Get UKIP!!!!


Nothing has changed….UKIP during the 2009 Euro elections was being smeared as racist:


Dear Mr. Thomas,

Complaint UKIP broadcast on the Today programme at 7.32am on May 30, 2009

The interview, by the standards of others broadcast during the European Parliamentary elections, as unfairly and relentlessly negative towards the party and gave undue prominence to claims that its policies were racist.

John Humphrys suggested that they would “scrap with the BNP” for votes, a direct insinuation that the party had racist policies. This was exactly in line with what UKIP’s opponents wanted to project about the party. Mr Humphrys could have asked tough questions about immigration without pushing into the territory of racism at all.


This morning Today had a little chat about UKIP (08:21) and what should be done to avoid giving them ‘victim status’ (and the subsequent voter appeal) and the impression that they are being bullied by the big political parties and media….asking why the Public still supports them despite the ordure heaped upon them….the conclusion…it is because the Establishment is seen as out to get them….and this interview doesn’t dispel that.

UKIP supporters are dismissed as ‘believers’ by Evan Davis….so not reasoned, thoughtful people…but merely driven by a sort of blind religious fanaticism?

The conclusion was don’t concentrate on what UKIP actually stands for, limiting EU power and immigration, but denounce them for their apparently incompetent economic policies….as opposed to the competent policies of….?

The Spectator’s Isabel Hardman typified the deceitful approach to talking about immigration that is now adopted by politicians and the media….‘OK yah it’s good to talk about immigration, absolutely essential…….but aren’t UKIP, and anyone who does talk about immigration, racist?’

Hardman came up with a classic of hat ilk this morning (08:21)….we mustn’t say talking about immigration is racist but….UKIP’s posters were so mean spirited and xenophobic.

…that was despite in the same sentence saying Labour MP Mike Gabe’s declaration that the posters were racist was daft…..70% the Public didn’t think the posters were racist she said….so his party must have been dismayed to hear him say that they were…..Not an ideal strategy  to say the public are racist if you want to appeal to them…..politicians aren’t engaging with the public’s concerns and have insulted voters  (by calling them racist) for many years.

And yet Hardman states those views are ‘mean spiritied and xenophobic’ herself.

Just another Today programme UKIP smear about the UKIP ‘problem’ as they see it dressed up as reasoned debate.

Hardman is hardly someone who is a natural UKIP supporter:





Here’s another example of the stupidity and double dealing of the chatterati:

Nick Cohen in the Guardain says:

Instead of tearing into the preposterous Ukip leader, Britain’s famously aggressive media have made him a celebrity


Cohen then goes on to do that very thing…tear into UKIP……

[Farage] says he represents “ordinary people”. But he is a public school-educated former banker, whose policies will help him and his kind. He claims he is the voice of “common sense”, while allying with every variety of gay-hater, conspiracy crackpot, racist, chauvinist and pillock. The only sense he and his followers have in common is a fear of anyone who is not like them.  [Yes…so afraid of foreigners that Farage married a German…and UKIP  does employ many foreign staff]

When considering Ukip…… For all the bombast, they would think that, underneath, these must be civilised men with an ironic sensibility who might have been educated at Winchester………..”Actually, they’re a bunch of thugs.”

The same should be said of Ukip.

So Cohen says attacking UKIP is a bad idea…and yet Cohen couldn’t resist, just as Hardman couldn’t stop her superior moralising inner nanny coming to the surface.

Cohen finishes up with this complaint that the media created the bland politician and now complain about that blandness, but Cohen says that it is ‘sinister of [broadcasters] to promote fanaticism as a cure for the boredom it generates.’


So UKIP are ‘fanatics’ ….because they have views Cohen doesn’t agree with….isn’t he once again doing exactly what he complains of…..he hates that ‘difference’ that UKIP represents and attacks them as sinister and fanatical because of it….doing exactly what the media did to politicians, attacking their convictions and turning them all into bland copies of each other…the BBC’s effect on Cameron the most notable….always labelling the Tories the ‘nasty party’ and hence Cameron’s appeasement of them and the evisceration of his own party and its policies.








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45 Responses to Get UKIP!!!!

  1. Phil Ford says:

    I note the BBC are at it yet again today. This is only going to get worse in the next few weeks as the ‘meeja’ ratchet up their hysterical attacks.

    Doubtless, such naked impartiality, such barely-disguised factional sniping and vituperative name-calling is all part of what the BBC consideres ‘getting it about right’ for the license payer.

    BBC ‘impartiality’ at work, people.


