I have been contacted by Saif Rahman with regard to this article he has written about BBC favourite Mehdi Hasan. I commend it to you…

“He is the UK’s political director of the Huffington Post, appears regularly on BBC’s Question Time, has 122,000 followers on Twitter and a monthly Al-Jazeera TV slot (a channel that boasts broadcasting to 40-60 million people daily in the Arab world).

And anyone who knows me will be aware that I’ve always been keen to expose poor role models within the Muslim community.  Recently we delivered the coup de grace to Muhammad Ansar, the media’s favourite Muslim “public commentator” resulting in the viral #MoCV hashtag, after he had been falsifying claims of being a lawyer, lecturer, community leader, an imam etc. Although he’s not quite in the same league, I would argue Mehdi is more harmful & pernicious.  Unlike MoAnsar’s scrappiness which led to his ultimate demise, Mehdi is wary about the spats he chooses to engage in and his slicker performance lends him a free pass from our generally forgiving public.  It’s about reading between the lines.

I tried to find a journalist to unravel Mehdi and despite offering to help in this endeavour, not a single journalist was willing to take it on.  Journalists are a tighter knit community than I first expected. Few are willing to poop on their own doorstep and even fewer are willing to take on an influential media man with a large following. I came to the conclusion Mehdi was untouchable. Or almost, until i decided to write it myself.”

Do read the rest from Saif, great stuff and I think it is a sound insight into the mindset of one of the BBC’s ‘go-to” guys.  I have debated Medhi on the BBC and found him OK if a touch strident but on Twitter he is plain nasty, full of himself and arrogant beyond words. I find much truth in what Saif says. Do read the full article on the Link.

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  1. George R says:


    “Huffington Post’s Mehdi Hasan: ‘An Islamic supremacist and apologist for Shia imperialism; an Islamist facilitator and enabler’”

    By Robert Spencer.


    • Charlatans says:

      This one has been waiting in the wings for ages – well done – not before time this real Charlatan is well and truly exposed.


  2. johnnythefish says:

    ‘In fact he shares much in common with Islamists. By his own admission he “struggles with homosexuality” and his timeline is filled with anti-Israeli propaganda. He’s anti-UK, anti-West, pro-Iran, anti-interventionist (but not in Syria obviously where he wants interventionism to protect the Shias). And he is quick to censor his timeline from his detractors who don’t support his stance…..

    Sadly well-meaning members of the left are hoodwinked and duped by his gameplay and duplicity. As with previous exposés, it’s always the left who are the last to catch-on, and sadly not before the damage is done. Motives are important in politics and dangerous if reactionaries from the left jump into bed with closet reactionaries from the Islamic right – we then have the perfect recipe for disaster.’

    Scott and pals take note – that’s you he’s talking about..


  3. Alan says:

    Yes there’s a lot that’s not kosher about the slippery Hasan:

    Andrew Neil…Mehdi Hasan’s Sock Puppet?

    Just What Is It About Mehdi Hasan…..?

    When he propagates hate and division, sanctifying it as the word of God, is he in reality any different to Nick Griffin?…what if Griffin wrapped up his racism with words from the Bible…would he suddenly find himself on the BBC’s speed dial?


    • Charlatans says:

      Thank you Alan – you really did a brilliant research job and write up on Medhi Hasan and it was both your BBBC articles that definitely confirmed my suspicions about this man’s personal Trojan Horse.
      I have concluded, undoubtedly the BBC, with all their resources to do as you have done, must hold the left’s agenda on appeasing Islamification of our nation by not properly highlighting Medhi’s conflict of interest and promoting his views on their channels.


  4. Simon says:

    he is an angry and nasty man – that can be seen every time he is on tv