This Is Not A Witch Hunt



Yesterday we looked at the Left mobilising to close down all talk of race or religion in regard to Rotherham and it is pretty much all I heard today from the talking heads on the BBC.

We’ve been told that those in authority didn’t really know what sex abuse was, they didn’t realise these girls were being abused…no, seriously.

We were told the girls were reluctant to talk about it….except for all the times they went to the authorities and were ignored.

We were told the girls themselves didn’t know they were being abused…they thought being raped by multiple numbers of strange men, beaten up and having petrol poured onto them was part of a normal loving relationship…seriously.

It was all the girls fault if you look hard enough.

And race…well race had absolutely nothing to do with anything.


A couple of weeks from now the truth will be out…it was the racist police setting up Pakistani men in a honeypot sting operation, entrapping them, unsophisticated, naive, trusting men enticed into taking drugs and drink by undercover, hardened 11 year old floozies on the police payroll.

They’ll be demanding damages next.


Dan Hodges in the Telegraph thinks we are being taken for mugs…as we said yesterday when the BBC produced a programme asking how to tackle this problem but seemed more intent on explaining away the real issue,  the fear of being called racist:

Rotherham child abuse: the liberal Left is circling the wagons over the race question

It’s happening again. It is happening in front of our eyes. The denial. The deflection. The deceit.

All of the toxic impulses that contrived to allow the systematic abuse of thousands of children in Rotherham are again being redeployed in the face of the damning, incontrovertible evidence of the nature and scale of that abuse. Hear that sound? That low rumble? It is the sound of liberal wagons again being circled.



We had a good example of this today from Nicky Campbell, (27 mins 45 sec) no surprise there I suppose.

A calller named Robert suggested that those people in authority charged with looking after these girls and responding to allegations of abuse, but who failed in that duty of care, should be investigated and dealt with.


Nicky Campbell didn’t think that was a good idea….

‘Witch hunts are unattractive.  What we need to do is get to the root cause of why this happened in the first place.   The worry is that the focus is too much on the people who were utterly incompetent, uncaring and indeed callous for whatever reason, not rocking the multi-cultural boat is what Dennis McShane said about it.

I’m just worried, and many people say this, that there is not enough focus on the men who are still free and the victims who are still suffering and this becomes a media circus about, well you know, ‘we want your head’.’


Robert gave Campbell a good earful and wasn’t having any of it, Campbell wasn’t happy but didn’t really have a come back.

Astonishing that Campbell thinks those in charge should not be held to account.  1400 girls, in one town, abused over 16 years.  And those in charge knew and did nothing.


Dan Hodges has noticed this tendency to try and divert attention from inconvenient facts…not investigating those in authority means you don’t have to explain why race was an issue here…….

Another popular line-to-take was deployed on Channel 4 News last night by Javid Khan, the chief executive of Barnardos. Confronted with the charge his charity and other charities had shied away from issues of ethnicity in this case he responded by attempting to shy away from the issue of ethnicity.

“Whether it’s been part of the problem in Rotherham or not, the issue here is the vulnerability of children,” he said. “The reason why this [focusing on race] is so unhelpful is that it takes attention away from the victim.”

It is not focusing on race that takes attention away from the victims of Rotherham. It is ignoring it that takes attention away from the victims. Race is the reason they were victims. The racial element of these crimes is the explanation for how they came to be perpetrated on such a staggering scale for such an unbelievable period. “How could this happen?” people ask. Because the victims were white English girls, and their abusers Pakistani and Kashmiri men, is the answer.

The name of the game now is defending cosy progressive preconceptions.

The cry “we must focus on the victims” is classic communications chaff. Don’t look to cast blame. Don’t look to find answers. And above all, on no account find answers that may challenge the liberal status quo.



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48 Responses to This Is Not A Witch Hunt

  1. Brother DuQuette says:

    I can foresee a time in this country where the keys to the kingdom are effectively handed over to Muslims, a ceremonial pageant at which our politicians and bishops will genuflect to their Muslim masters (whilst apologising for giving offence, of course). The once Great Britain given away by cowardly middle-class liberal egotists so hellbent on being holier-than-thou that their own existence and that of the populace is forfeited for some puerile utopia that could have been drawn up by a ten-year-old. The lunatics are well and truly running the asylum!


    • The Beebinator says:

      i think the army will intervene a long time before that happens


      • Maturecheese says:

        What Army? Hasn’t it been pretty much decimated?


        • Llareggub says:

          The army should be in there now. The scale of corruption merits a military clamp down until law is restored.


