What Our ‘First Jewish PM’ Did For Muslims

A child cries as he sits on a bed with others in Kfar Zeita hospital following an alleged gas attack


Syria: the children killed by Assad’s chlorine gas bombs

Syrian civilians die slow, painful death from chemical weapons used in violation of convention regime signed in September

It took much of the afternoon for Mahmud Hashash to die, writhing, gasping for breath and spluttering blood as the chlorine gas corrupted his six-year-old lungs.

The doctors did all they could to save him. Using a nebuliser and oxygen pump they fought the noxious chemical that was burning his throat and capillaries.

But, in the end he died.

And so too did his sister, Maryuma, 16. His mother Sana, 30, is in intensive care.



The BBC is always happy to broadcast claims that British foreign policies increase radicalism in the Muslim world.

When Muslims, including ironically those ‘radicals’, are demanding ‘Western intervention’ in Syria, and chemical weapons, amongst other horrors, are being used against Syrians en masse, perhaps the BBC would like to flip that…and start asking if non-intervention is increasing radicalism….as British Muslims go to Syria to join the Jihadists and fight Assad in their hundreds because no one else is doing so.

So to be clear…British non-intervention in the Muslim world is creating radicals in the UK.

And the BBC isn’t interested in that line of thought.


Perhaps it should be and start asking the person who is reponsible for that non-intervention, and, considering  his self-professed and new found Jewishness, how does that play into the Muslim world’s view of Britain and its foreign policy?


Miliband claimed he would be the first Jewish Prime Minister….no doubt that is due to the Left’s habit of re-writing history when it suits…Disraeli (Clue in the name) was the first PM of Jewish heritage….an odd lack of knowledge as Miliband ‘wrapped himself in the cloak of Disraeli’ for his conference speech in 2012….can it all be mere spin you ask.

As Miliband is proclaiming he will be the first Jewish PM and presenting it and his Jewishness as an electoral strategy what might Muslim voters think of his actions with regard to Syria…from where UK Muslims are having to retrieve the bodies of their sons killed as they fought for their beliefs and a free Syria?  Free of Assad anyway.


Last year this was the headline BBC news:

Syria crisis: Miliband says decision was ‘right for Britain’

Ed Miliband has insisted he did the “right thing by the British people” by helping to block UK involvement in any military action in Syria.

The Labour leader said an “ill-thought out” intervention would make things worse for the Syrian people in the wake of last week’s chemical weapons attack.

MPs rejected the principle of UK military action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government to deter the use of chemical weapons by 285 votes to 272.



So Miliband voted against possible military action designed to deter chemical weapon use.…but he claimed the vote for military action was ill-thought and that….

“They don’t want a rush to war. They want things done in the right way, working with the international community.”

He said Britain “doesn’t need reckless and impulsive leadership, it needs calm and measured leadership”.


This is the basis for the vote and military action if there was to be any:

The UK government’s motion was in support of military action in Syria if it was backed up by evidence from United Nations weapons inspectors, who are investigating the attack.

So let’s get this right…the vote was for the threat of possible military action to deter future chemical weapon use, a threat that will only be used after an investigation by the ‘international’ UN has carried out inspections to confirm chemical weapons have already been used.

Is that ‘reckless and impulsive’ or working outside the ‘international community’?  Doesn’t sound like it…sounds very much like great care was being taken to gather the evidence and get the international community to back the actions….and never mind the unusual vote in the Commons.

So just more spin to justify Miliband’s spineless charade.

Miliband could have accepted Cameron’s motion and taken credit for getting proper process established, he said. But instead he chose to exploit and scavenge….a political vulture.


Miliband was frequently praised for his double dealing vote…this is Oborne in the Telegraph drooling over him:

Ed Miliband is proving himself to be a brave and adroit leader

If Mr Miliband is remembered for nothing else, his stand on Syria changed the course of history

Mr Miliband’s great achievement: his opposition to David Cameron’s foolish suggestion three weeks ago that Britain should take part in an impetuous military attack on Syria. The Labour leader stood up against this – and changed the course of events. Whatever the fate of Mr Miliband from now on, even suppose he falls under a bus tomorrow, he has made the history books.


Well, ‘made the history books‘?…for a while…but it seems the BBC has already forgotten that ‘brave’ stand on Syria and seem coy about mentioning Miliband in relation to this anymore.


