Farage Fights Back



Nigel Farage is in the Independent today asking why the BBC et al mocks or simply and lazily vilifies UKIP when a great, great many people support its stance on immigration and Europe…..


Liberal shows like Mock The Week just can’t understand why Ukip has so many supporters

What a lot of moaning has gone on this week about comedian Andrew Lawrence and his comments about the liberal-left dominance of his profession. Think about it: at least one senior BBC figure admits that it has a “liberal bias”, and it is a given that most comedians mock “right-wingers” more than they do “lefties”. And yet when one man writes a post about it on his Facebook page, the industry seemingly goes into meltdown.

I do feel sorry for Mr Lawrence. While I’m used to the ire of the PC-brigade and its fellow-travellers, I’m sure it must be somewhat disconcerting for him to be embroiled in all of this just for speaking his mind.

Luvvies look after themselves and look after their own, and when they sense a whiff of dissent in the ranks, first they close-up, then they start flailing wildly. There’s no rational response. There’s no such thing as, “Ah, that’s interesting. We should discuss that”.

But it does merit discussion, and Mr Lawrence’s Facebook post was littered with home truths that evidently stung some of the “lazy” and “boring” comedians he spoke of.

“Can’t help but notice increasingly, a lot ‘political’ comedians cracking cheap and easy gags about UKIP,” he wrote.

Is that untrue? Haven’t you watched Have I Got News for You or Mock the Week and groaned after a lazy “racist” gag? Sure, this is low-hanging fruit for people who misunderstand Ukip, but aren’t comedians supposed to be witty and subversive? The same often applies for newspaper cartoonists.

The Times last week published a cartoon of me in an embrace with Adolf Hitler last week.

Not only is that not funny, it is downright farcical. One week I’m Hitler’s buddy, the next the Tower of London’s Poppy Memorial is hailed as “Ukip-style” attraction in The Guardian. Well – which is it? Am I pro-freedom, or anti-freedom? Am I a modern Hitler or a modern Churchill?

The fact is that the liberal elites in the media and entertainment industries can’t get their heads around why 4.4m people voted for Ukip at the European Elections, and why we won a seat in the House of Commons just last month. They, like most of the political elite, would rather tell us all what to do and what to think, and continue being the relentless bores that we all find them to be.

With the power of social media, and the decline of mainstream monopolies, the relentless bores are going to find it much harder to stay relevant, or even solvent.


The BBC’s news service has for a long time been irrelevant relying on press releases and feeds from agencies….and any that it does generate itself is often self-serving and intended to defend its own position in the Media/politcal landscape or to defend its own world view on subjects such as immigration and Europe.






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45 Responses to Farage Fights Back

  1. Sunlit Uplands says:

    It will be a long fight for Nigel Farage and team.

    But if they keep their heads and stay calm, the BBC will implode. Rather like those BBC Daleks who when confronted with the unthinkable, spin in circles and self-destruct.



  2. Old Timer says:

    Slowly, but slowly the public at large is beginning to see the BBC and their incompetent allies in the Labour party for what they are. Hypocritical clowns. The unfunny sort.

    UKIP does what it says on the tin. It stands for an Independent United Kingdom. Please explain how that can be wrong?

    £Billions given to The communist Euro experiment. £Billions given to foreign countries for their dictators to squander. £Billions extorted from us by the media celebrity perverts and paedophiles at the BBC.

    Thousands of young white girls raped and abused in the name of political correctness and nothing done. When your children are destroyed by invaders a country is destroyed. We have failed miserably and they have all stood by and watched: the politicians, the police, the so called care departments, the councils, everyone we look to and put our trust in have failed. Evil has triumphed and the people that want to put it right are sneered at, vilified, humiliated and even incarcerated. These are the worst criminal acts in this country that I have heard of in my 71 years on this planet and I am very, very deeply ashamed of the country that I was once so proud of.

    To me there is no doubt that young Nigel is a breath of fresh air, albeit tinged with a little second hand cigarette smoke and a hint of real ale. Tell me how he could do worse than the criminals that are in charge at the moment? Does he look like the man that would stand by on the other side of the road and do nothing? I don’t think so.

