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  1. thoughtful says:

    Doctor Who advertising the Guardian, folded in four with the title highly visible, normally a company would have to pay for such product placement, and seeing as she’s supposed to be a teacher wouldn’t the TES be more appropriate?


  2. Lobster says:

    I just endured a part of Doctor Who. Did anyone notice the newspaper his assistant was carrying? A clue…. it begins with G and ends with N. You really couldn’t make it up, could you?
    Oops, sorry Thoughtful – you beat me to it. (Thanks for the edit function!)


    • Joshaw says:

      Come on Lobster and thoughtful, that’s a bit unfair. It’s probably the only newspaper they could lay their hands on at the time.

      If someone in the studio had been reading The Jewish Chronicle, I’m sure they’d have considered using that.


      • BBC Love a Labour Luvvie says:

        If someone in the studio had been reading The Jewish Chronicle, I’m sure they’d have considered using that.
        If they had though, loads of coordinated complaints of product placement would have flooded in.


  3. johnnythefish says:

    Some security bod being interviewed on Today this morning. I think he was ex-MI6 and now works for a private security consultancy.

    But he was manna from heaven for the BBC as his message on how to treat the 500+ ‘British’ jihadists in IS was mainly about rehabilitation, as most of them who went out there have been drawn into something they probably weren’t expecting, apparently – you know, finding a bit of jihad hard to stomach. The answer, then, is to ‘re-integrate’ them into British society – you know, jobs n’ stuff, show ’em a bit of TLC and they’ll learn how to be good citizens an’ all that, see the error of their ways, not their fault they’ve been further radicalised out there is it?

    Justin Webb listening attentively.

    Not a single challenge.

    Job done.


    • thoughtful says:

      I’m quite sure that the BBC knew what he was going to say before they let him near a microphone. Anyone who would have told the truth would have been immediately disallowed from talking on air.


    • noggin says:

      “how to treat the 500+ ‘British’ jihadists in IS was mainly about rehabilitation, as most of them who went out there have been drawn into something they probably weren’t expecting, apparently ”

      The deliberate deceit is galling
      … Drawn into something they probably weren’t expecting? …
      One can assume they have read the Quran, they are simply following its commands, convert or die, the lying, the beheadings, rape, sexual slavery, fascist supremacism, following they re, (many of them) namesake,
      Because they re “Borg” like, (the insanity of the “umma”) indoctrinated into it, that’s why you won t stop them wanting to go … and why none of them should ever come back.


      • Arthur Penney says:

        Of course this is Miliband’s line.

        The fact that the jihadists shouldn’t have become radicalised in the first place is entirely beyond them.


    • dave s says:

      Such self delusion. The sad thing is this delusion threatens all of us.
      The young men join Isis because it is everything that they really want out of life. This is what young men do . Down the ages it has been the same. War, adventure, violence and in the case of Isis overlain with a very powerful religious belief.
      We can’t rehabilitate such men. They really don’t want it and what can we offer them ? A nice liberal world they despise so totally?
      These are the first days of a new world for us .Not of our making but we are going to have to live in it.
      The very least we can do is to start to understand our enemy and to resolve to confront him.
      This the liberal will never do so it is time to drive these liberal fools from power and put in new people who at least understand what we are going to face.


  4. jeff says:

    If any of you have been concerned about either mass immigration or the dreadful case of the Rotherham grooming gangs then you should have listened to Any Questions. Firstly we were assured by one of the panellists (please forgive me I can’t recall this wise man’s name) that mass immigration had been good for Britain and long may it continue. This was met by hearty applause from the approving audience. Then the fine fellow went on to explain that there had been no problems caused by too many foreigners clogging the NHS or schools, indeed they were an asset! This was met by quite ecstatic applause and whooping. He had got into his stride now and ploughed on informing us that he was pleased that Cameron’s promise to limit immigration had failed and he wanted yet more to settle in and benefit our green and pleasant land. I thought the roof was going to come off. There was cheering. clapping, foot stomping and whooping as the assembly showed just how much they concurred with the sentiments of the speaker. We were then lectured on the misapprehension that has been foisted upon us by the tabloid press (no doubt that bloody Daily Mail again) that Pakistani Muslim men had been preying on vulnerable white girls. Nothing of the sort! Yes, these were gangs of men and indeed one or two may have been Muslim and some, though not all the victims were white. Apparently this happens across the country, all communities have one or two reprobates. The panel were almost unanimous, the only dissenting voice was Simon Heffer’s, but clearly he didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. I have to tell you that listening to the BBC has certainly put my mind to rest.
    How about you?


  5. jeff says:

    Some rather unpleasant news from London. Someone, who clearly hates him, has assaulted Respect MP George Galloway in the street, leaving him with cuts, bruises and cracked ribs.
    Police are seeking to interview 61 million people…


  6. George R says:

    Rotherham and Labour Party.

    For BBC-NUJ to digest:-

    “Rotherham – The rule rather than the exception”

    By Terry Christian.



  7. Jeff Waters says:

    The BBC news website’s main headlines are currently, in order:

    Missing Ashya King found in Spain

    Former Financial Times chief Rona Fairhead to be new chairwoman of the BBC Trust.

    Ukraine near ‘point of no return’

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think that the Ukraine being on the brink of all our war with Russia is a more important news story than the fact that the BBC Trust now has a woman as its helm?

    I know it’s a close one to call…


  8. George R says:

    The horror of INBBC’s ‘fighters’, ‘militants’, ‘rebels’ of Islamic State-

    “Forced to watch crucifixions, stonings and beheadings and taught to fire machine guns as big as they are: How Islamic State training camps for children are swelling its ranks with junior jihadis”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2738469/Forced-watch-crucifixions-stonings-beheadings-taught-fire-machine-guns-big-How-Islamic-State-training-camps-children-swelling-ranks-junior-jihadis.html#ixzz3BuqmZsN2


  9. Dazed & Confused says:

    Muslims against Peppa Pig….Watch the video and weep…….



    • Charlatans says:

      That’ll be Peppa Pigs last outing on then BBC then if Cbeebies get wind of that Facebook page!

      The BBC has undoubtedly aided and abetted the Muslim problems we are now facing from this appeasement.

      From Pakistani gangs raping underage white non-Muslim girls all over the land, Trojan Horse Madrases, FMG illegally practiced on tens of thousands of Muslim girls here, ISIS/Jihad and failure of multiculturalism, mass immigration, Shairia Courts all exacerbated by the BBC obfuscating, omitting or misinforming us in their attempts to propagate the liberal left, but mainly Labour supported agenda, to indoctrinate us that there is no problem and it is racist to suggest otherwise.

