Labour’s Ethnic Cleansing Of Britain


We know that Labour’s mass immigration policy was a secret scheme to ‘brown Britain’, to rub the Right’s nose in diversity, and that it was to be done without alerting the working classes who would undoubtedly see it for what it was…a policy designed to eliminate them from their place in Britain…to be replaced by a compliant workforce who will work cheaply and come ready educated and trained….something Labour failed to do for the British working class people they abandoned.

Today we can see that attitude blatantly on show on the BBC (20 mins) ….when Bill Oddie opines that Brits should be put on the scrapheap and their jobs, homes and school places taken by lovely immigrants……..

Bill Oddie claims working-class Brits should be ‘contained’

Bill Oddie has sparked outrage on Twitter after suggesting in a live television debate that British working-class families need to be “contained”.

The Springwatch presenter claimed the answer to Britain’s over-population problem was not curbing immigration, but instead restricting the size of British working-class families.

Oddie made his controversial comments on BBC1’s Sunday Morning Live during a debate entitled: “Is the UK too hostile to immigration?”

The 73-year-old said: “There should just as likely be a restriction on the number of children that British people have because over-population is what you are talking about here, the big problem.

“So you say these perfectly well-qualified people can’t come in, but the woman down the road has just had her tenth baby.

“Well I’m sorry, but they are the people that really should be contained. It would make a difference.”

Oddie has three daughters from two different marriages and lives in affluent Hampstead in north London with his second wife Laura Beaumont.

Earlier in the programme he claimed he was “ashamed” to be British and described the British as being a “terrible race”.

He said: “Historically, we seem to have built up this ridiculous idea that: ‘Oh, we are British, this is our island and we don’t want anybody else in it’.

“I personally loathe that kind of chauvinism and I’m happy to say I’m not proud to be British. In fact, I’m very often ashamed to be British.


All sentiments, simplistic and naive, we have heard expressed on the BBC, by presenters, all too often.


Curiously whilst the Left make an enormous racket about the Tories ‘demonising’ the working class, and who can forget Owen Jones’ ‘Chavs..The Demonization of the Working Class’, there is not a peep about Oddie’s comments…not from the BBC nor from the Guardian, or indeed from Jones himself…champion of the downtrodden and demonised.


I guess that much as they did with the likes of Rotherham the BBC will look away from something they would normally consider appalling in order to support their own agenda and favoured projects…in this case the BBC are probably, as you read this, trying to work out a way to report the story without making supporters of mass immigration like Oddie seem irresponsible nutters verging on fascist.

At least we get the truth though…Britain is overpopulated.  Shame Oddie’s solution is to replace Brits with just about anyone who can worm their way in.


Sunday Morning Live’s introduction to the already slantedly titled programme, ‘Is UK too hostile to immigration?’, was naturally the usual BBC happy clappy ‘aren’t immigrants wonderful’ approach telling us to look at how much racism from nasty Brits they have to put up with..all caused by nasty ‘certain sectors of the media’….they brought us a football team in Northern Ireland made up of immigrants…why bother?  Any Premiership team would surely suffice….curious that the BBC is quite happy to ask whether football teams should have quotas for foreign players in order to promote British players….and no mention of crime and little emphasis on the massive infrastructure problems on the programme….oh hang on immigration has given us more than it has taken away.

All the guests were pro-immigration and all too ready to dismiss this as alarmist scaremongering by those ‘certain sectors of the media’ along with the innate hostility and hatred Brits feel towards any foreigner…..Dr Lez Henry, the dreadlocked black speaker, steeped in hostility and grievance, Bill Oddie in his Liberal issue sandals oozing hatred for Britain and Britons.

There is a lack of ‘true facts’ apparently….but  credit where due…we did get from two of them, Charlie Wolf, Michelle Dewberry, the message that uncontrolled immigration is bad for Britain….however wrapped up in the usual qualifications about alarmism and ‘untrue facts’….presumably along the lines of one ‘ethnic voice’ the BBC brought to us and who told us that essentially….’Britain is a very harsh place for immigrants…they get no benefits at all and have to rely on foodbanks to feed their children….Britain is not an attractive prospect at all for immigrants, life is very hard.’   Sian Williams agreed totally with that statement.


