The Russell Hustle


What can I say?

There isn’t much you can say about the BBC’s fawning submission to the unstoppable prophet of kooky pap, Russell Brand.

What could say it all is that this, em, genuine, ‘exclusive extract’, from Brand’s new booky wooky, courtesy of Michael Deacon at the Telegraph, isn’t the authentic Brand revealing his deepest and most cherished, fantastical imaginings but you’d be forgiven for thinking it was……Katz must be thinking how lucky he was to have had the bearded one in person on his show…and I suppose that’s what Newsnight is now….Showtime.


The political theorist and former Big Brother’s Big Mouth presenter Russell Brand has just published Revolution, a powerful treatise in which he calls for the overthrow of capitalism. Recently he declared that he believes so strongly in his views that he is “ready to die” for them. The news was widely welcomed.

Today we present an exclusive extract, taken from a chapter in which Mr Brand debunks the most egregious myths from political history.

It is entitled “A True ’Istory of Polly-wolitics an’ That”.


The ’umble wheel. A beautiful idea, notion, concept, theory, brainchild, thinky-doodle. Its creators even made it round so it would symbolise the ever-revolving circularity of human consciousness.

They never intended the wheel for vulgar vehicular usage. Cavemen communities across the globe are horrified by the way their innocent innovation – employed originally as a kind of festive headgear – has been traduced by profit-crazed, environment-destroying manufacturers of cars, lorries, bicycles, scooters, prams and wheelbarrows.

General Motors has made a big heap of dosh out of the wheel. So’s Ford. And Toyota, Ferrari, Volkswagen, Lego.

But what percentage of those corporations’ annual profits – confirmed by experts to run well into the squillions – goes to the honest cavemen who invented it?

The figure is estimated at less than 0.15 per cent.

And what have our theoretically elected representatives done to tackle this nefarious injustice?

Zilch. As per usual, they prove cravenly supplicant to corporate tyranny.


Even the cosiest Right-wing Establishment historians have come to accept that the Black Death was this massive plague 700 years ago that killed trillions of ’umble serfs, peasants and wenches.

Interesting, though, innit, how you never hear anyone in the mainstream media say that the Black Death was an inside job perpetrated by the Bush administration at the behest of the big oil companies.

Now, why would they want to keep schtum about that, d’you reckon? Could they possibly perchance have something to hide?

I’m not necessarily saying George W Bush developed a secret time machine to travel to 14th-century Europe, so that he could unleash the most devastating epidemic in history, on the orders of Halliburton.

What I am saying, though, right, is let’s keep an open mind about it.


Our money-guzzling Western hierarchies have an obvious interest in perpetuating the propaganda that walking on the Moon was some sort of triumph for mankind.

Conveniently, though, they always seem to gloss over the thousands of indigenous aliens they slaughtered when they got there.

As even the most cursory reading of Chomsky makes clear, America landed on the Moon solely as a means to consolidate its galactic hegemony. To this day it spends billions of lunar dollars a year arming itself against Neptune and Pluto.

Funny how you don’t hear about it on the BBC. The BBC never seems to find time to air anti-Establishment views.

As I was explaining only the other day on Newsnight, Today, News at Six, BBC Breakfast and Bargain Hunt.


None so totalitarian as the BBC;

The BBC is using laws designed to catch terrorists and organised crime networks to track down people who dodge the licence fee, it emerged yesterday. The publicly-funded corporation uses the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), designed by the last Labour government to fight terrorism, to catch those who evade paying the £145.50 fee. Now, however, its ability to use sweeping surveillance powers could be stopped by a new review announced yesterday by culture secretary Sajid Javid. Mr Javid’s independent inquiry into TV licence fee enforcement will examine the corporation’s use of covert surveillance operations on those it thinks have not paid the obligatory licence fee.


Blood On Its Hands

Racism is ’embedded into our [white] culture but people don’t even think of themselves as racist.’  Peter Allen 5Live


I did laugh when I heard Jim Naughtie’s schoolboy crush on the Washington Post Editor Ben Bradlee….


No-one took on the aura of the swashbuckling newspaperman with more style than Ben Bradlee, who became one of the great editors. He loved the life, but he was also a man of steel.

It wasn’t chance that made Watergate a turning point in the modern American story, but grit and ambition….It made him a hero for two generations of journalists.

