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  1. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ: blatant political campaigning against UKIP.

    It is to be expected that BBC-NUJ will continue the National Union of Journalists’ sustained political campaign against UKIP.

    The following is from NUJ, London branch meeting, 15 Sept 2014:-

    “Stand Up to Ukip
    “This branch notes:

    “That Ukip is on the brink of winning its first elected MP.

    “The launch of the Stand Up to Ukip campaign in June, backed by among others Diane Abbott MP and Unite general secretary Len McClusky.

    “Stand Up to Ukip’s protest demonstration at Ukip’s annual conference in Doncaster on 27 September.

    “Such a result will increase the media’s focus on this right-wing, racist party, and push the country’s political agenda further to the right.
    “The need to campaign against Ukip could not be more important.
    “This branch resolves to send a two-person delegation and the branch banner to the 27 September demonstration, and pay travel expenses.”


    BBC licence fee should be abolished NOW.

    BBC is a dangerously biased political organisation whose employees through their trade union, NUJ, engage in specifically anti-UKIP campaigning and broadcasting.


    • Barlicker says:

      Just a reminder of who ‘Stand up to Ukip’ are:
      Diane Abbott MP
      Len McCluskey – Unite the Union General Secretary
      Ken Livingstone – Mayor of London – 2000 – 2008
      Owen Jones – Writer and Journalist
      Sally Hunt UCU Union General Secretary
      Manuel Cortes TSSA Union General Secretary
      Ava Vidal Comedian
      Gerry Gable – Editor/ Publisher Searchlight Magazine
      Hugh Lanning Vice chair, Unite Against Fascism
      Lynsey German. Convenor Stop the war coalition
      Leon Silver – President of the East London Central synagogue and steering group member, Tower hamlets interfaith forum
      Jo Cardwell We Are Waltham Forest
      Denis Fernando – Rainbow Coalition Against Racism
      Sean Hoyle – President – Wessex Region of RMT Union
      Lisa Fletcher – Branch Chair – Unite Community – Portsmouth and District.

      The BBC, of course, will never refer to either Abbott or Jones as “left-wing activist and member of Stand Up To Ukip” when they are, yet again, wheeled out for their opinions.


      • johnnythefish says:

        I wonder what the chances are of all of that stellar cast list having appeared on Radio 4 in one single day?

        Pretty strong, I would think.


      • Lindsay Gonsalves says:

        Diane Abbott has had years and years in politics to get her act right but even now she lacks in all the qualities to make a good politician. The main parties have had many more years to get their act together and yet even they always seem to be on a slippery slope, sometimes getting it right and quite often not, they have spent years wasting public funds and also in effect stealing public funds with false expenses etc.

        Nigel Farage and UKIP will get their chance too and hopefully they will bring some balance to this country and we can once again be the GREAT in Great Britain for real, not just appearing to be so by giving away money we have not got and which is part of our on-going debt.

        If UKIP get a coalition and I hope they do, if they do well at that I hope they go on to lead the country and if they make the same mistakes the other politicians have been making in the last 3 decades or so then we are no worse off are we and hopefully we can get rid of Diane Abbot THE SPECTATOR for good

        BBC we are not amused – the panorama programme brought the worse bits together twisted them around mismatched facts and try to fool the public but we are NOT stupid

        WE should congratulate Nigel Farage on getting so far given the odds against him AND now he’s getting there other good ones will join , it’s human nature.

        I love this country and want to look after it that’s why I have voted UKIP for last 5 years


    • GCooper says:

      And in case anyone needs reminding, membership of the NUJ was compulsory in the UK until Mrs Thatcher put the closed shop to the sword.

      It remains a subversive organisation simply in existence to promote a far Left agenda.


  2. George R says:

    Note how Beeboid MacIntyre, despite his phoney blarney, keeps a physical hold on Farage for about two minutes in this typically hostile Beeboid encounter-


    • DP111 says:

      Rotherham child sex abuse files ‘go missing from council archive’
      “We were concerned about particular missing information, from around the time 1999 to 2003.


      That is the period when Labour was power. Also Farage blames Labour for the mass gang rapes of young girls by Muslims. BBC isnt going to like him.

      We are all shocked, how such a thing could happen


    • Geoff says:

      Its the sense of entitlement that gets me “but we’re BBC Panorama” as though they have a divine right to an interview.

