Peston’s Megalomania




Robert Peston wants to take over the world…the BBC has spent years railing against the ‘world’s policeman’ role taken on by the West but all change now, apparently it is a vital part of a healthy and wealthy world….and it gives the BBC another stick to beat ‘The West’ with as, for example,  Ebola is declared all the fault of ‘The West’ by the BBC…

The West’s failure to pre-empt Ebola

In a globalised world, neither money nor viruses [or Islamist terrorists…ed] are great respecters of national borders. They both tend to move with the movement of humans, and they are both hard to detect when humans want to hide them or don’t know they are carrying them.

That is why effective global governance – institutions that make decisions in the interests of the world, not competing nations – are so increasingly important for our health and wealth (by the way, don’t pipe up about the environment and global warming being another example – yes of course that’s right).

This seems to be a BBC approved theme as I heard a Beeboid utter similar sentiments during the week….

‘Isn’t it awful that the West didn’t apply resources to defeat Ebola decades ago!!?’


The BBC has  a bit of a cheek on two counts when taking that line…firstly as mentioned it opposed any move by America and Britain to conduct a liberal interventionist set of policies…and secondly the BBC utterly refused to tackle the question of immigration and any threats that might pose to the resident population, either socially, culturally, economically, politically or in realtion to health.

Farage has been denounced for his belief that immigrants with lethal diseases should not be allowed into the country and now we find that TB in Britain is rising so fast that we will soon have more TB sufferers than the USA.…and immigration is the cause of that as TB was essentially eradicated from Britain….as the Sunday Times reported today…and ironically ‘we’ seem to be exporting it back to Pakistan.


The Mail actually takes Farage’s side in the HIV debate….

Immigrants, HIV and the true cost to the NHS: Should the ‘International Health Service’ be treating patients who come here with the killer disease

Whatever the arguments, the fact is that care is very costly and takes a long time.
Also, once here, it is hard to remove any migrant or asylum seeker with HIV or any other life-threatening ailment.
This is because of the way in which the NHS generously operates and because failed asylum seekers from countries with poor healthcare systems can claim that returning home would condemn them to a ‘certain death’.
They often go to court to fight any decision to repatriate them, on the grounds it would breach their human rights.
Britain has proud record of giving sanctuary to refugees – whatever problems they may bring with them.
Yet the question remains: should Britain – and our now International Health Service – be responsible for the expensive, life-long treatment of illnesses of countless migrants from every part of the world?


The BBC has the nerve to report this, Labour ‘shares’ immigration concerns, insists Harman, without one mention of Labour’s mendacious role in flooding the country with millions of immigrants swamping schools , hospitals, prisons and housing services.

The BBC reports that Harman says ‘Labour must talk more about immigration and demonstrate that it was not just listening but “shared” people’s concerns about its impact on jobs, pay and public services.’

The problem is that when Andrew Neather’s revelations came out about Labour’s lies and what was essentially a form of ethnic cleansing the BBC utterly ignored what would have been a political bombshell that could have destroyed Labour.  Neather admitted the policy was a deliberate attempt to literally change the face of Britain and it was to be done regardless of the cost in jobs and social cohesion in the UK.


Now Peston witters on about global government and Ebola but the BBC is happy to hide the dangerous health concerns that immigration raises in order to keep the borders open and the poeple in ignorance…and it turns out, in danger.

Even today there is no mention of the TB report on the BBC…and when, if, it eventually does report you can guarantee any link to immigration will be ‘managed’ out of the story.

The BBC blames the West for the rise of Ebola…perhaps it should have a look in the mirror and see who is partly responsible for the rise of TB on our own doorstep.






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8 Responses to Peston’s Megalomania

  1. Chop says:

    I never had my TB jab while I was at school….TB, at that time was virtually eradicated in the UK, even in a Muslim dumping ground like Oldham…might be a good time to book an appointment with my GP to get it done.


  2. Peston’s dad Is a Labour peer.

    TB now a problem in East London.

    Harman is a hypocrite.

    All above are true.


  3. chrisH says:

    When Harman tells us more about her role in promoting the Paedophile Information Exchange along with her odious hubby..THEN she can dare to tell us about what kind of conversation we “need to have” with the likes of her and her party.
    Until then, she`s one of Saviles Travellers…and going nowhere but into his laundry basket.
    And not entitled to leave it either…despite the BBC continuing to ask her about anything but…
    But then again-what else can the PDC do( the Pea Dough Corporation)?
    Don`t feed the perps…don`t vote for them, and certainly stop aiding and abetting their tendencies to reward the likes of Hattie and Jimmy…


  4. nofanofpoliticians says:

    The eating of infected bushmeat is believed to be the most likely cause of the current Ebola crisis. How does the BBC rationalise that, I wonder?


    • Philip says:

      The BBC would claim it is not Halal. If it was- it would be safe to eat. The animals death (Halal) must be slow and barbaric to be approved. Death follows the BBC around so they will have to blame those who do not eat ‘Halal meat. Gosh hang on – isn’t that a discriminatory practice against animal slaughter? Where’s the RSPCA on this?


  5. Doublethinker says:

    What UKIP are doing is to offer an alternative to the fiction that mass migration is a good thing. Finally a political party has woken up to the fact that millions of working class voters have never been consulted about mass immigration and have opposed it for decades without ever being given the chance to say so. Labour actually initiated it and the liberal left embraced it, and, led by the odious BBC ,deemed anyone who opposed it as racist and peddled the lie that the policy had widespread support across the country. The Tories were duped and cowed into believing this outright lie and were too fearful of the over mighty BBC to raise any doubts.
    The Tories had an open goal, Labour had abandoned it core working class vote to low wage competition for their jobs, but the Tories failed to take the chance. UKIP, who have been predictably attacked by the BBC et al as racists, have smashed the ball into the open net and are still celebrating the goal.
    They can score plenty more goals if they concentrate on the narrative that Northern working class voters have been abandoned by Labour , even cynically taken for granted by them, and that UKIP will give them their voice back.


    • The bulldog is out of the kennel. I can only laugh as the liberal left tie themselves up in knots trying to bullshit their way out of this one. No one is listening. The media are just talking to themselves. It would be perfect except their miserable social experiment on the people of the UK has blighted so many lives.