Careless Whispers


Where does Mishal Husain get her news from?  Al Jazeera?

Mishal Husain, the BBC’s Muslim presenter who thinks that Hamas rockets are pretty harmless and that it is part of her job to improve the image of Islam made a slight factual error this morning claiming that (08:52)

The Israeli authorities have reopened access to the Al Aqsa Mosque this morning….closed yesterday after unrest following the fatal shooting of a Palestinian.’


Trouble is that’s just not true as even the BBC reported yesterday…..

A spokesman for Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has described the closure of a disputed Jerusalem holy site as a “declaration of war”.

The move came amid tension and violence after the shooting of a Jewish activist. Israel’s PM urged calm, saying Mr Abbas was stoking unrest.

The holy site will reopen on Friday, Israel’s economy minister says.


And what of that ‘Palestinian’?

Israeli police later killed a Palestinian suspected of shooting him. Moataz Hejazi, 32, was shot after reportedly opening fire when police surrounded his home.


So the mosque was closed because a Palestinian shot an Israeli Rabbi and then that Palestinian killer was shot resisting arrest.

Not quite the tale Husain cobbled together.


Later in the day we had Kevin Connolly giving us an analysis of the historical context and background to events in Jerusalem….apparently the start of the problem was the Israeli’s ‘supreme conquest’ of Palestinian territory in 1967.

Strange, I thought 1967 had the Israelis routing the massed Arab armies who were ready to annihilate Israel but instead fled the field leaving Israel in charge of the land by default…..they didn’t ‘conquer’ it as Connolly suggests.

Facts and language….the proper use if which determine people’s perceptions and reactions.

The BBC’s mis-use of both is fuel to the fire for the ‘radical Islamist’s’ narrative.


It is interesting that Connolly talks openly about the Muslim reaction to any Israeli incursion into the Mosque….it would set off violent repercussions across the Muslim world.

Connolly mentions the Crusades, no doubt doing the usual BBC thing of trying to suggest that Christians have a history of violence in religion’s name thereby intending that we should not judge Islam for its violence…trouble is…Christianity doesn’t tell you to hate the non-believers, it doen’t tell you to kill them.  The Koran does.

But it is that Muslim reaction to any Israeli incursion that is interesting because Muslims continually refer to the Crusades as something that even now radicalises Muslims, just another point in history that Muslims have suffered persecution at the hands of Christians.

Never mind that Muslims attacked and conquered Jerusalem and the Crusades were an attempt to regain Christian land.

Connolly’s admission that Muslims would set the Middle East alight to get the Al Aqsa Mosque area back, Temple Mount to the Jews of course, tells you something of the hypocrisy of the Muslim narrative that feeds their grievance industry and the subsequent terrorism.

They complain about the Crusades and yet would do exactly the same thing should they be excluded from the Mosque.




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39 Responses to Careless Whispers

  1. DP111 says:

    The BBC was absolutely sure that that the rabbi shot by a Palestinian Arab was “right wing”. This ” poor innocent Palestinian Arab” was then mercilessly gunned down by Israeli troops, in a hail of gun fire.

    Also mentioned continuously was that Jerusalem and the al aqsa mosque was the third most holiest site in Islam.

    No mention that the Pali was a known trouble maker.
    No mention that the Pali was firing from the rooftop.

    No mention that Islamic claims to Jerusalem or Israel, have no basis whatever in the Koran. The Jewish texts though, are full of Jerusalem and the Temple. It is the one and only holy site for Jews.

    The rabbi was not planning to invade the al aqsa mosque. He was campaigning peacefully that Jews, like anyone else should have the right to pray at the Temple. He was campaigning for equal rights – something the lying BBC should be supporting. This temple was deliberately built over by Muslims as a deliberate affront/insult to the Jewish faith. The Temple preceeds the mosque by thousands of years.

    For Islam, “third most holy site for Islam” is a matter of expediency. Rome is already a target, as it is the seat of historic Christianity. If Islam gets hold of Jerusalem, then the cathedral (mosque) in Cordoba will become the third most holy site in Islam. And so on.


