toff keyboard warrior tim stanley is moaning like the little schoolgirl about you on his twitter account and the comments that are being made about him,what a woosie he is,he can give it but he cant take,judging by the way he just told iain dale how he loves islam that much,i suggest to you tim stanley that you convert to islam and say move to tower hamlets,what a poor senstive girly boy you are tim stanlley crying like the little spoilt child about what alan has said about you in this blog, i am almost in tears myself lol.


  11. kfr says:

    he was on lbc today,he is so posh sounding and came across as just another attention seeking socalist bore


  12. GTRman says:

    The two girls were in Zanzibar ,not Tanzania , and apparently they were jewish , not White.

    A doctor at the hospital who was part of the team that attended to the teenagers said that their injuries were “mild”.

    “We suspect that whatever the liquid was, it was not true acid, it may have been diluted,” he said. “They have burns on their hands from wiping the liquid off. They have minor injuries on their chests and their necks. Considering it could have been very bad, what they have is quite mild.”

    Two jewish girls… working for a charity where the direct beneficiaries are not juwes themselves.

    Simply unheard of, quite literally.

    Check out the Israeli websites, like me they simply cannot believe that any jew would volunteer to help any goyische cause.

    90%+ of jewish respondents cannot understand it either.

    “Only one way
    to visit a muslim country for a Jew, and that is in a tank !!!! They hate us so much why tempt them. Israelis are running back to Turkey now and it is only a matter of time…………………………… AM YISRAEL CHAI
    GENESIS, Johannesburg (9/8/13)”

    “Two Jewish Teens Targeted in an Acid Attack in Zanzibar
    Motive for the attack still unclear. A friend suggests “Jewish girls walking around in Zanzibar always make a target.”


    “The antisemites at the BBC hide that they were both Jewish.”

    “heWorldsAStage semsem5 • 10 hours ago −
    Have it out with Danny Cohen or any of the other jewish heads of department at the BBC…”


    Those filthy anti-semites at the BBC eh…

    jews themselves, struggle to get their head around the idea of jewish people working for a goyische charity, that doesn’t benefit or profit themselves.


  13. GTRman says:

    I’ve seen Tim Stanley on a couple of those BBC1 “debate” shows in his colourful socks and baseball sneakers..groovy.

    Comes across quite pathetic.

    Maybe HE wanted to be the next Dr…Who?

    Glad I found this site: I DESPISE the BBC and monitor their agenda at several venues.


  14. GTRman says:

    And it’s not just the BBC , the agenda is painfully obvious across the board. However , Radio Foreskin is my favourte nemesis. ” You dont have to be a black marxist homosexual jewish / muslim/sikh nigerian/ afghani feminist with daddy issues to work here , but it helps ” It sure does!

    Of course , I can provide examples…


    • Andrew says:

      The Diversity Paradox:

      “The Leftist construct which is called ‘Diversity’ does not allow diverse opinions to be held about the value of diversity.”


  15. GTRman says:

    jews , jews , jews , jews ….

    Someone, please invent an app that makes the Bercows go away


    Friedman dead? No, just not that visible

    “JEW Paul Krugman has an interesting blog attempting to explain why JEW Milton Friedman , blah blah blah ..”


    “According to JEW Krugman, his interest in economics began with JEW Isaac Asimov’s Foundation novels..”

    “JEW Krugman reports that he is a distant relative of conservative journalist QUEER JEW David Frum..”

    “an undergraduate economics text which he says was strongly inspired by the first edition of JEW Paul Samuelson’s classic textbook..”

    “JEW Krugman modeled a ‘preference for diversity’ by assuming a CES utility function like that in a 1977 paper by JEW Joseph Stiglitz…”

    “In 2007, JEW Krugman published The Conscience of a Liberal, whose title refers to JEW Barry Goldwater’s Conscience of a Conservative…”

    “JEW Martin Wolf has written that JEW Krugman is both the “most hated and most admired columnist in the US”…”

    “In August 2005, after JEW Alan Greenspan expressed concern over housing markets, JEW Krugman criticized JEW Greenspan’s earlier reluctance to regulate the mortgage and related financial markets..”

    “In 1996, Jewsweek’s Michael Hirsh (JEW)remarked, “Say this for JEW Krugman: though an unabashed liberal … he’s ideologically colorblind…”

    “JEW Krugman worked for JEW Martin Feldstein when the latter was appointed chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers and chief economic advisor to President Ronald Reagan…”


  16. Stewart says:

    The problem , as ever, with Jew hating conspiracy theories is that all the ‘culprits’ named are secular Jews (as where the Jewish intellectuals in the Bolshevik party and later the Frankfurt school) and are neither informed by or seek to promote their erstwhile ‘faith’.
    Plus of course the obvious paradox that ,if the international cabal of Jews is so powerful, how have they achieve so little for the well being of their co-religionists?
    But you are entitled to your view and will, to some extent, have the support of the bourgeois liberal left that seek to defend the BBC on here, as attested to by their predictable response to your posts