      Farage has their card marked and tonight’s effort was a shoddy, unprofessional production that goes to prove that they still don’t get it and has probably earned UKIP a few thousand more votes.

      UKIP and Farage have f’ked the left and exposed their game for all to see , a behemoth that they no longer can control and are running very scared and somewhat desperate and desperate people do desperate things…


    • John Bosworth says:

      Slime personified. He wanted Farage to say he didn’t trust Panorama which would have resulted in a collective Beeboid harumph and certainly been the trailer for the show. How totally unaware he is that the once great current affairs flagship is now a leaky little row boat. Anyone watching that exchange would admire Farage for not simply telling the ‘reporter’ to fuck off.- but that is really what the slime-ball wanted.


      • Katabasis says:

        “Anyone watching that exchange would admire Farage for not simply telling the ‘reporter’ to fuck off.- but that is really what the slime-ball wanted. ”

        – Difficult when that selfsame reporter has creepily physically attached himself to you!


    • Phil Ford says:

      An utterly reprehensible attack on UKIP from a national broadcaster determined to use its sheer dominance to stamp down on a political party it wishes to see extinguished. The BBC is more out of control than ever before – Radio 4 these days, in particular, plays out like a never ending litany of socialist gripes, moans, interests and collective back-slapping to the exclusion of any pretence of critical impartiality.

      This latest Panorama is still further evidence of just how unaccountable, how completely beyond all semblance of ‘impartiality’ the BBC has now become. This is a publicly-funded broadcasting behemoth which feels no duty towards anyone or anything that isn’t implacably of the Left. This £multi-billion Corporation (no more, in reality, than a job creation scheme for Marxist graduates looking for an easy ride on the public purse) is making fools out of the viewing public and is somehow getting away with it…


    • mikef says:

      I didn’t see the Panorama programme, so I was interested in the clip. Farage was polite and genial as always, when the temptation must have been to tell him where to go, especially when the **** said pompously But this is Panorama. But he got in some good points about getting a fair crack of the whip from some parts of the media….


      • pah says:

        I didn’t see it either.

        I also didn’t see the Panorama where the Green Party was exposed as a bunch of hypocritical, watermelon shysters. I didn’t see that programme for a different reason of course.


  3. Charlatans says:

    BBC have not yet got it about the surging support for UKIP and there obvious attacks on this new phenomena are possibly helping Mr Farage .

    They do not realise even some Labour voters, who would normally vote for a donkey wearing a red rosette, find that Muslim pedo abuse and rape of droves of non-Muslim girls, beheadings, Trojan Horse Madrases, FGM all imported here by the million under Labour auspices and protected by same through slating all dissent ‘ISLAMPHOBIA’, ‘RACIST’, ‘BIGOT’, realise it might not be the best for their own socialist daughters:

    Just love adding to my posts a list of buzzwords around now to constantly remind interested parties of the inevitable Labour reality when and wherever they are in power, i.e.:
    Vote Labour – Get Rotherham
    NHS Wales
    Illegal IRAQ – Lies WMD – Resulting ISIS BEHEADINGS


  4. Judge Dread says:

    After the latest biased anti UKIP hatchet job, aired this evening on BBC1, ALL UKIP members, should refuse to cooperate with the BBC.
    When can we expect similar scrutiny of other political parties/leaders.


    • Katabasis says:

      I think this is an excellent idea.

      Myself and a friend should have demanded credentials when Donal MacIntyre got up in our faces outside a UKIP rally and then refused to answer any questions.

      SWP/UAF were there screaming “racist” at everyone as usual. Frankly, we found this offensive and intolerable, so gave them a taste of their own medicine with our own pre-prepared posters (including quotes from Tony Benn to wrongfoot them), accusing them of being paedos (spooky given that this happened before Rotherham broke) and – er – handing out soap to them.

      Donal clearly wasn’t impressed and proper got in our faces about it.


  5. Glen says:

    I have to say that this programme was the best comedy I have seen on the beeb for ages, McIntyre was embarrassing to be honest. It’s typical bbc crap which was to be expected after the election of UKIP’s first MP..someone is running scared, very scared.

    They basically had nothing on Farage so they lumped him in with the corrupt liblabcon MPs who are only in it for themselves in a pathetic attempt to smear him, biased and bullying beeb at their worst. I think the EU antics will make people vote UKIP rather than turn on them but the bbc programme makes me despise them even more.