    • noggin says:

      Anyone care to peruse more of its BBC anti Israel propaganda above?
      “In 1979 Egypt and Israel signed a peace agreement, but it wasn’t until the early 1990s, after years of an uprising known as the intifada, that a peace process began with the …
      Palestinians? ”
      … Who? … you mean Jordanian Arabs renamed by Arafat as political tool?.
      “Despite the handover of Gaza and parts of the West Bank to Palestinian control, a final agreement has yet to be reached.
      The main stumbling blocks include the status of Jerusalem and the fate of Palestinian refugees and Jewish settlements”

      Correction – main stumbling block – unending Islamic violence and terror rockets, the “fate” … of any Arab there can be peaceful (refrain from fanatic violence), or otherwise if they don t
      … that’s it. The “status of Jerusalem” is also crystal clear It is the capital of Israel, It is the eternal capital of the Jewish people.
      More recently, Jerusalem was declared as the capital of Israel in 1949, Following the 1967 Six-Day War, Israel extended its jurisdiction and administration over eastern Jerusalem, establishing new municipal borders.
      It also ensured protection and freedom of access to the holy sites of the city.

      Straight forward, not complicated, any complication or should I say obfuscation comes from one side … any guesses who?


      • DP111 says:

        Every nation has the right to decide its capital except Israel. Why? Because Muslims claim it.

        What if Israel claimed Mecca, as much of the Koran is plagiarised from the Torah and the Bible.


  2. DP111 says:

    For a start, the entire region of Iraq, Syria etc were Christian. The Levant was majority Christian. It was the forces of Islam that invaded, massacred and behaved in much the same manner as ISIS is doing now.

    Christians in that area appealed to the West for help, but none arrived. After nearly 300 years of constant persecution, massacres and enforced Dhimmi status, the West decided to help Christians in the Levant. The Crusades were never an aggressive adventure but a very belated response to defend the persecuted, and to keep open the sites of Christian pilgrimage, and to protect Christian pilgrims. Its worth mentioning that St John’s Ambulance Brigade originates from the Knights of St John Hospitallers, whose mission was to give food, shelter, and hospital treatment to pilgrims on the way to the Holy Land.

    As usual, Muslims subvert the truth. Its a known condition, just as they claim that Arab numerals and the “zero” are Arab/Muslim in origin, which they are not.


    • Kennedy says:

      The Palestinian Christians are still being driven out, especially by the Hamas ideologues. Their numbers are dropping alarmingly. They seem to be doing fairly okay in the “Jewish” state though.


      • DP111 says:

        Quite right. Bethlehem and Nazareth were Christian majority not that long ago. Now they are a minority.

        But you will never hear that from the BBC.

        BTW, Egypt is taking measures along its borders with Gaza that are so draconian, that if Israel had done so, the BBC would be in a hissy fit.


  3. DP111 says:

    The picture shows Israeli commando Bibi Netayahu, and Barak Obama

    Who is the Chickens**t or coward?

    More here


  4. Guest Who says:

    ‘…who thinks that Hamas rockets are pretty harmless’

    Wasn’t it more that they were not being allowed to kill enough Israelis indiscriminately, thereby offending her rather perverse sense of proportionality and balance?


    • ROBERT BROWN says:

      Come on then Mishal you silly bint, stand in an area in Israel that is in range of these rockets……yep, in the open, and i’ll arrange a barrage of these harmless rockets……..let’s see the result, turn off the ‘shield’ too……on another topic, i reckon muslims hate the idea that they are ‘johnney come lately ‘ when it comes to religion, 636 years after Christ, they hate that. Work it into them.


  5. chrisH says:

    How the hell did Islam ever get any f***in claim on Jerusalem?
    And how dumb are the silent quisling shills that perp this myth that Jerusalem is equally holy to the three monotheistic religions?
    Consider these facts.
    1. Islam only has Saudi Arabia as its domain…with Mecca and Medina uniquely “owned” by the Muslims.
    2. All-any other-places that Islam claims have all been taken historically via violent conquest…Israel existed LONG before Islam got its tentacles into the area-and Muhammads only claim to Jerusalem comes via some half-arsed dream of his visiting the place before ascending into heaven or wevs…sheer bollox anyhoo.
    3. Islam keeps its claim to the area,based solely on its crusades and colonial domination of areas that hated Islam and fought it to their deaths…there is NO scriptural claim to Israel or any land surrounding it whatsoever.
    Yet who`s going to dare say any of that to the Muslim suckups at the BBC and its liberal Godless ignoramuses…no wonder the thugs of Islamofascism reckon that they`ll roll us all over without even a wave of the Wilkinsons blade…we must seem THAT craven to them all.
    God Bless Israel-and may shaitan stuff Islam at every turn where it dares to threaten the Jewish nation.