    The corrupt and incorrigible established political parties are in for the biggest shock in one hundred years in May and trust me, my little garret will be strewn with empty Speckled Hen bottles if UKIP do well.

    In the meantime Nigel, look after yourself. The knives are being sharpened with a terrible vengeance.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      It has always been UKIP not Farage, so if they kill Farage, it would only strengthen UKIP and destroy the Tories, they would then need to use the last bastion of the left-wing socialist plutocracy, The House of Lords, to fuck up or destroy democracy, if UKIP get into the House of Commons. The last gasp of the establishment would be to fill up the House of Lords with BBC comedians.

      I remember when the left-wing media said it was all about Kilroy-Silk, then the next time they said that without Kilroy-Silk, UKIP was finished even though that was the first election with Farage as leader, and now as far as the morons are concerned, Farage is Kilroy-Silk’s replacement, even though he was there all the time, if neither Farage or Kilroy-Silk was the party leader at the time.


    • Tony E says:

      The BBC’s perspective is very simple – it is a left wing (basically Labour) facing organisation.

      However, UKIP make it very easy for people to mock.

      For example, Immigration. Yes immigration is a problem – but actually, even from outside the EU we would have a significant problem. UKIP aren’t sourcing the problems correctly and aren’t able to because they don’t use the expertise that is available to to them or do the necessary research.

      What UKIP has successfully done is to make themselves just like the other parties, in that they take a small kernel of truth and make it ‘their story’ and hope that if they say is often enough and loudly enough that it will carry people along. What they fail to do is to look at the detail of why things happen as they do.

      If they were to do this, to actually take on the complex and sometimes absurd detail, it would be very difficult for the mainstream media to mock them, for it would be the mainstream media that looked stupid for actually reporting the facts not in a biassed way, but totally incorrectly, year after year.

      We are now a nation of soundbite fed naives. UKIP are no different to the other parties in the way that they exploit this.


      • Richard Pinder says:

        UKIP have done research and found the Australian example is best, a points based system keeping the riffraff out and putting pressure to raise wages by creating labour shortages for low skilled jobs, while at the same time keeping competition for high paid jobs and therefore putting pressure to lower wages for high skilled jobs, closing the pay gap. The immigration policies of the other Parties are destructive for the long term future of this country. Left-wing people mock UKIP with school boy humour, because they are too thick to understand proven example based policies.


  3. Thoughtful says:

    Come on Alan, give us a new weekend thread !


  4. DP111 says:

    Surely even the conservatives should know by now, that the BBC is ideologically and politically part of Labour. As such, I find it difficult to understand why the Conservatives have not taken the axe to the BBC.

    Of course the BBC will scream blue murder, but there are ways to bring this socialist/progressivist/marxist freeloaders to heel.

    It can be done “in the best possible taste”.

    One way to shake up the BBC, is to use the time honoured tactic of “modernisation”. The “modernisation” tactic in this instance would use two primary reasons.

    1. In these times of austerity, it is necessary to streamline the BBC to get more effective use of taxpayers money.

    2. An information revolution is ongoing, where the public has access to a greater variety of information outlets. The BBC has to be modernised, its management structure, news and views, to reflect the greater variety (Diversity) in society, as well as information outlets, or the the License fee cannot be justified.

    Under these two guises, one can do virtually anything. The Conservatives are the only ones who can do this. In fact, for their very political survival, as well as offering the public a choice of sorts, it is absolutely necessary.

    Any opposition from BBC or its fellow apparatchiks, can be dismissed as Luddite, resistant to change, old fashioned, elitist, or whatever comes to mind.


    • JimS says:

      If there are ‘hardly any’ Asians living in this country, yet they get their own ‘network’ on the BBC, why not have a UKIP Network for the ‘four milion’?

      Doesn’t ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturism’ mean giving voices to ‘the other’? Oh, I forgot, not all ‘minorities’ are ‘equal’ in Clegg’s Modern Britain.


