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  1. kev says:

    Owen Jones will be pushed under the bus by is fellow lefty’s when the SHTF.


  2. Bill Wright says:

    It’s no good us talking to each other. How about some outreach? A few ideas have been floated. Can’t we act on them instead of sitting here endlessly gassing like the People’s Front of Judea?


  3. John Anderson says:

    The Tea Party that the BBC constantly vilifies always focussed on the American Constitution – which dates from the time when Americans rebelled against autocratic rule. The United States was designed to be a country where government was of laws, not of men. This included the separation of powers – Congress makes the laws, not the President – the President’s job under Article II of the Constitution is the see that the laws made by Congress are “faithfully executed”. Mardell et al seem to understand none of this – that is why they have been well and truly conned by Obama’s “fix” of the most pressing element of the ObamaCare. debacle.

    The BBC says Obama’s “fix”means that people CAN keep their health insurance policies. Just wave a wand and all is fixed. That is outright rubbish. The fix was Obama saying that insurance “MAY” continue existing policies – which is pretty impossible since most of them have already been cancelled after 3 years of work to comply with the legislation, they cannot be resurrected overnight. And more importantly, the whole “fix” looks to be illegal, just a gesture that is aimed at shifting blame to the insurance industry.

    BBC reporting suggests that merely by a press conference and announcement of a waiver, Obama has “fixed” the debacle. How shallow can the BBC get ? Dozens of BBC reporters in the US, and not a clue about the legal and practical complexities of what is being proposed.


    A round-up of comments on what a mess Obama and the Democrats are in :


    The BBC neglected to report on the mounting debacle. It is now mis-reporting on this blockbuster argument going on in the US.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The Beeboids love it when the President acts outside the law, though. He’s bypassing an intransigent Congress, making sure the evil racist Republicans don’t do something harmful to the nation’s future health care, don’t you know. And anyway, even though insurance companies said the “fix” would do even more damage, the President called them into His office for a scolding brain-storming session. After announcing His fix, that is, which He did without consulting them. All will be well.

      By consistently presenting any and all concerns about ObamaCare or the “fix” or anything the President does as something coming from the Republican Party, the BBC diminishes and delegitimizes them, directing the reader to the desired conclusion. As long as it’s “Republicans say”, people can dismiss everything as partisanship, or as the usual personal animosity towards Him.

      There’s no official editorial policy or directive making them does this. It happens quite automatically because that’s how they think anyway. The problem is that they all seem to think this way, so the institutional bias occurs naturally.


  4. London Calling says:

    Never let a good disaster go to waste, the Green Jeremiahs are out in force.

    “Typhoon shows need for action – DEC
    The UK’s Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) has urged countries to take urgent action on climate change, as UN talks enter their second week. ”

    DEC or DECC – whatever they say the BBC parrots it as news


    • uncle bup says:

      Yes the filipina cyclone ‘has given us a glimpse of the future’.

      Here’s another glimpse of the future.

      My boot and the corpulent corpulent arse of a green-shilling, state-teat sucking quangocrat DEC moron coming into contact.


  5. graphene fedora says:

    A raccoon savages a ‘go to’ beeboid favourite – yes, it’s the ‘loose Cannon’, Giles Fraser.


  6. The PrangWizard of England says:

    Have you noticed how often the BBC uses the word ‘controversial’ in their stories, especially when they want on put their angle on something? Just trying to get your attention! You know perfectly well how often.

    But not this morning. They were headlining on TV early Sunday with the call by DEC for action on climate change, less we get more typhoons like the one in the Philippines last week. Then cut to the meeting in Warsaw of climate change politics. A few minutes silence for the victims to start with. If we don’t do something there will be more disasters.

    Not a mention that this is a truly controversial issue, not a mention that there is much evidence which questions the theory, but they of course are promoting it, disgracefully.

    Not a mention that they have been criticised for their partiality and bias. The BBC consider themselves above criticism.

    They are beyond internal reform, the BBC must be broken up.