    • hadda says:

      “How the hell did Islam ever get any f***in claim on Jerusalem?”

      Through a fantasy invented and expanded upon to stick it to the Jews because Mohammed was upset when they laughed at his absurd claims to be a prophet. It’s all about his bruised ego.

      Am Yisrael Chai


    • stewart says:

      “How the hell did Islam ever get any f***in claim on Jerusalem?”

      Desert bandit , paedophile and self styled prophet mohamed has a dream in which he rides a magic flying camel to the ‘furthest mosque’

      Probably due to his geographical ignorance he never identified where that mosque might be, but hundreds of years later islamofacist gauleiter of occupied Jerusalem claims it was there in support of his claim to be fuhrer .


    • deegee says:

      Actually most of Arabia was conquered by force of arms.


    • DP111 says:

      Terrific post ChrisH.

      Muslims have no claim to Israel- that includes Judea and Samaria. The fact that Israel has allowed Muslim claim to it, has been a strategic blunder by the socialist Labour party of Israel. Its still not too late for Israel to lay claim to Eretz Israel – which includes Mecca and Medina. Jews have far greater scriptural claim to it, then Muslims to any part of Israel.

      In any negotiation with Arabs, in the souk or bazaars, or diplomatic, the policy should be to make the largest claim, then negotiate. If the negotiations fail, the starting point for the next time should not be where you left off, but right back at the beginning.

      The way we deal with Arabs/Muslims, is totally wrong. We make concessions, they pocket them, and if they don’t get more concessions, they walk away with the concessions The we are dealing with Muslims is a sure fire way to lose. This applies in the ME,as much as it applies to our dealings with Muslims in the West.


  6. hadda says:

    “the problem was the Israeli’s ‘supreme conquest’ of Palestinian territory in 1967.”

    Or ‘liberated from the Jordanian occupation subsequent to the invasion of 1948’. ‘Palestinian territory’ it never was.


  7. chrisH says:

    Just seen Citizen Khan-well the last five minutes!
    If that doesn`t go to the Race Hustling Witchfinder Generals to answer charges of patronising, insulting, crass and idiotic “humour”-that Perry and Croft could never have managed to do so badly-then I`m not the BBCs Commissioning Editor for comedic vision and Corporate Blagging on behalf of Islamic talent.
    Bernard Bresslaw, Michael Bates and Spike Milligan could only dream of such insulting caricatures , and getting away with them…Mind Your Language without the subtlties…Black and White Minstrels for the tone deaf.
    Deserves a Fatwa…anybody got Anjems dole office details so we can tell him what the BBC are doing to the name of Muhammad the Teddy Bear?


    • AngusPangus says:

      Saw the trailer for it (how could you miss it? The BBC have been running it on repeat loop for weeks now). The joke:

      Khan: I just got back back from Pakistan.
      Other character: How was it?
      Khan: Just like Birmingham, but with less Pakistanis.

      Now, let’s imagine Nigel Farage or anyone remotely associated with UKIP had made this quip. Is it just me, or would there have been much huffing and puffing and outrage and shouts of “racist” and demands for resignations and learned debates about whether such things should be allowed to be said or heard at all?

      Stinking, filthy hypocrites.


  8. Vector Curl says:

    As others have indicated above, Islam’s utterly spurious claim to Jerusalem is based on Mo’s ridiculous fairy story that he flew there one night on a winged donkey. Maybe the BBC could help its viewers better understand the situation by explaining this to them.

    The BBC’s reference to the Israeli who was shot dead as “right wing” is, of course, their code for “he deserved it”. As we know, anyone who is “right wing” is the embodiment of evil.

    As for the Husain woman, I’m almost ashamed to say that I despise her with a passion. I can never forget her clear moral indignation at the relatively small number of Israelis who were killed by Hamas’s rockets. How dare those Israelis not allow more of themselves to be killed just to balance things out a bit!

