‘The BBC will try to dampen it down. We mustn’t let that happen.’


There are various inquiries being carried out investigating claims of Islamist’s infiltrating schools seeking to run them along Islamic lines.

Once these investigations have been concluded and the dust has settled there needs to be one other investigation.  An investigation into the BBC’s role in this affair.

I use the term ‘The BBC’ here because it is clear that what is happening is not one or two journalists imposing their own interpretation on events,  there is an obvious direction from above….when so many BBC journalists refuse to report something as important and damning as the MCB’s 2007 ‘Advice to Schools’ it can only be because an editorial message has gone out not to, conversely when all journalists start using the same phrase, such as ‘cultural conservatism’, you can be similarly assured that there is another editorial guideline passed down from on high setting the correct narrative.

The BBC hasn’t just stood back and reported events impartially, it has actively sought to mislead its audience about those events, it has downplayed not only the events themselves and the activities of the Islamists, but the importance of them in regard to society as a whole, not only that but the BBC has set out to damage Ofsted and especially Michael Gove…damaging them it hopes to also to damage the credibility of the investigations by Ofsted and the government into ‘extremism’ and Birmingham schools.  Worse, the BBC has actively promoted the takeover of schools by Islamists saying ‘…once you accept that certain schools are Islamic schools, you can then think about constructing a governing body with proper representation and management processes to prevent the problems in Birmingham.’

The BBC suggests this is a good way to both promote cohesion but also control the ‘extremists’….perhaps somewhat naive of the Journalists deep inside the BBC bubble.  Such journalists should take their own advice and heed the ‘warning from history‘ they are so keen on usually….German politicians and industrialists thought they could control Hitler…they couldn’t.

The BBC is muddying the water….on the one hand they report that there is no evidence of a Muslim plot but then report there is evidence and Gove ignored it…. trying to downplay the significance of the plot and yet use the dangers of the plot to attack Gove.

One major and obvious ‘mistake’ in the BBC’s coverage is omission of the central question that set Gove and May at loggerheads…how to define ‘extremism’?  May wanted a narrow definition, Gove a broader one encompassing not just violence or threats of or incitement to violence but what might also bring Islam itself into question.  Is extremism solely violence or does it also include the various social and judicial imperatives inherent in Islam for example in regard to the status of women especially in regard to rape or their harsh and restrictive demands on women in the name of ‘modesty’, or else FGM, or the treatment of apostates, gays and other religions or non-Muslims?  Cameron takes a line more akin to Gove’s in his 2011 Munich speech…Europe needs to wake up to what is happening in our own countries.…the “doctrine of state multiculturalism” has failed.

Pupils as young as six were taught to treat Western women as ‘white prostitutes’ by a school at the centre of the ‘Trojan Horse’ Islamist plot.


The BBC has recognised that there is the danger of Gove’s definition taking hold despite May apparently winning the argument….it’s hard to hold back the tide of reality when it is blatantly obvious what is going on.  The BBC’s answer?  As mentioned below they have adopted a phraseology that they hope will deflect criticism of Islam and place the blame for events at the schools on ‘conservative cultural practices’ as they often do with many stories that would otherwise highlight uncomfortable truths about Islamic justice and attitudes.

The BBC will report what many people tell of very serious issues in Birmingham schools and of a plot to Islamise schools, for instance, ‘Khalid Mahmood, MP for Perry Barr, believes there are reasons to be concerned. “All the information I’m getting… is there has been a serious bid to take over most of the schools in the east and south of the city,” he said.’

The problem comes when we get the BBC’s own interpretation….all that ‘evidence’ is suddenly forgotten, the BBC claiming:   ‘The focus is not on a “conspiracy”. The “Trojan Horse” letter is now widely assumed to be a forgery, and appears to have been written to alarm people.’

The BBC is rather casual when it comes to those facts, or reporting relevant facts that might change perceptions.  Here they report this, ‘A chair of governors at one of the schools involved described the reaction to this letter as a “witch hunt”. ‘   But who was that ‘chair of governors’?  Tahir Alam, the man at the very centre of the conspiracy claims, which immediately puts into question his claim of a ‘witch hunt’.

Why did the BBC hide that fact?

The BBC is very keen not to tell you some things about Tahir Alam that might set the alarm bells ringing…for instance the Times revealed that he had been a member of an Islamist extremist group, he also wrote a document laying out the Muslim Council of Britain‘s demands to schools as to how they should adapt their schools in order to suit Muslim pupils.

Whilst the BBC has never reported the existence of that important and revealing document it has reported that Alam was in fact an Ofsted inspector.  Why would the BBC report that fact but not the others?  The suspicion must be that they are attempting to undermine Ofsted by saying the man at the centre of its investigations was in fact employed by them and therefore must be a credible and respectable person.

The BBC is hiding Alam’s islamist tendencies whilst publishing something that they might believe would help his case.


What of that ‘conspiracy’, or in the BBC’s opinion, ‘Non-conspiracy’?

The BBC claims that there is no plot but merely a small, insignificant group of people,

‘The Ofsted results also support the notion that this is really about a clique of governors.

The leaders of four of the schools expected to go into special measures are good friends, who speak a lot via WhatsApp, the mobile messaging app.

