Its going to be interesting watching how the BBC deal with the building tsunami of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants into the UK. This morning, the BBC reports that the number of Romanians and Bulgarians working in the UK rose by a quarter in three months. As we can all anticipate, this surge will grow and grow as restrictions come to an end. Always advocates of irrevocable demographic change, I suggest the BBC will seek to present this as a failure of Coalition policy (which it’s not really, it is simply a consequence of our membership of the EU) and imply that somehow Labour will be tougher!

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  1. Phil Ford says:

    ‘Migrants’, David. We don’t say the ‘immigrant’ word round here any more. Didn’t you get the memo?


    • noggin says:

      do you not remember
      the bbc had a tory lamebrain, spouting the
      “but, it will only be highly skilled IT workers” line.
      the reason for the increase, is that these Romagarians
      are organised, they smell the handouts and will go for it.
      “but, but, it will only be highly skilled IT workers.

      a local organiser for the polish community centre, in our nearest large town, has contacted the council on 3 occasions he told me yesterday, because the “word” on the (east European) street, is that these gypsy chappies/criminal types mostly have big plans ….
      apparently, they didn t want to know?
      what could they be? these plans?,
      he told me, many many families in Romania have a really high standard of living, through their activities here, low level crime mostly, charity scams, begging, fraud, thieving/receiving, worringly extortion with violence is what mainly bothered the Poles

      “but, it will only be highly skilled IT workers”?


    • DP111 says:

      If only among the thousands of Romanians coming to the UK, we could have just one Vlad Tepes.


      • Stewart says:

        Strangely I have just bought a book ,purely as a result of browsing a second hand book shop, on Vlad the Impaler


        • Span Ows says:

          An interesting history including the Dracula connection: important to note that despite his marked cruelty to prisoners of war etc was ‘why’ he impaled i.e. where he got the idea…


  2. london calling says:

    The words “asylum-seeker” still rolls easily off the journalists tongue but its a stretch to apply it to the Bulmainians. Expect the “search of a better life” (for them, not us) to pop up frequently. I mean, who could blame anyone for wanting a better life? All that free housing free money free school places, free healthcare. Perhaps among these new arrivals are some journalists that could do all the jobs at the BBC for a tenth of the salary. They couldn’t do worse than the present overpaid champagne socialist luvvies, and save us a few bob. A new Bulgarian chair for Question Time? And how about some pretty Roma autocue news readers? Or perhaps the BBC elite assume their jobs are “safe”.


    • Guest Who says:

      It’s a thought.
      Imagine the panic in certain quarters if Graun media classified started appearing also in Cyrillic?


      • Thoughtful says:

        Bulgarians and Romanians can’t make a legitimate claim for asylum.
        What they do to get around this is to sell the big issue for a while, and then after 9 months become entitled to benefits.

        The CEO of the big issue is completely guilty of this calumny

        Never buy the Big Issue !


        • London Calling says:

          Thats explains why that Romanian lady selling the Big Issue outside Waitrose in Tottenham Court Road is always smiling. She knows in a few months she’ll be inside, shopping.

          Why are the civil servants that write the admin rules for entitlements so terminally useless? How come they are never exposed and shamed? Oh I forgot. We don’t have any investigative journalists any more. Only left wing bigots.


          • F*** the Beeb says:

            International asylum law states that asylum must be granted by THE FIRST PEACE-TIME COUNTRY an asylum seeker enters. It does not give an asylum seeker the right to choose to go to another country that’s not even connected to any other continents. Ergo, by definition of the laws that were created specifically to protect vulnerable people trying to escape hellish war-torn nations, every single person who has claimed asylum in the United Kingdom since the creation of the EU has no right to be here. That is a simple fact as stated by legislation. They should never have been granted access to the UK to begin with because there is not a single war-torn country in close enough proximity to the UK that you can justify Britain being the first country an asylum seeker reaches. They came here either because they love what the UK represents (or used to represent) or, in many other cases, because they knew the far-left had shouted down dissenters of mass immigration to the point where the UK has become an incredibly soft touch.


            • Thoughtful says:

              every single person who has claimed asylum in the United Kingdom since the creation of the EU has no right to be here.

              Absolute nonsense !!

              Ever heard of Air travel, or sea travel?

              Then there’s another few problems, the section you quote – where is it in the actual treaty?

              I doubt it’s actually there as there is no requirement for a country to be not at war.

              The asylum seeker is supposed to claim asylum in the first signatory country they pass through, but there is nothing in the treaty which prevents them travelling on to a different country, that country then has a choice as to whether they grant refugee status or not.

              But it doesn’t help us in any way as once an EU country grants asylum, the refugee has freedom of movement within the UK and can settle here anyway.

              Asylum law is complex, and having worked in this area, I can tell you that you haven’t got the first clue.


