BBC #Fail Gove Innocent?


The BBC has given a platform to Labour’s Tristram Hunt and Yvette Cooper all week to trash Gove and his education policies…yesterday Hunt was on the BBC’s ‘prestigious’ Today programme and Cooper was on ‘Pienaar’s Politics’ this morning spinning the same message…..Gove has been derelict in his duty allowing Islamism to thrive in schools, he failed to take action when warned of the threat, and that his school’s policy actually makes things worse by preventing any action being taken to deal with such threats when they arise.

So why didn’t Gove and the Department of Education take action, or any serious measures, to stem the Islamist infiltration when warned in 2010?

You might have thought the  massively resourced news organisation that is the BBC would have asked Gove that question, or even asked themselves that, I have yet to hear them do so, but it appears the BBC isn’t actually interested in the answer.

The Sunday Times is and seems to have come up with something that should alter the narrative somewhat.

In 2007 Tahir Alam, Mr ‘Trojan Horse’ himself, published with the MCB, an Islamist’s charter that was distributed to education authorities and schools across the country with the intent that they would implement policies that favoured Muslim pupils.

In 2008, just as Birmingham council were being warned of Islamist infitration of its schools, the Labour Government employed that very selfsame Islamist Tahir Alam as an advisor to their ‘Prevent’ anti-radicalisation programme who went on to ‘develop the right channels to visit Whitehall on a regualr basis…fashioning himself as a kind of spokesman on all things education that concerned Muslim communities…he was always in and out of the Home Office.’

A poacher staying a poacher.

The Times goes on ‘More than a year ago sources in the education department told the Sunday Times that the Home Office was encouraging Gove’s department to approve applications for free schools and academies run by Muslims to make it easier to monitor radicalisation or extremism….but Gove did not want his free school programme “hijacked” and wanted May to take a tougher line on terrorism in general.’


So let’s think about that…the Department of Education’s schools policy was ‘hijacked’ by the Home Office, from 2008, and schools allowed to be deliberately ‘radicalised’ so that the security services could monitor certain people more easily….a programme shaped in part by the very Islamist at the centre of the recent furore, Tahir Alam,  put in place by a Labour government which began this policy of handing over schools to Islamist extremists….a man who was also an Oftsed inspector.


So shouldn’t Tristram Hunt et al also be asked some very difficult questions about Labour’s role in encouraging extemists to take over schools?

At least we have an idea why the DofE stood back, no thanks to the BBC…it was obeying orders from the Home Office…the same Home Office that ‘won’ the argument, once again, with Gove over the definition of ‘extremism’ and how to tackle it…proving that Gove was correct in saying it was the Home Office’s responsibility and that they had failed to deal effectively with extemism.

In other words Gove is really off the hook if this is all true….his only sin being the public complaints made by him about the Home Office in the Times this week…for which he has apologised.

The BBC is giving Yvette Cooper headline billing on its frontpage right now after her Pienaar interview as she demands May also apologises…as she should quite rightly…however the story is obviously somewhat different to that spun by Labour…they should also be under the spotlight from the BBC….so far they are not….and all we hear are the critics of Gove…the leftwing NUT’s Christine Blower being the sole commenter, other than Labour’s duo, about Gove this morning on the news bulletin that I heard..naturally damning him and his policies.

Perhaps the BBC’s frontpage tomorrow will be Gove demanding Hunt and Cooper apologise for years of appeasing Islamist extremists.  Somehow you doubt it.


An update to this post after reading the Sunday Times magazine where the wonderfully diverse Baroness Warsi reveals ‘A Life in the Day’.

For what other reason than the stated one above might a government tread carefully with all things Islamic, barring the obvious threats of angry, alienated, disaffected youth?

Warsi, a minister from 2010, tells us that her first challenge was to make sure that Islamophobia, like anti-Semitism, was put on the government agenda.  She says ‘I believe I have done that.’

Must be difficult for a government on the one hand to deal with er, what shall we call it…em…’cultural conservatism’, and on the other be promoting…er…what to call it…let’s say ‘cultural conservatism’…especially when you have a ‘culturally conservative’ minister in office…never mind Mr Trojan Horse guiding the security service’s strategy.









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15 Responses to BBC #Fail Gove Innocent?

  1. DJ says:

    And then there’s the meta-context: the BBC is trying to spin this as a story about Tori Splitz,/i> – in other words another dullsville Westminister village story only of interest to the boys in the bubble. They’ll do anything to avoid dealing with the central issue that everything us crazed Islamophobes said would happen has happened (also, everything the BBC ever said has been proven to be a lie).