      How can the masses enforce change through there democratic representatives when the problems have been deliberately hidden from view like this by our State Broadcaster who has such reach and dominance.

      Just hope the Culture, Media and Sport Committee see through all this with their decision making due on the renewal of the BBC licence over the next year or so.


    • Guess Who says:

      It’s a spoof surely?

      The posts are almost as good as the site premise, and a few brave souls are teasing those taking it seriously.

      If not a spoof I can only presume Ms. May will be hunting the latter down ASAP.


      • ManchesterLad says:

        Yes that was my conclusion too, it has to be a spoof, and a good one at that.

        Mind you, when I first heard the UK placement teacher in Tunisia was going to be punished for calling the class teddy bear “Mohammad” I thought that was a spoof too.

        With ideologies as interesting as Islam, it’s always hard to be sure.


  10. George R says:

    U.K’s political class (inc INBBC)’s campaign for TURKEY’s entry into E.U will be unaffected by this:-

    “Revealed: The secret emails helping to smuggle Britons into the war zone as Turkey says 20 UK nationals are waiting in safe houses for signal to cross into Syria.
    British militants use sophisticated system to get into Syria undetected.
    Terrorist handlers leave recruits instructions in draft email messages.
    Would-be fighters wait for signal to cross Turkish border to Syrian camps.
    Turkish authorities believe up to 20 Britons are hiding in IS safe houses.
    Around 100 foreign militants suspected of being in network of IS buildings.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2738028/Revealed-The-secret-emails-helping-smuggle-Britons-war-zone-Turkey-says-20-UK-nationals-hiding-safe-houses-signal-cross-Syria.html#ixzz3BuuwPS00


  11. Teddy Bear says:

    Just read the story that a woman has been picked to head the BBC Trust. Did a little background check on her to see what might lie in store for us.

    Here’s what the BBC tell us:

    Rona Fairhead to be BBC Trust chairwoman

    Rona Fairhead, the former head of the Financial Times Group, is to be the new chairwoman of the BBC Trust.
    She replaces Lord Patten, who quit in May on health grounds.
    Ms Fairhead, 53, becomes the first woman to chair the BBC Trust, which is the body in charge of overseeing the Corporation.
    She was chairwoman and chief executive of the Financial Times Group between 2006 and 2013 as part of a 12-year career with its owner, Pearson.
    Being in charge of the BBC Trust is a “big job”, said BBC media correspondent David Sillito.
    “You are overseeing the BBC, but you are also in many ways responsible for being the cheerleader, defending it when politicians have got something to say about the BBC,” he added.

    Anyone familiar with the FT group will know that their leanings match that of the Guardian, or the print version of the BBC.
    So clearly she won’t see the left wing bias of the BBC as anything else but fair and impartial.

    The article also has a BBC correspondent to tell us that the position is a ‘big job’.
    He adds “You are overseeing the BBC, but you are also in many ways responsible for being the cheerleader, defending it when politicians have got something to say about the BBC,”

    The purpose of the head of the BBC trust is to represent the licence fee payer and make sure the BBC are performing according to its charter.
    If politicians have a valid observation to make then the Trust should be seeing if there’s any merit to it, and respond accordingly. NOT TO BE A CHEERLEADER FOR THE BBC, or defend it when there’s been clear wrongdoing. But you see who’s writing the script here.

    Back in 2012 Fairhead was passed over for the position of taking the reins of the holding company of FT. However she received a massive payoff.
    So clearly she won’t see anything wrong with further massive payoffs at the BBC.

    Who the hell put her into this position?

    This article from 2012 even makes the comparison between her and ex BBC director general for 54 days Entwistle – clearly prophetic.

    Why is Pearson paying Rona Fairhead to go?
    It’s a nonsense to give departing directors the thick end of £1m just because they didn’t get the promotion they sought
    Rona Fairhead’s decision to quit Pearson is understandable. She’s been on the board for 12 years and was passed over for the chief executive’s job.
    Having been finance director and then chief of the FT Group, she deserves a decent party as she leaves.

    But that’s not what Pearson has in mind. Nothing like. It thinks a year’s salary and 50% of an annual incentive payment should do the trick, meaning the thick end of £1m.
    Hold on a minute, though, Pearson doesn’t want Fairhead to depart in search of new career challenges.
    Outgoing chief executive Dame Marjorie Scardino is clear on that point. “We regret her decision to go,” said Scardino, paying tribute to the talents Pearson would rather retain. So why pay Fairhead to go?

    Ah, says Pearson, that’s because “under the circumstances” the remuneration committee agreed with Fairhead’s assessment that her exit next April would also be in the company’s interests.
    The “circumstances,” one assumes, means the choice of John Fallon to succeed Scardino. But, come on, it’s a nonsense to give departing directors a year’s dosh just because they didn’t get the promotion they sought. Parallels with George Entwistle at the BBC should be resisted: the Pearson case is more brazen.


    • dave s says:

      Presumably she is there because she is hive. What a worthless organisation the BBC is .
      In times like these we really are ill served by our elites.


    • Englands Dreaming says:

      A bit unfair to tarnish the FT with the Guardian brush, it is an unusual newspaper in that it actually reports news.


  12. George R says:

    Of course, the hordes of BBBC-NUJ staff at Media City, Manchester, must know about the following. But are they in ‘Rotherham+Labour Party’ cover-up mode?

    ‘Mail on Sunday’ has-

    “Police plan mass raids on sex gangs: ‘Day of reckoning’ for hundreds of child abusers… with 180 mainly Asian men targeted in Manchester alone.
    “Police have collated a list of child abuse suspects across the country.
    “At least 180 men have been identified in the Manchester region alone.
    “A source said the scale of the operation ‘is almost beyond comprehension.'”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2738773/Police-plan-mass-raids-sex-gangs-Day-reckoning-hundreds-child-abusers-180-mainly-Asian-men-targeted-Manchester-alone.html#ixzz3Bv92wuHd


    • noggin says:

      “mainly Asian”? … how many muslim?


    • Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

      If it was something that an aged pop-star might have done to one boy thirty years ago, the bBBC would have hired helicopters and cleared the decks for their lead ‘news’ item. But what does the bBBC do when it’s hundreds of Muslims drugging and raping thousands of white girls recently?
      Oh look, a squirrel. 😉


  13. ROBERT JONES says:

    Watch a Rugby Union International on the BBC.

