1. TheHighlandRebel says:

    Didn’t take them long to harp on about the ‘occupied territories’ and ‘illegal occupation’ shite though.


    • Anat T. says:

      Will someone tell the BBC that the West Bank is legally Israel. This is so by the last international agreement accepted by all sides, 1920s.

      It was rather a Jordanian army under British command that illegally occupied the West Bank and held to it for 19 years (1948-1967).

      So what is auntie going to tell us about this illegal British act? nothing, of course.


  2. Deborah says:

    These boys according to the BBC ten o’clock news headlines were ‘dead’, not ‘murdered’ so we can only presume that a mystery illness caused their deaths.


    • michael says:

      lead poisoning…


    • Peter B says:

      I’m watching ITN news as I type. They’ve actually just said those poor boys were murdered. Knowing the Islamic penchant for barbarity, I would not be surprised if their deaths were hideously painful and unpleasant. Though I really hope I’m wrong.


      • Anat T. says:

        I think they were shot soon after abduction. So the Israeli papers say. This apparently happened because they outnumbered the terrorists.

        I don’t want to think what they would otherwise suffer. We know from past experience.


  3. PhilO'TheWisp says:

    Not now David. It’s disrespectful.


  4. TheHighlandRebel says:

    News flash – stray Israeli retaliatory missiles strikes Jeremy Bowen up the rectum.

    We can only dream.


    • John Anderson says:

      This is the BBC story headlined “Israel is to blame”

      It is disgraceful of the BBC to be puiblishing this trash.


      But it is par for the course – Evan Davis of the Today programme gave a long soft interview to Dr Mustafa Barghouti who makes this claim :



      • Guest Who says:

        The wording, and order, of that headline could have been very different, but the intention is clear. And light over heat is evidently not high on the list for the world’s most reliable propaganda machine.
        This is the supposed trusted BBC placing a quoted statement (by a ‘Doctor’ no less) first for mobile and twitter, followed at the end by no more than a name and zero context.
        Another no space for truth special.
        In what form of twisted logic does what was planned and executed using deliberately selected and targeted children equate to the fault of their country?
        Yet that is the line given prominence. No ‘says’; no ‘claims’…
        No excuse.


  5. Sinniberg says:

    I see this morning that “Israel to blame”……

    I don’t care who said, or who pushed that line(the interiew) but it’s an appalling headline to use.

    The BBC are beyond contempt.


  6. OldBloke says:

    From another web site:

    Air Strikes hit Gaza Strip after Israel Finds Bodies of Three Missing Teens

    Israel carried out airstrikes on militant targets in the Gaza Strip early Sunday after a rocket attack, the military said, as the country’s foreign minister suggested it consider reoccupying the Hamas-ruled territory to stop the increasing rocket fire.

    There has been an increase in rockets launched from the Hamas-ruled territory toward Israel this month, as the army has carried out a wide-ranging operation against Hamas in the West Bank while searching for three Israeli teens who Israel says were abducted by the Palestinian militant group.

    The military said it targeted 12 locations in Gaza on Sunday, including concealed rocket launchers, weapons manufacturing sites and what it called “terror activity” sites. The airstrikes were in retaliation for six rockets from Gaza that struck Israel the previous evening.

    Two of the rockets hit a factory in the town of Sderot, setting it ablaze.Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said limited operations against militants in Gaza only strengthen Hamas. The alternative is clear,” Lieberman said on Army Radio. “Either with each round we attack terror infrastructure and they shoot, or we go to full occupation.”


    • Pounce says:

      Just been reading that, for all those Israeli airstrikes 4 people were injured. Somehow the bBC kind of missed that out.


  7. john in cheshire says:

    I’d just like to express my deep sorrow on learning that these young boys have been found dead. I had prayed that they would be found alive and returned to their families so my thoughts are with them on receiving this dreadful news.


  8. Safan says:

    Heard the usual Arab sleaze head being interviewed by al beeb on Today being allowed to actually say that if there were no “occupation” the three lads would be alive! Well, the vicious little Hamas toads indeed might actually have today a state if they had not gone into rejection mode in 1948, or followed the deranged Mufti in the 1920’s. Any shrink will confirm that rejection and violence go nicely together. So why can’t our disgusting state funded purveyor of misinformation understand that? Oh, and why don’t they ever talk about the Jordanian occupation, and annexation of the area up to 1967?


    • johnnythefish says:

      1948, 1967 and 1974 were consigned to the BBC’s Memory Hole a long, long time ago….


      • Anat T. says:

        You forgot 1921, 1929, 1936, and 1939; all under the watch of the British government.


  9. Llareggub says:

    Leftists and fellow travellers are tweeting about an attack on Gaza – muslims being attacked by Zionists whilst they are fasting and praying during Ramadam



  10. ROBERT JONES says:

    I worked in a British Government building immediately after 9/11. The Public Address (Tannoy) by agreement with the Government announced a Minute’s Silence.

    My open plan office comprised five Muslims and myself (I’m not a muslim).

    I stood up out of respect and remained so for the silence. The others ignored it and remained seated whilst chatting.

    I didn’t feel comfortable.

    I would perhaps prior to this have regarded them as ‘moderates’, but this episode was revealing.

    There was no point in reporting this as the response from the upper echelons would have been predictable. Indeed, as predictable as a complaint to the BBC.

    If I had confronted them, there’s no doubt that the ‘system’ would have labelled me as racist and in need of a ‘Diversity Course’.