The idea that there is no wider conspiracy has support: people working in counter-extremism in Birmingham also do not think there is an acute broader problem in the city.’


‘The problem is really about a small clique of governors’?  Well yes…and no.  That surely is the central thrust of the claims anyway…that a group of governors has been inserted into schools so that they can ensure that they are run along Islamic lines.  But it doesn’t rely solely on governors, it requires the help of teachers, parents and pupils….in other words there must be a conspiracy if such events are in fact happening.

Tahir Alam is in fact a classic ‘Trojan Horse’ himself…..having infiltrated Ofsted as an inspector, he runs a Trust which controls numerous schools as well as being a governor of Park View School.


The BBC not only seeks to mislead audiences by omitting facts such as Alam’s Islamist tendencies, or by downplaying other facts such as whether it is a deliberate conspiracy or whether the Trojan Horse letter is real or not, or by adding other facts into the mix to muddle things up such as Alam being an Ofsted inspector but it also manipulates the language used so that certain concepts are pushed to the fore and others are pushed to the back and out of people’s minds.

You may have noticed that the BBC is now frequently using phrases such as ‘cultural conservatism’ rather than islamic extremism, ‘For Ofsted, the issue in these schools is that they are socially conservative.’

This form of words is intended to move audiences away from the idea that the problem stems from Islam itself, the problem is social or cultural….ignoring the fact that such societies or cultures are defined and governed by Islam in every way.  Everything the BBC does is with the intention of downplaying the influence of the Islamic beliefs that drive these plots.  The BBC believes that if the public realises what is actually happening they will no longer be supportive of a growing, separate, Islamic culture and society within their own and that this will lead to conflict.  The BBC’s alternative is to keep a lid on things, sit back and do nothing and allow the Islamists to take control, as evidenced by the BBC’s promotion of Islamising schools for a quiet life.


More evidence of the BBC’s dangerous and highly political game can be witnessed by listening to Evan Davis on the Today programme (08:33:40) ostensibly examining the events surrounding the schools, Oftsed, Gove and May.

Who does he invite on to comment?  Labour’s Tristram Hunt and Islamist Salma Yaqoob.

Hunt was allowed free rein to attack Gove and to claim that it was outrageous that he hadn’t investigated claims of Islamists trying to take over schools made in 2010, and that Ofsted was clearly not working properly.

Davis didn’t challenge any of this and in fact encouraged the narrative about Oftsed being unfit for purpose after having given Park View School an outstanding classification in 2012 but now possibly going to be placing the school in special measures.

Firstly this is what a teacher from Park View said of that 2012 inspection:  “They were very analytical, razor-sharp; these people really knew their stuff.”

So Ofsted ‘knew their stuff’.  The teacher was there, he saw the inspection being done, he liked what he saw.  I might suggest he knew more than an opportunist politician with perfect hindsight and a biased journalist.

But what of Hunt’s claim that Gove or Ofsted did nothing in 2010 when warned of the Islamist threat?

Davis might well have leapt in there, but didn’t, and demanded why Labour had done nothing in 2008 when Birmingham Council was warned of a similar plot:  “Many demands were made that were simply impossible to meet and it began to appear like there was some sort of organised attempt to undermine the management of the school.”

Davis could also have asked why Labour, in power for 13 years, did nothing about the approaching disaster that Headmaster Tim Boyes said has been bubbling away for 20 years:

“Back in 2010, I had a whole series of colleagues, other head teachers, who were reporting concerns about governance and things that weren’t going well in their schools.

“Over 20 years… tensions and politics have exploded and as a result head teachers have had nervous breakdowns, they’ve lost their jobs, schools have been really torn apart,” he said.


Sounds quite serious but Evan Davis decided such questions were irrelevant and didn’t bother to derail the Labour politician’s anti-Gove narrative….maybe because the BBC recognises that Mr Gove and Mrs May are two of the “biggest beasts” in the Conservative Party’ and to damage them would have many beneficial results for the BBC’s own narratives in regard to Labour and Islam.

What about that Ofsted inspection in 2012 and the subsequent downgrading in 2014?  Davis suggested that this indicated that Ofsted may have serious problems…but does it?

So was that 2012 classification of ‘outstanding’ wrong…or is the new one wrong?


There are some points that might be relevant in deciding how Ofsted came to its conclusions in 2012 and subsequently came to change them two years later.

  • Firstly the inspection was done with two days notice given to the school prior to the inspection, time enough to tidy things up and get the story right.
  • Secondly the inspection may not have been an aggressive, hard hitting one…the teacher who praised Oftsed above said this,Outside the lesson, the history teacher, Lee Donaghy, praises the approach taken by the Ofsted team that visited the school in January. This is a view many other heads and teachers dispute – but Donaghy warmly describes the inspectors as “collaborative”. “It was more ‘done with’, rather than ‘done to’,” Donaghy says.’    So the inspectors were ‘collaborative’, doing the inspection in close cooperation with the staff…..a recipe for a bit of a fudge?
  • Thirdly there is political correctness, the thinking that multi-culturalism is to be positively encouraged and that Islam especially should be welcomed if it helps with integration and cohesion.  In other words the fact that schools were introducing Islamic practices would not have raised alarm bells, quite the opposite in fact….the actual, damaging,  effects of such an Islamic culture being adopted and enforced by the schools in relation to the wider society may have been ignored, Islamic values being seen as beneficial and Muslim pupils under its yoke not alienated by being forced into a ‘Western’ style education.


