Here you go, a brand new Open Thread ready to see us off into the wide blue yonder of the weekend. Here is where you can share the BIAS from the State Broadcaster.

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  1. John Anderson says:

    World Service 1am – a long rant by Feargal Keane attacking Britain’s role in Iraq from post-WW1 times through to the 2000s, he was positively spitting his words out. No reporting of facts, just a pure opinion-piece in his usual sobbing tone.

    This maudlin’ Irishman appears to hate Britain with a vengeance – why can’t the RTE employ him. , why does the BBC use him – answer, because he fits their anti-Brit groupthink.


    • +James says:

      100 likes! The BBC should follow Gordon Brown’s maxim British jobs for British Workers.

      Meanwhile, in Dublin Lenny O’Henry is complaining to the “Doyle” that Ireland is losing too much talent to the Brits.


    • uncle bup says:

      Wow – hold the front page – Feargal *wasn’t* broadcasting from inside a pally hospital.

      Must be a first.


  2. Old Goat says:

    The BBC. Panned yet again for their weird (and excpensive) climate change crusade:


    Then, of course, they don’t like Nigel Lawson telling the truth:


    The BBC – feathering their own nest at our expense, whilst flagrantly lying through their teeth.,

    We know. They know we know. Yet still they persist with the blatant dogma.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘A spokesman for BBC Media Action confirmed the survey’s £519,000 cost but declined to comment on its alleged lack of impartiality.’
      Shocked, one tells you.. shocked.
      Half a million, on rigged research of near zero value save as propaganda fodder. Good job the Trust is still well on top of delivering BBC jollies first.
      And an anonymous drone wheels out to say… not saying.
      Can’t imagine the BBC’s finest inquisitors (well, those left and not playing with the new kindergarden toys) being too thrilled if such a precedent existed with those the BBC deems itself to have the right to hold to account.


  3. noggin says:

    SMLive BBC1
    are British Muslims complacent about extremism?
    phone vote?

    undeniably they are, wilfully, ultra complacent
    The question ought to be
    WHY? .. they are, and forcefully debated.
    …. but this is the BBC, where even if a phone vote goes 90%
    against BBC narrative …. they still have the arrogance to dismiss it … live.
    Don t expect much.


    • noggin says:

      Ia Liar Brown will turn up the “poor me” muslim narrative.
      Expect soft music, sympathetic film ya da ya da ya da.

      the cause … open the damn book will you.


  4. Alex says:

    OK, here we go. I knew it was only a mater of time:

    Sunday Morning Live, Armed Forces Day… British Empire… Should we really be proud or should we criticize British Imperialism. BBC yet again showing us why we should be giving them a penny.


    • Alex says:

      Sorry for the spelling mistakes as the post was written in haste with phone in one hand and coffee in the other!

      “Matter” and “shouldn’t” lol 🙂


      • noggin says:

        Alex … it gets you like that … daily! 😀
        no apologies necessary


        • Alex says:

          Mate, did you just hear that debate with that vile and ungrateful immigrant woman, whatever her name is Brown? She epitomizes everything bad about immigrants coming here and undermining our ways of life. She is a disgusting piece of uselessness. And that buffoon with a bowl of fruit on her head, Batmangelly or whatever her names is. Beyond comprehension why we even had her on. But, at least the BBC had that poor sod of a journalist on to air what the majority of us think. Pity he was a weak speaker and was constantly heckled.
          I’m sorry, but we should never have let them in or at least not in such great numbers, as they simply don’t wish to integrate. I apologize to Mr Vance if he finds that sentiment offensive, but I have to be honest. Wherever Islam goes the problem of violence and aggression and intolerance arises.


          • Ember2014 says:

            Inevitably some left-winger guest suggests we should teach the bad parts of British history. As if we didn’t do that already. Oh, and I get sick and tired of the “We must teach the history of many countries” which is a backdoor way of saying “New immigrant children may feel left out if we don’t spend months describing Punjab history.”

            Look mate, if they want to hear about Indian history why not educate them back in India?


            • flexdream says:

              Why not teach the role of African chieftains and Arab Muslim slave traders in the slave trade?


          • Maturecheese says:

            At least the poor sod of a journalist pointed out that where ever there is a substantial Muslim minority in the world, there is trouble or words to that effect as I can’t quite remember it word for word.