Over the last couple of days reports have come out of Syria that chemical weapons have been used by the regime over the last few weeks :

France backs claims that Syrian forces have used chemical weapons recently

Allegations that Bashar al-Assad’s forces used chemical weapons in recent attacks gained traction on Sunday when France said it had “information” of toxic gases being used against opposition targets.

The claim, by the French president, François Hollande, follows accusations by the exiled Syrian opposition and rebel groups in the west and south of the country that gas has been used nine times in the past two months, killing more than 10 people and affecting hundreds more.


The BBC are reporting the chemical attacks but not a single reference to Miliband who normally gets a mention in relation to his ‘changing the course of history’ and his supposed subsequent part in the chemical weapons agreement that was cobbled together in Assad’s and Russia’s favour.

An odd omission you might think.



Miliband abandoned the Syrians, and those 2 million refugees, to their fate….never mind the barrel bombs, we now have chemical weapons being used again….and at home Miliband and his spinners are roaming the comfortable TV studios denouncing the government for their callous creation of ‘food poverty’….whilst Syrians genuinely starve….forced to eat boiled grass in some cases…as reported on the BBC (FOOC I believe)….as Miliband makes pious sounds about poverty in this country.

Possibly about time the BBC started asking questions about Miliband’s brave stand…and of Cameron’s equally cowardly ducking of the issue once the vote had gone through…saying there would be no more such votes, Parliament has spoken.  Is it possible the jelly-like Cameron didn’t want to use force and only went along because he thought history would condemn him for not taking action…and then when given the chance he ducked out from similar dilemmas in the future ?

I will listen to the BBC with interest especially as Osborne left us with this thought after the vote…..

“I hope this doesn’t become a moment when we turn our back on all of the world’s problems.”


And I wonder what Muslims make of the ‘Jewish’ leader of the opposition’s abandonment of Muslims in Syria.

UN: Syrians feel abandoned and hopeless

Children are starving to death in besieged Syrian towns and villages according to the International Commission of Inquiry looking into human rights violations in the country.


Still, at least some children in Syria are being ‘recruited’ to fight in the war…so they’ll get fed.  Never mind the snipers targeting them.


In Talmenes on Friday, as the father of six-year-old Mahmud held a vigil in his memory, the doctors that tried to save him, were running a chemical weapons education campaign for the surviving residents.

“We gathered everyone in the local mosque today to teach them how to made home-made gas masks,” said Dr Jubran. “Its not much, but it is the best we can we. We don’t think this is the last chemical attack we will see here.”



Here the BBC admits there is a problem:

Bashar al-Assad and his leadership are there to stay. It did not really need one of his closest allies and saviours, the Lebanese Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah, to say it.

It is now the working assumption of most observers and analysts, Western diplomats who have toiled to dislodge him, and even some of the more realistic elements among the Syrian opposition.

The reason is simple.

Unless some of the elements in the equation change radically – and there is no sign of that happening in the near future – there is no foreseeable set of circumstances that would exert sufficient pressure on Mr Assad to stand down, or the regime to negotiate its own demise.

It is a startling turnaround. Many observers – including this one – who barely 16 months ago believed the collapse of the regime under rebel pressure was imminent, have had to eat their words.


What it doesn’t admit is that it was Miliband who prevented the ‘elements in the equation from changing radically’ enough to make Assad stand down or negotiate.

A ‘startling turnaround‘ in Assad’s fortunes?  One engineered by Ed Miliband.









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15 Responses to What Our ‘First Jewish PM’ Did For Muslims

  1. Ron Todd says:

    He won’t push the Jewish identity at the election too many Muslim votes in the post.


    • Llareggub says:

      Would revelations about Milliband’s Jewish identity lose him potential Muslim votes?
      Hear the chanting in anti EDL demonstrations organised by the UAF: ‘We are Muslims we are Jews, we are many more than you’. It does suggest that Jews and Muslims have a common affinity and happily cooperate in the Interfaith/Trotskiest/Communist movement.

      Please tell me I am wrong


    • Deborah says:

      But read the JC (Jewish Chronicle) to find Ed clinging onto every vestige of his ethnicity (but did he have to allow his non Jewish wife’s trip to Israel be paid by others?). Jewish people traditionally vote Labour but Ed’s Marxism was proving hard even for the Jewish vote, but reminding them of his roots, his advisors must think help Ed garner votes.


      • pah says:

        Jewish people traditionally vote Labour
        Do they? What vile creatures! Spit, spit.

        Do they eat babies too?