    If there a black face in the crowd, the BBC will continually focus on him (or her!) throughout the match.

    This in their view perhaps make this ‘middle-class white man’s sport’ more accessible to minorities? Does the BBC feel that Rugby and Cricket are games from the Imperialistic past and are therefore no longer ‘appropriate’ for today’s ‘mixed’ audiences??

    And why do they worship an athlete who’s skill is to run very fast for under 10 seconds?? The greatest athlete?? Really??



  14. Klingon says:

    Winds of change?
    Coming back from France listening to Marcus Brigstock’s generally laugh free comedy slot on a Saturday and this week it was religion.

    Usual hits on Christians and Jews and ….he let rip at Islam as will, much to audible shock (and pleasure) of the audience. It’s on iplayer and worth a listen (about 15 minutes in).

    Something tells me that that the years of PC regarding even mentioning islam ended this summer. And give Brigstock some credit for no doubt offending the easily offended!


    • Rtd Colonel says:

      Same as you was just starting to sound off to the wife about how brave he was to single out Christianity, Judaism when he actually went for the taboo of Islam and the bullying victim mindset. I am told by a friend of my wife who knows him, that Brigstocke is actually a really nice guy. Maybe he has grown a pair and woken up post Woolwich and Grooming. Certainly could alter the dynamic of the execrable now show


      • Pounce says:

        I think that actually people are waking up to the fact that you cannot continue to defend IS-Lam by portraying it as the victim. it isn’t. The only difference between IS-Lam in the Uk and IS-Lam in the middle East, is that in the ME they are the majority and as such will not be held to account for their IS-lamic ways. (Rape,Murder,intimidation).
        But saying that, they aren’t getting held to account for that in the Uk.


  15. Thoughtful says:

    Just so people have the facts prior to a couple of weeks of BBC disinformation.

    Quick off the mark following Douglas Carswell’s defection on Thusday Survation have a poll of Clacton in the Mail on Sunday that apparently shows a cracking great UKIP lead.
    From the details that have been tweeted out so far the topline figures are CON 20%(-33), LAB 13%(-12), LDEM 2%(-11), UKIP 64%(+64%). We don’t have dates, sample size, questions and so on yet but prima facie it’s pretty unambiguous: Carswell will romp home with ease. If it does happen so convincingly expect a big impact in the national polls too from the publicity and the impact of people seeing a UKIP vote can return a UKIP MP (not to mention whatever temptations it would throw to any other potential Conservative defectors…)

    MASSIVE negative figures for all the main parties particularly the Tories. If this were repeated across the country then UKIP would sweep to victory.
    It is a massive rejection of the fascist left wing policies which those same mainstream parties have adopted.

    Peter Hitchens wrote a nice piece in the MoS about the media actually secretly liking leftie Dave, as he claims he is the ‘heir to Blair’ and slavishly follows the policies he implemented.


    • Essex Man says:

      Ukip won`t get more than 2 or 3 seats in the G.E. Millitwat will be PM ,as the right vote will be split . There will be NO referendum on EU , Labour will let in thousands & thousands of immigrants , especially as they turn up to Calais . This extra immigration will allow them to increase their voting base, which in turn will enable them to stay in power, possibly for ever . You say the Tories are not Conservative enough , well they have their hands tied by the Lib Dems , so full blooded Tory policies cannot be implemented . Finally to win elections, you have to appeal to the floating voter`s, not everyone supports hard right policies, so you have to moderate it ,to appeal to those voters. If Ukip deny the Tories a majority at the next election , look forward to 1000 years of the Labour Reich ,& the end of England . Just see what those socialist polices are doing to France , that will be England`s fate.


      • Doyle says:

        No offence … but that’s horseshit. They haven’t had their hands tied, that’s merely the excuse they’ll use in May. If they’d wanted to do something (about immigration for example) then why not put a bill before parliament. When Labour and the Fibs vote against then it’ll show they’re on the wrong side of public opinion. They didn’t which means they support it.
        ‘Labour will let in thousands of immigrants in Calais’ … a bit like the coalition then. Party of Dave importing more immigrants pa than even Labour managed. Another ‘pledge’ broken. Remember Dave could’ve done something about Romagarian immigration and did nothing.
        What happened to the bonfire of the quango’s, cutting the deficit etc … this fucking div even signed up to the European Arrest Warrant. Spoonface is merely Continuity Labour. He isn’t a Conservative, he hates conservatism, he hates his party (which he’ll end up destroying) and he hates it’s members.
        If you’re waiting for the Cons to suddenly become ‘conservative’ again then you’ll be waiting a long time. Carswell saw through Dimmi’s bullshit and quit.
        ‘You have to appeal to floating voters’ … true, but it would help to keep the ones you’ve got. Personally, I don’t find anything particularly offensive about UKIP policy, 30 years ago it would’ve been regarded as quite sensible but the liberal elite with the help of the Beeb have made them seen extreme when they’re not.
        The fact is, Blair and New Labour cast a long shadow. When Cameron said he was ‘heir to Blair’, he wasn’t kidding. If the Tories lose the election it certainly won’t be UKIP’s fault, it’ll be Cameron and his weak-as-piss party who’ll be remembered for forcing gay marriage on us when no-one even wanted it.


      • Stewart says:

        “,as the right vote will be split”
        Well that’s the rights fault, here’s the answer
        And don’t swallow that BBC guff about UKIP supporters all being disaffected thatcherites
        There are plenty of disaffected ex Labour voters who have and will vote for them -I’m one of them


        • Essex Man says:

          Well , if you all want to live under labour`s jackboot for the rest of your lives ,that`s up to you . However , when you are living in that nightmare , I hope you enjoy reaping what you sow . I will of left, by this time next year , & be living in exile near Nimes. Enjoy .