        • Merched Becca says:

          Should the British be proud of history ?
          Well 53 states want to be part of its Commonwealth. Looks like another BBC ‘anti Great Britain’ love fest.


    • George R says:

      When will Islam Not BBC (INBBC) criticise ‘Islamic imperialism’?


  5. Thoughtful says:

    The Sunday polls are now out, and so readers know the findings from opinions on certain media outlets here’s the findings on the Cameron Coulson debacle:

    “On Coulson YouGov asked how seriously people took Cameron’s error in appointing Coulson. 34% said it was a very serious error, 36% a fairly serious error, but no worse than many others made by politicians, 21% not seriously at all. Looking at the crossbreaks though is a salient reminder of why things like this don’t really make much difference to voting intentions – people see them through the prism of their pre-existing political views. 59% of Labour voters saw the appointment of Coulson as a very serious error, only 6% dismissed it as not being serious. 48% of Tory voters dismissed it as nothing serious, only 9% thought it was a very serious error. ”

    So nearly 60% of Labour supporters thought it was a very serious error against 9% of Tory supporters.

    By their deeds shall ye know them!

    having said that 70% overall did think it was a serious error, but it’s unlikely to affect peoples voting intention.


  6. Geoff says:


    With no warning Norton fails to turn up for his Radio 2 show, shades of Evans here, promotion next week ?

    Maybe he was elsewhere in London?


  7. noggin says:

    my sincerest apologies to all … the
    BBC – Sunday Morning Live Vote.
    are British Muslims complacent about extremism?
    AGAINST BBC narrative did not turn out to be 90%
    ………. it was 94% 😀

    Which rather proves my point, undeniably they are,
    wilfully, ultra complacent, and the public …
    (you know the ones who have to actually suffer this loathsome cult, through no choice of their own)
    know it … loud and clear!

    and I repeat The question ought to have been
    WHY? ….. they are
    check out the last 5 minutes for the vote result,
    … and the Ia Liar Brown, Sian Lloyd and co, complete, utter
    denial of the reality of it.

    Perfect prism of BBC bias


    • Geoff says:

      Why do the bBC always wheel out La Liar Brown and Camila Fartoomanyconstants on these programs, are they on the payroll? If its not them its Salma Yaqoob.

      Such programs are a waste of time, no commentator even if willing is allowed to go off narrative.Thankfully the poll showed it as it really is, much to the chagrin of Brown, wonderful to see!


  8. Scribblingscribe says:

    The BBC news web site this morning, (29 06 14), does not mention the appalling gang rape of a 17 year old girl as reported by all other news organisations. Yet it has space for a man whose ear was partly bitten off during a football match at the world cup and a man killed by a chimney.

    The fear is that because the assailants were described by Police as Asian the BBC has decided to step around the story.

    Does anyone know for sure if this so? Ie is there anyone who has worked in a BBC news department who can give an accurate reason why this is so? Or is there another reason?


  9. dave1east says:

    see triangulation in action


    bbc goes to the trouble and cost of producing a documentary showing prince charles’ efforts to influence government policy.
    guardian puts in on the front page and allows comments.
    guess what’s coming in tomorrow’s bbc news output [the same bbc which covered up its very own in-house serial rapist and necromancer in chief]?
    couldn’t possibly be anything to do with the bbc’s infatuation with and patronage of Republic supporters?


    • Joshaw says:

      Prince Charles lobbied for more grammar schools? Good.

      Harold Wilson, Edward Heath, James Callaghan, Margaret Thatcher and John Major were educated at state schools, all grammar I believe. Now there are few grammar schools left and the Left are constantly whining about Eton. The solution is obvious.

      (Not a uniformly brilliant bunch, I admit, but no worse than the current crop.)


  10. George R says:

    More INBBC censorship on this example of Islamic preferential treatment in U.K-

    “UK: Christian suspended for bullying Muslim by giving her Christian book”

    By Robert Spencer.


    “If a Muslim had given a Christian co-worker a book about Islam, do you think he or she would have been suspended for nine months for ‘bullying’? No, I don’t, either. Proselytizing for Christianity is not illegal in Britain. It is only illegal under Islamic law. The anxiousness of British officials to appease and accommodate Islamic supremacism has long ago shaded over into outright ludicrousness, although the laughter is muted by the spectacle of a dying nation and civilization.”




  11. #88 says:

    Watching Andrew Marr this morning I got the distinct impression that he was none to pleased will the result of the hacking trial.

