Transported From Gaza’s ‘Open Prison’ To The Aussie Outback

Is Gaza the most densely populated place on Earth?



The population of Gaza is a highly political issue:

“Many who oppose Israel’s arms blockade of Gaza claim that the territory is “an open-air prison” and “the most densely populated place on earth.”


The BBC’s Jon Donnison knows this well…which is no doubt why he emphasises Gaza’s population density in a parting shot at Israel as he disappears off to Australia:

From little Gaza to chunky Australia

With its wall, watchtowers and fences, Gaza is not a place for the claustrophobic


Watchtowers and fences?  No mention of Gaza’s rocket launching terrorists, the murderous government that keeps its population in fear and poverty.  No mention that those watchtowers and fences are actually on the Israeli border…to keep out those Palestinian murderers and terrorists intent on slaughtering as many Israelis, men, women and children, as possible.


This is the BBC’s graphic:

Gaza population graph




Chosen no doubt to emphasise Gaza’s population ‘crush’.


Why didn’t the BBC choose the one at the head of this post which would show a completely different perspective on things.  Not quite so effective politically for someone pushing the Palestinian narrative.


What of the fact that Islington in London has a density of nearly 14,000 / sq. km

…and London itself a density of 4,761/sq. km

In other words little London has a greater density than Gaza.

Incredible how all those BBC employees manage to survive in London…presumably they couldn’t leave London to work in Salford because it is such a ‘open prison’ just like Gaza.



H/T to Pounce who beat me to the draw on this!  ‘Open Wound’…good one!…and comments all removed from Donnison’s piece?  Possibly all those messages of fond farewell were too emotionally overwhelming for Donnison.  Yes, sad to see him go….still, there are many stories of Australian racism towards Muslims and immigrants to explore and bring to the world’s notice….blimey cobber…the pommie bastard’s straight in there already:

Stephanie Banister: Australian Islam gaffe goes viral

By Jon Donnison


As with Gaza the BBC can be a bridge to the world for the victims of White Australian prejudice as Mark Thompson once relayed to us:

‘We provide a bridge to the world, a bridge to freedom, it is very important that the story of Gaza is told around the world.’



I imagine this is one legal immigrant that the Aussies will wish to put back on the boat asap.






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35 Responses to Transported From Gaza’s ‘Open Prison’ To The Aussie Outback

  1. The Beebinator says:

    The population of gaza per sq km would have been higher if it wasnt for ramadan


    • will says:

      That’s “the Holy month of Ramadan”


    • Adi says:

      Yeah, the annual Ramadan bomb-a-thon is quite famous across the planet. “Holly” month my arse.


    • DP111 says:

      And speaking of “the Holy month of Ramadan”, the RoP has yet again beaten its own record.

      Ramadan 2013 Death Count – 6,625 ( up 94.7%)

      Ramadan 2012 Death Count: 3,402 ( up 66.6%)

      Go RoP Go.


      • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

        But dont they know that wages have fallen in real terms by 5% since 2010 in the uk?
        Headlines all day on al beeba .
        If i was sitting in a desert shithole, surrounded by imams, dogmatically induced filth, poverty, and violence, I’d be having second thoughts about choosing the UK as a destination.
        But then, the benefits will be protected wont they.
        What’s that? The tories have invented a bedroom tax? Nahhh…that was labour, please be honest pbuh.


  2. The General says:

    He has been sent from Gaza to Australia !!!!
    What has he done wrong ?


    • Guest Who says:

      Though the degree of side-stepping at the middle east desk to new roles expanding the BBC staff budget globally has been interesting of late. Not quite ‘all change’, but close.
      Luckily for truth and integrity, Jezza is limpet-like in place, if still unable to function without a bit of help from the locals.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The Israel beat is a meatgrinder for Beeboids. Nobody can stand having to listen to the Israeli government scream down the phone on a daily basis. With the way the BBC reports on the scene, Israel has an awful lot to complain about, so it must seem like an endless stream of vitriol to Donnison and his boss. The BBC feels constant pressure, and it shows in the way Donnison took such a defiant stance after tweeting that fake-but-accurate photo. Getting criticized by Israel is a badge of honor for him and the BBC. It tells them they’re getting it right.

