Anyone catch Mishal Husain climate scaremongering on Today this morning just after 7.10am? The difficulties affecting the Somerset Levels are apparently part of “extreme weather” we are now experiencing and an “expert” was on hand to confirm this was undoubtedly linked to “climate change.” After the Today AGW propaganda fest, there was another BBC Radio 4 programme called “The Long View’ which looked at the Big Flood of 1953. Michael Fish was on hand to confirm that this was caused by climate change and that with global warming and rising sea levels (his words, not mine) we will be lucky if we do not face further and more frequent events. The truth is that the BBC still shills for AGW even though the facts do not support it. For the comrades at the BBC, it is a matter of faith.

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  1. Joe Public says:

    In another story:-

    Today, the Beeb has a news item “German cows cause methane blast in Rasdorf”


    “Methane gas released by dairy cows has caused an explosion in a cow shed in Germany, police said.

    The roof was damaged and one of the cows was injured in the blast in the central German town of Rasdorf.

    Thanks to the belches and flatulence of the 90 dairy cows in the shed, high levels of the gas had built up.

    Then “a static electric charge caused the gas to explode with flashes of flames” the force said in a statement quoted by Reuters news agency.

    Emergency services attended the farm and took gas readings to test for the risk of further blasts, said local media.

    Cows are believed to emit up to 500 litres of methane – a potent greenhouse gas – each per day.” [My bold]

    Whilst I accept the educational need for the Beeb to remind their readers of one of CH4′s characteristics, I’m disappointed they failed to mention that their article simultaneously provided the solution. Namely the ‘explosion’ effectively & efficiently converted the ‘potent’ greenhouse gas into a mere trace gas CO2 & harmless water vapour H2O. Isn’t nature wonderful?


  2. OldBloke says:

    It was only a matter of time before someone either at the BBC or brought in to paint the BBC narrative concerning Global Warming/Climate Change what with the problems of the Somerset Levels. The fact is that at present, Global Warming/Climate Change is only happening in G.B. Over this winter period so far, we have had blocking High pressure areas to the north of Scotland, to the South of France and to the East of G.B. which is now sitting over the north Sea and extends to deep Russia. The jet stream, because of these dense cold areas of High Pressure has had nowhere to go, but G.B. and once passed over G.B. get blocked or stalled somewhere over Belgium. In Scandinavia they have had a very cold winter so far, snows have arrived throughout Europe and this cold Eastern Block of air has just recently started to advance a little further westwards, so snow will be in the forecast for, at least, the hills in the West and the Eastern side of G.B. As a result of this “blocking” of high pressure we, in G.B. are getting all this relatively mild but wet conditions. The weather systems coming from the USA are caught in the Jetstream and have nowhere to go but us. It is simply a fluke of happenstance and absolutely nothing to do with man made Co2, Global warming or Climate Change. The rest of Europe is getting what it always gets. Mr Fish, you really should know better but then you do have a history concerning forecasting don’t you? I guess you really believe in your own hype that Global warming/Climate change is only happening in the Somerset levels!


    • Richard Pinder says:

      You should get your weather forecasts from Piers Corbyn’s Weatheraction, I do not know much about weather, but it seems that I know more than the morons at the Met Office, especially on how Comic rays cause changes in low cloud formation.

      But because this has always correlated with other Solar effects within the scientific era, it is still far better to use the established techniques for weather forecasting plus the space weather of Weatheraction, and there is far more to meteorology than understanding low cloud formation, even if it is the key factor for the cause of the 20th century Global Warming.


    • ROBERT BROWN says:

      Exactly, Fish has a certain notoriety for screwing up forecasts…….muppet.


  3. johnnythefish says:

    The BBC are plumbing the depths of eco-propaganda by associating the 1953 floods with global warming as it is a well-known fact to those of us fortunately too old to have been indoctrinated with the Warmist Belief System that after WW2 there was something like 30 years of cooling, prompting scientists and opportunists to scare everybody with the apocalypse of another ice age.

    ‘Despite many claims to the contrary, the 1970′s global cooling fears were widespread among many scientists and in the media. Despite the fact that there was no UN IPCC organization created to promote global cooling in the 1970s and despite the fact that there was nowhere near the tens of billions of dollars in funding spent today to promote man-made global warming, fears of a coming ice age, showed up in peer-reviewed literature, at scientific conferences, voiced by prominent scientists and throughout the media…….

    Excerpt: “The world “could be as little as 50 or 60 years away from a disastrous new ice age, a leading atmospheric scientist predicts,” read a July 9, 1971 Washington Post article. NASA scientist S.I. Rasool, a colleague of James Hansen, made the predictions. The 1971 article continues: “In the next 50 years” — or by 2021 — fossil-fuel dust injected by man into the atmosphere “could screen out so much sunlight that the average temperature could drop by six degrees,” resulting in a buildup of “new glaciers that could eventually cover huge areas.”

    etc etc etc


    Your impartial BBC are, in fact, shameless lying bastards re-writing history to brainwash you with their 28gate eco-socialist agenda.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      The prediction of a mini-ice age is now based on a simple scientific explanation.

      The orbits and masses of the planets cause the Sun to wobble around the centre of gravity of the Solar System, this causes plasma within the Sun to change its speed, because the plasma has the same distance to travel per Solar cycle, then the average speed of the plasma over that cycle determines the length of time of that Solar Cycle, therefore short Solar cycles cause Global Warming because the Sun’s magnetic field is stronger, and this keeps Galactic Cosmic rays from creating lots of shiny low clouds, lowering the Earths Albedo, and now we have a prediction for the alternative scenario based on the overwhelming high confidence about predicting the Orbits of the planets within the next hundred years.


  4. Richard Pinder says:

    There was a chink of sanity on the BBC today, as regards Climate Change, but you would have had to watch Labour MP Graham Stringer question a triumvirate of waffling IPCC apologisers on BBC Parliament this morning.
    But otherwise it was another moronic waffling fest of bullshit about overwhelming evidence for the existence of temperature data, as well as debate about everything else that has no evidence,such as aerosols. Just the usual “man is responsible” brainwashed mental block problem, and the none mention of the possible basic causes, such as the none evidence for carbon dioxide warming or direct solar irradiance. In Climate science, none evidence seems to be described as uncertainty.
    There was also no mention of the only evidence that exists for a possible cause, changes in the Earths cloud Albedo, but then if this was widely known within political circles, there would be no purpose for he existence of the IPCC.


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