Thank god Britain is so unattractive…can’t imagine if it were attractive…perhaps we would have more than the 270,000 masochistic foreigners who emigrated here last year….where would they all go?


Just the usual BBC propaganda about immigration.


Shame…the propaganda failed.

Poll result: 27% of people who responded said Yes the UK is too hostile to immigration, while 73% said No.







This morning John Humphrys mentioned that there had been a backlash against Miliband’s ambush on Cameron at PMQs when Miliband tried to exploit the disabled as a political football.

Unfortunately there was no sign of the man himself who cobbled together this tissue of lies…Miliband, as ‘Thoughtful‘ said in the comments, has lit the blue touch paper and disappeared like the proverbial Cheshhire Cat, grinning at the chaos that has ensued.

Judging though by the adverse reaction of the Public to his claims it is probably just as well that he ducks any interrogation on the issue…assuming of course that the BBC would ‘hold his feet to the fire’ on this.


Just how bad would it be for the Labour leader?  Well even the Question Time audience has turned on him, or rather his representative…in the lovely shape of Angela Eagle…




The Spectator likes what it saw…for once…

Eagle tried to make everyone feel outraged, but instead the audience turned against her, accusing the MP of distorting Freud’s words for party political gain; it was like watching the crowd turn against Ceausescu in Bucharest, and the first time I’ve ever seen a QT crowd react like this. I think I may have to move to Newbury: If that’s what their Question Time audience is like, imagine how sensible the population as a whole must be.


What was noticeable was the reaction of some of the other speakers…LibDem Menzies Campbell and the BBC’s favourite trendy vicar, Giles Fraser [Parish priest and broadcaster…not a politician nor interested in people’s votes]…neither were willing to give the time of day to the thought that Freud might have had a point.

Campbell waffled sanctimoniously trying to claim the moral highground, sounding above the fray, concerned purely with the problems of the disabled, it’s all about ‘dignity’, whilst in fact saying nothing that could come back to ‘haunt’ him  later.

Fraser, New Labour trendy in his open shirt, used the occasion, not to talk sensibly about Freud’s words,  but to chose instead to attack ‘the real problem’, the government’s policies for the disabled…as he saw them…naturally the disabled were suffering, targeted by a tyrannical, heartless government.


The BBC in many respects has seen the light on this story and not taken Miliband’s narrative as Gospel…however the culprit, the architect of this steaming pile of tripe, has been allowed to slip off into the night unchallenged leaving it for his minions to take the flak for him.






The Piffel Tower


Paris has the Eiffel Tower, we have the Matthew Parris, a tower of Piffel.

Matthew Parris, the wettest of wet Tories, the great mouldering tower of Piffel that he is, doesn’t like criticism….his critics, all rightwing fanatics….a bilious, bigoted, resentful underworld of fomenting Fascism given voice by the affable Nigel Farage….


Reading the comments on my Ukip columns, I finally understand the Nazis

It’s these voters’ opinions about their fellow countrymen, about foreigners, about immigrants, about Muslims, about MPs (all MPs), about the rich, about London, about culture, about business people, and about anyone of a liberal disposition, that have offered me the dismaying glimpse I describe. It’s a dark, bilious and resentful world down there among the readers’ posts.

I am coming miserably to the conclusion that a kind of collective mental illness can whip large numbers of people into a Gadarene rush — and reason is helpless in its path.

So no, these people aren’t Nazis and I’m sure never will be. But I have begun to understand the mass psychosis we call populism and, rather late in my life, almost to despair.


Remarkably, considering the title of his piece, he disengenuously claims he isn’t calling UKIP Nazis…..but, and there is always a but…they are really.

But I’ve had recently a glimpse into the psyche of populism in our era and country; and this has helped me understand how things might have felt in another.


That ‘other country’ of course being Nazi Germany.


Parris is conveniently offering us a ‘glimpse into the psyche of the liberal mindset’ as exhibited so well by those employed by the BBC…Parris so often being one of those.

The hatred of ‘populism’, which is a bit inconvenient in a democracy where the voice of the People is sacrosanct, the lofty condescension where someone of such superior intellect and morality has to ‘understand’ the mindset of the lower, inferior, less intellectually able classes…dismissed as ‘mentally ill’ by Parris, and the BBC’s so often aired narrative along the lines of its ‘Warning from history‘,   a narrative that gratuitously links UKIP to the ‘Far Right’ and Nazism.