Explaining to a later generation why Watergate mattered so much is sometimes difficult, because it’s hard to recapture the mood of the early 70s, when the Nixon White House believed it could crush any opponent and would do whatever it took to do it……In the end it was Richard Nixon who resigned as president, in August 1974, and the Post had brought about a convulsion in American life which is still being felt today, by bravely challenging those who’d forgotten that power brings responsibility.

Bradlee was able to turn it into a crusade in part because he was a dazzling figure – a handsome, high-living lion of a man, who exuded an air of supreme confidence but also, as one of his colleagues put it, had something of the Mississippi riverboat gambler about him……he combined glamour with the rough spirit of a streetwise reporter, who’d tell stories from the US Navy, Paris after the liberation or the White House with the same raconteur’s relish….always exhilarating…….  At a table or in a bar, he was a magical presence…The kind of editor every journalist dreams about.



I didn’t laugh because of Naughtie’s gushing eroticism but because he is part of an organisation that shows none of that swashbuckling flair and fearless searching for the truth that drove Bradlee on to tackle the highest power in the land and hold it to account that Naughtie so admires.

The BBC in a sad comparison is itself that dishonest power, an organisation that has forgotten about responsibility and which has chosen instead to attempt to shape Society so that it conforms with the BBC’s own vision of how a ‘good society’ should look and think.  Rather than challenge and expose those corrupt politicans it sides with them and hides their crimes.


Today we had two classic examples when the BBC’s Big Brother politicking has caused untold harm to Society.

The BBC has given a lot of airtime to the story that the National Audit Office has criticised the government on its lack of success at deporting foreign criminals.  Naturally this is a Labour led story with Yvette Cooper asking an ‘urgent House of Commons question‘.

The Guardian headlines with this….

UK government has ‘blood on its hands’ over failure to track foreign criminals

Paul Houston, whose daughter, Amy, died six weeks after she was knocked down by an Iraqi-Kurdish asylum seeker, Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, in Blackburn in 2003, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that the failure to keep track of foreign offenders had ruined lives. “Ultimately, the responsibility falls on the politicians because what’s happened in the last 10 years has been a social experiment and we are the guinea pigs. The politicians have blood on their hands because families’ lives have been ruined and people have died because of this,” he said.

“They have a responsibility to protect society and its citizens – that’s their number one priority. I feel too much is given to the rights of the criminal and not to the protection of society and victims.”



The BBC has also given a lot of time to the story that a Taxi firm has provided white drivers when asked for by customers.

Both these stories centre around two major political, cultural and social concerns, immigration and Islam or multi-culturalism, that the BBC has consistently lied to its audience about or refused to investigate in order that its own narrative on the ‘benefits’ of immigration and the joys of Islam were the only narratives that dominated the discussions, such as they were.

Now today the BBC is all too ready to talk about the subjects having once deliberately sought to hide the truth about Labour’s open borders policy and the part played by race and Islam in places such as Rochdale….of course to talk about it only as a means to attack the government and to highlight the ‘racism’ of white Britons.


The NAO tells us that failure to control who comes across our borders is a major reason as to why we have so many foreign criminals (FNO’s…Foreign National Offenders) roaming the UK….

One important way of reducing the number of FNOs is to stop serious foreign criminals from entering the UK in the first place. The government[s] collectively did relatively little in this area before December 2012.

It is crucial that information on an FNO’s identity and circumstances is collected as early as possible to speed up removal.

The Department should build on the FNO action plan by evaluating fully the preventative and early intervention measures trialled so far and investing further in these where appropriate. In particular, early evidence suggests the Department should build its plan to prevent more FNOs from entering the UK at the border.




Clearly Labour’s uncontrolled immigration has allowed into this country untold numbers of serious and dangerous criminals that has led to death and suffering for countless thousands of victims who have suffered only as a result of that policy.

Blood is almost certainly on the hands of Labour politicians but also on the hands of BBC journalists who deliberately sought to hide what was happening and even today continue with that narrative about immigration and multi-culturalism.

On Sunday we had a blatantly one sided programme about immigration and today we have the BBC hunting down the taxi firm that offers ‘white’ taxi drivers on request to customers.

Peter Allen on 5Live (28 mins ) gave us a perfect illustration of BBC Think when he denounced this firm as racist and then went on to say that customers who asked for white drivers demonstrated that racism was ’embedded into our culture but people don’t even think of themselves as racist.’  Of course when Allen says ‘our culture’ he means White people.