    Marr who’s impeccable metropolitan elite left wing credentials are becoming more obvious with every programme, talked about Rebecca Brooks as having, ‘got off’. Perhaps I’m being a bit too critical (?), but to me, having ‘got off’ suggests something rather different than being found ‘not guilty’, i.e. INNOCENT, by her peers.

    If that wasn’t enough, he borrowed the hateful Norman Smith’s ‘some people say’, tactic to imply that there wasn’t a level playing field, telling the viewer that ‘some people say’ that News International (and Murdoch – boo hiss – he’s behind you) provided Brookes with the best legal team that money could buy and by implication, that was the reason she ‘got off’.

    Fortunately former DPP, ‘Labour’s’ Kier Starmer at least had the grace to say, the prosecution had a first class legal team, also.

    While we now know that Newsnight is infested with thirteen year olds trying to change the world, I do wonder whether Marr’s near-death experience has similarly concentrated his mind on his mission. He certainly seems much more overtly left leaning than ever he used to.


  12. chrisH says:

    There`s a re-enactment of Bannockburn up in Stirling today according to the BBC.
    It took up four or so minutes of the main news, and is being repeated on the hour.
    Maybe the good people of Bradford would like to re-enact the Battle of Ray Honeyford in 1984/5…the BBC seem very keep to film such local stories and they promise not to leave us with subliminal messages and grooming on behalf of Alex Salmond.
    How does THIS make national news?…as if I can`t guess.


  13. George R says:

    “Brazil vs Chile World Cup 2014:
    BBC come under fire for bias towards host nation.”



    • Buggy says:

      To be fair (ugh!) to Auntie, ITV were up to just the same standard for the first match of the tourney, Croatia vs Brazil and their new Japanese star, Referinho, being under the same mad delusion that the majority of viewers wanted a home win. This is a pretty limited Brazilian side plus Neymar and to see them beat the Bug Household Rooting Interest, Chile (Chilll-ay) was a disappointment indeed. Still, we’re in hopes here that the replacement BHRI, Colombia, will now do the business and give the selecao a deserved good stuffing, at which point the rioting may resume right outside the Copacabana studios of our precious broadcasters: it’ll be interesting to see whether Lineker can outrun the jacquerie on his all-Walkers diet. Suspect not, heh heh.


  14. Jeff Waters says:

    Scottish independence: Hundreds protest over ‘BBC bias’ – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-28079812

    A spokeswoman for BBC Scotland said: “Our coverage of the referendum story is fair and impartial in line with the editorial guidelines.”

    Gosh, I wasn’t expecting them to say that!


  15. George R says:

    INBBC’s Ms Yalda HAKIM, (born in Afghanistan), is now promoted at global news, (as publicised by Ms Mishal Husain), with Hakim’s reports including currently from Nigeria on Boko Haram.

    Ms Hakim’s political line can be deduced by her comment that she admires Beeboid’s chum at CNN, Ms Christiane Amanpour, a very frequent propaganda voice at INBBC.

    ‘Jihadwatch’ on Amanpour-



  16. George R says:

    Update for Beeboids to understand:
    ISIS becomes ‘ The Islamic State’ (IS)-

    “ISIS/ISIL declares Islamic State, shortens name to ‘The Islamic State’ (IS)”

    [Excerpt – from Robert Spencer]-
    “They clearly intend to hold the territory they have captured. They’ve also declared Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the new caliph; he claims to be a descendant of Muhammad, so it is possible that if they can make their state viable, this claim will gain currency. If that happens, it will be interesting to see how Muslims in the West react to the idea that he is the ‘leader for Muslims everywhere,’ which historically was always a claim of the caliph.”



  17. Lunchtime Loather says:


    Scottish independence: Hundreds protest over ‘BBC bias’
    However, the BBC said its referendum coverage was “fair and accurate”.
    A spokeswoman for BBC Scotland said: “Our coverage of the referendum story is fair and impartial in line with the editorial guidelines.”

    They’ll be getting it “about right” again then.


    • Guest Who says:

      You have to wonder why that inevitable paragraph is even inserted these days.
      They don’t even try and vary the who or what (not) said, though the sex of the drone can be a 50:50 surprise.
      Saying it often enough can be effective, but not if it’s always the exact same thing.
      And people will notice who is trotting it out.