Must be a full moon again in Parris’ Piffel Towers.


Here’s a little backup for Parris from a soul mate, Giles Fraser, as he retweets this…

and oh look who said it originally…Michael Rosen, that voice of sanity and reason…..


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 From DB’s archive…..

Michael Rosen, BBC Radio presenter First tweet on Margaret Thatcher’s passing:


The Rawanda Rewrite



The BBC broadcast this recently…

Twenty years on from the Rwandan genocide, This World reveals evidence that challenges the accepted story of one of the most horrifying events of the late 20th century. The current president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, has long been portrayed as the man who brought an end to the killing and rescued his country from oblivion. Now there are increasing questions about the role of Kagame’s Rwandan Patriotic Front forces in the dark days of 1994 and in the 20 years since.


The BBC is ‘challenging’ the accepted truth about the massacres in Rawanda but may be doing so using ‘evidence’ from those on the killer’s side of the murders.

It is a classic ‘whatiffery’ from the BBC….questioning the long and reliably established story about any event using the thinnest of evidence from people who have their own agendas.  The BBC then never again mentions this unique insight having done its bit to add to the conspiracy theories swirling around out there..theories now given ‘credibilty’ by a BBC ‘investigation’ that can be used to provide quotes to back up the wildest assertions.

What you may have is a BBC team desperate for a ‘scandal’ or a high profile story the re-interpretation of which will be so contentious that it will undoubtedly make a mark somewhere in the consciousness of the world.  In essence this is ratings chasing by the BBC….not for viewer figures but in terms of ‘serious journalistic investigation’…..this is the BBC patting itself on the back having allegedly unearthed another injustice in the world…..but is it just a manufactured piece of journalism designed to tick the box justifying the BBC’s existence and its claim to be a serious player in the world of investigative journalism?….Paxman of course said that they weren’t….more inclined to read off an AP or Reuter’s feed than do their own real journalism.


The Spectator publishes an article that suggests the BBC’s ‘Untold Story’ is untold because it’s untrue…..

The Rwandan genocide story that the BBC didn’t tell

On Saturday 200 UK-based Rwandans, including many genocide survivors, protested outside the BBC offices in response to the documentary ‘Rwanda’s Untold Story’, which aired earlier in October. The demonstration followed a letter of complaint sent to the BBC’s director general, written by the survivors’ organisation Ibuka.

They point out that despite the BBC’s commitment to upholding truth and objectivity, the programme contained factual inaccuracies and seemed intent on reopening wounds in Rwanda. They expressed disbelief and disappointment that:

‘[A] few people who have their differences with the current government or the country were given a platform to politicise the Genocide and deny the planned and systematic killing of over one million people.’


It is hard to lecture countries like Rwanda to raise media standards when the BBC airs documentaries with such shocking lack of balance. This week, as part of a group of scholars, journalists and lawyers, I added my voice to the protest in this open letter.

James Smith is the CEO of Aegis Trust.







The BBC Liberal’s Burden

File:The white mans burden.gif


Rudyard Kipling is described as an imperial racist by the BBC which can prove that contention by quoting to us Kipling’s poem ‘The White Man’s Burden’.

This poem supposedly encourages Imperial conquest and obliges White people to go forth and civilize the more brutish and barbaric parts of the world….or you could interpret it as…if you are going to invade and turn a part of the world into a bit of your empire then it is your duty to serve the native population well….a subtle but entirely different take on the poem.

‘Imperialist racism’ is a very simplistic and prejudiced view of the poem if you read its sentiments as Kipling probably intended them to be read.

However it is ironic that the BBC should denounce Kipling for jingoistic imperialism and his apparent call to ‘Whites’ to do their duty and civilise the world as surely the BBC Charter itself proclaims the same values  The BBC World Service and its Media Action arm are the poem in motion subversively encouraging democracy, freedom of thought and expression, environmentalism, as well as ‘good governance’ and people power, through development of a sophisticated media and use of campaign groups…in other worlds bringing ‘civilisation’ to the barbarous, unruly nations of the world….and of course that obligation for the BBC extends to the wilder parts of the UK where unreconstructed Tories, UKIPPers, members of the EDL, any member of the  white working class, Islamophobes, Euro and climate sceptics lurk…all in need of re-education courtesy of the white liberal class ensconced at the BBC.


