Wilful Ignorance


This was mentioned by Klingon in the comments and noted by Craig at ‘Is the BBC biased?‘ and I think it goes to the heart of everything the BBC does and why it gets it so wrong, so it is worth emphasisng again and again.

Writer Kay Mellor is interviewed in the Guardian about her career when she makes an astonishing comment about the BBC’s attitude….

Kay Mellor: ‘Steven Spielberg rang me up in Topshop’

One of her regrets, she says, is a drama she wrote about Asian men grooming and sexually abusing underage white girls (“I was watching it unfold”). But a changing of the executive guard at BBC1 in 2008 meant it never got made. “I don’t think people believed it. One very senior person said to me ‘this does not go on’.”


That surely must have been purely due to a deliberate, wilful desire not to ‘rock the multi-cultural boat’ as Denis MacShane might say….Mellor must have made her case for the programme and laid out any experience and evidence she had to base such a programme upon….but they didn’t want to know.

The BBC sweeping uncomfortable truths under the carpet.


One other comment she made is also of note, this from only a couple of weeks ago:

Mellor made her name with Band of Gold, about prostitutes in Bradford. It was developed for BBC1, but Alan Yentob, then channel controller, did not want it. “No one knew who I was. I was a working-class girl from Leeds, writing about prostitutes. I used to harass [Yentob] at awards ceremonies, asking him to read it.” She adds that he “has since apologised”. The experience makes her wonder “how many young men and women are out there who could write something brilliant, yet they don’t get seen or heard?”



Just how many working class writers get through the privileged portico of BBC House?  I imagine, like presenter Stacey Dooley, they only succeed if they show the requisite amount of social conscience and compassion for the downtrodden…..if you write something that doesn’t fit the socialist, multi-cultural template you’ll be stuck in that garret for an awful long time.


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16 Responses to Wilful Ignorance

    • Arthur Penney says:

      At the moment they are innocent – and don’t forget it.


      • johnnythefish says:

        Fair point, Arthur, at least in terms of any Commons enquiry which might be undertaken.

        However, I can clearly remember the constant stream of Labour ministers – the likes of Harman, Smith and Hewitt with their schoolmarmy lecturing tones being particularly memorable – coming on the Today programme extolling the virtues of multiculturalism and casting racist aspersions against anyone who dared so much raise an eyebrow against it.

        So in that respect I’d say yes – guilty.


        • Rufus McDufus says:

          Labour were in charge at the time. Labour council totally in control.


          • Ken says:

            This was not a mistake, or well meaning policy gone wrong.

            Whistleblowers were arrested. Reports covered up. Physical evidence in many cases vanished from police stations. Fathers trying to rescue their daughters from houses where those young girls were actually being gang raped at the time, were arrested. Victims themselves were arrested. This was a deliberate policy decision. They knew that this was happening. They chose to allow the racist gang rape of children to continue unabated and with impunity.

            In short, the authorities, from the police to children’s services conspired to allow those vile crimes to continue.

            This means, putting it bluntly, that LABOUR effectively legalised the brutal and racist gang rape of children, so long as the rapists were Muslim and the victims were not.

            Labour legalised the racist gang rape of children.

            The liberal progressive lefties in the tories have turned a blind eye to that defacto legalisation of racist gang rape of children.

            The BBC are in denial of the defacto legalisation of the racist gang rape of children.


            • Guest Who says:

              ‘This was not a mistake, or well meaning policy gone wrong.’

              And yet not a single helicopter got cranked up by a 10,000 person strong, £4Bpa ‘news’ monopoly who has repeatedly claimed to hold power to account. In fact they proactively conspired to undermine any raising concerns.

              It’s almost like they are a major part of the problem.