  2. chrisH says:

    But as a wise person said on this very site the other day.
    When you`re getting the increase in flak sent up to you…you must be right over the target!
    And Nigel`s due a bullseye on May 22nd…the BBC etc are busily writing up the excuses already.
    The new Teflon Man…maybe our Ronald Reagan if the liberal elite continue to lie and smear.
    Their hysteria is genuine…we hate them, we don`t listen to them-but they amplify each other, and will be genuinely shocked at how much they`re loathed-the political and media/academic elites and quangos are reviled more than bankers or overpaid footballers.


  3. Richard says:

    I don’t know how many people feel as I do, but I vote U.K.I.P. simply because I know how much they get up the noses of these media types and the identikit stuffed shirts who populate Parliament. That is probably somewhat infantile of me, but in practical terms, when I despise them all so much, what alternative do I have? So when they keep banging on about how awful U.K.I.P are – “loonies”, “racists”, “fruitcakes” etc. – it just confirms my decision for me. If they actually engaged in sensible and serious debate with Farage or others (what are the chances of that?!) they may actually expose something that would make me think again. After all, I am innately opposed to Farage’s libertarian tendencies. I loved what he said to Clegg about the Ukrainian situation and Russia, though. I particularly liked the way it showed up Clegg for the unpleasant little creep he is.


    • Flexdream says:

      Interestingly I am innately attracted to Farage’s libertarian tendencies, yet I share your conclusions completely. UKIP is a broad, tolerant party in a narrowing and increasingly judgemental political environment.


  4. Joshaw says:

    Farage wasn’t a banker, he was a commodities trader. Metals, I believe.

    On Dave O’Rourke, the Irish builder in the poster, I’m pretty sure that people from the Republic were granted special status after WW2. They could come here regardless of the EU.

    However, facts are neither here nor there on the BBC.


    • +James says:

      Yep, the 1949 Ireland Act, nothing to do with the EU. Ireland joined the Common Market in 1973 the same time as the UK. This is why you don’t need a passport to visit Ireland.

      Trust the Beeb to rewrite history.


  5. Llareggub says:

    Whilst the chaterati do their bit, the established parties can rely on the street thugs to disrupt UKIP’s meetings. Both the UAF (Cameron supported with financial help from the unions) and Stand up to UKIP, have published details of Farrage’s meetings calling for disruption.



    • Mice Height says:

      The hate-filled Communists from the tax payer funded ‘Hope Not Hate’ will have people trawling social media sites full-time, to dig out these comments that they see as incorrect opinions.
      Dan Hodges is employed by these Communist thugs, hence his increasingly hysterical rants in the DT blogs this week.
      It was interesting to note in the comments section, that UAF/Hope Not Hate activists were calling for these tactics to be used against UKIP as well now –


  6. Dazed & Confused says:

    In the run up to September this BBC/leftist et-al hatred will all be replayed again, and to be honest, I don’t think the BBC Comrades have realised what’s at stake yet…..
    If the Scottish National Party get their way and become a unique Nation, then Red Ed’s Labour party will struggle to form a majority at Westminster from that moment there after…
    The Scottish Labour goons realise that, hence they’re already at the forefront of calling the SNP Nazis…..Take this fool for instance….His “blog” leaves me speechless…


    • DICK R says:

      One more reason to goad the scots into voting YES, no more labour governments, especially as Wales will almost certainly go the same way.
      England can then look forward to a socialist free future.


  7. bogtrott says:

    Well this fruitcake isn’t going to vote tory david Camaloon.i’ve been a fruitcake far too long .I’m voting UKIP the best place for con/lab/lib solid fruitcakes.


  8. Sinniberg says:

    Hmm, last week it was UKIP “defends” poster campaign.

    Now today it’s UKIP “defends” Lenny Henry tweet. I wonder how many more times we’ll see that word “defends”?.

    It might be a little breezy outisde today but the only thing that’s taking my breath away is the sheer force with which the BBC are attacking UKIP.


    • Old Goat says:

      Aren’t they silly billies? It’s too late, the die has been cast. UKIP are on a roll, and so they should be. All mudslinging will achieve now, is to draw attention to them, and their favourable policies, when more and more people will appreciate what’s at stake. I know most folk in the Former UK would dearly love to have their country back, and the abolition of the stupid climate policy which is dragging everyone down, together with limits (or reversal) of immigration numbers.

      The worms are turning, nothing can stop the train wreck facing LibLabCon, now, and it bloody well serves them right, arrogant bastards. We have, at last, a white knight.


    • Eric says:

      Not just the BBC but the entire massed Panzer’s of the MSM and MPs in a pincer movement (read Janet Daley in the D.D.T. this morning?). Now that pathetic limp shake of a minister Jeremy “where’s my spine” Hunt has joined in. Boy I’m going to enjoy it if that discredited bunch of crooks get a kicking.

