If only we had a BIASED BBC viewing tax! Joking. The great thing about our site is that it’s free to come here and you have no obligation to agree or differ! It’s all about opinion and choice. HOWEVER, the site is now hosted on a big server that copes (mostly) with the traffic we get and it is now time to renew that. The annual hosting cost is £540. This has already been paid on your behalf but I would appreciate it if you help share the burden. I’m going to put up a pay pal donate button thingy and hope you will find the generosity to help us keep things going for another 12 months!

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24 Responses to BIASED BBC -AN APPEAL

  1. John Fletcher says:

    You can count on me for a donation.

    Keep up the good work buddies.



  2. Fred Sage says:

    I shall certainly do the same.


  3. Big Al says:

    I’m in !


  4. IsItMe? says:

    Sorry, but I can’t see a “Donate” button anywhere. Could someone point it out to me, please.


  5. chrisH says:

    Maybe you could set up a download of our greatest moments, and charge people to see the these discussed.
    E.G compilation of the best of the Arc of Islam…from say Geert Wilders to Lee Rigby, both of which were well covered here.
    Or-in the light of todays IPCC crap-a mocking review of having heard it all before as it morphs into mush…I`d start with Copenhagen/UEA 2009 and work up to todays chicken lickers…


  6. Observation says:

    So you won’t be applying for search warrants to allow inspectors to burst into our homes aided by police officers to see if we’re reading your blog (or any other blog) without paying you?

    I like it!

    Where’s the PayPal button.


  7. TigerOC says:

    I am quite astounded by the price you pay for this.

    I have run a hobby Internet server for many years off my adsl line. Some basics here;
    1.Wordpress is used as the platform blogging software for this site and is free to use and update. (I host and maintain a hobby club website based on WordPress.)
    2.There is massive competition in the hosting sector and hosting charges have dropped massively over the years.
    3. WordPress is pretty easy to learn and configure. So anyone with a modicum of computer experience could get to grips with maintaining a WordPress based site.

    I suggest your current hosting company is taking advantage of you.


    • Old Timer says:

      Unfortunately I agree, it does sound expensive unless you are getting tech help in that cost. However get that PayPal button on and this old timer will throw a few Half Crowns in the pot and thanks very much for the blog.


  8. john doe says:

    just throwing this is until the definitive is given.
    it may not be the hosting costs that are the expensive ticket, it may be the bandwidth usage/requirements .


  9. Deborah says:

    Mr D sorts out the Paypal for me and I am blowed if I can find how to pay. Please give us a new post with instructions.


    • Guest Who says:

      Mrs. GW does ours.
      But I don’t dare ask her as she doesn’t like us being on record (esp. online) with activist outfits (works a charm as an excuse blowing off chuggers and local political hat-passers).
      Being a savvy soul she has noticed who ends up in the news for ‘associations’ conjured from the past. Who knows when we may seek employment as a Newsnight Economics Ed?
      And the last charity sponsorship we made saw an unwelcome spike in spam.
      Is there another route, preferably anon, to show support for my guilty teabreak pleasure.?


  10. Dave says:

    I think it appropriate that David Vance pays with the money the BBC pays him? No?


  11. Hengymro says:

    I will. Please suggest an amount. A tight old Welshman.


  12. Observation says:

    There is an appropriate amount that springs to mind, although it’s not for me to say; it’s completely voluntary unlike the TV Licence Fee.


  13. Uncategorized says:

    The BBC should stump up the cash. If this site is as good as the opposition gets it would be money well spent.


    • Mat says:

      Awww bless a basic form of humor! well and some on here said you BBC rent-a-boys were beyond evolutions help !!


  14. JustAnotherPoster says:

    Why don’t you just setup a simple wordpress site ?

    then a URL re-direct to that site. Easy enough to do……

    Free hosting at wordpress as well…


  15. Milverton says:

    £145.50 sent. Kidding. Have a fiver. Don’t want you commissioning an oil painting of yourself for posterity…