          • Stewart says:

            Wake up man
            http://www.unitetheright.com/ Offers a chance of avoiding that very thing.your way promises more of the same, for ever and ever amen.
            Either a labour government or a Torie one so far shifted to a perceived ‘Left’ as to be indistinguishable.
            Either way the country will continue to be run by an unelected bourgeois fauxcialist patrician class,
            You may not have noticed but you haven’t got a Tory administration now ,but a half arsed coalition.
            With the BBC’s help Milliband is going to scrape into government, probably in coalition with those very same Lib Dems.
            The only way to avoid the kind of permanent liberal/left government you fear is to dis-empower that liberal inquisition that the BBC so exemplifies
            A significant UKIP presence will do just that by making career politicians fear the voter more than than they fear the approbation of the BBC and the rest of the liberal elite
            UKIP can take seats from labour as well as from the Tories and, perhaps, cause a hung Parliament and the very least de- legitimise any policy the labour party tries to push through.
            An out side chance? Of course but what is the alternative. Keep your fingers crossed and hope for a new Margret Thatcher before its to late?
            You can effect this change ,without going on to the streets or manning the barricades . All you have to do is consider a grassroots electoral pact with other ordinary voters and encourage others to do the same
            And if it fails what have you lost ,another Cameron Government
            Put the country before you party and never forget Vote Tory get Labour (one way or the other)


            • Essex Man says:

              Well I hope unlte the right succeeds , but alot of voters are dim ,probably because they watch bbc news ,& don`t understand the issues properly . Also in the labour `Rotten Boroughs ` constituencies ,you could put up a donkey with a red rosette ,& it would be elected wihout fail. I think the only seat Ukip might gain from labour, is Austin Mitchell `s Great Grimsby , as he is retiring . All the rest will be Tory seats ,with good Euro skeptic MP`s , & that is a policy of total madness . But if Unite the right succeeds their maybe hope , but I am not totally convinced it will work . However we will see.


              • Stewart says:

                “Rotten Boroughs ` constituencies ,you could put up a donkey with a red rosette ,& it would be elected wihout fail”
                That was true once but things are changing
                And from ‘Nope,not hope’ article I have posted elsewhere
                ” These people weren’t fascists and most weren’t racist; in fact many were decent union men who had stood loyally with their union during the year-long miners’ strike and, more recently, had even leafleted with us against the BNP.
                What they were, however, was angry.
                They were angry because some of their daughters had been sexually abused and they were angry because the Labour Party – for so long their party – had, at best, ignored the problem or, at worst, connived to keep it under wraps. ”
                “but I am not totally convinced it will work”
                Nor am I, but it at least offers some hope of change
                So far the ‘country before party’ campaign has failed to get any legs ,studiuosly ignored as it is by the BBC and the rest of MSM ( Like to guess why that is?).But we here can help change that and with very little effort .Simply get others on the internet to consider it and and to do like wise
                As the site says we have 248 days to see if it can find some -At the very least it will put another twist in aunties knickers


      • Merched Becca says:

        Labour has lost the plot!
        I suspect that many Tory MPs will defect to UKIP , also many Labour voters will vote UkIP and we might end up with a Conservative/ UKIP coalition. Then perhaps the leaders of our nation will put its indigenous people first ?


  16. noggin says:

    SMLive – BBC1
    BBC asks “Is multiculturalism working?” only a question the BBC pipe dreamers would ask?
    As they scramble, for the pontificating latte luvvies, to wordsmith the excuses.
    Another attempt to straw man to divert from Islam and Rotherham?
    The public vote should once again be worth watching and the po faced panel reaction.
    Unnecessary Pakistani … “heritage”, or “Asian”, or any of the multitude of deceitful round robins, any questions about the ahem, “diversity” intermediaries in Rotherham, the interrelated Muslims who got themselves powerful levers by being in power in local government?.
    Vivienne Westwood – Fashion designer/activist, Owen Jones – Guardian columnist, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown – Journalist and broadcaster,(shakes head!), Jagraj Singh – Basics of Sikhi blog?,(should relay all about the longstanding Sikh issue with Islam over exactly this issue … but won t of course), oh and Levi Roots? (sorry folks, who is he?)
    Political leaders, commission heads, policy heads, journalists, writers, institutes etc etc
    A. Merkel … No, utterly failed
    D. Cameron … No, failed
    Head Commission for Racial Equality, called for an official end to multicultural policy
    Why Europe is turning away from multiculturalism – CS Moniter
    The Failure of British Multiculturalism – Gatestone Institute
    Multiculturalism the big lie,
    The myth of multiculturalism.
    On and on it goes, the British public have had no say, are opposed to it, failed by all parties.
    Helpfully the BBC reports from a happy dippy multiculti airyfairy
    music festival just to cloud the issue

    Do religions inspire war or peace? … oh dear, this is the BBC, why am I thinking, “nothing to do with Islam” alert


    • noggin says:

      95% of the public – multiculturism NOT working
      5% think it does.
      D Murray very muted last week, J Delingpole muted this week
      even when, the chip shop baron himself Lord Ahmed displays his “reverse midas touch” hasn t deserted him, dropping islam/mosques into the equation … the Al BBC effect?

      BBC the Islam apologist zone


      • Merched Becca says:

        Over the centuries many British lives were sacrificed by people defending the shores of this country from invasion by nations intent on imposing their culture and way of life upon this small island.
        Over the last twenty years successive British governments have thrown open the doors to people from third world countries under the guise of “Multiculturalism is good for us”. Those service men that fought for this country in two world wars will be turning in their graves.
        Shame upon those governments.


        • Doyle says:

          I remember first hearing the multi-culturalism meme during New Labour’s time in power although it’s possible it was being used before then. New Labour certainly made a big deal of it. Why? Because integration over the previous five decades had utterly failed. Immigrants made no effort to assimilate which means we had de facto multi-culturalism anyway. Of course, New Labour then accelerated the process to rub our noses in it.
          Gawd knows what my antecedents who fought for this country would make of it now. If I had a time machine, I’d go back and tell em not to bother.


        • Englands Dreaming says:

          Very true, I cannot imagine what my grandfather would make of the UK today, but it wouldnt be positive.
          The problems caused by last twenty years of EU immigration have almost certainly been compounded by the idiotic immigration policies we have had from the 50s onwards.


    • Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

      Most of the ‘multiculturalism’ is working OK. There’s no problem with small numbers of Chinese, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, etc.
      There are just two ‘cultures’ that Labour imported that give us all the trouble: Jamaican (drugs, knives and guns, gangs, absent fathers, etc) and Muslim (anti-British, jihadis, genital-mutilators, foreign-language-speakers, raping white girls, etc).


  17. Josephine33 says:

    The BBC has reached a new peak in self regard as it publishes an article from Will Self calling George Orwell a “literary mediocrity” . I know who I think is a mediocrity out of the two of them!