    Did you notice the Guardianista Nick Watt sticking his phone in Farage’s face hoping for a juicy quote for Sunday Politics to exploit. Scum.


  6. Richard Pinder says:

    The BBC Panorama reporter, Darragh Macintyre, son of a poet, did a hatchet job on Farage, with a rubber axe, digging up old records and videos of a youthful Farage. One was an ancient funding strategy of UKIP focusing on Farage’s region, rather selfish of Nigel, other than this was before he was leader of the party. This was the main distortion in the documentary which implied through censorship, that Farage had always been the leader of the party with no mention of the leadership up to 2006, of Roger Knapman.

    When Macintyre held on to Farage, it reminded me of an insecure neurotic colleague who committed suicide.

    Apparently Farage is rude to the EU by turning his back to the anthem, and seems to be uncooperative with the EU Parliament, preferring to spend a lot of his time in Britain, rather than Brussels, and we UKIPers have voted for someone who does not really like being an MEP. He also dug up some of his old enemies and UKIP rejects, but not the criminals, only those who rejoined the establishment.

    A rather us and them, pro-establishment, anti-UKIP documentary that I cannot imagine the BBC would do on Labour.


  7. dave s says:

    Very satisfactory. It means more UKIP votes and that is now vital. The BBC is the establishment mouthpiece and it has not got a clue. More to the point it never will get a clue.
    Come on BBC .Slag us all off as old stupid, racist , facist, meat eating, gas guzzling, out of date, phobic about everything you love and so so and so on.
    Who bloody cares any more.


  8. stuart says:

    these bbc journalists are just saps of the labour party,the bbc will stoop to any level now to undermine nigel farage and ukip,but we have a weapon here against these lot and it is called the vote,yes are vote for ukip is a vote against the labour party and the bbc,punish the haters of ukip and the bbc by voting these bbc sponsered labour party mps out of power up and down the country to be replaced by the only party that represents the working class and middle class silent majority and that it called ukip,nice try bbc,your smears against ukip will backfire on you and the labour party big time.


  9. George R says:

    Is the role blarney Beeboid MacIntyre is playing, inspired by blarney Brando character here?:-


  10. George R says:

    Compare BBC-NUJ: anti-UKIP, pro-Labour Party-
    how will the blarney Beeboid ‘MacIntyres’ investigate Labour Party Rotherham and this?:-

    “UK: Rotherham child sex abuse files ‘go missing from council archive'”



  11. Philip says:

    BBC Panorama. EXTRACT: A 2003 report entitled The Guardian of the Airwaves? looked at the transcripts of every edition of BBC television’s Panorama over a five-year period from autumn 1998 to summer 2003. It concluded that:
    Once an issue achieves salience in the pages of the New Statesman and the comment section of the Guardian then it is likely to appear as a story idea for Panorama. Yet if the Spectator and the Telegraph become preoccupied with a subject it is far less likely that Panorama will take it up.112
    A case study compared how the Guardian and Telegraph covered a story about grammar schools, using eight or so themes that the two newspapers used to advance their agendas – the one anti-selection and the other pro-selection. The BBC’s coverage matched almost exactly that of the Guardian.
    (from page 20) The BBC mindset. “CAN WE TRUST THE BBC ON IMMIGRATION by Ed West.

    Fine book on the BBC bias. Factually stuffed full of historical tagged examples that would sink any company and be banned from trading for life. It begs the question how we as a nation ever allow it national airtime. Strewth. Ed West has done an investigative and thorough job we can use against the BBC. Not that they recognise their own bias as anything other than ‘heresy’ damnation of the unintelligent plebs.

    Thanks to one of our erstwhile biased BBC commentators for this ebook link (a good read it is too):


  12. Jerry Fletcher says:


    Panorama – Savile: The Power to Abuse


    Jimmy Savile – What the BBC Knew


    • stewart says:

      I look forward to
      ‘Rotherham -what the BBC knew’


    • TigerOC says:

      In the wake of the ITV investigation and the subsequent cover-ups at the BBC, Judge Janet Smith was tasked with investigating sexual exploitation at the BBC October 2012.

      This was run in parallel with another which exonerated the BBC by another ex-BBC employee now working for Sky.

      Both were requested to expedite reviews as quickly as possible.