Tristram Hunt demands to know how a school classed as oustanding in 2012 can two years later be downgraded so far…and yet he has no questions about a school classed as good in 2007 and then in 2010 in an interim inspection still classed as only good which can be reclassified as ‘oustanding’ two years later in 2012.

This report from the Mail may give a clue as to how Ofsted classifications can jump so readily between grades based on, well, very little of substance:

Payhembury Primary in Devon was criticised by Ofsted for being insufficiently ‘multicultural’.

So the 68-pupil Church of England school is asking parents to pay for their children to make a two-day trip to a school with a wide mix of ethnic backgrounds.

The visit – described by one parent as patronising and bizarre – has been sold to parents as a way of boosting Payhembury’s Ofsted grade from good to the top rating of outstanding.



So that was the BBC’s platform for Labour’s tub thumping rhetoric but what about Salma Yaqoob?  Yaqoob is an Islamist herself, ‘radicalised’ by 9/11,  and so it must raise a few eyebrows that the BBC should bring her, an Islamist, on to reassure us that there is no Islamist plot to take over our schools and that it is in fact a government conspiracy with right wing media that creates a hysterical anti-Muslim witch hunt…her standard reply when Islam is criticised in any way whatsoever.

Davis allowed her to rant on only interrupting to feed her a question that she could then answer with another rant.  Not a lot of journalism going on as she went completely unchallenged.

Davis remarkaby came up with that old phrase we’ve been hearing a lot on the BBC recently…’cultural conservatism’…trying to suggest that this wasn’t a bad thing really but often confused with that bad old ‘extremism’…‘people often mix them all up together’ don’t you know old chap.

Davis referred to a Daily Mail article which he said talked of such ‘cultural conservatism’…however read the article and if that is cultural conservatism it boggles the mind as to what you would have to do to be considered ‘extreme’ in Davis’ eyes.


Yaqoob said, ‘she had yet to see “a shred of evidence” that pupils were being radicalised.  “The kids of Birmingham are already damned as being extremist,”‘

She kept referring to the ‘kids’ but they aren’t the issue…the issue was with the governors and teachers.  Making ‘kids’ the ‘victims’ of this ‘witch hunt’ as the basis for her defence of the schools was a rhetorical trick purely designed to distract attention and create a particular negative emotional reaction against Ofsted and those who make claims of a conspiracy.

Yaqoob claims that she ‘Doesn’t want to see extremism in the schools‘…and yet she is a hardened Islamist herself:

Salma Yaqoob Picks Today to Support Jihadists

Salma Yaqoob, one of the best known activitsts in the moribund RESPECT Party, cut her political teeth campaigning for the British jihadists who were imprisoned by the Yemeni authorities for their terrorist activities. 

She also wrote a playful article in Inayat Bunglawala’s “Trends” magazine, in which she imagined Britain as an Islamic Republic.  The piece ended with a terrified Salman Rushdie fleeing the country.

You’ll also remember that at Ken Livingstone’s “Clash of Civilisations” debate, Salma Yaqoob called the 7/7 terrorist murders “reprisal attacks“.


‘Harry’s Place’ claimed in 2008 that, ‘Salma Yaqoob’s entire political career has been devoted to stirring up sectarian hatred.

and added, ‘Salma Yaqoob is invited to write op-eds for the Guardian. She is a favourite of the BBC, and is repeatedly invited on programmes like Question Time, where she is presented as a serious politician and a spokewoman for Britain’s muslims. In reality, she is a marginal politician, for a tiny party, whose interventions in local and national politics have been poisonous.  Let us hope that we hear a lot less of Salma Yaqoob in the future.’


Well, obviously not so far.


Yaqoob laid into Gove claiming that this was in fact a government conspiracy against Muslims and that the spectre of an Islamic ‘Trojan Horse’ had been haunting Gove’s imagination for a long time as evidenced by a chapter titled ‘Trojan Horse’ in a book he’d written.

However on that basis let’s have a look at something Yaqoob has written and use it to judge her intentions and motivations…a tract in an Islamic magazine run by MCB man Inayat Bunglawala happily imagining an Islamic state of Britain:



Guess it is pretty clear exactly where her loyalties lie and her intentions.

The question might be asked exactly where the BBC’s loyalties lie and what are their intentions as they promote Islamist takeovers of schools, hide evidence that this is happening and attempt to do political damage to elected politicians?



You may want to read Charles Moore’s piece in the Telegraph:

While we turn a blind eye to Islamists, our children suffer

 We have now become accustomed, unfortunately, to the painful discovery that children were abused in the state system – in some schools, hospitals, children’s homes. When these things are exposed, we all agree how disgraceful it was that the authorities turned a blind eye. The danger from Islamist extremism is comparable. It too is an abuse of children, and yet we still dare not face it.


And Damian Thompson:

Radical Islam in secular schools: now the shocking truth emerges

“Students’ understanding of the arts, different cultures and other beliefs are limited.” That’s one of the complaints about Birmingham schools made by Ofsted in their leaked report. It sounds like a relatively mild criticism.