  7. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    Bbc breakfast, adoring the call from that hotbed of scientific research, The DEC. Yes that’s right, the disasters and emergency committee. What call? Well obviously, tne fact that the ” worst storm ever” was caused by climate change.
    So they wheeled on an expert, yes no other than a specialist from Oxfam, another scientific thinktank ( not).
    His solution to the CChange ? Two wonderful party pieces:
    A follow the example of Germany’s dash toward green energy
    B a robin hood tax on the banks.

    Anything else? Errr….no actually.
    I will sleep so much better tonight knowing that people like him are looking after my wellbeing.
    What a bunch of total wankers.


    • OldBloke says:

      It was not the worst storm ever. It might have been the *worst storm* to impact the Philippines simply because this storm hit the plethora of islands, where in the past, nearly all the other storms missed those islands. Can you see how those words *worst storm ever* have been twisted to suit an agenda? Clever stuff eh? Also, my brother lives in Germany, and people are beginning to kick the green energy into touch as they realise the *agenda* is costing them a fortune and they are beginning to wake up to the *scam* that is global warming/climate change. Like I say, it was not the *worst storm on record* but at best the 7th rated as the wind speeds were only estimates given by the JTWS based in Hawaii.


    • Old Goat says:

      Germany’s “dash towards green energy”? Would that be the dash which is stumbling somewhat, and re-routing via new coal-fired power stations? That Germany?


      • OldBloke says:

        Yes , that Germany who look at those who are pushing the green agenda for fuelling the needs of their country, who having a good old chuckle to themselves suddenly realise that there might be a very good export market for home generated *fuel*!


      • uncle bup says:

        … not to mention the 300,000 Jerries who are unable to pay their green-inflated power bills.

        Heating or eating eh.


  8. Milverton says:

    Five Live: circa 08.40.

    The cause of Typhoon Haiyan is placed firmly at the feet of climate change by Tony Livesey in a conversation with Justine Greening. Muttered party line reply about government’s CC credentials.

    A more switched on politician might have responded that the ability of a Westminster government to stop a typhoon on the other side of the world was not immediately obvious.

    Five Live: circa 08:50.

    Livesey, the man who bamboozled la Greening just a few minutes ago regales us once more with his massive intellect.

    We are told the impending, expected, and natural flipping of the Sun’s magnetic poles will effect the Earth. A professor arrives…

    It’s possible I’m doing Tony Livesey a very slight disservice but I’m pretty sure I half heard him ask the professor if it will effect us here in Britain.

    The prof thinks that it will.

    The perils of employing an ex Sunday Sport editor as a presenter. Not enough to faze a professor, easily enough to confuse the Secretary of State for International Development.


  9. AsISeeIt says:

    The BBC has become an agenda-led organisation. Some call the output propaganda – the BBC certainly campaigns on issues dear to its heart.

    Tony Hall will of course deny such straight talking but at the very least the BBC facilitates certain individuals to campaign – enabled to do this by the BBC attitude to news broadcasting where news is a story to be told by approved talking heads.

    Rarely nowadays do we get news without a strong narrative message – and that message is invariably Left-liberal verging on the Marxist.

    BBC News 24 a couple of days ago broadcast a revealing comment by a BBC South Asia Editor (?) It may have been Amit Baruah. Chatting with the BBC newscater (as they do) on the story of the Sri Lanka visit of David Cameron it was perfectly obvious what the BBC narrative was here.

    Other posters hereabouts have already noted that BBC coverage of Sri Lanka seems to regret the defeat of the Tamil Tiger rebels since that outcome ran counter to the overriding BBC agenda that armed insurgencies ought to end in negotiation or perhaps partition of territories. The anti-government language here is however cloaked in talk of human rights.

    The BBC News 24 line in the segment I watched was very clear – ‘The Summit has been a PR disaster for the government of Sri Lanka’.

    Well, I suppose with the BBC doing your PR and having already made up its mind on the issue prior to the visit that outcome was pretty inevitable.

    What fascinated me was that the BBC News 24 man rounded off this incestuous Beeb discussion with words to the effect: ‘David Cameron has received criticism for this trip – I suppose the fact that he is there means we are at least talking about human rights…?’