    • Expat John says:

      Two points:
      Firstly, the genuflecting bishops and their liberal-left apologists will have achieved only a marginal delay in their own subjugation to Sharia, and
      Secondly: If our army finally acts to restore the constitution, the BBC will simply dig out all its tapes marked “Pinochet” and substitute the name of whoever is then the Chief of the Defence Staff.


  2. Philip says:

    Listening to BBC R4 today whilst reading the Telegraph it is interesting to compare views and news as the BBC like to ‘generalise’ the issue as a problem concerning (mostly) white people) (avoiding naming the obvious race involved), the Islamic connection or the Labour Council who made it all possible. The guilty suspects (all as charged) were well known by Rotherham Social services – but were then continually blocked by the Rotherham Council Executives during 1997 to 2013 (see link below). Joyce Thacker, (Labour), Sonia Sharp (Labour), Diane Billups (Labour), Clair Pyper (Labour), Paul Lakin (Labour), Jahangir Akhtar (Labour) were all following orders introduced by Labour without question or common sense.

    The BBC are particularly culturally insensitive by describing those charged as ‘Asian’ when it is a clear insult to all those who are NOT Pakistani or NOT Islamic and NOT Pakastani hertage! Secondly the BBC have no excuse in NOT blaming LABOUR policies) that ignored all Islamic fundamentalists who targeted vulnerable girls in Social Services.
    Thirdly (reported also in The Telegraph) was the fact that Joyce Thacker (Rotherhams Strategic Director of Children’s Services) specifically removed adopted children from parents who supported UKIP claiming their unsuitability (obviously not a problem when you happen to vote Labour). So no surprising that Labour’s (Keith Vaz) wants to distance themselves from the media fallout by interviewing those concerned as ‘rogue’ operators when it was clearly Labour party policy they were following. The BBC will hide this fact as a ‘one off’ but the author of the report ( Prof Alaxis Jay) stated that he had been threatened in reporting the abuse(s) happening and made it clear that this is still a major national problem with Pakastanis (not a one off or localised problem as the BBC still claim). We know the BBC bias.


    • DP111 says:

      Muslim Rape Gangs: the Disturbing Role of Britain’s Leading Child Welfare Charity

      Among the more nauseating spectacles of the Rotherham child rape scandal has been the squirming evasion and shameless attempts at face-saving by the various authority figures whose job it supposedly was to prevent such horrors happening.

      One of them is a man named Javed Khan. He is the head of Britain’s largest children’s charity Barnardo’s which now stands accused of having known about the Muslim rape gang problem for well over a decade – but which chose to do next to nothing to confront it.


      “Easy Meat” Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery

      nother report that would seem to indicate the feasibility of these
      estimates state that “Police found 2,409 children and young peoplehad been confirmed as victims of sexual exploitation in gangs or groups between August 2010 and October 2011.”
      57 Further investigation may lead us to conclude that CROP meant that at any one time, there were 10,000 schoolgirls who were currently in the clutches of the gangs

      Click to access Easy-Meat-Multiculturalism-Islam-and-Child-Sex-Slavery-05-03-2014.pdf


  3. dave s says:

    Liberal apologists are misjudging the public mood. Nothing unusual in that but over this matter it is very foolish.
    I favour letting the liberals run with their “circling the wagons” .
    It will end up discrediting them for a generation if not for generations.
    This is a key event. Not just a nine days wonder. It will take time but it will change this country one way or another.
    The liberals are trying to let the lie into the world ( apologies to Solzhenitsyn) but this time it is not going to work.
    Like all totalitarians they just never know when to stop.
    Once again I say the liberal media is worthless.
    The only word that I can find that fits.


    • Tim Spence says:

      Dave, this is very big you’re right. I suppose they just couldn’t keep the lid on it any longer,

      What we see is epic scale abuse aimed against indigenous people, aided and abetted by police an politicians. 1400 victims, possibly 10,000 or more seperate crimes and just the tip of the iceberg in a smallish town. All brushed under the carpet by sucessive governments of the last half century.

      What have you noticed about the public mood?


      • DP111 says:

        These mass rapes, probably numbering in the tens of thousands, is not a race issue. It is not Pakistani or Asian men, but Muslim men.

        In Norway or Sweden, where a similar case of mass rapes is ongoing, the ethnicity is different, but the religion is Islam.