    In my book, it is the Husain woman who is the embodiment of evil with her faulty moral compass and malevolence towards Israel. She’s just the sort of Champagne Muslim who fits in nicely at the BBC as they try to put a positive spin on Islam at every opportunity whilst traducing the one and only Jewish state at every opportunity.


  9. deegee says:

    A spokesman for Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has described the closure of a disputed Jerusalem holy site as a “declaration of war”.

    So declaration of war can be added to ‘genocide’, ‘apartheid’, ‘international law’, ‘war crimes’, ‘ethnic cleansing’ and above all ‘antisemitism’ as concepts whose accepted meaning can be completely changed to suit the narrative.

    Is Palestine at war with Israel? Does Israel have the right to treat violent rioters as enemy combatants?


  10. George R says:

    Apparently, INBBC’s Muslim presenter, Mishal Husain, doesn’t like Islamic State.

    She has a job on, if she tries to persuade many in her ‘Muslim community’ of her opinion-

    “One in seven young ‘Britons’ has ‘warm feelings’ for the Islamic State”

    [Excerpt, by Robert Spencer]:-

    “These young ‘Britons,’ if they have ‘warm feelings’ toward the Islamic State, don’t have any allegiance to the British state, and are likely in the future to try to make Britain over to be more like the Islamic State. They may not have to work very hard at that, however — the current British government is already doing all it can to smooth their path.”


  11. deegee says:

    The BBC and half a story.
    Jerusalem holy site is reopened amid tension

    In the interests of accuracy the BBC must point out that the Temple Mount is positioned directly about the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest side and the tension and heightened sensitivity can and sometimes does mean Muslim ‘worshippers’ hurling down rocks risking death or serious injury to Jewish worshippers below.

    Palestinians have been demonstrating against the age limit for admission to the holy site When violence, such as throwing rocks on Jewish worshippers below, does occur it is almost always males under 50 who are involved. The BBC never mentions the rational for a minimum age limit or that it only applies to males.

    Similarly Moataz Hejazi had served 11 and a half years in prison for “nationalistic crimes” and was a member of Islamic Jihad who pledged to be a “thorn in the throat of the Zionist plan to judaize Jerusalem”. I don’t know if he shot Rabbi Glick or not but surely that was important background information that the BBC was obliged to provide. He was not just simply a Palestinian.


  12. George R says:

    For INBBC’s Connolly and co:-

    “The Real History of the Crusades”

    By Thomas Madden.


    • George R says:

      Robert Spencer – The Crusades, Fact & Fiction-


      • GeoffM says:

        The Crusades were defensive.

        They occurred AFTER Muslims swept across North Africa and the Levant slaughtering Jewish and Christian communities, Zoroastrians in Persia, invading and conquering Christian Spain, invading France, Italy etc.

        Further east they slaughtered the Hindu and Buddhist people in what is now Afghanistan (remember the Buddhas?)

        Muslims ran the black slave trade and also the slavery of millions of kidnapped Europeans.

        The Ottoman Empire was brutal, invading Europe and bringing misery and death to millions.

        They committed genocides against the Pontic Greeks and the Armenians.

        We have Al Qaeda, ISIS – vile countries like Iran, Saudi, Qatar….it never ends

        But, of course, the BBC doesn’t like people to know the truth – white = bad, male = bad, Christian = bad

        Between the BBC, left wing media and the teaching “profession” they perpetuate the lies about Islam.

        It is up to the rest of us to inform family, friends, community of the truth about Islam.


  13. DP111 says:

    Israelis don’t care that we hate them. But they’d like to know why

    Comments worth reading as well.


    • Demon says:

      Aye, if you read those comments you can be left in no further doubt that Anti-Israelism is pure Anti-Semitism. I would like to feel sorry for those sick people but I can’t: I despise all of them and their twisted interpretations of history and the present world.


  14. George R says:

    As INBBC’s Muslim presenter, Mishal HUSAIN, must know:-

    “Study: 19 of 20 Worst Countries for Women Are Muslim-Majority Countries”
    – See more at:




  15. bluestar says:

    Even Haaretz published this:

    why not the BBC?


    • hadda says:

      Because, as with this story, the only time the beeb gives a $hit about the Palestinian Arabs is when there’s an opportunity to be negative about Isreal/the Joos.