    • Will Mossop says:

      There is a good reason why the Tories will never tackle the BBC.
      Because while it is true the BBC is culturally marxist and shows open public sympathy for Labour so essentially is the Tory Party.
      There is no difference. All the same all to blame.
      At the last General Election the Tory manifesto had a foreword where David Cameron praised Saul Alinsky a communist ‘thinker’.
      The Tories constantly say they will do something about immigration but never actually do? The BBC openly campaigns against any control.
      Would a Tory Party of old have pushed through homosexual marriage? Was it in their manifesto? Of course not but the BBC set the groundwork for more than a generation.
      Would the Tory Party of old have described Britain as a “multicultural society”? An oxymoron if ever there was one. Again the BBC pushes that at every opportunity.
      The fact that the Tories are a bunch of self serving greedy hypocrites ready to fleece the English people on behalf of their clique simply proves the fact since the Tories care nothing for the English people. To this day Cameron like Brown and Blair before him refuses to have the rights of the indigenous English acknowledged with the UN because the zionist David Levita Cameron doesn’t accept there is even such a thing as an Englishman.
      Would the Tory Party of old have ever been embroiled in the EUSSR? The BBC receives money from the EUSSR against its very charter.
      There is one party. It is the Establishment Party and it is culturally marxist and the BBC is its mouth organ.


  5. Guest Who says:

    With Kevlar helmet in place, I must confess to having enjoyed many of Dara O’B, Ian Hislop & even Frankie Boyle’s humourous snipes in the past.

    I have no idea how they script it as it looks so spontaneous, but it has to be scripted. There’s no way anyone can come out with what they do like that unprepared.

    But more damning is their responses when not in the comfort zone of a time and place they have rehearsed for, control, and rule, with TelePrompters to help what goes out, and edit suites to keep anything unfortunate nice and quiet.

    But live, or on twitter… good heavens they do flounder.

    Mr. Farage is a politician, so I don’t expect him to come out with witty zingers (no Churchill he, either. I believe Ed ‘Feed the Bird’ Miliband has staked that claim?), but his post above is measured and on point.

    Dara O’B on the other hand seems to have had some kind of brain and sense of humour meltdown, and so far his utterances have made as much sense as releasing a flatulence balloon in an echo chamber.

    Meanwhile Frankie’s body of work has come across as on par with a Tourette’s sufferer on speed.

    They should really stick to the script… on the TelePrompter.


  6. Richard Pinder says:

    Hitler & Russell Brand v Churchill & Farage. Which two supported Socialism and opposed Democracy?

    In our Schools left-wing teachers can confuse children by insinuating that Churchill was a Nazi or National Socialist, so Farage as the living embodiment of that type of problem.

    I can imagine a fanatical mob of Communists lynching Churchill/Farage for being a Nazi, and all because they mocked Communism/Socialism as a failed hypocritical ideology, which ironically, needs poverty to survive.


  7. stuart says:

    who is surprised,the bbc is just a branch of the labour party,mock of the week is just a socalist love in with all there presenters and guests who are card carrying members of the labour party,who cares,the ukip bandwagon goes rolling on while the snides and the sneerers at the bbc make themselves all look as stupid and dumb as russell brand,we mock them i say.


  8. DownBoy says:

    More of what Nigel was talking about in tonight’s unhilarious ‘news quiz’ on Radio 4.
    I listened to right-on leftie Susan Calman having a go at Cameron for not wearing a feminist T-Shirt, and the usual snide, boring, unfunny remarks about UKIP and the Daily Mail from Comrades Jeremy and Sandi.
    God it is dreadful stuff.


  9. The less they understand what drives people to vote, sponsor, join UKIP the more chance that party has of winning. The Beeb hate UKIP and everything it stands for. You could say it’s about things such as democracy, Britishness, anti EU, controlled immigration, no interest in multiculturalism. It is that. But it’s more. I will help the big three parties out, the BBC and the MSM….Here goes…We Brits “don’t like being buggered about” as the ditty goes. There it is.

    And these fascist Liberals will not get it. They can jump up and down and call every one names or ridicule which is what the left seem to do rather than engage in debate. They want to interfere with our lives and we don’t like government, any government, that does that.

    They want to rule when they should govern (we saw that with Blair). They want us to live in a country of their choosing but oddly they casualy buy their way out of living along side the rest of us in the mess they create.