      I imagine there are very few, if any, bureaus at the BBC where journalists have a worse time with getting “complaints from both sides”. Israel/enemies stories probably get more complaints by volume, and at a higher level of viciousness, than almost any other topic. I think Donnison lasted longer than most, though.


  3. London Calling says:

    This Gaza density comparison is a fraud put about by an arab academic at a US University – I read it a while back but didn’t keep the link. The politics appeals to Left Academia and has been re-quoted many times

    Gaza’s claimed 4, 761 compares with Tel Aviv’s 7,524, and that other liberal hell-hole San Francisco’s 6,685 per sq km.
    Gaza is still only a third of Monaco’s population density.

    What the arab academic did was remove all cities whose population lives in tall buildings, which left Gaza top in the list as the most densely populous once you exclude all the others. Needless to say no-one looked closely at his methodology and just swallowed the lie – just went along with all the rest of Pallywood junk.

    Par for the course for a BBC news-spinner


  4. Ralph says:

    The underlying attitude is that living in somewhere with a high population density is inherently a bad thing. I would have thought that living under a terrorist regime who uses civilians as human shields is worse, but I don’t work for the BBC.


  5. Dembones says:

    Do they really think that people are that dumb and aren’t able to look at Google Earth? Well perhaps current schooling does not encourage independent thought but it only takes a few to start checking and then more and more do the same, then very soon no-one believes a word they are saying, even the truth; the BBC is fast reaching that point.


    • Peter Grimes says:

      Unfortunately until politicians (and it would never be Leftist politicians) decide to take on Al JaBeeBa’s lies and liars publicly and rebut them strongly, the 80% or so who rely on them for news content will believe that ‘our impartial public service broadcaster’ always tells only the truth, and nothing but the truth.


  6. John Wood says:

    People living in Gaza have the 107th highest life expectancy in the world (despite daily israeli bombardment with chemical weapons, sending in poisoned food etc, etc)

    This beats such poor countries as Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Egypt, Brazil, Turkey, Morocco, Syria, Iran, Russia, Greenland, India, Ukraine and is more than 6 years above the world average.

    Must be a terrible place”


  7. Phil says:

    On twitter I see that Mr Donnison is described as the BBC’s Sydney correspondent.

    According to wiki the city of Sydney has a population of 169505 residents and a population density of 6780 people per square kilometre, 47% higher than Gaza.

    And it has 293000 people working in it every day so the density from 9-5 Mon to Fri will be several times that of Gaza.


    • Rufus McDufus says:

      Maybe that’s why they sent Donnison to that hell-hole? He is used to the squalor & claustrophobia of high-density living. What a guy.


  8. Adi says:

    The al-beebzeera must be heartbroken. Their like-minded pal Morsi has been ousted and the Egyptian Army is hunting jihadists and Hamas operatives who want to kill tourists and blow up gas pipelines. All the smuggling tunnels to Gaza are closed. Eeeevil jooos!

    Sure thing, Gaza is a prison. A prison of their own mentality, a prison of Islamofascist ideology. Did the al-beebzeera ever wondered what the children there are taught and educated into? Guess not.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Flith and propaganda. Best way to describe this website.


    • Rufus McDufus says:

      You mean the BBC website of course!


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      Earls court! I claim my fiver!


    • Adi says:

      Flith and propaganda. Best way to describe this website.

      Here, let me help you:

      (you’re welcomed). Btw, what “flith” means, some kind of insect repellant?


  10. George R says:

    We know that the ‘bête noire’ of the U.K political class (inc BBC-NUJ) is the English Defence League, which is opposed to the Islamisation of Britain.