    But of course Will writes for the Guardian and therefore has free reign to write whatever tosh he likes at the BBC. Long after he has been forgotten people who read the books of George Orwell will not only enjoy but also learn from them.


    • Klingon says:

      Poor Will. He was Booker shortlisted for his novel Umbrella which had no paragraphs but 400+ pages. I gave it to Oxfam after page 5.

      Umbrella is part of a trilogy. He probably thought he could do a Hilary Mantel but even the Booker judges had enough and didn’t even longlist “Shark”. I think he’s licking his injured pride by lashing out at the one British novelist everyone rates.


    • Guess Who says:

      I was going to ponder which author whose countless works are used as syllabus texts the world over, turned into radio plays, theatre and movies, and who is endlessly quoted for their warnings from history.

      And whose single most famous work most would struggle to name even on pain of death.

      It is rather clear why Self loathing is not permitted at the BBC, though. He’s their kind of guy.

      Orwell just worked there. And wrote about it rather famously.


    • Englands Dreaming says:

      Yes I did a double take when I came across this article. I tried to read Will’s article, I didn’t even make it half way. Worse than mediocre.


  18. Llareggub says:

    The BBC is allowing their puppet in No 10 to consider actions to stop British terrorists from returning.
    ‘The government is considering temporary bans on British-born jihadists in Iraq and Syria from returning to the UK.
    The BBC understands UK nationals suspected of being involved in terrorist acts would be allowed to keep their British citizenship.
    But they would be prevented from re-entering the UK for a period of time.’

    One is tempted to add: ‘well, as long as they don’t mind the inconvenience’.



  19. Klingon says:

    I doubt if many noticed this comment on BBC drama commissioning. Kay Mellor is very successful TV dramatist and in a recent interview dropped in this piece:

    One of her regrets, she says, is a drama she wrote about Asian men grooming and sexually abusing underage white girls (“I was watching it unfold”). But a changing of the executive guard at BBC1 in 2008 meant it never got made. “I don’t think people believed it. One very senior person said to me ‘this does not go on’.”

    I think we now know that there was almost a systemic cover up of abuse going in in Northern Britain so it’s maybe understandable that nobody wanted to believe Mellor. Except she says the drama was dropped due to a changing of the guard. So somebody had believed her.

    Makes you wonder how many blighted lives would have been spared had the drama run.

    Full article here:


    • graphene fedora says:

      Instead, in 2008 the BBC gave us Abi Morgan’s execrable ‘White Girl’, in which a young white working-class girl takes refuge in a mosque to escape her stereotypical thug of a partner. The truth, of course, already known to many, was that racist muslim sex criminals were raping, & destroying, young white girl children across England on a scale which, in the next few months, will become apparent.
      The BBC – bent beyond repair. Privatise it & make the media arm of the Frankfurt School work for its wages or die.


      • AngusPangus says:

        This is truly Goebbelesque, is it not? A Big Lie indeed.

        So the BBC can be presumed to know that stories of pakistani muslim gangs raping white girls were “doing the rounds”. And how did they react to this? Did they investigate and expose the horror?

        No. On the contrary. They saw this as a threat to multi-culturalism. They saw massed ranks of BNP and EDL stormtroopers seizing control of northern towns and burning mosques. So, rather than expose the TRUTH, they decided to tell exactly the opposite story, where White Man was evil and muslims were saviours. A Big Lie for the Greater Good.

        Given that this was ONGOING, did not one of these undoubtedly white, middle-class self-loathing BBC arse-wipes stop to think about the victims? No. Because in the Game of Victimhood Top Trumps, whilst “female, rape victim” is right near the top of the deck, you lose points for being white and working class and are trumped every time by “muslim” and “pakistani”, even allowing for the “male” deduction.

        In the Game of Victimhood Top Trumps, you win, or you get gang raped (h/t George RR Martin).


  20. John Anderson says:

    You can’t keep a good BBC propagandist down, can you ?

    The wretched Jon Donnison is no sooner back in Sydney than he files an attack on its immigration policy for From Our Own Correspondent (7 minutes in). Bleating about Australia’s determination to keep out illegal entry by sea – a policy overwhelmingly supported by Australians. Donnison lards his report with false comparisons of queues for official asylum – OZ has a smaller number of unresolved cases than the UK and Germany because it is efficient – not because it keeps asylum seekers out, it has a fine record for LEGAL settlement. He then makes the ludicrous comparison with Lebanon and Jordan which now have huge numbers of asylum seekers – but that is because his Muslim buddies have caused carnage in the Middle East.

    Donnison manages to throw in words like racist, callous, inhumane – all cited as the opinion of others but obviously chiming with his own views.

    Oz is the “Lucky Country”. But it drew a short straw when it got lumbered with Donnison. What a creep that man is.



    • MartinWW says:

      Yes, it was a shocker.


    • Guess Who says:

      It’s very odd.

      He clearly soils whatever location he arrives in, and pretty quickly, which may explain the need to keep him moving.

      However these places surely have to approve visas, and his welcome most places must have just about worn out.

      And any squawking about press freedom can simply be met with a presentation of his body of ‘work’ to point out that whatever he is, a journalist is not one of them.


  21. AngusPangus says:

    “Longsight men charged with false imprisonment”


    “Two men have been charged with false imprisonment after a Latvian woman was allegedly trafficked to the UK and imprisoned in Manchester.

    A Latvian woman told police on 19 August her daughter, aged 36, had been held against her will for 14 months.”

    Guess who? Go on, have a guess! Bet you can’t guess!!


    • WiganCookie says:

      Was it the Chinese or Thai or Vietnamese or Indian?


    • Arthur Penney says:

      I got Mohammed but I thought the other one would be Sadiq.

      So only 50%. Is this an A* under Labour’s old A level results?


  22. noggin says:

    hmmm … don t feed the troll alert.
    suffice to say, don t make the mistake of knocking on my door
    when you aim to “take over”, as a neck break in under a second
    can be somewhat unsettling for a visitor.
    … don t let the door hit you … bye


  23. Geoff says:

    Anyone catch Sounds of the 80s least night on Radio 2? It was an in vision red button special, guest was Mime Rutherfield from Genesis. They showed Genesis’ 1986 video for ‘Land of Confusion’ which featured the Spitting Image puppets, back announcing the track our fragrant host Sarah Cox reminds us (with an air of distaste and disrespect) that ‘Thatcher was in it’.