      It’s now 2 years since Dame Janet Smith was tasked with this. It has clearly been so complex she has to bring in another Judge re Stuart Hall. The latest;


      The whole saga appears so deep and so messy that I suspect that the establishment is now waiting for an appropriate major event/disaster to release the findings.

      I hope that UKIP have the strategy to exploit this to the max when the proverbial hits the fan and show this country what a criminal organisation this really is.

      No question they are on a par with Rotherham Council of 1996 – 2010. Their Labour leader quoted as saying yesterday; “This is what happens when 60 of the 66 Councillors were Labour and there is a one party state”.

      This what happens when you have a Statutory Body that has no public scrutiny.


  13. Anders Thomasson says:

    So how long on HIGNFY this week. The first ten minutes? The first fifteen?


    • Arthur Penney says:

      I believe that the BBC have already issued toy guns to the panellists. Maybe we could replace them . . .


  14. Doublethinker says:

    The programme met all my expectations of a BBC political programme that doesn’t have the admirable and fair Mr Neil on it. It was entirely designed to try and undermine Mr Farage, but the paucity of the ‘evidence’ presented only strengthened the view that he is a decent enough type of chap. This is particularly true when you judge by the standards of other politicians. Of course he has two massive advantages over almost every other politician in the UK today. Firstly, he says what the British people have been thinking for years about immigration and secondly, he isn’t scared of the BBC and he actually says the truth about it. Obviously that is why the BBC are trying to pull him down. They tried the same with Boris and failed. I have never seen them try to undermine a Labour politician though. Has anyone else?


    • Guess Who says:

      Ed’s looking shaky.

      When a puppet fails to deliver the BBC can be quite ruthless and often elbows them aside to do the job directly. A bit Charter-busting, but who is there to stop them?

      They’ve left it a bit late, mind.


  15. Tony E says:

    Only the BBC could be inept enough to create a hatchet job that actually increases support for the object of it’s ire.

    When the whole appeal of UKIP is that it is the ‘anti establishment’ party, the fact that it refuses to bother with EU votes, or even Fisheries committees (dominated by those who plunder our seas for free), is hardly a damaging revelation.

    So all we were left with was Richard North telling us that ‘Farage looks after Farage’. And some beeboid not getting the response he wanted while trying to ambush Farage in a corridor. And some campaign expenses, spent in the area that they were raised, at a time when the candidate of that area was not apparently leader of the party?

    The truth is that UKIP has become a cult of personality (North’s description is probably right but he was stupid to lend his support to this foolishness), and Farage is a poor leader for a truly ‘Eurosceptic’ party that intends to lead us out of the EU – because he doesn’t have a plan to achieve that end, or the ability to bring in the expertise to create that plan. And unfortunately, the rhetoric that has proven so popular bears no relation to the real situation that would exist outside the EU, where this will remove little of the regulation and legislation that many of us find counter productive.

    But Panorama touched on NOT ONE area of real policy. And that is where UKIP is very weak, because as popular as it is, it’s aims and methods are unrealistic and in some cases, totally unachievable.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      I didn’t see the programme. Was Richard North on it, then? He’s frequently hinted that there’s a lot more to come out about Nigel Farage that’s being saved until the establishment feels it’s necessary.

      However, whilst I admire North’s forensic attention to detail and wish it could be put to good use by UKIP, I sometimes wonder if he is blinkered by personal animosity, despite his denials. He certainly doesn’t tolerate those whose brains are not as big as his.

      The criticisms North makes of UKIP and Farage’s lack of planning are undoubtedly true and could be fatal to the Eurosceptic cause but it’s a pity the two can’t work together. The mix of Farage’s populism with North’s well thought-out plans would be potent.


      • mikef says:

        Sadly Richard is too unbalanced about UKIP to be taken seriously these days.


        • London Calling says:

          North is an excellent forensic journalist but the personal animosity inside UKIP is down to a fall-out between Libertarians the equivalent of the Peoples Front of Judea. North isn’t standing at the front of an army that can unseat the complacent LibLabCon screw up of democracy. Nigel is. North needs to get the bigger picture, aim at the real problem: Cameron, achievements to date – gay partnership, plastic bag tax, Climate Change Act untouched as father-in-law gets £1m a year which will eventually belong to him and Sam. But North can’t stop sniping at Farage. Sorry, Richard, but you have lost sight of the bigger picture.