            • DP111 says:

              After 7/7 and the bloody slaughter of Lee Rigby, I would have thought that everyone would know by now that we are at war – and an internal war at that. Its not quite civil yet, but getting there.

              Everyone has to choose a side then.

              Now for something not in the least related

              Policeman charged with leaking plans to arrest Anjem Choudary to his wife who worked for George Galloway

              Det Insp Mohammed Afiz Khan headed up Met’s Muslim Contact Unit
              Wife Aisha Ali-Khan worked as parliamentary secretary to Respect MP
              Khan accused of passing details of plans to arrest cleric to his wife
              Charged with misconduct in public office and breaching data protection
              Ali-Khan accused of encouraging the commission of offences

              Read more:



        • lojolondon says:

          I never, ever buy the big issue unless the person speaks with a local accent. If someone is homeless / jobless, that is a role that can be filled back wherever it is they came from…


        • Maturecheese says:

          I haven’t bought one for years precisely because I never see a non foreigner selling them. What immediately goes through my head with these sellers is , if you haven’t got a job what the hell are you doing here. Big issue was supposed to help our own unfortunates, not the rest of the worlds


  3. George R says:

    ‘Sky News’-

    “Rise In Migrants From Romania And Bulgaria.
    Restrictions have not yet lifted but figures show the number working in Britain is up more than a quarter in three months.”


    “Romanians and Bulgarians working in UK up 26%”


  4. Sinniberg says:

    Sadly, I suspect the BBC are absolutely over-joyed at the prospect of another wave of immigrants into GB as it will further eradicate the native white population and further their agenda.

    Goodness knows how they’ll spin it but no doubt it’ll be the usual brain numbing angle/logic we get from them.


  5. Rtd Colonel says:

    Just how big is the market for the big issue – clearly a publishing success story in a declining market?


    • Framer says:

      They don’t actually sell copies. They only have one to display.
      Sara Mulley from a ‘centre left’ thinktank is quoted on the BBC News website saying “instead of focusing on the figures the government should make sure that we’re prepared whatever the numbers are”.
      If that’s centre left what does the left want?


      • F*** the Beeb says:

        Ask Andrew Marr, the man who said the UK should state-enforce nationwide homogenisation of all races (thus negating the whole ‘multiculturalism’ thing he also claims to advocate…er, go bounce the ball, Andrew) and that repression of views right of centre is a ‘positive thing.’ He said this. Also, there’s Jeremy Hardy who said anyone who has membership, votes for, or even in some way sympathises with the BNP should be shot in the back of the head for the good of the nation – Nazism at its finest. I’d be safe since I would never vote for such an unsophisticated, incompetent group of white supremacist knobs like the BNP, but considering a lot of very insecure/intellectually dishonest lefties describe UKIP as “The BNP in suits” or “The EDL with jobs,” it’s pretty frightening to think that Hardy somehow represents a non-extreme point of view. And yet he probably wouldn’t be banned from joining the police force, unlike someone who votes for the BNP.

        At least Stephen Fry, often used as the go-to hate figure for BBC leftism, doesn’t advocate slaughtering people based on their political views or mass genocide of Caucasians. In fact if anything he probably isn’t left enough for the BBC’s current direction.


        • The Beebinator says:

          andrew marr’s desire to eliminate whitey was very bizarre. but in hindsight, we know he must have been under a lot of pressure at the time and wasnt thinking straight, hence the reason he had a stroke.


      • jack hughes says:

        Our local Big Issue guy has got himself a good pitch at the local Sainsburys…..nice middle class area with lots of pensioners willing to give him a quid out of their meagre income…..slightly spoilt for me when I saw him arriving by taxi one morning from a town 8 miles away…


        • Aerfen says:

          Why on earth are so many pensioners so daft?


          • Stewart says:

            They grew up in a kinder, happier and ,for the most part, safer country. Where it was sensible to give any one the benefit of the doubt
            That country no longer exists


        • dez says:

          jack hughes,
          Some obvious questions: How do you know where he got a taxi from? And why are you so resentful if he’s decided to spend some of his earnings to go somewhere where he can sell more copies? It’s exactly the sort of self-reliance that the Big Issue tries to encourage. You do realise that Big Issue sellers don’t get their papers for free don’t you? They have to pay for them – that’s the whole point.


      • Simon says:

        They show one and have others in their bags. I often buy one as regardless of the politics involved it is helping out people who are down on their luck. Maybe people are using it as a backdoor to get into the country but some of the ones I speak to are just everyday nice blokes who are in a rut and are doing something to get back on their feet. The complete opposite to another group who want us dead but are happy to take our money…..


  6. GCooper says:

    The answer to David Vance’s question is: they will lie about it by sugar coating the poison pill.

