There’s Lovely Boyo

Neil Kinnock Ed Miliband


The BBC this morning reported some of ‘what the papers say’.…and gave us this gem:

Kinnock said part of the reason the rightwing press was going for Miliband was because it knew he was bold and a threat to Tory victory hopes.


The BBC didn’t bother to provide some contrasting balance to that and reveal that half Miliband’s party think he is a dead duck, that the grass roots think he is a dead duck….and the right wing Guardian thinks he is a dead duck…the BBC preferred to cherry pick one rather deluded statement from Kinnock rather than the general thrust of the anti-Miliband narrative that abounds left and right:


From Guido:







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19 Responses to There’s Lovely Boyo

  1. The General says:

    That’s because Kinnock sees Ed as a slightly less verbose version of himself……….a loser.


  2. DownBoy says:

    When even the Guardian deserts Ed Miliband, at least he can always count on the BBC.


  3. Stu says:

    Looks like Kinnock’s been drinking too much wine at the EU trough.
    Delusional would be a kind way of describing his comments.
    Mind you he’s living proof how a third rate totally useless individual can become very rich at the British public’s expense.
    Like him, Ed Milliband is the Tories greatest asset.


  4. Kulibar Tree says:

    Slightly off topic, one of the people on yesterday’s Saturday Review was somebody called Patrick Gale, who sounded uncannily like our Ed:
    And a quick search on Google seems to show that they’ve never been photographed together.


  5. Angels 30 says:

    Kinnock is most definitely the WORST Prime Minister we never had


    • The General says:

      I agree, but had he become PM he surely would not have been as big a disaster as the idiot Gordon Brown.


      • Amounderness Lad says:

        The biggest difference between the two is that Kinnock was simply incompetent whereas Brown was not only incompetent, as proved by the disastrous failure of the Financial Regulatory System he so proudly created but was also venal, vindictive and hell bent on destroying anything he was not in charge of, hence his deliberate bankrupting of the country for whoever succeeded him as PM.
        That was just childish revenge on those who dared to disagree with him and on the public for failing to believe in his much self-proclaimed omnipotence and his alleged gargantuan intellect which was always conspicuous by it’s total absence. .


  6. Anna Quangel says:

    I heard this too – what a joke. No mention that the tory papers are popular and bought voluntarily unlike the BBC. There was a call to move away from ‘personalities’ and focus on ‘policies’ – but Plan B was not mentioned.


  7. Ember2014 says:

    I’d love to see Kinnock at the last Labour rally before the election, performing his “All right!” schtick just before Ed enters the theatre.


  8. Llareggub says:

    My pleasure. Enjoy.


    • mikef says:

      Many thanks for linking that. Good to be reminded what a tosser Kinnock is. John Smith looked a little uncomfortable with the razzmatazz, but we was a serious man with some depth to him. Hatters of course isn’t. Liked the way Kinnochio waited for the storm of applause each time that often didn’t come.


  9. chrisH says:

    Vital that we ask Neil if he`s saying “Well alright” or “we`re all right”
    Its THE question I refuse to move along from.
    Has anybody asked him?
    Note the obsequious commentary from Brian Hanrahan…no new thing this free pass given to all things pink and rosy.
    Well alright…or are we?


  10. Big Dick says:

    The Millipeed & Kinnoccio ,2 of the biggest tossers in politic`s today , God help us if Millipeed succeeds where Kinnoccio failed.


  11. Neil Miller says:

    I love Ed Milliband, and want to see him stay on as Labour leader.

    But as a UKIP member I would support an ineffective opposition leader – I want my party to take as many votes off Labour as we can.


    • John says:

      Totally support the idea that Ed Milliband should stay on as leader, so all power to the BBC’s continual and slavish backing of this walking disaster. Sometimes slavish and overt bias has an unintended great outcome.

      Also, As a conservative party member, it is nice to know that there is one subject I can agree on with a UKIP member.


  12. Philip says:

    Milliband is Cameron’s secret weapon of mass deduction. Even Labour elite think it’ll be worse under Milliband. He’ll only get ‘in’ if supported by the wet LibDems (if they still have a party by then). Perhaps he needs more friends in high places (other than the BBC).


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