    • Doublethinker says:

      I hope that you are right but we should not underestimate the power of the BBC to shape public opinion. The BBC have already started to play down the ethnic factor and will soon start shifting the blame from those who are guilty, the perpetrators and the officials who looked the other way. They will soon move the nations thoughts onto other more comfortable ground for the leftist elite.
      Only by investigating and finding many more cases, which there likely are, will this become anything other than an appalling news story which is sadly part of the way of life in 21st Britain. Hopefully the TImes, which have worked hard to expose this sad scandal, will keep their investigation going and get at the full truth. It may then become the game changer that you suggest.
      Of course if the subject had suited the BBC we would see a huge effort by the corporation to investigate and make this an national issue which they kept at the top of the news for the length of time it deserves. But stories showing how problematic it is having millions of people in your country who don’t share your values just doesn’t suit the BBC or the liberal left.
      There is no doubt that the BBC has far too big a share of the news output of the this country. Basically they can set and manipulate the news agenda which is bad for democracy. They said it would be bad if Murdoch got too big a market share but they themselves have a near monopoly. They should be drastically cut down to size or better got rid of altogether.


  4. George R says:

    “Hacked Off deliver ludicrous blessing of the Rotherham investigation”


    • George R says:

      Correction for leftist luvvie Ms SMITH (above)–

      “At one point in this press conference, you hear the voice of the journalist Andrew Norfolk asking critical questions. Norfolk is the one who, writing for the Times newspaper, actually broke this story nationwide and brought it into the realm of public acceptance. He deserves credit for that. But he also deserves blame for the fact that, as he himself has admitted, he knew about the story for years before he ever wrote about it, consciously deciding to suppress it because ‘he didn’t want to help the BNP’. Eventually, he decided that this approach was no longer tenable. Nonetheless, he himself, for years, made exactly the same choice that the police and councillors and social workers were making, that is to elevate their bizarre political and moral obsession with supporting the repopulation of their country by alien peoples above the welfare of the ordinary, vulnerable human beings it was their job to protect.”


  5. George R says:

    “Revolt of the TV Eunuchs”

    By Nick Cohen.


  6. George R says:

    For INBBC, and its need to join up the dots on nature of our enemy-

    “Nigeria, Iraq, Gaza—The Threat is the Same”



  7. Arthur Penney says:

    16% swing TO Lib Dems FROM Labour in tonight’s by-election in Jesmond.

    Given that the LDs are not the most popular political party, this could be a bit of backlash.

    BTW has anyone seen Ed Miliband’s article on the Rotherham Report?


  8. Merched Becca says:

    Al Beeb reports that there may be more Tory defectors to UKIP.
    I just wonder if they could be right, especially with all the immigrants that are now flooding in and with the terrible news from Rotherham.


  9. stuart says:

    if it was nicky campbells middle class daughters and other bbc presenters children who was abused and raped by these muslim paedophiles would there attitude be the sames,lets face the facts here,the left,the labour party,the far left swp,the liberals,harriet harman,politacal correctness,jack dromey,the uaf,multi culturism,the cps.diversity,social cohesion are all the fault of why 1400 some say 1800 young white poor working class children got raped,tortured and trafficked all over the country on a industrial scale by these pakistani,iraq and somalian, child grooming muslim paedophiles in rotherham,it is there fault that this happened and we should never forget that, this was a racist crime commited by these racist muslim paedophiles,the victims have said in statements these muslim paedophiles refered to them as white bitches and white trash adter they was raped and tortured ,those on the left denying the racial link to this atrocity are just accomplices to paedophilia in my book,i spit in the faces of the lot of you evil appeasers of these child molesting,raping,tourturing evil bastards.i despise you all.


  10. David Brims says:

    Pretty sickening to observe the media’s self righteous indignant reaction to this story. ” How could this possibly happen ???? Pakistan taxi driving gangs abusing white children ? ”

    Is it because of NUJ guidelines regarding reporting race ? they didn’t want to investigate this story for years because they didn’t want to be accused of being a ‘waaycist.”

    Here’s Ramzpaul’s take on it.


  11. Fred Bloggs says:

    ‘Not a Witch hunt’ a normal deflection comment. Can’t be a witch hunt as witches don’t exist, it could be a ‘drains up’; i.e. let out the stink. I suggest a bBC programme on ‘Biradera’ , the subject would be on the use of and actions of ‘kinship clans’. Not as if the bBC would ever make such a programme, but if it did happen then their treatment of the subject would be illuminating.

    I suggest the subject of ‘Biradera’ as I believe it is at the heart of a lot of problems in this country.


  12. mamapajamas says:

    re: “Witch hunts are unattractive. ”

    Uh… excuse me? “Witch hunts” are usually about innocent people being accused of non-existent crimes. This crime is most definitely NOT non-existent, but the left are trying to make the criminals non-existent.

    This is going to come back and bite them in the butt BIG TIME.


