Phil Yer Boots

Iraqi gunmen launched a three hour assault on British troops with the aim of killing them all……the Iraqis ended up dead or captured…the survivors now complain they were questioned oppressively and shouted at quite loudly.

They want money…no sorry, justice….and they knew, or thought they did, just the man to get it for them.


Lawyer Phil Shiner has been filling his boots at tax payers expense for quite some time (The Iraqi team is publically funded by the Legal Services Commission)…..(thanks to Rob in the comments for drawing our attention to this story)……a frequent guest of Victoria Derbyshire no doubt she is clearing the decks for tomorrow and a few words of apology and remorse from Shiner as he tries to explain away how he has managed to find no evidence of British forces unlawfully killing Iraqis…despite £22 million being wasted on this so far.

Al-Sweady Inquiry: Iraq unlawful killing claims dropped


42 weeks of inquiry, 281 ‘witnesses’…and nothing….

A public inquiry into whether UK soldiers unlawfully killed Iraqi civilians in custody in 2004 has heard their relatives no longer believe there is enough evidence to back the claims.

However have no fear, Phil Shiner and Co won’t be on the breadline:

There remain numerous allegations of violent and other ill-treatment of Iraqi Civilians in British custody which the Inquiry will have to consider.


Derbyshire will still have something to fill the airwaves with even if it is just the sound of ‘ambulance chasing’ lawyers whistling in the dark for their money.

She must be getting worried though…what with Moazzem Begg getting himself arrested, such a disappointment, and now Shiner having the shine taken off his bilge…..that’s got to be half the year’s schedule that might have to be filled with something else other than……what’s it called? …’Lawfare’ …for when warfare fails…..a certainty she can hustle up a few welfare claimants who are ‘genuinely’ on the breadline….never mind the car, 4 Rottweilers,  six kids and all mod cons.















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18 Responses to Phil Yer Boots

  1. Smell the glove says:

    Hi my name is Assam and I was at thermopile and I want compo


  2. Henry Wood says:

    I WEEP.

    And instead of a photograph of Hamid Al-Sweady as broadcast by the BBC, I do sincerely wish that instead of being forced under CRIMINAL LAW to pay a TV Tax supporting this hero worship of:

    “men taken from the battlefield [who] were [allegedly] mistreated and unlawfully killed at Camp Abu Naji and Shaibah Logistics Base”

    That I could instead take my same very own hard earned money and spend it wherever I wish: Maybe in support of those British soldiers who laid down their lives in that same accursed country; Men who laid down their lives because their government ordered them it was the right thing to do.

    DEAD SOLDIERS, who have no PIL LAWYERS (Public Interest Lawyers), to scrape through the dirty debris of war, and FEAST ON THEIR PICKINGS.

    I mentioned yesterday in another post, on another subject, that my health is not too good. I now earnestly pray today:

    “Oh Dear Lord, please release me from the mental anguish I now suffer living in this land I was born in.”


  3. John Anderson says:

    What is sickening is that the Chairman of the Inquiry praised the scum lawyers for their “courage”. He should have been tearing them to pieces on behalf of the soldiers and the taxpayers.


    • pah says:

      The lawyers have kept this going and going. They earn lots of (our) money by the hour.

      The inquiry team gets paid and, no doubt, expenses from the public purse.

      The longer this goes on the more they all earn.

      Draw your own conclusions.


  4. Rob says:

    We have Cherie Blair to thank for this. She was the UK’s top employment lawyer until her husband introduced into law The Human Right Act then all of a sudden she is one of the countries top human right lawyers and still is I believe. I believe Phil Shiner was one of her co-conspirators at Matrix Chambers. Let us not forget at this time we also have the very odd Gareth Peirce who like Phil hates this country and all you stand up to protect it. Then we have all the celebrities who jump on whatever cause is trendy at the time. I would name them also but the list would be too long here is the top 5:

    Jemima Khan – Supporter of Traitors and even sold out her own religion

    Alan Rusbridger – Importer of illegal classified materials who gets the boyfriend of his employee to do the mule run then complains when he’s caught

    Vanessa Redgrave – Supported of Chechen Warlord who is alleged to have masterminded the Beslan School Massacre as well as supporter of Guantanimo Bay Prisoner Jamil al-Banna

    Jack al-Straw – Labour Politician and closet Muslim, brought in the Human Right Act but did say afterwards it was a mistake. Took Condoleeza Rice to a Mosque in Blackburn (not the Cathedral though) where she was denied entry and verbally abused. After that he was removed from negotiations with Iran over their Nuclear Weapons.