    Then in reply the BBC Asia editor said : ‘Oh yes, if this hadn’t happened then “people” would have been talking about “…is the Commonwealth still relevant…” in this day and age’

    Oh dear me. BBC : agenda/narrative/agenda


    • Guest Who says:

      Sounds pretty much like propaganda to me.
      Try raising concerns and see the comments get modded, threads get closed or a blocking (twitter) or a banning (CECUTT). Which is censorship in complement.
      Poor historical precedent.
      What IS unique is these are usually perpetrated by state media on behalf of the government; while the BBC is facilitated in taxing the public by the current government whilst actively engaging in regime change to get one more suitable for its needs and world view. And gets away with it.


  10. Barlicker says:

    Oh no, the BBC has another bloody Owen Jones for us! The Rev Peter Owen-Jones was on Sunday Morning Live, and what a ludicrous, trendy vicar he is. He looked like he’d come straight from Glastonbury, and talked the sort of pacifist, hippy nonsense that’s almost beyond caricature. No great surprise then that this nut job used to work for the BBC.


    • Milverton says:

      That was the guy who looked like a dishevelled Robbie Savage, I think. I thought he was a Paul Whitehouse character.


  11. Milverton says:

    OK, I know this is a place for revealing the negatives of the BBC, but the estimable Andrew Neil is currently ripping Justine Greening into tiny shreds, including asking such questions as:

    “Why are we giving half a billion in aid to Pakistan per annum when only 0.5% of their population pay income tax, and 70% of their MPs pay no income tax at all?”,

    “Why has your department spent £5 million funding the Bangladeshi version of Question Time?”

    … and the coup de grace…

    Showing a photograph of five young women, and asking her who they were?

    “I don’t know.”

    “They are the Ethiopian version of the Spice Girls. The British taxpayer has financed them to the tune of £4 million.”

    Greening seemed to swallow something rather hard and jagged momentarily, before blustering their way through the usual BS.

    Neil’s the only real journo on the Beeb. Equally awkward to all politicians. That’s all we ask, surely? Hold all their feet to the fire without fear or favour?

    Poor Justine. She’ll be black and blue by the time she gets home.


    • Milverton says:

      He we go ladies and gentlemen…

      Enjoy! You paid for it.


    • John Anderson says:

      I have said many times – Andrew Neil should be Director General of the BBC, he would clear up a lot of the mess withing weeks. A tough nut with a lot of managerial as well as major editorial experience.

      But he could not work with a weed like Chris Patten. So a new Chairman would be needed as well.

      I truly believe Neil could cope with a remit like “The licence tax will be reduced to £70 in 2 years’ time. Deal with it – you can adopt subscription or any other method of gaining revenue.. The licence tax will be abolished completely in 4 year’ time. And we want absolute balance and impartiality in all the BBC output.”


  12. lynette says:

    Lead story on BBC World service news today is that the world health organisations warned that the gravest threat to health is that anti biotics are no longer effective . When will the BBC report on Israel’s groundbreaking discovery – I’m not holding my breath!!!! See headline news below from http://www.verygoodnewsisrael.blogspot.com .

    A protein that kills bacteria. Tel Aviv University researchers have succeeded in isolating a protein known as Gene 0.4 that kills bacteria. In what is a first step toward developing a substitute for antibiotics, the protein prevents bacteria from dividing, thus destroying them and combating infections. A positive story from Haaretz!



    • Llareggub says:

      No doubt that the Coop will boycott it as part of their anti Jew ethical policy


      • Pounce says:

        The interesting thing is the CO OP bank has a £1.5bn capital shortfall. yet the ethical policy they work off has lead to them losing £1 billion.

        To that end would you bank with such a load of inefficient bankers.


  13. lynette says:

    BBC World service news headline was that the gravest threat to health was the inability of anti biotics to kill bacteria infections. I won’t hold my breath wating for the BBC to report this groundbreaking discovery from Israel’s researchers as summarised in this weeks news from http://www.verygoodnewsisrael.blogspot.com

    A protein that kills bacteria. Tel Aviv University researchers have succeeded in isolating a protein known as Gene 0.4 that kills bacteria. In what is a first step toward developing a substitute for antibiotics, the protein prevents bacteria from dividing, thus destroying them and combating infections. A positive story from Haaretz!