    • Fred Bloggs says:

      I mentioned the normal labour excuse a few days ago. That is ‘90% of sex crimes are committed by Whites’ . Both aired on the bBC, said by Sarah Chapion MP for Rotherham and by the vomit churning beard of Harriet harman ‘ Jack (all women selection panel) Dromey’.


      • LostOverThere says:

        Whites will be in the majority, since they are the majority presence in the UK, but…

        …if the police are actively NOT investigating sex crimes committed by a certain demographic, then other group would appear in higher numbers


      • feargal the cat says:

        I believe (apologies for going all beeboid) that the line is, “90% of ‘convicted’ sex criminals are white”.
        However, if the authorities have been avoiding convicting (or even trying to convict) Pakistani/Iraqi/Somali muslim paedophiles (who have been working at industrial levels throughout England) to protect ‘community cohesion’ it is hardly surprising if the conviction figures fail to tell the whole story.
        What’s that old saw about lies and statistics?


    • hippiepooter says:

      I think Doublethink above is right. I can’t see it making much if any difference in the long run. Until we examine how we’ve sleepwalked as a nation into the horrific state of affairs we’re now in and recognise the brainwashing role of the BBC, we’re just going to carry on sleep walking into worse and worse until, … that’s it, the lights have gone out.


  13. mamapajamas says:

    Addendum: If “Witch hunts are unattractive, ” then by all means let’s slap a Dolly Parton wig on it and MAKE an inquiry into this disaster “attractive”.

    What kind of statement is, “Witch hunts are unattractive….”??? What a piece of pseudo-intellectual BS, starting with a complete misunderstanding of the term “witch hunt”.


  14. mamapajamas says:

    Addendum ad infinitum…

    “Unattractive”??? “Witch hunts are unattractive”???

    Is this clown a journalist or a beauty pageant contestant? ALL stories of sexual exploitation are “unattractive” by the very nature of the beast!!!


  15. Max Roberts says:

    Definition of a socialist: A person who would prefer your daughters to be raped rather than admit that they are wrong about multiculturalism in any way. I hate to think about what might be happening in Sweden, given that they are even further down this line of madness than the UK


    • David Brims says:

      The Swedes will be a minority in their own country by about 2035.


      • dave s says:

        Sweden will be the first nation in history to voluntarily abolish itself.
        There will still be an area on the map corresponding to Sweden but it won’t be Sweden .
        A warning to the rest of Europe.


  16. Jedwin Ludgate says:

    The left-liberal nexus quickly deployed their damage limitation techniques. A good example were yesterday’s interviews on BBC radio and TV and on Sky news of Sir Keir Starmer QC. He, of course, was Labour’s DPP and now is a Labour Party advisor and wannabe Labour MP. But neither the BBC or Sky thought it appropriate to mention his strong Labour connections. When asked about Rotherham Starmer said that he wanted to look at a larger picture and that this raised a cultural issue. Ah, I thought, he’s not going to mention the ethnic aspect is he? But no, the cultural aspect that is so important according to Sir Keir is the culture of disbelief. When asked specifically if the Pakistani aspect was important his reply took the form of a repeat of his culture of disbelief meme, i.e. he ignored the question.
    What a flagrant way of avoiding questions arising from Labour promoted and imposed PC and multiculturalism and the resultant climate of fear and group-think rather than mere disbelief.
    It is ghastly to ponder on the fact that come next May this man might well be the Attorney General.


  17. haddock says:

    have I missed promises to hunt down and punish the rapists and torturers ? I hear lots of bleating about lessons being learnt, who was at fault, who is passing the buck and how that it is not a matter of religion…
    Not once have I heard of the police, cps or anyone else opening an enquiry with the aim of rooting out the vermin among us… perhaps if the girls who have been raped and abused had claimed a pop star patted their bum 40 years ago, plod and the beeb would leap into action and be all over it.


    • dave s says:

      The disparity of the police behaviour regarding Cliff Richards and the Rotherham sex expoitation is instructive. It has not gone unoticed.
      One more reason to demand a complete overhaul of our police forces.
      It could very well start by expecting them to enforce the law equally and fairly under all circumstances.


  18. Fred Bloggs says:

    Agreed the silence has been deafening. What I was is an investigation to find out where this, ‘lets keep it quiet’ attitude came from. I strongly suspect it could go a long way up the levels of local and central gov.


  19. chrisH says:

    Really glad that Shaun Wright is sticking around.
    The worst that the Labour liberal scum could do was to threaten him with “suspension from the Labour Party”…and even that was a waste of time, given that he jumped ship.
    And Radio 4 seem shocked at this…has he not read the script?
    The longer he stays, the more we`ll be finding out about the extent of the rot…it`ll end up at the BBC, possibly at the candle still lit for Jimmy Savile, behind the PIE agenda…and Islam can only enjoy the results.