Not so. What the Trojan Horse scandal has revealed is that leaders of the Muslim community in Birmingham have been creating a Wahhabi-inspired counterculture in secular, not faith, schools.

I expect plenty of controversy in the days to come, as the Ofsted report is published and its implications sink in. The BBC will try to dampen it down. We mustn’t let that happen.







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65 Responses to ‘The BBC will try to dampen it down. We mustn’t let that happen.’

  1. Alex says:

    It’s ‘hardliners’ now… why can’t they just say extremists?


    The tambourine-tapping, wooly cardigan-wearing BBC lefties sympathise with these scumbags, that’s why.


    • Chop says:

      I think that using the term “‘cultural conservatism” is absolutely deliberate by the left wing press.
      To the non savvy voter out there, they could quite easily link the tories to this phrase, thinking it is almost a tory policy to let Islam run riot over our schools.

      If any tories are reading, I’d be taking steps to have this phrasing eliminated in broadcasting, get the left wing press to say exactly what it is, Islamic extremism, instead of hiding it behind words that do not reflect the truth.


    • ChrisL says:

      They do say ‘extremism’ – twice. ‘Hard line’ features once.

      Plus there are the following 3 articles featuring ‘extremism’ in the title.

      Cabinet row over how to tackle extremism

      Extremist ‘takeovers’ in Birmingham schools?

      May and Gove in row over extremism in schools

      I think it’s clear that the BBC can say extremists, contrary to what you believe.


      • johnnythefish says:

        Eh, and not a mention of Islam in those headlines.


        • ChrisL says:

          No, but each of those articles features ‘Islamic’, ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islamist’ very early on in the text.


          • johnnythefish says:

            Angels dancing on the head of a pin. They still don’t excuse the general BBC agenda of playing down the dangers of extremist teachings in ‘Muslim’ schools – they were at it again this morning – let alone the growing number of Muslim/Pakistani/Bangladeshi enclaves that now exist in certain areas of our country that never gets debated on the likes of Today.


  2. Guest Who says:

    As with Mehdi Hasan, I am intrigued, Mrs Merton-style, as to what seems the immediate and ongoing appeal of such as Ms. Yaqoob in furthering the cause of light over heat. Especially when invited on to share their views often without anyone who may differ being in the building.
    Tell it often enough, BBC.
    But if it doesn’t suit… watertight oversight.
    Propaganda backed by censorship has poor historical precedent.
    But being conducted by a state medium uniquely funded by compulsion is a new twist.


  3. Doublethinker says:

    The BBC should think about the old cliche that , ‘ there are none so blind as those that cannot see.’. Although I suspect that they do in fact see but try and cover it up. I long ago stopped believing anything the BBC puts out, even the weather forecast .


  4. Scott says:

    Even the most cursory look at the links that Alan provides to bolster his thesis shows just how shaky his argument is.

    Worse, the BBC has actively promoted the takeover of schools by Islamists saying ‘…once you accept that certain schools are Islamic schools,…

    The quote, coming at the end of the piece, is a sentence starting with “On the other hand,..” Why did Alan leave that bit out? Is It because it would correctly suggest that this is not, in fact, the thrust of the whole story as Alan would have you believe? And look at the sentence which immediately follows it: “That outcome seems implausible.” Hardly the ringing endorsement that Alan would have you believe.

    You may have noticed that the BBC is now frequently using phrases such as ‘cultural conservatism’ rather than islamic extremism, ‘For Ofsted, the issue in these schools is that they are socially conservative.’

    From the article which Alan links to (the same piece as the first one):

    …Park View has previously rejected the allegations of extremism that it faces…
    … The effect, Ofsted fears, is to create an atmosphere where extremism might flourish.…
    … people working in counter-extremism in Birmingham also do not think there is an acute broader problem in the city…

    So again, the BBC is misrepresented by Alan.

    And that’s just from a cursory look. If Alan’s argument is so shakily presented from just a quick glance, it’s not really going to get any stronger, is it? This is another of Biased BBC’s usual offerings: come up with a theory founded on your own prejudice, make up evidence to try and support it, lie to other Biased BBC people who you know care as little for the truth as you and act smugly, as if lying about the real world makes you morally superior.


    • Polynomial Long Division says:

      It’s pleasing to see you post the usual pseudo-intellectual comment without the vile language, Scott. It’s a first step. However, next I hope to see you improve your grammar and sentence structure so that you may, in the future, post comments that would, at least, be of GCSE Intermediate standard.


      • Scott says:

        Bless. Nice to see the usual pseudonymous commenters come up with new pseudonyms in order to contribute nothing of value. You must be so proud.


    • John Anderson says:

      Don’t feed the troll


      • Scott says:

        Look up the definition of “troll”. You may realise that most of Biased BBC’s usual commenters are living under that bridge.


        • Scott says:

          No. Are you paid to ignore Alan’s frequent lies and distortions?


          • Scott says:

            If anyone disagrees with you they must be lying.

            Putting to one side the usual irony about an anonymous Biased BBC commenter accusing someone of something – in this case making inaccurate sweeping generalisations – that seems to be a prerequisite for Biased BBC commenters form the right…

            I’m not saying Alan is lying because I disagree with him. I say that he’s lying because he’s lying. He lies about the content of articles he links to. And people like you ignore that, choosing instead to start attacking the people who point it out.