    • Pounce says:

      I wonder just how many Jew haters:
      Muslims,Left,Church of England/Church of Scotland will boycott that Medical advance, i suppose the same number as those who boycott Mobile phones, Microsoft windows, the cameras used in endocopes ,USB flashdrives. ICQ, the father of all internet messenging sites, be it email or text. How about the game ‘Mastermind’ (which we all played during the 70s) , the drug used to treat multiple sclerosis and finally what about Drip irrigation .

      As you can see the world is a far better place because all of the above boycott everything invented by a Jew. Oh wait.


  14. Teddy Bear says:

    Let’s just remind ourselves what was the purpose of the inquiry by Nick Pollard, which the BBC called ‘independent’, at a cost of £2.8 MILLION to the licence fee payer.
    He headed an independent inquiry into why the BBC’s Newsnight programme axed its investigation of Savile.

    So why should he have knowingly withheld the most damning piece of evidence that showed Mark Thompson, the director general at the time, WAS completely aware of the reasons to axe the programme? Showing also that Thompson lied to MPs when questioned about it.

    If the government allow this corporation to continue following this clear evidence of corruption on corruption, then they show themselves as part of the same corruption.

    Revealed: Tape that shows BBC chief ‘did know of Savile probe’

    *MP Rob Wilson sent bombshell tape recording to BBC Trust chairman
    *Mr Wilson says tape proves there was a ‘cover-up’ over Jimmy Savile affair
    *On tape Nick Pollard, who headed inquiry, says director-general was aware of Savile accusations


    • Guest Who says:

      Maybe another PAC inquiry on waste (seems to upset them almost as much as being lied to) , as having inquiries into what happened that cost £2.8M, that cover up what happened, seems a pretty poor deal?
      ‘Mr Pollard adds: ‘It doesn’t particularly reflect well on me that I overlooked this [the letter] in the report.’’
      Well, no. Taking money to not do the job paid for sounds a smidge worse than that, really.
      Maybe this is why there are no comments… ‘for legal reasons’?
      The BBC seems to curse any stupid enough to be seduced near them using public money with the intention of whitewashing them.


      • Teddy Bear says:

        I think given everything that has come out publicly about the BBC this past year, for the government now not to do anything to properly address it, shows the corruption and causes to be much deeper than the BBC alone.
        If that be the case, I am not going to address BBC corruption itself any longer, as more evidence of that is really not needed, but the corrupt government that maintains this status quo.


  15. Colonel Blimp says:

    nice to see the Beeb reporting on the drugs shame of one of the Labour Party’s favourite bankers – curiously they lead, as ever, with his apology and excuses and choose to omit altogether his comment about “getting one over on those Tory c*nts”


    • Guest Who says:

      The Coop seems to be following the career path set out in Breaking Bad.
      That they are Labour and the BBC’s blue-eyed banking boys may make the association interesting if it gets any more… ‘exciting’.


  16. bod says:

    Just received my reply from the beeb in response to my asking what percentage of the last QT audience actually came from Lincolnshire.

    Surprisingly enough, it didn’t answer the question I asked, but helpfully told me that anyone could apply to be on a beeb prog.

    Of course I couldn’t send another request to that email address, as it didn’t accept correspondence.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Surprisingly enough, it didn’t answer the question I asked,’
      Classic, textbook BBC CECUTT ‘Beware of the Leopard’ default response.
      And, as you’ve noticed, having seduced you down that gulley, it’s now blocked.
      Go back to Start, do keep paying £145.50.
      And somewhere, a small set of boxes get ticked that:
      a) They have scored another (albeit self-assessed) ‘win’
      b) Your card is now marked with a (assessed by them) lose, which will count towards expediting
      Can’t you just feel the trust and transparency radiating out?


  17. Teddy Bear says:

    As it has to, the BBC propaganda relies on ignorance and deception. Stifling and ignoring all evidence to the contrary.
    Considering it has the charter which should make it fair, impartial, and balanced, it’s clear agenda in contravention of that is always going to reveal the corruption within.

    How the BBC turned a catastrophic crisis into a drama about global warming

    *Listeners given a bogus message on Radio 4’s Today programme
    *They were told storms like Typhoon Haiyan are linked to global warming
    *Same claim, which has no scientific basis, echoed by David Cameron

    By David Rose


    • johnnythefish says:

      ‘The response of Davis – with the full weight and authority of the BBC’s morning news flagship behind him – was to muse: ‘If we don’t invest in the prevention of climate change, we’d better invest in border control.’