      Still more than three weeks to go and the fight is getting dirtier by the day.


    • Merched Becca says:

      Here is a thought ….
      The BBC may look upon their recent vitriolic attacks on the UKIP as a complete and utter failure ie that even bad publicity is good publicity. They have been ‘throwing petrol on the fire in an attempt to put the fire out out!’ See the recent YouGove polls!
      Working on that presumption, the Beeboid brains may now avoid any publicity at all and attempt a media blackout of any UKIP news.
      On the other hand, they may not be that intelligent.? Lets hope that their ‘researchers’ are reading this site


  9. Ember2014 says:

    The BBC exemplifies the selective nature of the media. Scratch the surface of all the political parties – Twitter comments and thoughts – and you will find activists and would-be councillors holding all kinds of eccentric, bigotted views.

    But the media doesn’t probe equally. The BBC certainly won’t highlight the corrupt thinking and actions of Labour members, in the same way it joyfully does with UKIP.


    • Eric says:

      I remember Sunderland Labour Councillor Florence Anderson who liked the idea of the IRA bombing the 2013 Conservative Party conference and (a la Bob Crow) wanted Mrs Thatcher to burn in hell. Then there was Tameside Labour Councillor Ann Holland who in 2012 “dearly wished Mrs Thatcher would go blind”.

      What does that tell one about sort of nasty people on the left?

      Nothing apparently – if you go by the BBC. But if a UKIP candidate offends the PC police….


  10. Doublethinker says:

    there was an interesting insight into to A Marr thinks about UKIP voters this morning when he referred to a photo in a newspaper of an odd looking chap as being what he thought a typical UKIP supporter looked like.
    Typical of the liberal left, of whom Marr is a representative, to associate odd looking folks with the voting preferences of ordinary people.They simply can’t understand that we are fed up with people like them ignoring what we think and implementing policies which we have never even been consulted on, let alone agree with.
    Marr would never have dreamt of saying that some photo of an odd ball was like a typical Labour or LibDem or Green , or even a Conservative, voter. He should certainly be reprimanded for that, after all he has revealed just how unconscious the liberal left bias is within the BBC and the corportration doesn’t want to alienate the millions of people who will vote UKIP next month even if they do think their all proto racist fruit cakes.


    • Eric says:

      Odd looking as in….
      ….Ed (would you buy a second hand car from him) Balls, Ed Millibandwagon, the Eagle Brothers, Jeremy “silly ass” Hunt, Gordon Broon …..


    • Geoff says:

      If anyone is ‘an odd looking chap’ that’ll be the hypocritical Marr.

      IMO lefties look odd and I also recon I can spot one at a 100 paces!


    • Merched Becca says:

      Kettle and pot ? Mr Marr


  11. George R says:

    But Breitbart’ has:-


    “Poll: UKIP Surges Into First Place for European Elections Despite ‘Smears’ and Media Attacks”




  12. jeff says:

    The totally refreshing thing about UKIP is their normality. Okay, so one or two of them might say the occasional thing that makes your toes curl, but they tend to say what they think and not regurgitate sterile chunks of party policy. Main stream politicians appear to be automatons, deftly adhering to the jargon pumped out from central office. And whilst Ukipers have been caught tweeting somewhat uncomplimentary (ahem) things about Africans, as far as I’m aware none of them have been caught spanking young boys arses either.
    I don’t know about you but I know which I think is the greater sin.
    Mind you, I can’t speak for the Beeb…


    • chrisH says:

      Too true.
      Just like you and me at this stage, and free from the Oxbridge mafia that run politics, quangos and the liberal media.
      The BBC and their broadsheet pals have had the conch shell to themselves for years now…and from Ross/Brand to the current scum via Savile, Leveson and Levy etc…we despise them, and are embarrassed that the tumbrils weren`t manned during 2009 when the expenses scandals should have wiped them all out.
      No…UKIP speak as we do, and the fact they anger the liberal elites only means more votes as they try to smear them.
      The efforts used to ban them from foster caring is a foretaste of what`s to come…but we`ll not be going away.
      The BBC and the liberal New Left are dead, but no-ones able to tell them yet…not allowed.


  13. CCE says:

    Hands up everyone who remember Amy Rutland, faux audience member on QT (are there any actual members of the public in the QT audience?)