            Why is that? Why are you so reluctant to admit that Biased BBC’s most frequent poster has an inability to be honest? I would suggest that it’s because his falsehoods reinforce your prejudice.

            I know plenty of moderate British muslims that want to hang people like you from cranes.

            Biased BBC avoidance tactic #2347: “If anybody points out a way in which Alan, Vance or any other member of Biased BBC’s usual rabble are not behaving like decent, honourable human beings, change the subject by wailing about Muslims.”

            What will it take for Alan to behave like an adult, and not lie about the articles he links to? What will it take for the usual rabble of commenters, hiding behind one or more pseudonyms each, to admit that his posts rest on a foundation of dishonesty?

            You carry on ignoring that if you want. Stick your fingers in your ears, sing to yourself “la la la, we may be a bunch of sad, lying idiots who don’t care about the truth, but hey! At least we’re not Muslims!” Just don’t pretend that it makes you a better person.


            • John Anderson says:

              Don’t feed the attention-seeking troll


              • Scott says:

                “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means…”


            • Scott says:

              Thanks for further demonstrating your inability to address any issues with anything approaching adult behaviour. Well done: you’re sure to be welcomed by those Biased BBC commenters for whom juvenile responses are de rigeur. I doubt adults in the real world would look on you as kindly.


        • Andy S. says:

          Looking at your avatar portrait, Scott, I think the Norwegian definition of “Troll” is very appropriate also. It looks as though God has given you the ugliest face in the world and then hit it with a shovel.


          • Scott says:

            Well thank you for taking time out of your career as an international supermodel to show Biased BBC commenters for the sad, juvenile little scrotes they really are.


    • Rob says:

      Scott when you finish your replies please remember to insert Allahu Akbar at the end.


      • Scott says:

        Bless you for (presumably) thinking that’s funny.

        I notice “John Anderson” doesn’t consider you a troll. Funny how the more pious Biased BBC commenters share a common blind eye to such idiotic statements, isn’t it?

        But silly me. If you’re in step with Biased BBC’s political standpoint you can be stupid, abusive, foul-mouthed and pretty much lie through your teeth with impunity.

        But stand up for a different point of view, and the men who don’t so much as issue a peep when David Brims and his ilk are being racist, when F*** the Beeb and Pounce are calling people cunts, when Alan and Vance are saying that BBC reports say the opposite of what they actual say because lying is the only way they can justify their prejudice – then, those people who are so quick to call me names fall silent.

        And yet they still behave like their voice is worth listening to. It’s not. Unless you like listening to desperate little men being hypocritical because that’s all they have to offer.


        • John Anderson says:

          Don’t feed the troll


          • Scott says:


            I note neither you nor anyone else have addressed Alan’s inability to admit that he misrepresents article content in order to bolster his own prejudiced theories. Why is that? Do you like being lied to by someone who struggles to put together coherent arguments without telling porkies?


            • John Anderson says:

              Do not feed the attention-seeking troll


            • Andy S. says:

              I’ve developed my own political philosophy throughout my lifetime. I find it offensive ( and also hypocritical ) for leftists like Scott to continually stand in judgement of people who hold views that contradict his. I believe in small government, keeping the authorities out of people’s lives, the freedom to say and do what you like – providing it does no physical harm to others, and being allowed to make my own decisions affecting my future.

              I am sick to the back teeth of idiots like Scott who think they know best, telling us how to behave, speak and think. It’s always the small minded malcontents living empty lives who seem to think they can tell the rest of us what to do.

              The real bigots and fascists are people like Scott who can’t abide opposing views being stated.

              I genuinely loathe the cloth eared, closed minded totalitarian leftists like Scott. It’s been said he suffers from “emotional” problems but he comes across as an entirely unsympathetic character unwilling to debate his ideas (fixations?). It’s best to ignore this creepy little man when he next posts. Ignoring him will be the biggest insult to him. (Yes I know I’m posting in response to one of his posts, but it will be for the last time.) I will ignore him in future.


              • ChrisL says:

                “I find it offensive ( and also hypocritical ) for leftists like Scott to continually stand in judgement of people who hold views that contradict his.”

                You then go on to judge Scott as:
                – an idiot
                – a small-minded malcontent
                – cloth-eared, closed-minded
                – a creepy little man

                In a previous post you also said about him: ‘It looks as though God has given you the ugliest face in the world and then hit it with a shovel.’

                What you could have done (indeed, what no-one else has yet done) is debated the points he made in his original post. Instead, you chose to say the above. Says a lot.


                • John Anderson says:

                  Ignore this troll as well


                  • Scott says:

                    Thanks for proving my point, “John”.

                    You will call ChrisL a troll, but turn a blind eye to Andy S.

                    Typical Biased BBC. A steadfast refusal to behave like adults, yet somehow believing that you’re fit to pass judgement on others.

                    But carry on by all means. Wear your hypocrisy and juvenile attitude as a badge of pride if you must. It does seem as if you have little else of which to be proud.


                • Andy S. says:

                  Lefties don’t like having their tactics used against them. It seems Scott has an admirer in ChrisL – probably works at the next desk.


