Almost certain no bias exists….

Take the week off lads and lasses…I’m 95% certain there is no BBC bias ….Will Hutton in the Guardian has assured me that claims of bias are ridiculous:

BBC attempts to broadcast its findings in as impartial way as possible will be portrayed as yet more evidence of BBC bias, even though the BBC will pack its coverage with lots of sceptical voices, notwithstanding their marginalisation by world science, to try to cover its back.



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  1. stuart says:

    the kenyan security forces are questioning and hopefully torturing a alleged suspect involved in the massacre and torture of women and children last week in the shopping mall in nairobi,thats ok you might think,no it is not,this guy has been described tonight on the bbc as a good old british citixen from manchester,no he is not, he came here from somalia in 2003 and claimed asylum,my point is why is it these people who claim asylum here from abroad then go off back to there places of birth pakistan,somalia ,iraq etc and get involved in terrorism all of a sudden call themselfes british when they get caught.why would they do that when they hate the british and the west,panorama tonight on bbc 1 are doing a report about(british) muslim terrorists and as usual the same old crowd of freinds and family will be coming on panorama saying what nice boys they are and would never hurt a fly blah blah blah,this cover of calling yourself british sickens me when they get caught planning terrorists attacks at home and abroad and i for one will never call myself british as long as these terrorists call themselfs british,this abuse of the word british must stop now and these people who claim asylum here who get involved in terrorism at home and abroad must be stripped of there british citixenship until they have proved there loyalty to the queen and this country.simple as that.


    • Leha says:

      No more British than flying in the air. These people hold a british passport, thats all, and it should be revoked immediately.


      • The General says:

        They are only “British” when they get into trouble and use their “British” nationality for their own ends. The rest of the time they are British hating Islamists.


    • Mice Height says:

      Well said. It’s a bit like every victim of black gang violence. They’re always said to be little angels who were aspiring footballers, athletes etc.


    • Knuts says:

      Why the BBC and other MSM organisations continue to call them Citizens when the correct term is Denizens is beyond me. All equal I guess.


  2. Alex Feltham says:

    The last week saw 4 mass slaughters of “infidel”.

    Yet if you go to their Rolls Royce of news sites there’s barely athing apart from the prurient angle of the sexy “White widow”.

    Why this silence on the biggest story of the time?

    We are witnessing the culmination of a hundred year pogrom across the Muslim world that has seen the Christian population of the Middle East fall from around 20% at the turn of the 20th century to 2% today.

    As to the reason for the silence. It’s all part of a desperate attempt to maintain the fiction that Muslims will integrate, because what’s the alternative?

    There’s a great take on the reason for it in: “Muslim Terrorism Is Different” at::!/2013/09/muslim-terrorism-is-different.html


  3. Ian Rushlow says:

    Mark in Wonderland… an article on the BBC website this morning (see asks the question: “How British is Britain?”. It is not, of course, a real question as leftists have no interest in the answer, they merely ask it to denigrate and undermine the concept of Britishness. The article is illustrated by a picture of 5 young ladies who have covered their heads to protect themselves against the cold. Or perhaps they are colonists from abroad who have retained their native clothing. Needless to say, ethnic minorities and non-Christian people are far more likely to describe themselves as “British” than anyone else. Particular “British” hotspots – it almost goes without saying – include Luton, Slough and Birmingham. What Mr Easton and his ilk don’t or cannot understand is that for the majority of us the term “British” is a devalued term that we feel no longer able to accept; we’ll call ourselves English, Scottish, Welsh, White, Christian – anything to preserve our identity and distance ourselves from this nonsense. It is the BBC which is anything but “British”.


    • Sir Stamford Raffles says:

      My Britishness has become stronger as I sense that the BBC and other leftists are, and have been, out to get at it. It is NOT devalued to me and I fight to strengthen it, despite those people who claim to be British and who have only a passport to prove it,.


      • Doublethinker says:

        I feel the same. In the past I thought that some immigration was a ‘good thing’ and that it would give some interesting extra dimensions to our society. I still do think that a little immigration was a good thing. For instance I think that the British Jewish community has , to use a now tarnished word, enriched us.
        But when you get so many immigrants that they swamp our native culture, turn some of our cities into a foreign land, become a drag on the country as opposed to an asset, then you have to say there is a limit to how many immigrants it is healthy to have.
        Then to cap it all some of these groups of immigrants start to run campaigns of terror. It feels like we have just allowed a Trojan Horse into our country and are still allowing more and more in. It is unlikely to end well.


  4. Phil Ford says:

    Will Hutton personifies supercilious common purpose trolls so busy these days propagating Agenda 21 via CAGW alarmism across Western Europe via their friends in the left wing msm. I don’t take anything Hutton writes seriously – he’s got a long, inglorious history as useful idiot to the cause and as one of the BBC’s favoured propagandists he’s available, it seems, at a moment’s notice to mug on TV news in support of the EU, ‘multicultural’ Britain, public services, anything New Labour might want to do and, of course, the need to be afraid of CAGW.

    Hutton thinks of himself as a man of intellectual, liberal progressive solutions. I think of him as part of the problem.


  5. F*** The Beeb says:

    The problem is that many in the far left honestly believe that other far left sources are ‘impartial’ simply because they confirm their pre-existing beliefs, but any that lean even slightly to the right are ‘biased.’ It’s always amazed me how they’ll quickly point out the unreliability of many right-wing outlets as having agendas and their audiences as just wanting their opinions validated, but they don’t even CONSIDER the possibility – and in fact proven inevitability – that the same can be said of most left-leaning outlets.

    The only difference between the BBC and, say, Fox News is that Fox News doesn’t hold itself under a pretence of impartiality, and doesn’t force the taxpayer to prop it up under that myth.


  6. will says:

    the BBC will pack its coverage with lots of sceptical voices

    They certainly will when it comes to the Conservative Party conference. Before going for comment from straight down the middle John Piennaar the Radio 5 deskman read out 6-10 tweets all of which were highly sceptical of the Tories – & of course all coming from the Left.


  7. Mark II says:

    BBC attempts to broadcast its findings in as impartial way as possible

    As impartial as possible whilst retaining their natural desire to promote their liberal/warmist agenda – it is for you own good you know.


  8. johnnythefish says:


    ‘This is terrifying. The decades ahead will witness our planet become progressively uninhabitable for hundreds of millions of people, because of either drought or floods. The weather will become ever more volatile. Ocean currents will be disturbed and dwindle. There will be mass movements of people trying to escape the consequences; no country will be untouched.’

    He still believes the models. He has to. Agenda 21 depends on them. The politicians depend on them, so the politicians make sure the science fits.

    Keep the faith, Will – the last 15 years have been but a dream, they didn’t happen.

    See you when the lights go out. Or more probably – not. It will be dark. And so very, very cold.


  9. GCooper says:

    Hutton isn’t just an imbecile, he’s a contemptible imbecile whose opinions on just about every significant subject during the past 20 years have been wrong.

    Only absurdly partisan organisations, like the BBC or the Guardian, would even consider employing someone so habitually foolish.