The Royal Charter guarantees the editorial independence of the BBC and sets out its Public Purposes. These are defined as:

  • sustaining citizenship and civil society
  • promoting education and learning
  • stimulating creativity and cultural excellence
  • representing the UK, its nations, regions and communities
  • bringing the UK to the world and the world to the UK


When we hear people denouncing the West for not heading out to Africa and curing Ebola, or not tackling ISIS or not sorting out the Middle East are those people then racists?  Surely they would be if judged on the same basis that Kipling is….and Kipling was a man of his times…what excuse do these paragons, these latter day saints, of the modern Liberal society have for their advocacy of the imperialist supremacy of the Western nations?


Melvyn Bragg & Co had a look at Kipling and it was interesting how they all took it for granted that Kipling was racist and an imperial propagandist…Bragg describing him as ‘a major apologist for the British empire’.

Well first, why should anyone need to apologise for the British Empire?  That’s a very prejudiced view taken by a very select group of people and Bragg seems to be guilty of being trapped in group think rather than thinking for himself.  Kipling wasn’t an apologist for Empire, he just lived through it and wrote about it as it happened….and he was critical of it much of the time…indeed ‘White Man’s Burden‘ is a call to treat the native populations well…which obviously leads to the idea that he believed they might not always be so treated.

We are told Kipling’s poems and stories have a stigma attached to them by virtue of Kipling being a supporter of the British Empire…and his poems and stories are ‘contaminated by his politics‘.

Kipling’s politics, his race theories were ‘unendurably horrible‘.

But….we are told…if we can look beyong his ‘unendurably horrible racism’ and his apologia for Imperialism then we can see the merits of his writing, in a technical sense.  How very good of them to so condescend.

I have the sneaking suspicion that none of them on the show have a clue what they are talking about. They weren’t there with Kipling, they haven’t experienced ‘Empire’ as he experienced it, they haven’t moved amongst the natives, or amongst the maharajahs or the colonial officials.

They are imposing their own views of what they think the Raj was and how people such as Kipling ‘must’ have really felt about it…and doing so from the comfort of their ivory towers in academia and the media far from India and so very far from the times that Kipling wrote about.

Kipling’s ‘racism’ or imperialism are purely the concerns of a very select group of people who make it their job to search through history to denounce anything or anyone they feel has offended the censorious Liberal morality.


So, kids, you can read Kipling and enjoy the stories, but as you read bare in mind that they are an anachronistic relic from a bygone age in which attitudes of casual racism, racial supremacy, colonisation, violence, misogyny, apartheid, homophobia and religious mania held sway.  Use the occasion to learn about the terrifying, and unendurably horrible, attitudes held by white people towards others merely because they do not have the same skin colour.

The Koran, by way of contrast, is a wonderful book, the cornerstone of a faith that brings peace and harmony wherever it is practised.  The BBC highly recommends you read it, grow a beard and learn how to shoot a gun…er…only to defend yourself against those appalling Kipling-like Islamophobes who, through ignorance, prejudice and hatred, link that lovely religion to untold misery and violence.








Labour Skulduggery?



The Today programme had a look at the Freud affair this morning but there was an essential element missing….Wallace himself



John Humphrys at around 06:50 began by telling us what Freud had done ‘wrong’ and then we had a comedy sketch of Miliband ‘ambushing’ Cameron at PMQs.

This didn’t enlighten us at all and could, if that was the sum total of the Today programme’s coverage, be seen as feeding us Labour’s narrative as that was that, once the PMQ quotes were done with the ‘exploration’ ended and we moved on to Owen Paterson I believe.

There was no ‘Later we’ll be examining if Freud had a point.’  You could have finished up your cornflakes and left the house thinking what a bastard that Freud is, the Tories really are the nasty party….whilst on Newsnight Laura Kuenssberg admitted that ‘context was important’ and that ‘it might be a discussion worth having’ …and yet she kept defaulting to the position that Freud was wrong despite admitting that this attack was Labour ‘skulduggery’ and that the story fits well into Labour’s mantra of the nasty Tory party and was ‘perfect fodder for Ed Miliband’.…so where is Miliband on the BBC considering the controversial and incendiary nature of his claims?