    Now if Tony Blair, Gordon Brown or even Harold Wilson had featured in said video would they have been addressed as just Blair, Brown or Wilson? No it is the standard bBC way of addressing Lady Thatcher and similar happens with Nigel Farage.


    • uncle bup says:

      Did ‘Coxy’ spent the whole programme droning on about ‘ooby’ (her husband, I believe) and how she got ‘ammered’ last night?

      I’m sure she did.



      • Geoff says:

        All she mentions now are her bloody kids, how TF she got the Sounds Of The 80’s gig is beyond me, she was only 5 when the decade began, so had little or no recollection of Mrs. T, only what her northern chums told her….

        Hardly what Brian Matthews is to the 60’s or Johnny Walker is to the 70’s.


        • uncle bup says:

          Brian Matthews and Johnny Walker, the two best ‘pop’ programmes on Droid Broadcasting’s entire output.

          Not though worththelicensefeealone.


  24. Lynette says:

    BBCwatch.org reports on “CBBC’s ‘Newsround’ once again misleads 6 to 12 year-olds about Israel “. Propaganda and misinformation to children is very disturbing and should be protested against most loudly.
    Read how the BBC dealt with such a complaint a decade ago but this time round if enough of you complain they will not get away with it again.
    http://netanyalynette.blogspot.co.il/2012/07/complaints-re-jewish-newspapers-hoax.html (ignore incorrect title)


    • Dave666 says:

      Now that Newsround is on cbbc I don’t actually see it any more. However it always tended to be a hotbed of bias and subtle and not so subtle mis-direction which led to me submitting several complaints over the years. To illustrate the level of twistedness my favourite was the article they ran a while ago on pirate downloading. to illustrate the point they showed an illustration of a digital player but on closer examination what was on the playlist…The boy band of the moment? Slaughter & the dogs? No, the speeches of Martin Luther King, You couldn’t make it up.


  25. chrisH says:

    Did I hear that right?
    This mornings “review of the papers” on Radio 4 cites “Lord Ahmed (of Rotherham?) as saying that not enough is being done in mosques to help young Muslims integrate into society.
    Is the Mail using THIS Lord Ahmed…three times suspended from Labour for
    1. Going to prison for killing a bloke on the M1, whilst texting up to two mins beforehand.
    2. Putting a reward on the arrest/prosecution of Obama, Bush or Blair for war crimes and not loving Gaza enough
    3. Telling Pakistani telly that his court case was all the fault of the Jews that run the judiciary, media etc
    4. Threatening a “Million Man” kind of march on Parliament, should Jacqui Smiff let Geert Wilders into the country to show his “Fitna” flim(she didn`t, anyway…such a brave response to the terrorist threat from the Porn-again MP).
    I`m as likely to listen to this Labout Muslim favoured son of Rotherham as I am to hear Ashdown or Ming worry about jihadis rights to breeze through the nations borders…they still fret about Bin Laden and Qatada, Hamza and Adebolajo…so we can see where THEIR priorities lie.
    Still-when Google have edited all their histories…we`ll never know will we…hence Leveson!
    Until then though-why is the Mail paying this bungee-jumping Jew baiter Ahmed to wonder about his world record for how many times Labour bring him back to their nest of vipers?


  26. George R says:


    Why should INBBC report a.) and b.) below, and wreck its euphemistic political narrative about Islam?:-

    “Nigeria: Islamic jihadists behead six-year-old boy because he was Christian”


    “Nigeria: Islamic jihadists loot and vandalize Catholic parish”



    • Arthur Penney says:

      If you look at the arctic ice graphs, you will see that something happened in 2006 (September = November) that radically changed the area and that before then all areas are greater than they are now but after that date most areas are less than they are now.

      It is a puzzlement.


  27. NISA says:

    Co-incidental timing? In the Telegraph quotes by Orwell are used to support the view that the Left are ashamed of Englishness.
    England is perhaps the only great country whose intellectuals are ashamed of their own nationality. In left-wing circles it is always felt that there is something slightly disgraceful in being an Englishman and that it is a duty to snigger at every English institution.

    On the BBC website, as mentioned above, Will Self bad mouths Orwell’s Englishness



  28. Lynette says:

    A report of misinformation and propaganda to children is very disturbing. See BBCwatch.org “CBBC’s ‘Newsround’ once again misleads 6 to 12 year-olds about Israel”
    Complaints need to be made and loudly. It may be of interest to read how the BBC dealt with a complaint against Newsround for misleading and inciting hatred in children many years ago at http://netanyalynette.blogspot.co.il/2012/07/complaints-re-jewish-newspapers-hoax.html (ignore incorrect title) If enough people make enough noise this time though, amongst MP’s who surely must understand the dangers of manipulating children’s minds with false information, than the BBC will have to respond now.


  29. Charlatans says:

    Straight talking – OMG – this lady tells it like it is!


  30. imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

    As I’ve done with every new recent Doctor Who, I thought I’d check it out briefly to see how many cringe-inducing minutes of terrible PC scriptwriting I could take. I lasted about 3 minutes, awful.

    I always used to think of Star Trek Next Generation (pus the later ones) as the EU in space. Doctor Who is like Red Ken’s GLC in space.


  31. thoughtful says:

    I’ve just spent an enjoyable 45 minutes watching Doctor Who on Blu Ray.
    Not any of the current ones of course, but the very first Jon Pertwee doctor, before they had even thought of the concept of ‘regeneration’.
    There are several reasons for buying this, whoever did the transfer did a really good job and it looks as good as a modern BluRay; there’s the nostalgia aspect for those of us old enough to remember the 4 years Pertwee served as the Doctor; and then there’s the price, because the BBC seem to have done something a bit odd with this.
    Want it on DVD and Amazon will relieve you of £15.50, but buy the BluRay version direct and use code RP0814 and you can have it for just £5.39 delivered.
    You too can share the nostalgia and think back to when the BBC was producing programs worth watching !



  32. George R says:

    For INBBC Wales to report sometime? Or to censor?