  16. Geoff says:

    Shock Horror! Farage and co don’t cast their votes in Brussels as often as they should and they don’t respect the Euro ditty (that happens to sound like the Eurovision Song Contest theme) – true Brits don’t dance to any old tune and they don’t want to be a star on someone else’s flag….

    These two points raised in the program really demonstrate just how far the bBC are removed from us, their ‘share holders’ they really DON’T get it. Farage and the rest of the UKIP MEP’s are just demonstrating the futility of it all. Blinded by lefty doctrine and love of the EU (how much cash does the BBC get from the EU?) these pr*cks in news and current affairs who turn out this cr@p can’t see any further than the end of their leafy Hampstead garden paths.


    • pah says:

      that happens to sound like the Eurovision Song Contest theme
      Well it would.

      To me it sounds suspiciously like ‘Deutschland, Deutschland über alles’ but then there is a good reason for that.


  17. Staggers says:

    BBC should be ashamed of itself in airing such a prejudiced programme on UKIP’s leader.


  18. Mice Height says:

    I recall seeing a photo a few years ago, of Darragh’s brother, Donal, on a march with the Communist Hope Not Hate/UAF organisations. Seems like they both have similar political views.
    I’ll see if I can find the pic.
    I didn’t watch last night’s programme (will check it later on iPlayer) but I saw the one they did on the BNP a while back and was just left wondering exactly what it was for, as it made no new or interesting revelations, but what struck me was just how personally McIntyre took the whole thing. He seems like a very angry little man.


    • stewart says:

      His last expose’ on the BNP (his 3rd I believe) boiled down a dispute over a photocopier – liscense fee well spent.


  19. Judge Dread says:

    We are more than a star on someone elses flag.


    • Manfred VR says:

      Or as one Telegraph reader, referring to the EU flag:

      “The Star Spangled Sphincter “


  20. stewart says:

    .Maybee BBC mis-calculated again (not that it seems to make any difference to them)


    • Guest Who says:

      The miscalculation seems to be heading to exceed that of Operation Clarke County, as inspired by a certain Newsnight Editor whose competencies the BBC marker rate floor certianly appear to appreciate.

      Thing is, the Guardian can pull what it likes; even if a total backfire. They are irrelevant, and private.

      The BBC is vast, and public.

      They also don’t seem to have twigged that the level of public trust for their abilities and motivations is now zero, so every stitch up isn’t just questioned, it is automatically viewed as partisan. Even possibly useful investigative work carries a taint that needs to be overcome (assuming a BBC staffer doesn’t drop her colleagues right in it professionally first).

      I find myself in the odd position of hoping they will be unable to resist meddling until a point at which they really go too far.

      They are already very close.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Not wishing to come across as the resident pourer of cold water here, but does a selective list of tweets prove anything? I’d imagine one could easily produce a like number of tweets proclaiming that the programme proves Farage is the devil himself.

      Or can someone with more knowledge than myself of how Tweeter works (i.e most people) say otherwise?


      • Guest Who says:

        ‘does a selective list of tweets prove anything?

        You are, of course, quite right. It merely illustrates the use of editorial selectivity. And no excusing a small online private publication doing so vs. say, a £4Bpa supposedly objective behemoth monopoly. Especially one uniquely funded to in theory represent the public vs. their vision of what things should be.

        ‘I’d imagine one could easily produce a like number of tweets proclaiming that the programme proves Farage is the devil himself.’

        No imagining necessary. Simply head to BBC Social Media pages.

        There are women throwing their kids off cliffs before jumping behind them, all because of what the BBC has told them about Mr. Farage. A few have gamely tried to point out a few key connections they might like to make around their fears.

        Tweeter only ‘works’ because of who uses it, and uses it best, like the Scots ‘Yes’ campaign.

        Anyone sensible would see it is but a tool, and of questionable actual use reflecting the hopes and fears of the vast majority who don’t use it all working day, but for the likes of the BBC, they have invested in the future of news acquisition and dissemination by keeping the £4B for pensions, pay-offs and compo, and defaulting ‘news’ to a free US-based aggregator that serves various factions, from One Direction fans to middle-aged cat lovers to Paul Mason’s iPod cell.

        This latter are what set the narrative. They are who the BBC can, if pushed, mutter are ‘calling for’, ‘accusing’ or ‘outraged’ enough for entire schedules to be cleared to analyse what #bbctrending says is the hot topic du jour.