    She managed to tell me and the viewing public that UKIP was “Dizgustin”. As for UKIP using staff members and actors for Party Political advertising – mocked on “Bolshevik House” on R4 this morning; I am awaiting with baited breath the detailed analysis of all the other parties’ material. Blair had a specifically trained goon squad that followed him around and ‘spontaneously’ brought out posters, placards etc. Very ‘maximum leader’, the famous dole queue in the fantastic “Labour Isn’t Working” poster of 1979 were Young Conservatives…

    But worst of all are the activists who pose as members of the public and appear as a vox pop, or organised letter writing campaigns targeting local papers etc etc.

    Why doesn’t Bolshevik House run a mocking comedy sketch about the postal vote harvesting that goes on in some parts of the country? What are the odds that any single postal voting irregularity that could be placed at the feet of the tories, far less UKIP would dominate BBC coverage for an entire parliament.


    • John Anderson says:

      I have been looking at some local postal vote lists for the London Mayor elections of 2012.

      I may be quirky – but a very high proportion of the names are anything but Anglo-Saxon, Scots or Irish ! Vote-farming ? Perish the thought !

      The Tories were really daft in not forcing a tight restriction on postal voting – back to the old sensible rules where a genuine reason was required.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      Hands up here for sure!

      Amy managed to get a huge 14% in her local council election, totally beaten into submission by ukip.

      Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

      There again, I can just see Milipede recruiting her for a safe Labiur seat soon, he’s stupid enough.


  14. Mick says:

    Why the claims of racism are so very wrong:

    He’ll be getting my vote.


    • John Anderson says:

      What a superb statement of facts. We need someone like that man as Secretary for Industry and Commerce. Who do we get instead – Vince Cable !

      God help us all, said Tiny Tim

      And don’t get me started on Ed Davey and all the damage he is doing, following EU-style energy disruption and the imposition of huge costs on industry and domestic consumers in the footsteps of Chris Huhne and Ed Miliband himself.


      • Oldbob says:

        No danger of him being invited on to the Salford sofa by airheads Minchen and Turnbull anytime soon. You can picture the scene in their tiny tortured minds though……but but but he is a Pakistani Muslim isn’t he ??


  15. Dazed & Confused says:

    This is the major reason that the BBC have been drafted in to “get UKIP”……The usual “waycist” message from the hard left isn’t working at all anymore…


  16. Arthur Penney says:

    “UKIP supporters are dismissed as ‘believers’ by Evan Davis”

    I assume that this means he dismisses all followers of the ROP, likewise. – Isn’t this inciting religious intolerance?


  17. John Anderson says:

    It’s time for someone to make one of those Hitler-Downfall YouTube movies – “how can we be losing the war against UKIP ?”

    Breitbart is now reporting on a really nasty smear campaign being run in the West Midlands.


  18. George R says:

    “Ukip surges into lead in European election contest:
    Poll gives Nigel Farage’s party 31% support after bruising week of controversies.
    “Ukip is three points ahead of Labour while Tories are in third on 19%.
    “It’s the first time YouGov has given Ukip an outright advantage in race.
    “Findings suggest Mr Farage has avoided damage from recent furores.”

    Read more:


  19. George R says:

    A key reason why BBC-NUJ broadcasts against UKIP:-
    A snippet from ‘The Times’ (£), Monday’s front-page:-
    “‘Middle class’ Labour’s core vote hit hard by Ukip.
    By Michael Savage, Chief Political Correspondent-

    “Labour voters are defecting to Ukip because the party has become too ‘middle class’, a leading ally of Ed Miliband has warned. Lord Glasman, a policy guru who was ennobled by Mr Miliband, said that the rise of Ukip would hit Labour ‘in the heartlands’”.


  20. Stewart says:

    First the Guardian then the Times and now the Telegraph
    Will the BBC ever get it?- I do hope not.


  21. Stewart says:

    A picture speaks a thousand words
    Sorry to see the lib/dems down on 9% ,I hoped they would be annihilated by now.


  22. Stewart says:

    And here’s someone who knows which way the wind blows
    Probably thinking ‘If HIGNFY could do it for me they can do it for Farage’


  23. George R says:

    Despite BBC-NUJ’s pro-E.U, anti-UKIP political propaganda:-

    “Read UKIP Leader Nigel Farage’s latest #FarageOnFriday column for the Daily Express”


  24. Llareggub says:

    It’s get Ukip and also get anyone else who does not abide by Cameron’s Islamist agenda. Paul Weston’s arrest must have been orchestrated by the government. He now faces two years inside for quoting Churchill, but whatever happens, he will be too occupied to participate fully in the Euro elections. Advice to Nigel – watch out.


  25. George R says:

    “Are you fit to be a Liberal Democrat?
    (A response to Nick Cohen)”

    By Douglas Murray.