    Shami Chakrabarti – Director of Liberty, the terrorists favourite support group. She along with her co-conspirator David Davis (former TA SAS Soldier) and Tory MP fought hard to get the detention of terror suspects reduced.


    • Alan Larocka says:

      That list is definitely way too short.


    • Flexdream says:

      How ironic that Cherie Blair’s husband, one of the architects of the (illegal?) Iraq invasion is not facing the prospect of trial. While troops who did his dirty work professionally do face trial.


  5. Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    Welcome to modern Britain where are troops are spat on in the street and can be dragged through the courts on the say so of ambulance chasing lawyers.

    We had hoped that Cameron would have done something about this sort of injustice but in the end he has been exposed for what he is a spineless posh boy with no values other than to get re-elected


  6. Pounce says:

    So just watched this bBC film clip regards this story and even with the Human rights lawyers pulling out due to no evidence the bbC still tries to paint the Army as at fault and somehow guilty:
    Al-Sweady Inquiry: Iraq unlawful killing claims dropped

    It appears that to the bBC, even when Islamic terrorists are found out to be lying to the cocksuckingchildrapinghamsteadheathshaggingchapaynedrinking wankers at the bBC followers of Allah can only be victims.


    • Rob says:

      Well if BBC’s own Frank (Don’t shoot I’m a Muslim) Gardner has anything to do with it. The story can only go one way and its not in support of our troops


  7. Jack says:

    Sorry but how on earth did this case get so far in the first place ? Morally it sounds like fraud to me.


  8. Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same outcome.


  9. Doublethinker says:

    The liberal left make you want to vomit. There is a case for our service men to be held to account for any atrocities they commit but they should be given some leeway if they overstep the mark in the heat of battle. As to lawyers profiting from a case such as this one which should never have been brought, they really are a terrible advert for the justice system and their profession.
    The BBC gives plenty of coverage to cases where our soldiers have transgressed, so surely they must be equally questioning of why the lawyer pursued the case when there was no evidence. Was it just for the money or was it also to besmirch the army? Of course the BBC won’t want to expose the game that their liberal left friends are up to and so this story will be buried by them. Its a pity that the soldiers can’t sue the lawyer for dragging their names through the mud. Now that would be a good use of public funds.


  10. chrisH says:

    We need a Grievance and Victim Index…with Stephen Lawrence as 100 and Kriss Donald at 0.
    I`d forgotten about Cherry Groce…I`m sure Blair Peach will be back like an old boomerang too, before too long.
    S`pose “closure” and “moving on” is left to the likes of the taxi driver murdered by the miners in 19845/5….”getting over it” left to the victims of the NHS unions at mid-Staffs.
    Being a liberal obviously means that you can blow “life” into the dead lungs of any fashionable cause-as long as whitey is guilty, especially when in uniform and a figure of authority.
    The Left will not quit until every tenuous and fatuous excuse is used to get at the police and the army..the judges tend to get away with it, because their partners all do quite well from grievance farming.
    How else would a Shiner or an Imran Khan(or for that matter Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton) get a living otherwise?


    • DICK R says:

      The Army bring it on themselves by co operating with every leftie backed ‘ enquiry ‘ with senior officers appearing on the BBC news spouting PC bullshit and allowing men to be arrested and put on trial .
      The army’s very existence is being put in jeopardy as young people also read newspapers, and after seeing how soldiers are treated by their own government are more reluctant to consider entering the armed services