    Here is the headline from the BBC’s website, buried in small type on the front page:

    “Romanian and Bulgarian jobs up 26%”

    Those six words are all the evidence needed to prove what the BBC has become: the propaganda machine of the far Left.


  7. George R says:

    “100 Romanians and Bulgarians take a job in Britain every day, official figures show”



  8. Bodo says:

    It’s very easy to encourage immigration, virtually impossible to turn off the tap. Once a foreign national community establishes itself in the UK it acts as a huge magnet to draw more in.
    We have a Somali community, already the biggest in Europe and growing rapidly. This from virtually nothing not many years ago.

    Rotherham has 4000 Roma community already living there, putting a huge strain on social services, the police, and schools. It will act as a magnet for thousands more.

    Bradford is a huge magnet for Asians, but recently has seen a huge influx of Irish travellers. These all go straight to the top of the council house priority list due to large families, but also reportedly to prevent large caravan sites appearing.

    Third World immigration has long since turned much of Bradford into a third world city, but the presence of travellers horses on every bit of a available roadside verge or public park makes the place look like something out of Borat the movie.

    It would be funny if it were not so tragic. Plenty of spectacular buildings still give clues about how magnificent Bradford once was.


    • Dave s says:

      I wonder if the travellers and the Asians get on?
      And just how did 4000Roma end up in Rotherham?
      It all sounds bizarre.
      Just what is happening in the North of England?. It sounds like it has gone crazy.


    • Simon says:

      It was funny how for last year’s league cup final when Bradford were involved there was a big piece in the Telegraph about how muslims are getting involved in sport and intergrating because a woman in a hijab was shouting abuse at an Arsenal player in one of their games. If that was a white bloke doing the same he would have been branded a hooligan. Most of these left wing journalists just can’t see the double standards but then they are very well paid and don’t have to see the effects of mass immigration first hand


  9. Robin says:

    BBC interviewed a farmer about why he employs Romanians instead of British . (apparently they work harder for longer ,but when I did business in Romania they didn’t , could it have something to do with the value of the wages ?)

    Never was he asked how he paid these illegals , or how can anyone blatantly go on national broadcasting and say he is party to illegal activity .


    • hadda says:

      It’s not illegal if they’re (validated) seasonal agricultural workers.


      • Robin says:

        Who validated them ?
        When was it official government policy to allow them in ? When was it announced ?


        • hadda says:

          The UK Border Agency.

          “Work authorisation
          You will need to apply for an accession worker card, which authorises you to work in the UK, unless:
          . . .
          you are coming to the UK under the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme (SAWS), and you hold a valid work card issued by a SAWS operator”

          It’s been the case for years.


  10. kfr says:…and the leftist academics want more mass immigration


  11. London Calling says:

    Our MP are on Summer recess, and enjoying their inflated weeks holiday. Pity the poor school teachers that have only six weeks summer holiday – education is so important but apparently not that important, whilst those households with two proper jobs to pay the bills have the extra burden of holiday childcare.

    People blather about racial and income inequality but how did we get in this mess of “holiday inequality”? The freeloaders of course have 52 weeks holiday a year, but this is apparently a human right.


  12. joeb says:

    I’d really love to see a few filthy Roma camps spring up in Islington and Hampstead. It would be a real laugh watching the residents’ associations, which are all run by leftist do-gooders, spring into action.


  13. Mark says:

    I would like to see many more Romanians working at the BBC…Or any for that matter. Let BBC News “workers” have their jobs threatened by cheaper workers. They are quite happy to let the rest of us. I just can’t see that happening.


  14. Mark says:

    “For every action there is a reaction” so it is said.

    The BBC have been ignoring legitimate argument against mass immigration for years. Anyone remember how they patronisingly used the words “anecdotal evidence” when someone explained with concern the influx of immigration in their area(s)? Funny how the BEEB don’t use these words in other contexts when interviewing people.

    Back to my point. The problem the BBC will have now is that there are lot of bloody angry people who have been ignored for far too long on the issue of immigration and have been shut down in debate by the BBC news organisation for far too long. The BBC’s conceited “we are trusted” label that they love to dish out when they are questioned on impartiality doesn’t wash anymore. Just as much Labour’s newly founded concern on immigration (do they really think we have short term memory loss?).

    I question everything when I watch the Beeb now. I cross reference it with Channel 4 News and Aljazeera.

    Many people will soon be turning to these Aljazeera for more impartial news and the BBC will have its own staff to blame for peoples increasing lack of trust in its impartiality.

    After all any news media who had Polly Toynbee as its News Editor (as the BBC did) can hardly claim to be impartial can it?


  15. fitzfitz says:

    Immigrants don’t pay the BBC’s licence fee … who knew ? … ! .