Another Wagon Circled



The BBC is slowly taking control of all the media, inculcating new recruits with the BBC ethos…another university succumbs:

Former BBC news editor to lead new journalism degree

A former Editor of the BBC Ten O’Clock News has joined the University of Essex as its founding Professor of Journalism.

Jonathan Baker, who left the BBC earlier this year after more than 30 years in news, is the University’s first founding professor for more than 20 years in a new curriculum area.

Mr Baker has held a number of senior positions across BBC television, radio and newsgathering, including Executive Editor Radio News, World News Editor and Head of Newsgathering. He was Editor of the Nine O’Clock News when it moved to its present, later, slot.

Between 2010 and 2013 he was Head of the BBC College of Journalism, responsible for delivering all forms of journalism training to more than 8,000 BBC journalists in the UK and overseas.

At Essex, he will be responsible for developing an innovative curriculum for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and seeking accreditation from the National Council for the Training of Journalists and the Broadcast Journalism Training Council.


Just another ‘friendly’ place to go to get an ‘independent’ report on BBC bias…or lack of?



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12 Responses to Another Wagon Circled

  1. Richard Pinder says:

    The poor state of scientific investigative journalism at the BBC is because the BBC has no scientifically qualified scientific investigative journalists. And due to widespread censorship of science by journalists, especially at the BBC, scientists are finding that they are having to do their own Journalism when it comes to Climate Change, some have even produced their own TV documentaries for sale on DVD.


  2. PhilO'TheWisp says:

    Ah, the media wing of Common Purpose arrives in Essex


  3. Simon says:

    Remember the BBC is allowed to empire build and brainwash the next gen but no one else is

    As always they won’t be able to see the hypocrisy


  4. Cull The Badgers says:

    When is the BBC going to admit that they are just as culpable in the child abuse scandal as the police who did nothing, the social workers who did nothing, by refusing to mention the facts, by hiding the issue, by accusing those who complained of racism? When are those in positions of influence going to resign or be sacked?


  5. Max Roberts says:

    Shouldn’t we only be surprised that it took them so long?

    I could write a long ranting comment about my employer here, but if I did, they would probably fire me. Academic freedom? No such thing anymore.


  6. DJ says:

    This must be that ‘Diversity’ they’re always going on about.


  7. chrisH says:

    Just heard that Douglas Carswell will be standing down to seek re-election as the first UKIP candidate.
    Listening to his blistering leaving address live on Sky.
    By the time the BBC seek the soundbites from it, the message will be different-so listen directly to this rare breed of intelligent, principled and (as yet) untainted Tory.
    The Parliamentary walls are now breached-a deluge soon I hope.
    Farewell Dead Tree Parties…and take your paperboys at the Guardian, your Peeping Toms with you.
    Drugs, porn, children and Muslims…let them seek them elsewhere.
    This could be a big moment-and thank you Mr Carswell!


    • Expat John says:

      That would be the Douglas Carswell whose resignation was reported very briefly by the BBC web-site, and who has since disappeared completely from licence-fee funded media?
      I once had the pleasure of talking to Mr. Carswell, who demonstrated a formidable intellect and a profound knowledge of every subject that came up.
      I prophesy that Mr Carswell’s name will only ever crop up on the BBC in the context of that nasty, horrible, racist UKIP.


  8. GCooper says:

    I can only agree with Alan. I’ve been banging on for years about the baleful influence of universities, which have in so many cases become little more than moulds into which impressionable minds can be shaped and formed into good little cultural Marxists.

    One of the worst aspects of this (because of the influence they have) is that journalists are no longer recruited from local newspapers, where young reporters see real life first hand, but from universities. Stuffed full of nonsense by academics, most of whom are part of the same closed circle, it’s small wonder that the Left’s stranglehold on the media seems unshakable.

    Baker’s recruitment by Essex is a perfect example or this process at work.


  9. Jerry Fletcher says:

    Its quite incredible that someone who was Executive Editor Radio News, World News Editor and Head of Newsgathering, and Editor of the Nine O’Clock News might go on to teach media studies. Mind-blowing.


  10. Outside Edge says:

    Jerry Fletcher: Nobody is surprised. There is nothing in the post which suggests even the slightest hint of it. You made that up because you either cannot address the issue raised or refuse to accept that there is something to be concerned about.


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