Lynton Crosby’s alleged, by Labour, conflict of interest, was big news for the BBC, instantly becoming a major story.


Tim Yeo’s green industry conflict of interest was of no interest at all.

Remarkably nor is the alleged green industry conflict of interest of Lib-Dem Peer Lord Stephen:

Lord Stephen facing questions over wind farm ’empire’

A Liberal Democrat peer was today facing questions over his support for wind farms in the House of Lords after it was reported he is a director of 10 renewable energy companies.



Is there a pattern forming there?  If it was ‘Big Oil’ he had investments in you can be sure he’d be on the frontpage.


The Scottish Daily Express broke the story this morning, the Telegraph reported it by midday.

The BBC, the world’s most powerful broadcaster, hasn’t felt the need to comment.

It does seem that for certain communities and interests the BBC will look the other way and white wash over their failings.


Is the BBC biased? has also noticed a similar pattern when the BBC is reporting or rather, not reporting, other matters:

Breaking news

I really don’t understand why this keeps happening.
If you’ve been reading the news online today you’ll know that a radical Muslim cleric, Sheikh Issa Ponda, has been on the run after being shot by police on Zanzibar – and, according to the Daily Mirror, has now been caught and is under armed guard in hospital. The Islamist is suspected of involvement in the cruel acid attack on two British girls last week. 
Only the Guardian and the BBC websites have failed to report it. There’s nothing on their websites about this story. The Guardian’s last report on the acid attack in Zanzibar came two days ago and the BBC have added nothing since early yesterday morning and have made no mention at all of Sheikh Issa Ponda in recent days. So, when will the story finally appear?
I just don’t understand why this keeps happening. Do you?


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14 Responses to Greenwash

  1. JimS says:

    How much attention will be paid to this? – Chris Huhne appointed to senior role with US energy firm.


  2. Wild says:

    The BBC said that religion had nothing to do with the acid attack, so there is no need to report it as the police obviously have the wrong person.


  3. OldBloke says:

    Yahoo have been updating the events of the Acid Attacker and everyone who subscribes to that news avenue is up to speed. One has to ask, why isn’t the BBC? But then, we all know the answer to that one don’t we?


  4. PhilO'TheWisp says:

    Also nothing on BBC about Underpants Bryant’s speech tomorrow attacking Tesco for employing some of the millions of immigrants Labour let in. The BBC will blow a fuse trying to rationalise this one


    • The General says:

      By the time the BBC have finished with this it will be the Tories who are responsible for mass immigration, zero hour contracts and what they will claim to be the subsequent increase in unemployment among British workers.


    • nofanofpoliticians says:

      This one is particularly interesting. Why have Labour focused on Tesco and Next in their examples rather than, say, the Home Office or the NHS? and what action would they propose?

      Maybe the story can only end up getting Labour into deep water, and for that reason the BBC would rather it just went away?


  5. Jenny Keal says:

    Roger Harabin was on this morning talking about fracking. Cameron has said the South must accept it, but as usual Harrabin finished the piece in a negative way about fracking. What is it with the BBC, do they want the lights to go out. Their obsession with wind energy is obvious driven by their massive pension investment in the sector.


    • George R says:

      Hampstead HARRABIN will continue his political campaigning against the development of shale gas/oil in Britain until he is forced to stop by Director General, HALL; Harrabin knows that he can continue this political campaigning indefinitely, until he retires from his political role, when it suits him.

      For BBC-NUJ propagandists to censor:

      “The town where ‘fracking’ is already happening
      Fracking might be causing mass protests in Middle England, but for the community living around one of the hundreds of wells already ‘fracked’ in the UK, the locals hardly seem to notice.

      By Louise Gray.


      • Guest Who says:

        That’s a shame; I’m past my monthly freebie limit.
        It’s an interesting, tantalising first line from a lady currently not doing too well elsewhere for her #prasenews enviro advocacy.
        Like Mr. Dawkins, it may be interested to see how such straying (which I take the line to suggest) is met by the (up to now) faithful.


        • nofanofpoliticians says:

          Go incognito… DT allows this and you should be able to see it in totality.

          Back on topic


          • Guest Who says:

            ‘Back on topic’
            Scolded back in place, I obey. Next.
            There’s another needs your wise counsel, mind.


        • Owen Morgan says:

          It was better than la Gray’s usual WWF press release (not that that’s tricky), because she did do a bit of reporting from Dorset. She had to acknowledge that even the opponents of fracking there are forced to admit that it has been going on for ages, without anything other than the usual bits of the Jurassic Coast falling into the sea, for the usual reasons.

          Gray did, however, make sure to end her piece with a completely irrelevant quotation from Sussex rent-a-rant, Louisa Delpy:

          For the people of Balcombe it is not worth the risk.

          Louisa Delpy a resident campaigning to stop drilling in the area, said fracking has the potential to destroy the countryside.

          “Drilling could lead to full scale fracking with wells every couple of miles, huge water usage in a dry area, traffic and long term risks to the environment and water table.

          “If they do it here in an area of outstanding natural beauty they can do it anywhere.”