    We must grasp this swing with UKIP. I’m an ex Labour Party member but by god I can see that this party is the best thing for democracy this country has had in decades. Send them money, go to their meetings, put flyers up. Do anything because If we don’t grasp this opportunity this country will resemble the Lebanon or Airstrip 1. Take your pick.

    Or don’t take you pick and let the Harriet Harmans, Milibands, Abbotts, Cameron’s, Cleggs, Cables make it for you and me.


    • dave s says:

      Exactly. The liberal elite just cannot face up to what is going on. The main task is to finish off the Tory party as it is today. To end the Cameron/May/ Clegg rule. UKIP needs all our support.
      I am not at all concerned at the possiblility of a Milliband government after the next election. They look and sound incompetent and will prove to be so.
      In reality UKIP is the last chance for a real democratic change.
      The BBC and the rest of the discredited liberal media needs to stand aside. This is our time now and the whole unreal liberal fantasy needs to go. That these idiots thought that they could destroy old England makes them contemptible .
      A nation is a compact between the past ,present and future. This compact has been broken and must be mended.
      We must now put things right at whatever personal cost.
      The whole liberal establishment is afraid. Treat them with contempt and never argue with them. It is long past time for that.


      • Essex Man says:

        Your not `concerned` about a Millipeed Government , I am fucking terrified , if that happens all you kippers will have a lot to answer for . You ain`t seen nothing yet ,until the `Reign of Terror ` of Labour starts.


        • JimS says:

          I think the point is that the Cameron tendency has failed the nation by abandoning conservatism – the preservation of the best of the past – and embracing Blairite policies.

          If the leader or leadership of the ‘Conservative’ party doesn’t change pronto then it will not win the election and Miliband may indeed win, largely as a result of the way the ‘first past the post’ system works.

          However Labour will have a minority government and they will either be forced out of power or swept to oblivion at the next election, (always assuming we still have a vote and that we haven’t been overun by New Britons and EUfodder).

          ISIS is purging Islam of the decadent, UKIP will purge the UK of the non-democrats, non-libertarians and lovers of the non-nation.


          • Joseph says:

            Hi JimS,

            To claim that Cameron has failed the nation by abandoning conservatism is in my opinion hugely unfair.

            Cameron has been presented with the results of Labour’s unprecedented giving away of the UK’s right to make its own laws & subjugation to unelected technocrats in Brussels.

            It is implausible that UKIP or any other party could have done much more than the conservatives in trying to stem the creeping tide of federalism that Cameron has been fighting against during this Parliament.

            I personally admire much of what Farage has to say, however, your final sentence is in my opinion outrageous. …… for you to suggest that UKIP will “purge the UK of the non-democrats, non-libertarians and lovers of the non-nation” is as draconian a policy as the people you despise. When was UKIP or you given the authority to decide what is and what is not acceptable behaviour?


            • toryboy says:

              Farge won’t be purging anyone. He’s handing the election on a plate to Labour. UKIP will be hard pressed to win any Labour seats but is going to split the vote in lots of marginals and let Milliepede in.

              UKIP have been given a free ride over the Tories in the past few years. Nigel is constantly indulged on the BBC and they won’t do anything to expose him

              The Mail on Sunday went for the twerp today:

              Same old piggy in the trough as all the rest! Why hasn’t the BBC exposed this instead of more photo ops in a bar? And what a collection of losers he joins. Really, is he our future leader? Can you name two other members of his party? Thought not. He’s the king of a castle of fools.

              And what if there is a referendum in Europe and the evidence is that the public will vote… to stay in. https://www.ipsos-mori.com/researchpublications/researcharchive/3463/Support-for-EU-membership-highest-for-23-years-even-as-UKIP-rises-in-the-polls.aspx

              Then what. Is a UKIP govt going to ignore the vote? Recipie for civil war!

              UKIP will perpetuate a Labour Govt for a further decade. People will slowly realise this and come back to vote Tory before the next election.


