The BBC moves on swiftly. It most certainly annoyed Cameron’s humiliation over Juncker and will give Labour one more chance today to rub as much salt into the wounds as possible. But the BBC is keen to allow Germans such as Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble to suggest that the UK can now trust Merkel to be more sympathetic to our aims. He was on Today this morning being given a very sympathetic hearing so that his siren voice could add to that chorus of those europhiles around Cameron who seek to delude us that things will somehow, magically, be different the next time the UK seeks to stop “the project” The BBC is deeply committed to the EU and plays a very clever and treacherous game.

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  1. Mrs Kitty53 says:

    I’ve been saying it at every chance I get. Once the two Germany’s became one the warning flags should have gone up . Now with Merkel Germany is managing what it tried before twice by force , nothing less than the takeover of Europe. Of course the Bbbc would love this.


  2. Guest Who says:

    ” It most certainly annoyed Cameron’s humiliation ”

    Enjoyed? Sure they did.


  3. Thoughtful says:

    There are a couple of things here.

    It’s either Cameron’s poor judgement again, forcing a vote on a issue he knew he was going to lose.

    Or it’s Cameron putting on a show for the Euro sceptics, both in his party and outwith, safe in the knowledge that his fake outrage would not have any consequence in the real world.

    Either way I don’t want to feel manipulated, nor do I want a PM whose judgement is shot to pieces. It might well have convinced a few people that he’s taking a harder line on Europe, but you can’t fool all the people !


    • Guest Who says:

      You’ll be pleased to hear that I share your low opinion of Mr. Cameron.
      However, in a #politicsoftheleastbad comparison the results are not encouraging for your clear bugbear, or the country.
      Back on topic, any thoughts on BBC manipulation, especially in trying to get their guy in using any and all means £4b of compelled funding can be deployed to swing?


  4. Fred Bloggs says:

    This row is more about ‘what the bBC do not want to tell you about the EU’ than Cameron. Have the bBC EVER explained what closer integration means. The long term is the EU Parliament as the centre of the EU super state. The reality is if we stay in we will be so embedded it would be very impractical to extract ourselves.

    The public have not been educated as to the long term aims of the EU and the bBC is not the organ that will ever impartially inform them. If they need proof of the bBC idea of public education then look at man made climate change campaign. Not being able to sell that idea they drop the man made bit and try again.


  5. MartinWW says:

    The whole Junker episode was and is both risible and depressing. What a farce! If our nice-but-dim prime minister thinks his bluster is going to persuade us that he is really eurosceptic at heart, then I (and millions of others) have to tell him he will not. His whole political life has been directed towards keeping us in the EU Undemocracy. As for the honeyed voices of EU officials now paraded in front of us by the BBC, the one thing the BBC never mentions is money. This is the key the Eurocrats worry. Without UK cash, they will not be able to support southern European countries already in the 27, let alone Ukraine, Moldova, Albania, and Georgia who they irresponsibly want to draw into their spiders-web.


    • Peter Grimes says:

      Far too simplistic! Boy Dave has let us down once with his cast-iron referendum guarantee and he won’t be allowed to do it again. If ‘diplomacy’ is lying on your back, raising legs in the air and asking the EU to f**k us, Dave doesn’t appear to want to play ball. It just shows that it will be impossible to get ANYTHING from our EU ‘partners’, and the 2017 referendum, albeit too far off, will give a clear ‘out’ decision based on the lack of give from our ‘colleagues’, who only want our money, armed forces and a holiday home for their economic refugees and criminals anyway.

      I fear you are falling for Al BeeBa’s ‘shattering humiliation’ spin. You know that if he had caved in like Blair (CAP reform in return for a [non-forthcoming] reduction in our ‘contribution’, or Brown, willingly gave up our rebate for SFAll AND signed Nice & Lisbon treaties surrendering rights) and come home and lied about his achievements as both of the NuLab traitorous idiots did, Al BeeB would be fawning all over him and proclaiming his ‘diplomatic achievements’.


      • MartinWW says:

        This must be a stand-alone comment, surely ? (and in the second sentence, an unnecessarily crude one). However, if it is truly meant to be a reply to my comment of 12:31 pm, then it is bewildering, and a complete misinterpretation of my (very clear) words and meaning. My fervent wish is that we extract ourselves from the EU, but in an orderly and sensible way. And, by the way, I voted ‘Out’ of the EEC in 1975, perceiving dangers even at that time. Of course, nothing substantial can possibly result from any so-called renegotiations.


      • Big Dick says:

        Cameron , has done his best in the circumstances , successive PM `s have signed our democracy away without a referendum Major , Blair , Brown . Cam can only do what the present rules allow ,a lot of people here, think he is not hard line enough & at the next election Ukip are going to win & Nigel is going to be PM . Well that ain`t going to happen , because , all that will do is let the Millipeed become PM , & totally submerge us under the Junkers JU 52 bomber Jackboot. This will happen because labour gets at least 40 free seats from Scotland . The Lib dems stopped boundary changes, which also helps Millipeed , so please this time next year ,when Millipeed is PM , don`t say I didn`t know this would happen .It will unfortunately .


  6. ChrisThe Leatherman says:

    Every time the BBC discusses the EU they should open the discussion by informing the public that they receive funding from the EU of approximately £3.5million to promote its’ aims and beliefs.


  7. Dave S says:

    All this just proves how unfit we are to be in the EU. It was never for us and the politicians knew it and cheated and lied their way to the present situation.
    It is German domination by peaceful means and that is bad for Europe and bad for us.
    I am amazed just how brazen the Eu politicians really are. They will never understand why the English in particular will not bend the knee to a continental superstate.
    Not exactly ancient free democracies are they? In living memory most of them were authoritarian dictatorships or half hearted so called democracies.
    WE need to leave and leave quickly. Best all round.