        Hope that helps.


  21. Brian Mac says:

    Well folks! I have just just made a strong verbal complaint to thebbc over last night’s panorama program. I have also notified ofcom as well. Not that it is going to do much good mind you. Though it did make me feel better lol!
    just hope that I am one of many.I


  22. Brian Mac says:



  23. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ’s political ethos has been hostile to UKIP for some time, e.g.-

    “BBC News Warn All News Staff Over Anti-UKIP Tweets”

    (May, 2014).



    • Guest Who says:

      As a matter of interest, is the fragrant Jasmine off the fully-funded side-step, or is she still on hold to come back just in time to add that special, possibly unique, dash of fairy dust to the BBC’s uniquely objective election coverage?

      She of course being merely but one dumb enough to make her feelings overtly known, in writing, in public, despite being at the top of the market rate professional news tree at the BBC.


    • Llareggub says:

      It is the policy of the NUJ to combat Ukip. See link. Are the BBC’s NUJ members supposed to reject Union policy?

      ‘Stand Up to Ukip
      This branch notes:
      That Ukip is on the brink of winning its first elected MP.
      The launch of the Stand Up to Ukip campaign in June, backed by among others Diane Abbott MP and Unite general secretary Len McClusky.
      Stand Up to Ukip’s protest demonstration at Ukip’s annual conference in Doncaster on 27 September.

      Such a result will increase the media’s focus on this right-wing, racist party, and push the country’s political agenda further to the right.
      The need to campaign against Ukip could not be more important.
      This branch resolves to send a two-person delegation and the branch banner to the 27 September demonstration, and pay travel expenses.



  24. Richard Pinder says:

    I have found out that since UKIP members Heather Coyningham and Christopher Skeate where uncovered as MI6 agents, UKIP have since been warned off other attempts by the establishment to pervert UKIP policy by infiltrators, presumably that means Campbell-Bannerman. It seems the Pro-EU traitors in the establishment keep getting undermined by British patriots, so the BBC must be the last bastion of these traitors, or Irish Catholic reporters.


    • Tony E says:

      Not surprising. MI6 have had operatives in all the political parties of the UK, including both the Conservatives and Labour.

      That has hardly been any kind of secret for more than a decade now.


  25. Richard Kennedy says:

    I know it’s pointless but I had to post it via their website.

    Dear Panorama

    I think it would be worth your while investigating a corrupt and sinister political propaganda organisation which currently poses as an organisation that operates in an entirely fair and balanced way, in the interests of the general public under Royal Charter.

    The organisation, which has a virtual monopoly on broadcast news and current affairs, is funded through an archaic levy on every household based on the ownership of a television set. Any citizen refusing to pay the levy, regardless of whether they use the services provided by the broadcaster or not, are bullied by thugs on their doorsteps, are often fined, prosecuted and even imprisoned.

    Through such fascist tactics the broadcaster is able to maintain its grip on public opinion and influence the political direction of an entire nation. In more recent times it has managed to skew public opinion in favour of morally bankrupt and incompetent political parties; stir up anti-Semite sentiment against Israel; demonise any opposition to the mass importation of citizens from foreign countries with backward cultures incompatible with ours; been complicit in, and the cover-up of, the sexual abuse of literally hundreds of women and children; has actively supported the subjugation of many of our nations institutions by a foreign power; and even managed to brainwash a nation into believing that hundreds of billions in taxes need to be forfeited by the public to prevent the fictitious impacts of a harmless, trace gas which is necessary for all life.

    I recognise this all seems like some sort of fantasy but if you don’t believe me just switch on your TV or radio and tune into any BBC program.


  26. jeff says:

    Panorama were really scraping the bottom of the barrel with last night’s dire piece of politburo propaganda. To use a well known footballing phrase, they clearly played the man and not the ball. It seems that the Beeb just weren’t capable of producing a coherent argument against UKIP, so resorted to the snide tactic of digging up disgruntled former members to say unpleasant things. Blimey, you could do that with anyone and any organisation; even the dear old BBC!. Perhaps they could interview some of the droves of people who have abandoned the Labour Party and discover what they think about Mr Ed.
    I’m afraid that as UKIP become more successful I expect to witness an ever growing avalanche of this sort of puerile left wing piffle.
    But you know what? I’m still voting for ’em!