                  • Scott says:

                    Lefties don’t like having their tactics used against them.

                    Maybe you can point out where I’ve ignored factual points in favour of berating someone for their looks, as you have done?

                    Fact is, it’s not a “lefty tactic” – that’s just an excuse you’ve made up to try and justify actions to yourself that you know ought to be beneath you.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Write us an article, Scott, on why you think Islam poses no threat to our freedom and democracy and which answers all Alan’s points, not just a selective one or two where you offer shaky rebuttals on your treasured left wing broadcaster’s behalf.

      In it you can explain why it is you think FGM, gender segregation, vote rigging and women in black sacks with just a peephole to see through walking several paces behind their spouses enhance our open and tolerant culture which millions of immigrants seem to find such an attraction.


  5. Ron Todd says:

    I expect the BBC will have the public school educated Right honourable Tristram Hunt popping up on all sorts of programs to tell us what the government is doing wrong and how the party that invited all these people into the country would do it better.


    • Alex says:

      Yes, that’s what has been making my blood boil, Ron. The story splashed eveywhere on the BBC yesterday, was the criticism from Labour regarding Tory ‘negligence’ over Islamic extremism in schools. This is quite simply beyond belief; how can the BBC, who have silenced any major debate on immigration and who have given Muslims special treatment whilst undermining Christianity, dare cite Labour as a force for eradicating Islamic extremism? It really is beyond belief.


  6. chrisH says:

    On todays BH, Nick Robinson did a faux-In The Psychiatrists Chair piece, using Goves ex teachers, colleagues and opponents.
    Usual inane trite psychobabble of course-but it`s that “psychiatric” link I didn`t like.
    Time was spent in preparing this line of attack-and I don`t recall real nasties like John Reid or Hazel Blears ever getting this kind of “treatment” from the BBC in some fluff for a Sunday morning.
    We`ll hear nothing though about stigmatising or pathologising “mental asymmetries” from Marjorie Wallace or Brian Rix foundations…let alone Stephen Fry, Ruby Wax or Paul Merton will we?
    Course not-the left hate and fear Gove, despite his good manners and intellect, his adopted background.
    You upset the NUT/ATL…you get the Guardian paper tigers and the muezzin blowhards of the BBC snooping round your laundry bin and medical records.
    Hope Gove remembers-and stuffs them at his convenience.


  7. chrisH says:

    And to top it all on BH…assorted political panjandrums like Old Nick and his cronies tell me that the issue of “Islamic Extremism in schools” is only a smokescreen and sideshow to the big issue of who might next lead the Tories.
    That despite Gove repeatedly saying that he has no wish to lead them at all…but Robinson and chums hope it`s Westland 1986 once again( who will ever forget eh?).
    When your political elite and their scribblers/mouths on sticks DARE to say that the careers of May or Gove matter far more to them, than Anjem and Co sabotaging state-funded schooling for a generation of kids in our Second City…THEN you need to remove your political elite and their media medallions as you would a brain tumour in the body politic.
    When Nick Robinson begs for his Emlyn Hughes 1970 Esso medal from the listeners…the likes of Harry Patch and Nick Winton risked their lives for their “real medals”…so f888 Off BBC!


  8. Old Timer says:

    This so called Trojan Horse plot within Birmingham schools is a smokescreen that will be brushed aside quite easily. The burden of proof is in the eye of the beholder and whilst the BBC and their subordinates clones at Sky and ITV will not report honestly for fear of retribution, infiltrators or wet liberals, the situation will overwhelm us in one of two ways.

    Either they (Muslims) will take over completely and openly and Sharia law will be the acceptable norm, or there will be a terrorist war on our soil because by some miracle we do see through their plans and start to deal with them. The latter is unlikely however the problem is very, very deeply ingrained now, not just in schools but into every aspect of our lives. Local and national government, schools, universities, food production, health care, the legal system, etc. etc. are all now heavily influenced or even controlled by them and their very able and determined descendants.

    They may not always have the top jobs but they do have the final say. Preferential treatment is already the norm under the protection of the racism laws. They are allowed to form groups, unions, committees and communities of their own kind without hindrance. We the indigenous folks, those that fought the world wars for our freedom, are not allowed to do so. The cards are stacked against us so that we cannot compete on a level playing field anymore. We have submitted and have been beaten.

    Even us old timers now believe the propaganda, just look at how the BNP, the EDL and now UKIP have been vilified and we believe it because the media says so, and for what, just being working class and being patriotic? They are called racist, far right wing, all manner of names. Meanwhile our enemies laugh at us and carry on as usual plotting against us.

    The police work quietly underground weeding out those they can find that would do us direct harm but the fact is they and we are hamstrung by our laws and the politically correct and submissive way of life we have come to accept. There is only one organisation left that has even a small hope of sorting out this mess and I am very sorry to say it will not be that ‘good old boy’ Nigel. It will be the same organisation that is now sorting out Egypt.


  9. flexdream says:

    The role of the MCB, Birmingham Council and West Midlands police should be investigated. They were all quick to deny there was a plot. This is the biggest domestic news story of the year and may yet mark a turning point in recognising the dangers of Islamic entryism.