  20. chrisH says:

    Anybody seen any of the Occupy, Plane Stupid Hamas agitators, advocates, caampaigners, champions and facilitators yet, out side Rotherham Town Hall and demanding the head of Shaun Wright?
    Or are they all in their cosy offices, signing taxi forms or passing on CRB check facsimiles to each other…before, of course,that joint letter to the Guardian about the “focus should be on the children-not those who abused them, or let them be “.
    They`ll be wanting more money, training, law and lots more research…very Sharon Shoesniff!
    Mmmm…the smell of Mustafas slippers eh?


  21. Odo Saunders says:

    Many of the senior figures, both in the council and the police, involved in the Rotherham scandal, were university educated and indoctrinated with the political correctness philosophy for at least three years. Many degree programmes, particularly those run by the so-called new universities, hace an element of this thinking built into such courses. As a former lecturer at a university, I witnessed how this programme was introduced, mainly to the benefit of Muslim students as opposed to those from other faiths. The result was that many students failed to critically analyse the false premise of a workable multi-cultural society, where all citizens subscribed to the same aims of our society.


    • Alex says:

      Yes, I agree entirely. I’m currently studying for my Masters in Education and the far-left gender/ethnic diversity group-speak and indoctrination in some of the modules is simply breathtaking. Education and Media; as the great communications and media philosopher, Marshall McLuhan, often wrote about, you can win a nation’s intellectual capital through two avenues: education and media. The Left have exercised this strategy and we all now are reaping the consequences.


  22. Teddy Bear says:

    Actually, I’ve just read a comment at The Telegraph which might explain just how the BBC got their information about the police raid on Cliff Richard’s house.

    SIR – For more than a decade, South Yorkshire Police apparently disregarded allegations of gang rape and child sex abuse. This is the same police force that, accompanied by a BBC television entourage, raided the home of Sir Cliff Richard to investigate a single historic complaint of alleged sexual assault.
    I look forward to further television coverage of dawn raids in South Yorkshire.
    John Dickinson, Willoughby-on-the-Wolds, Leicestershire

    I wonder if the BBC assured the South Yorkshire police that in return for their cooperation on notice for this raid they would do their best to minimise their complicity in allowing these child abusers to continue.

    I wouldn’t put it past either of them.


  23. I’m going to at once seize your own feed after i can not to locate ones e-mail ongoing weblink or even e-newsletter services. Have you got any kind of? Nicely enable me personally understand making sure that I may sign up. Thank you.


  24. Pounce says:

    For those of you who wish to read up on the failure to combat Islamic rape gangs in the UK


  25. Pounce says:

    Bloody hell its like waiting for a bus with stories about Pakistani rapists at the bBC, you wait ages to see the bBC reporting even one, then they all come at once:
    Man arrested in Spain over alleged 2005 rape in Glasgow

    Milton Keynes mayor Subhan Shafiq resigns over taxi driver rapist


  26. hippiepooter says:

    Until political correctness is recognised as the flip side of racism this type of unimitigated evil will continue.

    The Church of England is now ‘partnering’ with the homosexual campaign group ‘Stonewall’ so that grown men can have access to little boys in every Church of England school to teach them that getting buggered is normal.

    ‘The paramount interests of the child’ has to be the most hollow phrase in Britain today. In the 1980’s politically correct Islington Council began indoctrinating schoolchildren to accept homosexuality as normal. Margarat Thatcher gave the only decent response any human being could. She passed Clause 28 of the Local Government Act forbidding promotion of homosexuality. Good job too. The political correctness of Islington Council gave preferential employment in child care to homosexuals which resulted in the systematic sexual abuse of children in Islington ‘care’ homes.

    And what do we do now? We abolish Clause 28 and at the same time as reeling in horror at recent paedophile outrages we prepare to turn Britain into Islington writ large.

    ‘Paramount interests of the child’. Yeah. ‘Peace in our time’.


  27. Richard says:

    I suspect that this whole disgraceful episode has to be seen in the context of ever-decreasing police interest in ordinary crime.

    Child molestation was one of the few crimes that the government, the police and the C.P.S. still pretended to take seriously. Clearly they were lying about that too. Throw in the fear of “racism” and they were quite content to let it run and run and hope that it never came to light and that nobody would ever notice. After all, if they hadn’t been rumbled, they would still be turning a blind eye to it now. It is even conceivable that, to whatever extent is possible, they still are. And I am sure everybody knows what happens if you get burgled: “Here’s a number; claim on the insurance; don’t bother us again, we’re not interested”.