      Davis not only expressing an opinion, it’s copied straight out of the Alarmist Fearmongering Handbook.

      Will nobody get a grip of this out-of-control corporation?


  18. Pounce says:

    So regards the body found in a well in South London and the bailing of 7 Polish men by Plod. Hands up, those who think as I do that the guilty party will simply do a runner.

    Years of political correctness in the Uk, has lead to a Police service where the gulity are fetted as Pop stars and the targeting of white middle class people as a cash cow.


  19. Rtd Colonel says:

    Worth the Beeb quizzing Patricia Hewiit, and Harriet Harman givin their previous backing for the PIE when at the forerunner of Liberty – actually what does that favourite Beeb go to gal Shami of Liberty have to say – let’s have a wide ranging canvassing of the great and the good re their view – ranging from Straight to Gay, Conservative to Ultra Liberal, different faiths/secular groups – be good to see the diversity and trends across these groups.


    • chrisH says:

      Paedophiles will soon be the next group with identity needs that will need legislation….Hewitt and Harman were the buglers back in the 60s/70s and we will be made to reconsider Glitter and Savile as pioneers that pushed the envelope…which by then will be a euphemism anyway.
      The likes of Nutt and Ashton between them will want our kids splayed wide and on drugs, learning nothing but “baksheesh” means money in Arabic perhaps.
      If Islam turns out to be a solution to this descent into the sewer. all well and good…but with sex grooming gangs and opium to grow, their race is on.
      But Islam is a bipolar “faith and politic”-so they`ll happily embrace both views until Sharih comes-and we`ve crawled off to die in advance.
      None of this will happen yet though-nor without a fight.


      • Guest Who says:

        Just heard this ‘news’ item, and it’s top of the top of the hour broadcast list on Classic FM too, who truly have lost the plot when it comes to their dire #prasnews feed.
        It even kicked of with a ‘there are those who are saying..’, which these days is simply code for ‘some daft punt from some loons that may scare the horses enough for a rating’.
        Of course the next line was that ‘the government has rejected this’, thereby placing them on the defensive… again.
        One day someone with cojones will crash the studio, grab the mike and gently remind the vast flower beds of aspiring journalistic ‘talent’ out there that they really have better things to do than field demands for ‘responses’ to every barking bit of ratings bait conjured by over-funded twerps with too much time on their hands and not enough common sense.


  20. George R says:

    Even Beeboid political chums at ‘Guardian-Observer’ see bit of the problem:-

    “Ex-BBC bigwigs grant Whitehall a licence to think about cutbacks.
    “Roger Mosey’s and Theresa May’s attacks on the corporation’s reach will mean a difficult Westminster winter for the BBC.”

    By Peter Preston.



  21. George R says:

    ‘Unite’ trade union, Labour Party, and intimidation.

    While ‘Daily Mail’ has this:-

    “‘Bully-boy’ unions face inquiry: Cameron sets up review into use of ‘intimidation tactics.’
    “A panel of industry and union members will investigate whether police should be given more powers to crack down on activists.
    “Six-month report could keep Miliband-Unite link in public eye for election.


    BBC-NUJ, which always expresses its solidarity with its trade union brothers and sisters of ‘Unite,’ has:-

    “Union ‘intimidation’ tactics probed in disputes inquiry”



    • George R says:

      ‘Telegraph’ (£):-

      “Labour ‘approved’ Unite’s Falkirk skulduggery, says report. So much for Miliband’s ‘new politics.'”

      By Dan Hodges.

      “On page 4 of the Unite document, the union explicitly states that ‘It is worth noting here that the Labour leadership was well aware of Unite’s political strategy activities in Falkirk, and approved it.’
      “That provides the first written confirmation of what was alluded to in a series of additional emails published by The Times earlier in the week, namely that a deal had been formally done between the Union and the Labour leadership to allow the mass sign-up of activists, and the manipulation of the Falkirk selection, to continue.”