    “‘The brother that executed James Foley should be the new Batman’:
    Cardiff ISIS fighters post sickening messages mocking beheading of U.S. journalist.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2738814/The-brother-executed-James-Foley-new-Batman-Cardiff-ISIS-fighters-post-sickening-messages-mocking-beheading-U-S-journalist.html#ixzz3C03CGysS



  33. A Teddy called Moh says:

    I see we had Paddy Pantsdown and Sir Mingy Campbell telling us about all the problems with trying to remove someone’s passport or citizenship etc. Instead of telling us all what we CANT do tell us what we CAN do.
    Also if taking away someone’s citizenship and leaving them stateless is against international law then how did Saudi Arabia get away with it with Osama? I think the British Government should remove their citizenship. It appears this is what happened last year…A number of people suspected of engaging in jihadist activity abroad had been sent letters, saying their citizenship was being terminated.
    The pressure group OurKingdom said ‘they were effectively stranded overseas, unable to return to be present at legal appeals — the only means of fighting their case’.
    Good, you may think. They should instead obtain passports from the Islamic State (IS), the new caliphate blossoming in parts of Iraq and Syria.
    But human rights lawyer Gareth Peirce described their plight as ‘medieval exile.’ A contributor to the Guardian said it meant ‘the total destruction of an individual’s status in organised society . . . more primitive than torture…’

    Medieval exile; I believe in this case the punishment truly does fit the crime


    • Lobster says:

      “Gareth Peirce” – a name to strike terror in the hearts of all normal people.


      • ROBERT BROWN says:

        Let’s see…..G………Peirce…yep, she’s on the list……and a very stupid name for a woman….what were her parents thinking of? Did they want a boy?


    • ROBERT JONES says:

      Gareth Peirce was the most prominent lawyer to represent IRA suspects arrested in the UK.

      She’s now representing the rights of Muslim terrorists.

      Plus ca change…

      …the more it stays the same.

      Bur this Muslim lot are far, far more dangerous than the IRA.


  34. Englands Dreaming says:

    See that Rotherham is getting pretty hard to find now on the BBC website, in fact today its only referenced due to the fact its still a big story (surprise, surprise) in the Sundays.

    They did have this though, about how Milton Keynes Major vouched for his friend the rapist to get a taxi license.



  35. George R says:

    Will Beeboids report on the increasing threat from Islamic jihadists on non-Muslims in European Union?

    There are scores of Beeboid reporters in Europe: what do they do all day?


    “The Islamic State Declares War on Denmark An ‘Enemy Of Islam'”

    – See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2014/08/islamic-state-declares-war-denmark-enemy-islam.html/#sthash.z5u5XULS.dpuf





  36. George R says:

    I see Ms ALIBHAI BROWN, who figures in the ‘Left’+Islamic alliance (along with BBC), a Muslim immigrant into Britain from Uganda’s Muslim tyrant, Idi Amin, now wants to impeach British PM, Cameron over his actions against Islamic jihadists.


  37. Merched Becca says:

    Absolutely amazing, absolutely bloody amazing!
    The police of this nation pulled out all stops to search Europe so they can arrest parents who took their child out of hospital because they sought a better treatment for their sick child. On the other hand they do not have the inclination to arrest ‘foreign’ men that have gang raped thousands our children because they were in fear of being called ‘racist’.
    Where the hell is Cameron, Clegg or even Miliband? Its time for UKIP to have a chance to run this broken nation.


  38. Geoff says:

    So Jonathan Ross’ older brother gets to keep his bBC Berkshire DJ job despite shorting mephedrone off of his male lovers face just prior to broadcasting.

    The bBC has given him time off ‘to sort his issues’.
    It would seem its pretty difficult to get the sack from the bBC (even Jonathan was welcomed back this week) difficult that is unless your name is Thatcher or you inadvertantly play an 80 year old song containing 80 year old lyrics…..



  39. Ian Rushlow says:

    “Granddad (sic) killed trying to flee bar”. So said the link on the BBC home page at 6.30am, removed by 6.45am. Clicking the link (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-29002735) tells us “Notting Hill stabbing murder: Victim stabbed at Mau Mau bar”. Curious name for a bar. The victim was Tony Charlery and apparently his most signficant characteristic was that he was a grandfather. The Daily Mirror gives a bit more information that the BBC chooses to leave out: he was “a well-known music promoter” and “was of St Lucian descent but lived in Kensington” (see http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/pictured-grandfather-stabbed-death-fled-4141347). A terrible tragedy for him and his family, and an indictment of the level of violence in multi-cultural Britain. But why have the BBC decided to concentrate on the fact he was a grandfather?


  40. Dave666 says:

    It’s Monday morning it’s BBc Breakfast and off we go for another week. We should eat less meat and dairy products…yep you guessed it…to prevent climate change. SNAFU


    • Old Goat says:

      Tedium – it’s not as if these people they interview sound as if they know what they’re talking about – patently, they have no idea.

      The climate is as the climate does, we’re not changing it now, and we won’t in the future, whether accidentally, or deliberately.

      If we suffer one day a week (or more) sans red meat, it is apparently going to “save the planet”. Yaaaawwwwwnnn……


      • AsISeeIt says:

        ‘….apparently (giving up red meat is) going to “save the planet”

        The BBC has simply taken up the campaign begun years ago by that anti-protein sandwich board bloke who endlessly trolled up and down Oxford Street trying to sell his leaflets – inventively priced at 7 3/4 pence (NB the BBC Licence Fee is also a bargain)


      • Arthur Penney says:

        I don’t know why – it just means that the cows will live an extra seventh of their lives f**t**g methane into the atmosphere.


    • richard D says:

      First of all, in no way do I believe in Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming, whose basic premise is that any and all the problems we have, or are likely to have, or may not have but the warmists would love us to be having, are caused by mankind.

      However, if it were the case that CAGW was going to lead to the end of the world, It’s totally amazing that none of these left-wing autocratic control-freaks (such as the usual BBC commentators like Harrabin, et al.) ever come to the conclusion that there is one single common fundamental factor behind all man-made ‘carbon emissions’….i.e. the ever-faster increase in the number of humans on the planet.

      If we were to solve that problem, then, if ‘Climate Change’ did exist, it would obviously soon disappear, since we would have removed the source of the problem.

      But, of course, no-one on the Left of politics – and particularly the BBC – is ever likely to put forward what must be the simplest and most cost-effective solution to a problem of their imagination.


      • Old Goat says:

        The simplest, and most cost-effective solution to a non-problem of anyone’s imagination, surely, is to ignore it?


        • richard D says:

          True, Old Goat, but unfortunately, the warmist believers aren’t going to ignore their imagined problem any time soon, and they seem to have the ears of power in the West. However, their ‘preferred solutions’ involve driving us all back to the Dark Ages – I have simply proffered an obvious alternative, which never seems to cross their minds.


