Turkey Voting For Christmas



Interesting take on the world from the BBC.

It has been telling us recently that Turkey is in a dilemma concerning ISIS.  On the one hand it doesn’t want a terrorist state on its borders, on the other it doesn’t want to see the Kurds becoming more established and powerful.

So Turkey has plumped to support ISIS…probably not too hard a decision for the Islamist Erdogan who no doubt fancies resurrecting the Ottoman Empire.

But it was that suggestion that Turkey didn’t want a terrorist state on its borders that caught my ear.

Such a stance might also reflect the opinion of Israel as it faces the reality of what a terrorist state on its borders looks like….one run by Hamas, an organisation that has been declared a terrorist organisation by the EU and the USA….and yet supported by the likes of BBC journalists such as Jon Donnison. (Here he is still pumping out pro-Muslim propaganda and anti-Western or Jewish material)

However you won’t hear the BBC framing Israel’s ‘dilemma’ in those terms….Hamas are of course ‘militants’ or ‘resisters’ in the BBC’s Newspeak lexicon.




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13 Responses to Turkey Voting For Christmas

  1. Jerry Fletcher says:

    This post is complete fantasy. Its easy to find bias, if you just make it up.


    • Pounce says:

      Jerry wrote:
      “This post is complete fantasy. Its easy to find bias, if you just make it up.”

      1) Turkey has procrastinated over action to prevent the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people inside Syria.

      2) By its inaction to help the Kurds, the Turks are as guilty as the Russians, when they did likewise during the Warsaw uprising.

      3) ISIS members have been found to be using Turkish Hospitals for treatment ..as reported in the Turkish media

      4) Turkish forces have been snapped posing for pictures with ISIS terrorists in Kobane

      5) ISIS has a diplomatic mission in…Ankara.

      6) Turkey has demanded that the only way they will get involved is if the West take out Assad. Iran has said if the West attack Assad, they attack Israel. A result for the Turks who hate Israel.

      7) At the end of the day birds of a feather flock together:
      Turkey: Sunni Islam
      ISIS: Sunni Islam
      Assad: Shia
      Iraq: Shia
      Iran: Shia
      Hezb-allah: Shia


  2. Guess Who says:

    Good to see who is on rapid reaction duty today, and ready with one liner assertion rather than evidence like a good ‘un.

    The BBC’s dilemmas in handling good messy conflicts vs. bad messy conflicts has so far been interesting.

    We’ve certainly had approving strolls around hospital rubble, and even the ability to locate militant combatant corpses.

    And on FaceBook BBC World is enjoying a day’s bombardment-spotting with the lads from a hill in Turkey overlooking all the fun.

    Not quite how pretty much the exact same actions were being described and framed recently.

    But then, it was a different time.


  3. George R says:


    Will political class move away from its affiliation to Islamising TURKEY now?

    Still pondering UKIP advances in by-elections, political class (inc BBC-NUJ) don’t change
    their policies.

    One particular policy illustrates this very clearly: TURKEY.

    The growing support for UKIP has to do with British people’s criticism of impact of
    1.) mass immigration, and 2.) federalising European Union.

    Yet still, the Tories, Lib Dems, Labour (and Beeboids via NUJ and TUC)
    exacerbate the problems of 1.) and 2.) above, by campaigning to get 80 million Muslims
    from Erdogan’s Islamising Turkey into the E.U.

    There is no indication that U.K’s political class (inc Beeboids) wiil move away from their political attachments to Islamising Turkey, which is currently watching the slaughter of Kurds by the Islamic State on its Syria border at Kobani.

    “It’s Time to Kick Terrorist Turkey Out of NATO”
    By Daniel Greenfield.



  4. stuart says:

    nigel farage said 2 years ago turkey should never be let into the eu because of its islamist goverment,he was slammed as islamphobic by all 3 so called mainstream politacal partys,i think they owe nigel an apology now,its obvious now who turkey are siding with and its 100% isis,if kobane falls to the child raping,genocidal sunni muslim savages of isis turkey is to blame,i go one step further,if turkey does not step in to prevent genocide against the innocent kurdish men,women and children on the border of turkey the whole of the western world should sever links with turkey and kick them out of nato.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Since Turkey has never even admitted the genocide of the Armenians in 1915, I don’t think Erdogan will lose any sleep over a genocide of Kurds in 2014. Modern Turkey is like Germany would have been if it had not been de-Nazified in 1945.


  5. flexdream says:

    It’s a messy situation and Britain intervenes at its peril. There are few good guys – Turkey will never help the Kurds unless it has no option. Qatar, Iraq, Iran, Saudi, Syria, being regimes, factions and individuals are all messily involved.


    • dave s says:

      It is messy as you say. Turkey will not intervene but it also sits on the western edge of the fighting and will presumably stay like that.
      If Isis invest a great deal in trying to take Kobane it could become a killing ground for them. As long as the Kurds can hold out this is a possibility. The Nato air forces have total mastery and can act at will. No hiding places in that terrain. All is not as hopeless as it looks.


  6. Quirk says:

    Does anyone fully understand the situation? I don’t!

    But Turkey is a huge worry. And the only buffer between Turkey and Russia is Georgia.

    Time to start boarding up the Channel Tunnel and making plans to set the sea on fire if need be…


  7. George R says:

    Turkey now bombs Kurds near Iraq.

    “Turkish jets bomb Kurdish PKK rebels near Iraq”


    UK political class (inc BBC-NUJ) will STILL campaign for Islamising Turkey to get into E.U, so as to speed up the Islamisation of Europe.

    And Erdogan watches, as the Islamic State barbaric jihadists murder their way to Turkey’s border.

    “Turkey’s passive-aggressive inaction in Kobani is anti-Kurd, anti-peace politics. And it’s dangerous.”





    Message to Tories-LibDems-Labour (and to BBC-NUJ):

    -get Turkey out of NATO;

    -oppose Turkey’s entry to EU.