  22. Lunchtime Loather says:

    Tee hee…


  23. Lunchtime Loather says:

    Grrr… HTML didn’t work. Let’s try that again…

    Tee hee…


    • +james says:

      The BBC didn’t bother to report protests by Anonymous outside BBC Salford.



      • chrisH says:

        Isn`t this grand?
        A kiddie in a fairy outfit hands out fairy cakes and says that s`not fair.
        Probably a lecturer at Salford Unis engineering department by the sounds of her.
        Lots of people demand…er, gay marriage, extra green taxes on scandalously high bills, congestion charges, Abu Hamza back, a Bin Laden enquiry, higher license fees, lowering the age of consent, more drugs taken earlier and no criminal offences for anything but Islamophobia and race hate crimes.
        But of course they do, dear….a BBC Governor in the making once she gets out of Salford Pizza…lots of drugs, condoms, Staffies and horseleat pasties from Greggs and the like by way of extra toppings.
        Whoever moved Jenni Murray to Salford has great comedy potential!…now why aren`t they filming life in the Regent Centre Compounds…segways and creative pods near compulsory…wheelies, handbrake turns and ramraids ARE still options by the way!


  24. cheka says:

    well done Lunchtime, need much more hacking of this kind… we can hope…


  25. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Some more racists who don’t like ObamaCare and don’t think the President has done a good job.

    Actually, this is a good example of the ramifications of the law. These students can now go on the ObamaCare exchange and get free health care subsidized by the taxpayer. Once the website is actually working properly, that is. Hopefully they won’t get too sick for the next few months.

    This is considered a Good Thing, and only extremists should be worried about encouraging these kids to become part of the dependency class. It’s all a matter of perspective and values.


  26. will says:

    Nick Clegg say he is pushing his Tory coalition partners to agree to cut income tax bills by another £100.

    Not quite! Read on to find that he is actually wanting to increase tax for some



  27. Peed off prod says:

    And this week on the nolan show on radio Ulster we have the tubby one changing slightly from his usual anti protestant,anti british agenda to rigging his show to get the beebs anti tory message across.
    Seems that instead of caller after caller telling us how flag protesters are killing the local economy, now we have dubious sounding callers telling story of how they cant live on their free money followed by various dial a lefties banging on about the so called living wage and how come the “english” tory government are dictating to our local assembly members on making decisions or they start cutting their budget.
    Maybe he’s so busy jetting back and forth to salford that he is confused and thinks that he is actually doing that 5 live effort instead of his usual protestant bashing show .


  28. Guest Who says:

    Interesting to see that the old ‘Newsnight’ slipshod merchant that is their new Editor is trimming the… er… well, trimming, anyway…
    Given Newsnight’s ongoing reputation, and the titanic one Mr. Katz has already enhanced for the ship he seems keen to keep ramming into any iceberg he can find, one might wonder just what ‘Just want to do it in a different way’ will entail.
    Another popcorn order required, methinks.


  29. +james says:

    Well at least they can organise.


    • chrisH says:

      Ah bless-the lady at the start has a pretty good imitation of a Salford accent there!
      BBC Drama Department?…or all those years of Coronation St being pumped down south?
      Reckon we`ve got some allies here….if we`re anti-BBC they`ll probably not know we`re not fellow lefties!


      • Leha says:

        what are they trying to say – that al-beeb isn’t far enough to the left already?

        holy sheet, this country is f***ed


  30. chrisH says:

    When they stick a finger up at the BBC …is that because they prefer BBC 1?…I prefer two fingers myself!


  31. Joeb says:

    Watching ‘Britain at Sea’, and Dimbleby explaining the kidnapping and enslavement of British people by Muslims around the coast of Devon and Cornwall, without once mentioning that the ‘Barbary pirates’ were Muslims. Until, that is, they showed the table piece celebrating the attack on Algiers by the royal navy, which showed “a Muslim about to have his throat cut by a British sailor”.

    Nicely done, David.


  32. Bill Wright says:

    Even ‘The Archers’ is a vehicle for leftist propaganda. Critical mutterings in yesterday’s episode about ‘the bedroom tax’ (then a cobbled-in amendment “or the spare room subsidy” — said with great ironic emphasis.)