              • Llareggub says:

                I note the Mail’s attack on Farage’s alliances in Brussels. Hopefully this guilt by association theme will be continued and applied to other alliances as well as fascists. I am not sure of the overall body counts of those murdered by fascists and communists, but note that many of the left and centre parties in Brussels have alliances with socialist and communist causes, not to mention President Manuel Baroso, one time member of an underground Maoist outfit. Now there was something approaching fanaticism.
                I note also the Mail are running pictures of Farage’s mum in her birthday suit. Public interest my arse.


              • Arthur Penney says:

                Look at the last Yougov

                41 – 37 for LEAVING.


            • JimS says:

              Cameron hasn’t got a clue what ‘conservatism’ is, he set out to be the ‘heir of Blair’ and that says it all.
              He has achieved no concessions whatever from the EU because that is impossible without a treaty change and that just isn’t going to happen. He knows that so he makes a lot of noise at home and goes along with the ‘project’ in Brussels.
              Of course he, or any other PM could make a difference, he just has to quit the EU! We could then take up our OWN seat on the UN committees which direct much of what the EU acts on instead of being represented by an EU place-man, who will follow the collective EU line, which may not be in our interest.
              Poor Norway, for instance, CHAIRS the UN fishery committee; we haven’t even got a seat. Norway, with a non-existent car industry has a seat on the UN vehicles committee, we, a major car maker don’t.
              UKIP is a force in politics that has the potential to achieve the outcomes that I previously gave, not by the sword but by the vote, the bloodless removal of the bland, identical political Westminster political class via the ballot box. These people just don’t listen, they blame US for not hearing THEM!
              It is interesting that one of my potential MEPs and my potential MP both sent out questionnaires asking ‘what do you think’. However neither want to know my real views, they are just their OWN views re-packaged such as “Do you think it is a good idea to retain 3 million jobs by remaining in the EU?”. That is classic “when did you stop beating your wife?” stuff and shows the total contempt in which the electorate is held.


        • lojolondon says:

          We have had it with the LibLabCon – they are all the same. We need change, the way that Grillo has changed Italian politics. Remember at the last election they all agreed not to discuss immigration or the EU, so there was no disagreement on those issues? So UKIP is already driving UK politics, and crucially already has “king-maker” power in most constituencies.


          • Merched Becca says:

            While Farage and UKIP are setting the agenda, the LibLabCons are just reacting. Strength to his elbow I say! Strength to his elbow !


        • Demon says:

          Essex Man, Cameron is also planning to further restrict what is allowed to be said on twitter. No freedom of speech! Although Milliband is worse, Cameron is also a disgrace.


        • Doublethinker says:

          I agree, better a Cameron government with an EU referendum, than Miliband et al in any guise!


          • I don’t believe we will get a referendum under Cameron and if we do everyone from the Tories to the BBC will do everything in their armoury to get us to stay in. We saw this with Scottish Independence. Even if we vote to leave. They will find something to stop us.

            When that useless duplicitous scumbag Heath, a Tory let’s not forget, told us it was just a trading partnership he knew what he was doing.

            Every year and every decade that unelected, unappointed parliament of self appointed bureaucrats in Brussels push for further integration we lose just a little more of our independence. Our parliament will resemble little more than a parish council within the next two decades.

            Cameron can’t negotiate freedom of movement. That tenet is designed to free flow people around the EU so there will be no feeling of nationhood anymore and the “gold stars on blue” can shovel the people’s of this Europe in to one easy sand pile to do with as they want.

            The same with this bill for EU millions. Cameron shouts but we know he will pay. That’s what Cameron and the Tories do. Europe knows that. Like that useless Argentinean president who constantly shouts for the Falklands “back”. We all scratch our collective and slightly arrogant Anglo-Saxon heads and wryly smile at her. But Cameron’s wind and noise on EU issues is no diifferent. He can’t change a thing and it’s a noise for the punters back at home. It’s embarrassing as it is futile.

            A Tory government will NOT take us out of Europe. THEY WILL NOT. I can’t say that enough. They have had every opportunity and they have walked away every time.

            So why vote for them?


            • dave s says:

              The current Tory party leadership is our real enemy.
              AS you so well describe. They have to be defeated. The EU will implode if we go. This has always been true and this is why the EU will literally do anything to keep us in. Even silence us by force.