That of course is a racist statement in itself…a sweeping claim that maligns all white people…if you’re white you are probably racist (the problem is Peter Allen doesn’t even realise he is racist).

That was the line taken by the Stephen Lawrence inquiry when it found that it could find no evidence of any racism in the way police fulfilled their operational tasks but that essentially, because they were white, there must have been some embedded racsm in the institution somewhere.

Allen laughed when told that Asian drivers were far more reliable and hardworking that white ones…and yet that is a sweeping, racist comment itself…I’m certain there are many hardworking and reliable white taxi drivers out there who would object to that statement.


The BBC’s failure to tackle the questions about race, Islam and immigration wasn’t a ‘failure’, it wasn’t just bad journalism,  it was a deliberate and orchestrated attempt to control the narrative and the public’s perceptions of those issues.  The BBC not only hid the truth but actively sought to lie about the issues and the hugely negative effects that resulted from the implementation of mass immigration and multi-culturalism policies.

People have died because of Labour’s immigration policies.  People have been raped, people have been attacked, people have been robbed and defrauded because of Labour’s mass immigration policies.

But the BBC doesn’t ever link the two together when talking of immigration preferring instead to tell us of the untold benefits of immigration, how wonderful and hardworking the immigrants are and how they suffer terrible racism from the white population.  The crime that comes with immigration is swept under the carpet excpet when the BBC can use it to political, pro-Labour, advantage as today.

There is a good case to be made that there is blood on the BBC’s hands.  People have been killed by immigrants who would still be alive now if Labour had been challenged on its open door, uncontrolled immigration policies, by the BBC.

So much for swashbuckling and fearlessly brave journalism ‘challenging those who’d forgotten that power brings responsibility.’







I got back from France late Monday evening and caught the BBC “Today” programme running a story about the “racist” song released by Mike Read in support of UKIP. The BBC oozes visceral contempt for UKIP and whether one supports them or not, this bias is self evidently wrong. Is it possible that UKIP’s views on our continued membership of the EU and its focus on enforcing immigration limits are so at odds with the BBC hive?

One Man’s Comedy Is Another Man’s Chance To Race Hustle







Why is the BBC’s use of a West Indian tune for its Test Match cricket theme not racist?  Surely it is mocking Afro-Caribbean culture?  Is it not cultural theft and mis-appropriation?  Modern day slavery exploiting Black people and their work for white people’s profit and gain.


Mike Read has unfortunately caved in to the intimidation and bullyboy tactics of a few race hustlers whose very selective choice of who is and who is not racist is remarkable….though not remarkable enough to be remarked upon by the BBC which is all too happy to give airtime to those expressing all that synthetic outrage.

Of course it is for the BBC just another chance to have a dig at UKIP and associate them with ‘racism’ in an attempt to smear them…mud sticking and all that.

Yesterday John Humphrys told us (08:52) that ‘We know of course what UKIP’s attitude is to Caribbean culture…or at least we think we do.’

Really?   Humphrys is clearly of the belief that UKIP has racist views about Caribbean culture…where does he get that idea from? and where does he get the idea that ‘We’ know that….does he mean ‘Us’, the General Public?

Rather suspect ‘we’ have no idea and most go along with UKIP’s immigration policy which is based upon numbers not race.

Humphrys’ comment is just another example of the belief that runs through Beeboid’s bloodstream that they are the guardians of the national culture and it is their job to propagate their version of the ‘truth’.


For the BBC Mike Read withdrawing the song is a very important story…third place on the BBC’s front page….


Of course we know that it is only white people that can be racist….


…….which is why this fellow obviously gets a pass for his mocking portrayal of various nationalities from Polish plumbers to Nigerian fraudsters…coz we know all Nigerians are computer scammers don’t we?




How about the Beebs favoured son….is this Irish accent racist…and is he calling Irish people stupid?



The Today programme continued its assault on UKIP today (08:45)  with what turned out to be a leftwing, pro-EU  ‘expert’  from a think tank who told us that unfortunately Polish youth are turning to the Right….and that UKIP is linking to a pretty extreme group….a ploy which is a completely cynical attempt to grab some EU money.

Not really journalism from the BBC just another anti-UKIP smear….note there was no UKIP representative to give their side of the story.



Wanting It All

BBC open to charging subscriptions for premium content, head of Corporation’s trust reveals

The BBC would be open to charging subscriptions for premium content, the new head of the BBC Trust has revealed for the first time.