  27. John Anderson says:

    Farage had written to Panorama back in August saying he knew they were preparing a muckraking hatchet job on him – and refusing point blank. to cooperate with the programme. He concluded – that the end of it, don’t write to me any more.

    Yet the BBC went ahead. Does no-one in BBC editorial management give a blind damn about the BBC’s duty to be impartial ?

    The programme was so biased that it has caused uproar on Twitter – and probably won a lot of votes for UKIP because it was so dire. McIntryre should be sacked for his incompetence and bias. Bloody idiot !



  28. Salfordian says:

    The question is why are they allowed to keep breaking the Royal Charter, what’s the point in even having one?


    • Guest Who says:

      Thanks for that.

      There is a certain power to doing little more than use the BBC’s own work to frame the BBC’s less than subtle actions and intentions.

      Having at last seen this snippet, it comes across as truly creepy.

      No candidate seeking to prevail in the rough and tumble of politics would dare make much of it, but this guy has him gripped by the arm as he walks. If uninvited surely assault? At the very least telling him to let go if he ever wants to use that hand to wipe his backside again. Tempting but a gift the BBC would have seen worth the sacrifice.

      Mr. Farage seemed the soul of restraint, if clearly irritated.

      If it had been Cameron, Miliband or Clegg there would surely have been one of those very big, crew-cut young ‘advisers’ around to ensure no hands got laid on. Indeed, no space invaded. Ask Walter Wolfgang. Surely a questioner with more right to engage with a party than some BBC reporter with an over-inflated sense of his place in history?

      I am all for holding to account, but not like this and not when it seems… variable… in application.

      Also Mr. Mc has a poor sense of irony:

      ‘UKIP preaches accountability, so why are they so careful about what questions they will answer?

      You speak about transparency…”

      This from a reporter working with a public sector broadcaster whose entire management and talent base uses spokesweasels for everything, resorts to redactions and exemptions and exclusions at the drop of a legal team on the public tab, and routinely tells staff what they should and should not talk about, or else.

      “Why have so many colleagues quit in disgust?”

      Every high pressure, big-ego, public-facing outfit has its sack of rats issues. This is a political party trying to navigate the damned-every-which-way clashes that would see them filleted as much for retaining a member as ditching them.

      Unlike the BBC, which uses vast amounts of licence-fee payer cash to pay them off and keep them quiet. Try Pollard and Rose and Smith for starters, Darragh, you cherry-picking scamp you.

      And get your own rotten house in order before you presume to hold anyone to account, BBC. This kind of hypocritical BS is what will sink you quicker than anything.

      I also clicked on a few other links and the one with Paxman making an utter prat playing not the man, but his name pronunciation, was astounding. They really appear to feel that with UKIP they have a licence to try anything on.


  29. I hate the bbc says:

    THE BBC is responsible for thousands of people who have been sent to prison for not paying their TV licence. Labour say NO ENGLISH VOTES, NO REFERENDUM ON EUROPE, just two points worth considering in this the so called mother of all parliaments..Democracy???? don’t make me laugh!


  30. George R says:


    There’s something anthropological in the political class’s view of UKIP voters.”

    By Tim Black.

    [Opening excerpt]:-

    “From the perspective of the political class and its media playmates, the rise of UKIP is clearly troubling. After all, this is the party that they have long demonised for the loony, fruitcaked racism it supposedly nurtures in its midst. This is the party whose voters are routinely mocked and stigmatised. And now, this is the party that has followed up its success at May’s European parliament elections, which it won with nearly 30 per cent of the vote, by winning its first UK parliamentary seat at the Clacton by-election, and nearly winning a second at Heywood and Middleton. So despite everything that has been thrown at it by sneering broadsheet commentators, despite all the muckraking of mainstream party hacks, UKIP is still the coming force in British politics. According to some estimates, it could even take 25 seats at the General Election next year.
    “Yet at the same time as the party-political establishment is clearly worried by this threat to its interests, it also seems to be indulging in a spot of denial, too. ”



  31. boiling over says:

    Read through most comments posted, all very intelligent well written comments on this pathetic attempt to sway people away from ukip. The bbc will get no were anymore, if only they had reported on the paedophiles in their own slimy corridors and helped many children from abuse and brought that thing saville out in the open. I am sure there is many in bbc that should be behind bars. Forget ever paying the bbc tax, and keep fighting nigel , you will triumph.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘most comments posted, all very intelligent well written’

      I agree, and often with patience and humour, especially when dealing with Flokkers whose one-liners seem unable to move beyond actually screeching ‘ists!’ and little else like toddlers who have chugged a whole bottle of Tartrazine instead of their Fanta.