            • Lunchtime Loather says:

              I can only agree with what you have written. Assuming the Tories win an outright majority next May and can get the required legislation through parliament, the referendum promised by Cameron has always been subject to a renegotiation of the UK’s membership of the EU. So do we get a referendum if that renegotiation doesn’t happen for whatever reason, or the terms are rejected by the EU, or the new terms are vetoed by another EU member? The answer is, I believe, no.
              And just to be sure, I wrote to No. 10 and asked the question posed above. I received two pages of A4 in reply, but it did not answer the question I asked. A subsequent follow up in which I asked the question again has gone unanswered.


            • Essex Man says:

              You are all so paranoid about Premier DC , Maggie he ain`t ,but she was a unique person , in Elizabeth 1st type of leader. Cameron is the best leader we have at the moment , unless your want Miilpeed or Harperson taking over . Ukip won`t win the next election ,& if they held the balance of power ,& a referendum took place , in or out, a majority would probably vote to stay in . Then, what is the point of Ukip if we vote to stay in . Cameron`s idea to renegotiate ,then put it to the vote ,if he succeeds with those negotiations or not , that will happen he has nothing to loose .But when you vote Ukip , you divide the anti Labour vote & they come through the middle to win . That means `No Referendum` at all, & don`t kid yourselves, you will ever get one under them .


        • stewart says:

          “Your not `concerned` about a Millipeed Government , I am fucking terrified”
          Then vote UKIP
          Even you must have worked out by now a vote for the Tories is a vote for Labour
          If you get a labour goverment you will have only yourself and all your fellow tribal tory voters to blame


          • Quite right. It’s the same can of shit but with a different label. One is Red and the other Blue. True, one of the cans contents may stink worse and is sold in partnership with our national broadcaster but either way both cans are unpalatable for human consumption.

            Every four years when we choose one of the two tins, get our tin openers in anticipation and open it…guess what…it’s just the same and we squeal in surprised horror. Ahhhhh!

            It’s a Kafka nightmare and we bring our own blankets…willingly.

            No wonder the parties keep offering the same. Why wouldn’t they when we are so stupid that we keep buying and buying and buying.

            So, no I will not vote Tory anymore. I will not eat Cameron’s shit as I would Miliband’s.

            Just call me picky.


  10. George R says:


    ‘Farage on Friday’-

    “‘The jig is up’:
    Cameron is ‘clueless and desperate’ in face of increasing EU demands”



  11. boiling over says:

    If the bbc was anything like an unbiased public service , it would be ripping into that heinous, corrupt, immoral, villainous blair creature and his mob for bringing this great country to it’s knee’s. Nigel Farage is awakening us all to what has been going on , and I belive we are on the rise to a new and prosperous future.


  12. A Teddy called Moh says:

    Well I watched Have I Got News For You and not a single comment or referenced to UKIP. Maybe even they have noticed they have been OTT in their abuse, or maybe they are saving it up until loser to the elections?


  13. Jeff Waters says:

    ‘Whether it’s the electrician who says he’s constantly being undercut to the point where it makes no economic sense to continue or the builder who says he’s been priced out by silly quotes, there’s a sense that a deeply unfair playing field is making it impossible for some Britons to compete.’


    Hell will freeze over before the BBC News Website lets someone write something like that in an opinion piece…


  14. Sunlit Uplands says:

    Interesting that ‘Have I Got News For You’ on Friday for once had no ‘cheap shots’ at Nigel Farage and UKIP.

    Can we conclude anything? Or is it too early to tell?


    • stewart says:

      too early to tell


    • Glen says:

      Maybe they’ve seen their viewer figures and realized that the criticism is having the opposite effect to what they thought, no one gives a toss any more, you can only cry wolf so many times before people ignore you..the left are realizing that, the accusations of ‘RACISSSST’ or ‘NAZZZZI’ just doesn’t wash anymore.

      In fact, on some social sites, I’m just agreeing with them..If that’s what you want me to be, that’s what I’ll be! It soon shuts them up and makes them see that their abuse over the slightest disagreement to their ideology is pathetic.