  2. Zionist says:

    Millibands Jewishness is an accident of birth. His Jewish observance is nil. Like my local MP he uses his Jewishness when addressing the Jewish community but when canvasing in Muslim areas he’s pro Muslim.
    And I would suggest the UAF can claim Jewish members but apart from the odd kapo I suggest they are not a Jewish thing anymore, not since the end of WW2.


  3. Groucho Marxist says:

    From what I understand,
    UAF = SWP.

    The SWP was founded on the principles of Comrade Marx.
    Marx wrote “A World Without Jews”. It makes “Mein Kampf” look almost sensible.

    More newspeak from the Comrades.


  4. chrisH says:

    Heard something on BH about Syrians in Bulgaria, now that Turkey is happy to pass them along and over the border.
    The BBC as ever seemed happy at this-lots of nuclear engineers lined up for Sweden and the like.
    The BBC just can`t see a crisis without bleeding all over us with their mock concern.
    The countrys full…our BBC types don`t need to compete for anything with the immigration and their jobs stay hideously white in Salford as a consequence.
    Meanwhile our schools and hospitals buckle.
    And-we tend to get the Islamic nutjobs and Roma crims and dealers because nobody is checking-least of all, the BBC.
    We do not get the persecuted Christians and Sufi do we…no Baha`i or Alawites…no, just the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Nusra in disguise.
    Until I get some honest reporting(Twelth of Never), I will assume this anyway…I`m past caring about the BBCs mocking concern for Islamists cutting each other to ribbons.
    More Christians please-and send more JIhadis from Feltham to do community service for the MB or Al Queda…as long as they`re not allowed back here, because persecuted Christians have taken their places.


  5. CCE says:

    Not sure if this thread has anything to do with BBC bias reallThe connection is tenuous.

    However, Benjamin Disraeli was our actual first (and so far only) Jewish prime minister. And he bought the Suez Canal (1869) and this led to Britain running Egypt as a protectorate very much against the will of the Egyptian middle classes – which amongst a great deal of other things gave rise, eventually, to the emergence of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928.

    Interestingly enough Disreli presided over the second Afghan war – which we won

    Britain has been interfering in the domestic politics of the Levant for the best part of 200 years, as I “Little Englander” (in its original sense) I say our best policy is to stop meddling.


    • Stewart says:

      While I accept that Disraeli’s conversion to Anglicanism was pro forma. I suspect he was about as Jewish as Marx was a Lutheran.


    • George R says:

      Throughout Islamic history there has been a global expansion of violent Islamic jihadist imperialism in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and beyond.


      • CCE says:

        Remind me, didn’t we (the British that is) use to have the largest Empire in history?

        I think that you could reasonably say….”Throughout European history there has been global expansion of violent imperialism in the Middle East, Africa, Asia Europe and beyond.”

        My point about Disraeli was simply that he did a lot for British interests but from the Egyptian perspective things were not so great. Imagine if a very powerful Middle Eastern Califate bought the controlling share in the Channel Tunnel and then invaded Britain to protect that ‘vital interest’ and imposed its own laws and treated us as second class citizens in our own country. This is what is hated about the EU attacks on sovereignty and the weasily trojan horse strategy in Birmingham but to the power of 100, and this was British policy in the Middle East for at least 100 years – who deposed the prime minister of Iran in 1953 (operation Boot)? This still is brought up by the mad mullahs to this day.

        Anyway – this has very little to do with BBC bias. As a non power today, what is left of the UK should keep out of other people’s arguments unless a really vital issue is at stake. A prime example is the UK supported EU forward policy in the Ukraine. That application of soft power is going to end in tears and calamity for the people of the Ukraine and humiliation for the EU


  6. john in cheshire says:

    When muslims start to show compassion, tolerance and forgiveness towards Christians, then I’ll start to care what happens to them. Sorry, but that’s how I feel.


  7. Mnuval says:

    Why does the open thread fill so rapidly and by comparison there is so little on the other subjects on this truly shallow site?
    This ignorant thread is an example of people who know little about the Middle East , never lived there or speak the languages, much like one T. Blair. You just continually play with words and do not really show any intentional, actual, evidenced bias.


  8. lojolondon says:

    “gas has been used nine times in the past two months, killing more than 10 people and affecting hundreds more.”
    Really? Every time someone opens a bottle of gas one person dies? This must be the most humane gassing in the history of the world!! When subjected to gas attacks in WW1, (using 105 year-old technology!) tens of thousands of soldiers died.
    So the latest gas is really not very effective – or – the whole story is total garbage!