    • John Anderson says:

      The problem is – Gove was wrong to criticise the Home Office security man so publicly – but the substance of his criticism was correct. The Home Office lies at the root of so many of our problems – excessive immigration, wide-open doors to Wahhabi and Deobandi extreme Muslims, failure to eject the real bad’uns, pushing endless PC ideas about multiculturalism, backing away from proper action on abuses for fear of the usual shouts of Islamophobia, appointing hardline Islamists to advisory positions withing Government – generally turning a blind eye for decades. That is the substance of Gove’s charge, and he was entirely correct on the substance, but very foolish on the timing. He should have waited for the Ofsted reports to issue.

      The fracture line is this. Gove wants Islamists dealt with forcibly. Home Office civil servants and a succession of Ministers including Theresa May have a record of pussy-footing around, playing down the societal threat. And so does Cameron.


  10. Duke of Wellington says:

    Are there Christian ‘hardliners’ in Muslim countries?


  11. Rob says:

    Just heard Dianne Abbot on Sky talking about the subject or more importantly trying to detract from the subject. Her whole argument was the other person on the debate once said that Islam was medieval and barbaric. Dianne homed in on this point and that was her entire focus for the rest of the ‘debate’. Islamaphobia and demonising Islam


  12. Rob says:

    Off topic. Heard our Foreign Secretary is campaigning along with Angelina Jolie to try to end rape being used as a weapon of war. Odd that William Hague should be so interested in this issue yet his government has done nothing about the same tactics used in this country by Muslim rape gangs as a mean to subjugate non-Muslims mainly white under age girls in this country. I heard mention Sri Lanka Myanmar Chad, but not Rochdale, Oldham, Blackburn etc. The successive governments of the UK really do care more about foreigners that they do their own people.


    • pah says:

      Heard our Foreign Secretary is campaigning along with Angelina Jolie to try to end rape being used as a weapon of war

      A laudable campaign indeed. Pity there isn’t a snowflakes chance in hell of it ever succeeding.


  13. Llareggub says:

    Most muslims, and indeed our leading politicians, exhibit respect for the Saudi regime. Does that make them extremists?
    I noted Diane Abbot is always ready to label critics of Islam as racist and Islamophobic, and she is speaking next week at the UAF conference. I wonder if she will have a re think about her support for the Venuzuelan regime


  14. Guest Who says:

    The key topic here is what the BBC decides to play up, play down, ignore totally or misrepresent.
    As a £4Bpa compelled funding public service media monopoly it can be more than interesting who gets obsessed more by those concerned about abuse of such power but seem totally at ease when the BBC and its staff stray, often with little real consequence to themselves, but too often a whole lot to individuals and country.
    As many, from the most modest single mother featured on Newsnight to enobled politicians stitched up by them, or even royalty treated to the BBC’s unique edit treatment, may testify.
    When it comes to social engineering or public perception management on a nationwide scale to screw lids down on pressure cookers, it can have profoundly disturbing connotations.


    • Guest Who says:

      Words to live by (I’ve edited a bit, but everyone, like the BBC, does that, when selecting key facts that suit) when dampening things down?
      “Participants should keep their number of contributions per debate to a reasonable level.
      Multiple posts from one individual, or small number of individuals, discourages many others who might otherwise wish to take part.
      No spamming or flooding. Don’t repost the same message, or very similar messages, more than once.
      No multiple memberships. Please do not create more than one membership. It is unfair to the other users who only have one membership and abide by the posting and recommendation limit.
      Disciplinary procedure
      Violation of any of the rules above may lead to your membership account be temporarily suspended or terminated.
      While suspended, returning to the site by creating another account will constitute a further offence and will result in your account being closed permanently.
      The right is reserved to delete any posting, at any time, for any reason, and is under no obligation to publish any work submitted.


  15. Ember2014 says:

    Some observations:

    The right wing media has focussed on the Gove/May spat in order to try and wake up the Tories less than a year before the election.

    The BBC has focussed on the spat out of sheer Schadenfreude. The actual problem of extremism in some schools is secondary, int their eyes. If they (the BBC) were acting as an impartial public broadcaster, in the public interest, then this would be the primary focus.

    Kudos to Andrew Neil today for cornering the shadow Education minister with the facts: his own party neglected to confront extremism in schools. It lasted about 30 seconds. Blink and you miss it.

    The crux of the problem is this: successive governments have been hoodwinked into a particular way of thinking that says: don’t be too harsh against religious extremists in schools because you may end up appearing “Islamophobic”
    That would lose you the Muslim vote (in Labour’s case) and the floating voters (for the Tories)
    Of course, we know that the majority of people would be glad to see the back of radical clerics preaching in schools. Blame the “de-toxification of Toryism” policy that has infected the Conservatives since Cameron became leader.

    Meanwhile, girls are still being taught to be slaves to husbands and boys taught to glorify the destruction of the west.


  16. Fred Sage says:

    What really annoys me is that the debate is now no longer about Islamic fanatics controlling many schools around Birmingham, but it is the row between Gove and May. Is that important? Or do we have to wait until a couple of hundred schoolgirls are kidnapped here?