Rona Fairhead, who took up her new role two weeks ago, said that subscriptions could be an “intelligent way” to generate extra money for the Corporation.

Asked whether “niche” and “premium” programmes could be offered on a subscription basis, Ms Fairhead said: “I think that would be an intelligent way to look forward in terms of the charter review.”

Earlier this year, the BBC rejected calls for a subscription model, which would see viewers pay for the services they use.

It argued the £145.50 licence fee was still the “most effective way” to fund its output, warning that subscriptions would increase the cost for those who chose to pay.



Seems a bit of a daft way to go about things……if you can make subscription work for some content then you might as well make it work for all, and as for it making things more expensive….only if priced wrongly…a monthly fee if you intend to watch a lot of BBC programming which would keep the cost the same as now but it would be optional as you only pay if you view the content,  as well as an option of pay per view for others who want to watch very few items.

And in what way would paying for the proposed  ‘basic’ service and then having to stump up for the best programmes not also be more expensive than an all-in subscription service?

The BBC wants to have its cake and eat it with a guaranteed income enforced by statute as well as making a tidy sum soaking us for content we have already paid for.

After all isn’t it the purpose of the BBC to provide that non-commerical niche programming that Sky etc won’t provide?…..and yet they want us to pay for it over and above the standard licence fee.








Girls On Top



The BBC brings us a celebration of girl power:


Wonder Women: busting stereotypes across the world

On 28 October the BBC will host a day of events focusing on the power of women – those who have changed the world around them and inspired others to do the same.

Our keynote speakers include Joyce Banda, president of Malawi from 2012 to 2014 and named by Forbes magazine as the most powerful woman in Africa.



They obviously forgot to tell John Simpson….

John Simpson: BBC run by tough women is grotesque

BBC’s John Simpson has criticised the ‘tough women’ running the organisation saying it is ‘grotesquely managed’.
The World Affairs Editor, who has reported from war zones around the globe been with the BBC since 1988 said it is now a ‘ghastly outfit’.
Mr Simpson was speaking to former BBC correspondent Denis Murphy on stage at Ireland’s Happy Days Festival, which celebrates writer Samuel Beckett.
Mr Simpson, 69, was quoted in The Sun newspaper saying: “The BBC is even more grotesquely managed now than it was then — tough women running the place now. It was nicer and gentler then. The BBC is such a nanny — and ghastly outfit.”




Joan Bakewell is not impressed by Simpson nor by the BBC’s empty promises on ‘old girl power’….

Joan Bakewell laughs at BBC contract for ‘old elephant’ John SImpson

Given that John Simpson had only two months ago laid into what he called the “tough women” who run the “grotesquely managed” BBC, Dame Joan Bakewell can see the irony in the corporation awarding its 70-year-old world affairs editor a contract that will enable him to work for it for as long as he wants.
“I don’t dispute that John is one of the great old elephants at the BBC – and nobody else does quite what he does – but wouldn’t it be great if, just for once, this organisation that he feels is dominated by tough women would allow a woman to grow old there, too,” says Bakewell,
Mandrake disclosed in 2010 how Bakewell had been involved in brokering a deal with the then BBC boss Mark Thompson that allowed Julia Somerville, Fiona Armstrong, Carole Walker and Zeinab Badawi – all then over 50 – to take turns presenting on the BBC’s 24-hour rolling news channel, but the arrangement soon petered out.
“Since then, people at the BBC have made all the right noises about allowing women to work for longer, but it always comes to nothing,” says Bakewell. “There is this idea that the viewers like the craggy, Hemingwayesque faces of old men on television, but they don’t care for the faces of old women.”


And Miriam O’Reilly is still seething….

Ageism row presenter Miriam O’Reilly attacks BBC for giving John Simpson new indefinite contract ‘because he’s a man’ 

Former Countryfile presenter Miriam O’Reilly who won a landmark ageism case against the BBC has attacked the corporation saying John Simpson has been given a new indefinite contract ‘because he’s man’.

The 57-year-old, who successfully sued the BBC for age discrimination after she was dismissed from the programme, hit out on Twitter after learning of the new contract awarded to the broadcaster’s world affairs editor.

The 70-year-old journalist, who has worked for the BBC for more than 45 years, has been given the new deal that will see him work for the corporation for as long as he likes.