    Where is the BBC-NUJ’s political policy (and the Cameron-Warsi government’s policy) against the following?:-



    “A jihadist group, ‘Islamic Emergency Defence’ (IED), has set up a website and hotline in the UK for Muslims to report non-Muslim initiatives and demos. Cloaking themselves with the fictional Muslim victimhood, the website sets up an alert system as an excuse to dispatch Muslim mobs to create havoc and violence where counter jihadist and pro-freedom demos are taking place. Think of it as vigilante sharia militias.”


  11. Pounce says:

    The bBC, is currently reporting that the Jews have slotted a Pal who after digging near the border fence, climbed over it and disregarding the soldiers who not only told him to stop, return, continued to march towards them so he was shot.

    Yet while the bBC is quick to report this news, they leave out that over ‘Ramadan’ that not only were a number of people murdered in Gaza by their own, but the Pals have been lobbing rockets across the border on a virtually daily basis.


  12. Amounderness Lad says:

    I demand we do something immediately to help the poor, suffering, overcrowded people of Geneva. With over 11,000 of them crammed into every square kilometre their living conditions must be horrific. We should send them cash, food and medical aid as a matter of great urgency or the consequences will soon be horrific.


  13. deegee says:

    When I first visited Gaza (in IDF uniform) around 1990 I expected to see something on the lines of Bangkok or Hong Kong. I was astonished at how much land was either agricultural or completely undeveloped. Even today, a squint at Google Earth will confirm this. Not as surprising, the rich didn’t live in overcrowded slums but in villa areas.

    Donison tries to cover himself from the obvious ridiculous statement that Gaza is the most densely populated by reducing that to some parts. There are neighbourhoods with some of the highest population densities in the world. That is worth some discussion.

    The most densely populated part is said to be Jabaliya Refugee camp. Other parts of Gaza must therefore be less dense. According to Wikipedia’s List of city districts by population density it is 21st in density. I bet if the list was sufficiently updated it would fall even further behind. At what point in any comparison does anything stop being one of the most and become just unexceptional?

    Bennett Zimmerman, Roberta Seid and Michael L. Wise in their 2006 study ‘The Million Person Gap: The Arab Population in the West Bank and Gaza’ claimed that Palestinian population figures were exaggerated. That would suggest the density figures are also exaggerated.

    The neighbourhoods that are most dense are refugee camps. Why would that be? Let’s suggest some reasons.

    Firstly UNRWA pays out benefits through refugee camps. It is financially advisable to either live in a camp or even better not live in the camp but be registered as living there.

    Secondly, the camps are fairly squalid in places which is good propaganda. Residents are discouraged from leaving. In the 1970s Israeli attempts to rehouse while it was still in control were rebuffed. The U.N. General Assembly, at the urging of the Arab states, passed Resolution 32/90 condemning Israel for trying to relocate these refugees and demanded they be returned “to the camps in which they were removed.”

    Thirdly, the unique Palestinian refugee definition which makes refugee status an inheritable asset encourages overcrowding in the camps. If they move out to other parts of Gaza they lose benefits.

    Links to all references:
    Just dense
    All wet in Gaza

    Population games


  14. deegee says:

    The top 10 most ‘crowded’ suburbs across Australia

    Didn’t someone say Australia has the worlds least population density?

    Suburb—Local Govt Area—Persons per km²
    1. Elizabeth Bay—Sydney—20,165
    2. Rushcutters Bay—Sydney—15,221
    3. Wentworth Point—Auburn—12,869
    4. Ultimo—Sydney—12,734
    5. Pyrmont—Sydney—12,458
    6. Darlinghurst Sydney 11,651
    7. Milsons Point—North Sydney—11,701
    8. Surry Hills—Sydney—11,651
    9. Bondi—Waverly—11,162
    10. Potts Point—Sydney—11,128
    In case you have forgotten:

    Gaza Population Density 4,750 people per km²
    Gaza City Population Density 9,983 persons per km²

    Jewish Trivia
    Any Aussies reading this? Six out of the ten (6/10) places on the greatest population density list have a Jewish connection. Either like Bondi, they have a significant Jewish population or like Darlinghurst, house the offices of Jewish organisations. And the moral is …?