    People who are 100% opposed to traditional British values have been allowed to develop a bridgehead in one of our major cities but the BBC wants to turn it into Westminister soap opera.


    • Ken says:

      I suspect that they have forged bridgheads in more than one of our major cities.


      • Mark says:

        Ray Honeyford was aware of this Muslim segregation in Bradford schools back in the 1980s, and was hounded out of his job then, thanks to the Guardianista right-on brigade and the Trots in the education sector.


  2. Alex says:

    As I’ve posted elsewhere, this is such breathtaking but cynical hypocrisy from the BBC. It seems that the 13 years of Labour incompetence has all been forgotten. It is the Labour party which has fostered the rapid spread of Islamic extremism. The Left really disgust me.


  3. Guest Who says:

    ‘it appears the BBC isn’t actually interested in the answer’
    The BBC and answers; an oddly variable relationship.
    They often get to ask, but don’t like getting asked (with the FoI legal battalions ready to ensure this).
    They demand answers sometimes; but on other occasions do all in their power to ensure no one is even on their airwaves likely to pose questions they certainly wouldn’t, and don’t want being raised.
    Dead air gets filled with dead wood to say something that suits and make sure anything that doesn’t is shunted aside.
    Unique indeed.


  4. Bob Nelson says:

    Michael Gove is up before the Commons tomorrow. He has never struck me as a shrinking violet so, hopefully, there will be fireworks. The BBC will no doubt give a fair report of proceedings.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      From experience, you would have to watch Gove on BBC Parliament for the uncensored truth about the Labour party causing all the problems, and the Home Office blocking the solutions.


  5. Mark says:

    Yvette Cooper has some bloody nerve. Who was secretary of state for children, schools and families between 2007 and 2010 ?


    • Agreed. This is why people hate politicians.


    • chrisH says:

      And wasn`t she the scumbag who gave us Home Information Packs-thereby throttling the housing market she now fears might overheat?
      THIS is the woman who wants an apology?
      I tend to find that an apology needs to be given from one person to another when they actually have done something wrong…like employ a Damian MacBride for example.
      May and Gove have nothing to apologise for as far as I can see-any more than Brown and Blair have to do for their(far worse) effect on the nations politics.
      Labour and the BBC just want an apology-but just ask them for what…and what the hell it all has to do with the party that gave us Tom Driberg and John Stonehouse( see-I can go back too, much as the Left always does re Mrs Thatcher).
      BBC and Labour utter wankfest of failures-in which they both specialise!


  6. Guest Who says:

    I was going to cheerfully confess to an OT, but the last para does keep it within the frame…
    Seems this lady has struck a chord with the chatterati, and sounds a bit of a handful.
    Had to chuckle at an (ex) BBC commentator noting ‘shouty’ tweets. Rather part of the rough and tumble of competitive politics some might feel, and legit. As opposed to Charter-busting, unprofessional, zero objectivity daily fare from the likes of Jasmine through Jezza in the ME to his ex-staff Jon now in Oz.
    “For an inside story on what happens when hardball Westminster tactics go wrong, the BBC’s Chris Mason’s blog” is indeed an eye-opener, and almost on the case as it happens, as opposed to when the BBC’s political reporters decided to hush up any hint of discord at the Labour Government top table lest this impact their chances of re-election.
    Now, how did that work out anyway?
    ‘Believe me, when special advisers call you at 1.30am you know you’ve got a story on your hands.’
    It seems that BBC reporters know when to put it to bed or sleep on it until after any elections, rather uniquely.


  7. #88 says:

    Appalling that Andrew Marr had Cooper on his programme this morning and his first question to her was something along the lines of, ‘what do you think about the row that’s engulfing the Tories?’

    What a tosser Marr is! Invite a Labour MP along and give them an invitation to take a free kick at their opponents. As I’ve said before this sort of question and approach is a speciality of the BBC as they seek to give the best possible advantage to Labour – particularly Gameshow and Bacon.

    Robin Day must be turning in his grave. He would never, ever have countenanced such a question…not only that, if Copper had started criticising the Tories he would have shut her up immediately, telling her that she was there to answer for Labour Party policy not to comment on the Conservatives.

    Marr’s interview was utterly unacceptable.


  8. Bety Swollocks says:

    Marr is a tosser


    • GCooper says:

      With respect, Marr is no ordinary tosser – he is a socialist tosser and epitomises the bias of the BBC.


  9. Duke of Wellington says:

    Marr is leftish and has been a Labour Party member but is one of the more ‘right-wing’ types in the BBC at least by their standards!