      We are clearly in an era of ‘Politics of the least bad’, evidenced by all the majors appearing to feel that they’ll garner votes by playing up who voting elsewhere will result in. Bizarre.

      UKIP clearly has had and will have its fair share of loons, bastards, etc, and appears to be trying to ‘manage’ these within the constraints of free speech and free press about as badly as all other parties.

      Thing is, as Darragh Macintyre has shown, the BBC has got their back. For every Goes Bloom utterance put up in lights, a LibLabCon’s little off piste efforts gets variably dealt with according to the slowness of the news day or how damaging to the BBC’s interests it may be (which can of course see a Tory lauded and a Labour MP blanked, if necessary).

      Labour hasn’t a hope in my county, and I quite like our Tory goof of an MP. So come the election I’m a bit torn on the tacticals vs. responsibles vs. heart vs. head.

      But much more of this and the decision is done. Upsetting the BBC and shooting a round across the bows of the establishment has a big appeal.

      I am currently campaigning to see the Greens join UKIP in the debates. I want them, and all the others held to the accounting Darragh so quaintly claimed was his sole purview to in turn speak for us.

      I know the BBC-hosted round will make QT seem the soul of objective integrity, but if the others can manage to see each leader make their pitch on the issues equally, there’s some chance of this country making its decisions based on personal assessment vs. the edit-filtered misinformation and demands of a twitter-obsessed minority and the pandering political bobble-heads who’d use them to stab their own granny for a vote.


  32. George R says:

    “Ukip could capture 30 seats in 2015 election, new data shows.
    Analysis suggests five seats – including three held by Tories – are likely to fall to Ukip, but another 25 are vulnerable.”



  33. sandra says:

    So annoyed by bias in that disgraceful Panorama program, I had to do something !I Made a complaint to BBC,of course I will be surprised if there is a reply.Sister was so disgusted she switched it off.Im So pleased to see so many sensible comments on here, and its great there were a lot of tweets.I have also written on the facebook page of a local BBC radio program, that UKIP has new policies on their site which Sky news have abbreviated. This is another means of attack the left try to use, to discredit UKIP..Ahhh well the BBC underestimate the intelligence of the general public.


  34. Richard says:

    I didn’t see the programme, since I haven’t been able to stand such items for years. However, I woke up to ‘Today’ on the radio a few days earlier – just before the election victory in Clacton. The electorate in that region were described as “relatively poor and undereducated”. I have no idea if that is true or not, but if it is, it must also be true of many other constituencies up and down the land. Yet predictably and almost pitifully, aunty beeb saw fit to point this out just before what was shaping up to be a U.K.I.P. victory. They just don’t realise how transparent they are.


    • Lobster says:

      Most poor and undereducated areas seem to have Labour MPs in my experience. Funny that the BBC never mention that.


  35. chrisH says:

    Great stuff from the Serbia-Albania match!
    See what UEFA have caused?…imagine what will happen if EUFAs tentacles and aspirations are allowed to swap those letters?
    Say no-vote Nige…simps!


  36. George R says:

    Labour Party-supporting BBC-NUJ will be very keen to report this?:-




  37. George R says:

    “Backing Nigel Farage’s Ukip no longer seen as a wasted vote, poll shows.”



  38. Robin says:

    An utterly predictable, half-baked one-eyed report from a programme which is a shadow of its former self, out to denigrate what they realise is now a potent political force in this country. Sadly there will be much more of this in the run up to next May. Anyone not on board with their suffocating, left of centre urban viewpoint will targeted for criticism. It’s like watching a televised version of a cheap, left wing tabloid newspaper. The difference is, you can choose not to buy said newspaper… The current affairs and news departments of the BBC really have reached new lows in recent years, its reporting, choice of subject areas and of course, desired out-take for the audience, more predictable and disingenuous than ever. Deep down, they must realise they are not going to win.


  39. Heisenberg Wiseman says:

    I blame it on the kittens. And the pixies. And elves. All manner of goblinry.