      • Arthur Penney says:

        Surely since the left profess to be so willing to work to improve society they should volunteer en masse to lay down their lives in a worthy cause?


  41. Englands Dreaming says:

    Rather an illuminating article about how one of the BBCs Muslim journos eventually came to the conclusion that having to wear a headscarf (never mind anything else) was not necessary.



  42. AsISeeIt says:

    Monday morning 8 o’clock… and it wouldn’t be BBC London tv news if there wasn’t refrence to a ‘report from councils’ claiming that ‘in a survey’… ‘most people think’ local councils should ‘have a say’ in persuading ‘schools to provide extra places’.

    Firstly, this ‘news’ is no more than a public sector union campaign against Free Schools. It is not worthy of a headline.

    Secondly, although the Department of Education was quoted as saying that Free Schools were a good thing (balance?) – the basis of this “survey-to-news-story” is flimsy since the question as expressed by the BBC was so very very loaded. The raising of the issue on BBC London news this morning constitutes bias.

    Thirdly, spare school places are in short supply not because of who runs the administration of schools or indeed the concept of Free Schools but because of the unprecedented huge increase in demand caused by vastly increased population migration and settlement.


  43. AsISeeIt says:

    You have to admire the BBC’s brass neck. A day or two ago we endure 8 minutes at the top of the news taken up with unrelenting hue and cry as our national broadcaster gets up a posse to collar those errant parental kidnappers….

    Then, this morning, as we Licence Payers witness the distressed grandmother have her home raided by the plod (pity the BBC chopper wasn’t airborn to catch that one) and it’s “Vamos, vamos! mind yer ‘ed luv” as the parents are pushed into a squad car.

    Suddenly “Police have questions to answer”. [TM BBC]


    • chrisH says:

      Given the number of scandals involving Andy Burnhams NHS….mid-Staffs, recent crap food an `all…surely these parents should have been prosecuted if they had NOT tried to save their boy…sure as hell the NHS don`t give a damn.
      The only crime this family has done is to thwart the NHS, and leave the premises “without the medics say so…Solent even said “without the blessings of the hospital”!
      Nuff said, m`lud.
      And that the hopeless plod of Hants had to get Nick Cleggs EAW to strongarm the parents…handcuffed, parted from their dying 5 year old…and bundle them onto a plane as the Guardia Civil shout over the pleas of the mum and dad…well it`s all so Walter Wolfgang isn`t it?
      Welcome to the caring NHS, the new Police Service of all the Talents, and the medias selective bias to defend those champions of Savile, of Mid-Staffs and of Rotherham.
      Yet they can`t find a jihadist to slap a EAW on…took years to get Hamza and Qatada onto a plane…yet when it comes to THIS case…where is Nick, Gareth, Shami, Clive. Geoffrey, Michael, Phil and all those other “defenders of human rights”.
      Myra Hindleys Rights…these scum will confer them onto Syrian psychos and nurses who collude in the deaths of thousands-as long as UNISON pay for Labour anyway.
      Lee Rigby Rights…wrong place, wrong time…and only pays Matrix Chambers once the dead are dumped and the living get their days in court…what use is the dead victim to Shamis salary?
      Welcome to the Pleasuredome!


      • Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

        What a weird country we live in.

        A pair of loving parents take their dying child overseas, and the Police chase them, arrest them and suggest they should be charged for ignoring their ‘duty of care’.

        Thousands of NHS nurses ignore their duty of care to their patients and kill them (Stafford, Furness, Basildon, Tameside, etc) and the Police do nothing.

        Thousands of parents take their daughters overseas to have their genitals mutilated and the Police do nothing.

        Scores of parents complain that their daughters are being drugged and raped (Rotherham, Derby, Oxford, Rochdale, etc) and the Police do nothing.

        Someone suggests that a pop star might have touched him thirty years ago and the Police jump to it, bring in the BBC and raid his home.


        • Guest Who says:

          Well penned.

          But it goes beyond ‘weird’ and has so for a long while.

          Beyond the more crucial damage done, often fatal, through either incompetence, complicity, derangement or a combination of all, I am getting more and more astounded how many public sector and/or NGO/quango/charity market rate idiots on £150kpa+ these abuses get traced back to.

          It is, literally, insult to injury who and how much the public is having to fund to support this attrition.


        • flexdream says:

          Not quite fair to say the police did nothing in Rotherham. They did arrest some of the victims’ parents who had the temerity to think that a Pakistani Muslim paedophile gang shouldn’t rape their daughter.


  44. George R says:

    For INBBC, the Islamic jihad enemies within are not Muslims, but ‘Britons.’

    In this piece, INBBC uses word ‘Muslims’ not at all, but uses ‘Britons’ word twice.

    “Islamic State extremists threaten all of Europe, says Cameron”



  45. Rabia says:

    Visit and Join my facebook group titled ‘Biased Broadcast Channel’ https://www.facebook.com/Biased.Boradcast.channel


    • Stewart says:

      I did visit
      No mention of the thousands of Rockets that rain down on Isreal
      (bearing that Islamic Benidiction) or the BBC’s failure to report them
      No mention of the BBC’s deliberate obfuscation and down right censorship of the war crime scale , brutal, sexual abuse of thousands of of vunerable white English girls by Muslim men that has been going on for decades
      I thought it was the 5 live homepage still in other news elesewhere


    • Guest Who says:

      Before doing either, as my rollover doesn’t show the URL (I tend to check before clicking), please confirm Boradcast isn’t a link to a Baron-Cohen site.


  46. George R says:

    BBC-Democrats’, second from top, political agenda item on ‘U.S-Canada’ page-

    “First openly gay NFL draftee Michael Sam cut by Rams”



  47. noggin says:

    BBC and others pontificating over returning terrorists?
    Clive Coleman, BBC Legal Affairs Correspondent bleats on and on
    “There is a real and important difference between removing a person’s citizenship and removing their passport”

    These mass murdering terrorists, have made their choice.
    They are a clear and present danger, by the way, as are any family and community that covered for them.
    It is too dangerous to let them return, the risk to the public paramount, and if they do … incarceration, or deportation or both
    … citizenship? … passport? ………
    immaterial – safety of the public, threat to the public, threat to the nation more important …
    No10, Camoron and co … find a vertebrae from somewhere


  48. Joshaw says:

    Criticism of the BBC is turning up in lots of unexpected places these days. Not the first time, though, in this relatively obscure music blog:

    Which version of the truth do you want?

    [Comments are appearing in a very strange order these days.]