  1. Doublethinker says:

    I think that a lot of overtime will be being worked in many council offices across the UK so that files can be burnt, hard drives destroyed, stories and cover ups agreed, public statements expressing shock horror and explaining that things are so much better now, being drafted. The same effort will be made at the Home Office to cover the tracks of guilty official and ministers. The BBC will be working its self up to say how shocking it is that such a thing can have happened in the multicultural Utopia that is modern Britain and , of course, that this has nothing to do with Islam.
    If the Independent and Guardian are publishing stuff like this, then it seems likely that most of the liberal left elite know that a whole avalanche of other similar cases is about to become public knowledge and are queuing up to disembark from the Multicultural , all expenses paid by the public ,cruise liner.
    Let us hope that this awful scandal in Rotherham marks the beginning of the end of this disastrous attempt at social engineering. But I expect that some on the left will try the usual obfuscation. I heard on the BBC that the reason no one did anything, was not because of fear of being labeled racist by the likes of the BBC, but because they were obsessed by paperwork and didn’t have time to investigate?! I read in the Times that nothing was done, not because of fear of being labeled racist by the likes of the BBC, but because those officials and councilors were callous and regarded these young girls as not deserving protection.
    Some on the left are obviously having trouble getting their heads out of the sand.


    • Funny that isn’t it? Despite what the author said having gone through evidence and interviews over however many months, the BbC and their ilk have concluded she was wrong all in the space of four days and no additional evidence.


    • Ken says:

      Let’s say it like it is. Labour effectively legalised the racist and brutal gang-rape of children.

      It was a defacto legalisation of Muslims gang raping non-Muslim children.


  2. stuart says:

    when i first heard this story on the pc bbc and radio 5 live about this mass rape and torture on a industrial scale by muslim paedophiles of these christian children i thought it was in some town in northern iraq invaded by isis,but it was not, it was in rotherham england,a town of only 50,000 people has 1800 children being abused and nobody knew about it in the tight muslim community,that beggers belief, you read that senior labour politicians like jack straw and others in the labour party turned a blind eye to this just to keep the muslim block vote on side, that is criminal,the more you read about this atrocity the more sickening it gets,multi culturism and diversity and mass immigration from third world cesspitts has ruined innocent childrens and there familys lifes in this country,not only do you have to blame the muslim community leaders whos sons,cousins fathers,grandfathers from the mosques commited these crimes against these children but hushed it up to protect there fellow muslims, but the labour party under the leadership under tony blair caused all this with there mass deliberate policy of mass immigration and multi culturism that nobody in this country wanted,shame on the labour party,i hope you all rot in the deepest corner of hell for what you have put these children and there familys through..


  3. How do I get the feeling the left-wings (BBC and Guardian’s) finger of blame is turning to Nick Griffin and BNP for the unwillingness to tackle pedophiles in Rotherham.

    They are an ideal scapegoat. Rightwing, largely prole, white, not good at PR, opposite of Labour. Bingo! Yep. “We were worried about community cohesion…BNP…Extremist groups…We did it for the best your honour.”

    Now the “Multiculturalism” experiment has fallen flat on its face…the liberal left will work with two new words “community cohesion.” They will be two big words that they will hide behind in the time to come.


    • AngusPangus says:

      Careful not to fall into the Left’s trap. The BNP is far left, in the National Socialist mould. Read their manifesto. Much more in common with the far left in the Labour Party (nationalise everything, for instance) than anything remotely in common with the Tories. “Far right” is deliberately coined misinformation by the Left to firstly dissociate itself from the deeply unpleasant BNP and secondly to discredit the Right by association.,


  4. Guess Who says:

    “One very senior person said to me ‘this does not go on’.”

    It would be interesting to find out who this person was.

    Then ask them how they ‘knew’ this did not go on and, now confronted with the fact they were dumb or complicit in it very much going on, what they have to say for themselves.

    One presumes this was ‘another time’ effort, well and truly moved on from, that does not affect index-linked, can only go up as well as up pensioned commitments.


  5. DICK R says:

    Do not be mislead by the assertion that they were afraid of being branded as racists, that is an over simplification.
    There was only one reason for the cover up and that is the instinctive reaction of the treacherous Labour filth to protect their own, and at the same time keep the muslim postal votes rolling in.
    In fact the cover up was instigated precisely because the perpetrators are pakistani muslims


    • chrisH says:

      Need we bother to ask the allegiance of some Scot found trying to sell voting papers up on eBay for the Scottish Referendu?
      Nah…course not…a passionate Yes voter who simply was over-enthused….all Lefties are!