  17. Barlicker says:

    So, to summarise the latest version of the left/BBC’s discriminatory – ie racist – terminology:
    A non-Muslim with traditional values on such issues as gay marriage (eg. UKIP candidate Roger Helmer) is a “homophobe”.
    A muslim with traditional values on such issues as gay marriage is a “cultural conservative”.
    Got that everybody?


    • Chop says:

      If i could give 100 likes to your comment Mr Licker of bars, I would…bravo Sir.


      • Chop says:

        Anything to add to Barlickers conclusion….ummmm…..Scott?

        (I know i should not feed the troll, but, y’know….Hemel is missing one at the moment, he’s spending far too long here trying to stifle debate)


  18. chrisH says:

    1. Just caught a bit of “Tropic of Cancer”, where some Damon Albarn wannabe called Simon Reeve worries about -yes, when in Egypt or Saudi-what else but….”climate change”.
    He worries about the Bedouin not getting the Dale Farm rights there by the Red Sea…and the climate is going to pot, oh why can`t we learn from these noble goatherds-yodel-ay-ee-oh?
    Next bit-despite Jeddah being just over the Red Sea…he FLIES over to Saudi to pimp rides, blast speakers and do handbrake turns using hideous amounts of carbon in the process.
    Global warming my arse now apparently.
    Next up were hyper shopping malls with spectacular air con and conspicuous consumption in Riyadh-but no global warming worries here, just a quick wonder about women not being able to drive…but there again, this will be a caution eco measure seeing as its Islam he`s critiquing.
    Ah bless-good old Saudi eco warriors eh?
    Simon sez that global warming is a bad thing, unless it keeps the militant lads out of mischief at the mosque-in which case it`s worth a punt, huh?
    Oh to live in such a stupid segmented world as Simons at the BBC-climate change fretting in Egypt-but burning rubber with the lads in Saudi within two days..and no apparent conflict to him!


  19. chrisH says:

    Then over to More or Less on Radio 4.
    We Christians clearly can`t count…according to Tim Harford, the few that are killed are killed by fellow Christians in the Congo.
    Good enough for me.
    Tim seems to worry that not enough are being killed as well…so maybe all those who are being hunted and butchered in Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Yemen, let alone Egypt, Libya and Iran(among others…95% Muslim) would only STFU and let Islam do its ablutions…saves Harford having to worry, and ruin his sleep!
    More or Less?…neither-a dead haram duck of idiocy now.


    • Flexdream says:

      He was also careful not to record the numbers of all those killed for religious/sectarian reasons by followers of the Religion of Peace(c). A few thousand each in Nigeria, Pakistan, Libya, Syria and Iraq for starters. Then those who die as a result of the murders of vaccination teams.


  20. Flexdream says:

    For some reason the BBC is determined to spike the Ofsted report. This am on Today R4 I switched off as some Muslim apologist was given free air. Just now the R4 7pm news headlines led with the item quoting the report but then gave copious air time to a parent who can’t believe the report.
    If these were Catholic schools the BBC would be going hammer and tongues to lash the Catholics, but because it’s covert Muslim schools the BBC is taking side with the apologists and deniers.
    How serious does the corruption of education by Muslims have to get before the BBC sees a problem. No doubt the children of BBC editors are spared a vibrant and diverse education so as these schools are not in leafy North London there is not really a problem. Just as with the raping and pimping of non-Muslim girls in North England by Muslims.
    Moderate Muslims who want to defend and reform their faith must despair with me at the abject defeatism, equivocation and dissembling of the BBC. These Muslims want their children educated not indoctrinated but have been abandoned by the BBC.
    Birmingham Council and West Midlands police are awfully quiet.


  21. Flexdream says:

    If last year you’d told me an Ofsted report would find that multiple schools in one town had been infiltrated by religious extremists and the schools subverted to discriminate on gender, religion and race as well as promote extremism I would have thought that would be biggest story of the year and there would be calls for education officials (national and local), teachers, inspectors, parents and governors to appear before a Parliamentary inquiry and for heads (and deputy heads) to roll.
    Is it just me or is there an air of complacency, maybe even a lack of surprise, about what has happened?


  22. Benedick says:

    ‘The BBC will try to dampen it down. We mustn’t let that happen.’

    Well it didnt happen, and it had nothing to do with you.


    • Flexdream says:

      Do you listen to the BBC? From the off they have tried to undermine and discredit the report. Yesterday the BBC lead item on World news was the ‘spat’ between Gove and May, completely ignoring the real issue of Muslim entryism. The evening R4 news wondered who was to blame for the extremism, the inaction of the Education Dept or the inaction of the Home Office! FFS, it was a cabal of Muslims who were involved and culpable. Even now as the report becomes impossible to ignore the BBC is constantly giving a platform for parents and activists to rubbish the Ofsted report. So far they don’t seem to have been able to find any teacher to support this view.


  23. Dave S says:

    The BBC/liberal elite will never be able to comprehend just how the majority of indigenous English view the Birmingham schools matter.
    Pointless to discuss it with the liberal elitist. I mean really pointless so just stop doing so.
    Ignore every word written or said. Remember only the old truth. No people has ever repeat ever voluntarily given up their homeland.
    Other than Sweden of course but Sweden is what you end up with after years of left wing guilt induced indoctrination and a too comfortable lifestyle. And even Sweden is not quite a lost nation yet.