Then at 07:12 on the Today programme we had another look and someone called Penny Pepper (also on Newsnight) told us that Freud’s words were symptomatic of this government’s attitude towards disabled people and the words were offensive and alarming. She asks how can you say one set of people are worth paying less than another?  Hmmm…well..I don’t earn what Wayne Rooney earns….or what a brain surgeon earns….I am, surely,  offended and alarmed by society’s discrimination towards me….surely, as Kirsty Wark points out on Newsnight, I am worth more to a business than the number of rivets I can productively insert in an hour!  I am not just a number.

Remarkably Penny Pepper on Newsnight admits that there is already such a policy in place that employs disabled people for lower wages..but she dissembles and waffles on…clearly determined to be offended and alarmed.

We then heard Christian May from the Institute of Directors defend Freud and explain the issues as we’ve looked at before.

But the thing that is missing from all this discussion, considering that Labour’s attack is widely seen as a shameful exploitation of the issue and a deliberate misreading of what Freud said, is any challenge to Miliband and his narrative…whwere is Miliband?

When Guido (H/t Mark II and David) reveals that Freud’s thoughts were in fact a policy that Labour adopted and was supported by charities for the disabled (H/T Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling) you may have reasonably have expected the BBC to drag in Miliband who is making so much political capital out of this, and challenge him on his claims.

The Spectator tells us that ‘This is a stain on Miliband’s character. ‘

Trouble is, it is only a stain if it is brought to light and the Public can view it for what it is.

So far the BBC has dodged actually questioning Miliband’s integrity and motivations for this opportunistic, highly political and underhand attack on Lord Freud which feeds so conveniently into Labour’s desire to paint the Tories as the ‘nasty party’ again….a poisonous narrative for the Tories which the BBC is allowing to fester by default in not tackling Miliband….which may be considered ironic in light of Nick Robinson’s headline….

Ed Miliband facing sustained glare of scrutiny


Well not so far.


I do note that the BBC is making a lot of noise about this, it being one of their top stories …..

First-time buyers will get priority, Labour promises


Curiously there is no link to the election and the thought that this is of course a Labour ‘vote catcher’ policy, more politics than substance.   The BBC religiously makes such a link to any policy or budget announcement from Cameron or Osborne and have done so for the past year ensuring the audience get the idea that any such moves are merely political tricks for short term political gain, designed to win votes rather than for genuine economic or social needs.


 The Independent has noticed the probable Labour motivation and says…[The Labour] Party denies policy is designed to look tougher on immigration and head off Ukip

The BBC’s report is one long Labour love-in.










Hurray For The European Empire


The BBC announced that it, in the shape of The Media Show (13 mins), would investigate the ‘Media’s’ reporting of Europe….

A new report from the Reuters Institute of Journalism [John Lloyd] argues that the British media’s coverage of the EU is falling short.

In spite of increased column inches and headlines since the Eurozone crisis hit, the study claims mainstream papers and broadcasters still struggle to distil and dramatise the complexities of EU policy and process.


I immediately thought ‘Great…the BBC has finally turned the camera upon itself and was about to ask a few difficult questions about its infamously biased reporting on the EU.’

Naturally I was badly mistaken.

The problem, we were told, with reporting of the EU is the ‘Press’, the irresponsible newsapers which chose to spread fear and loathing of the EU using polemical rants and a focus upon the absurdities and errors of the EU that are preferred to fact.

So the EU is not absurd nor does it make any errors?…never mind its accounts have never been signed off as they are so not based upon those precious ‘facts’ but upon lies, fraud and corruption.

The report tells us that the newspapers attitude is one of misguided stridency unconcerned with details and unfortunately presenting a powerful message to the Public.

However their scepticism was useful as it did show a problem with the EU….it was set up to be a federalist state but is in fact run by individual, sovereign nations….there has been a failure of the federalist ideal.

I thought that the problem, as highlighted by the papers, was that the EU is all too powerful and continues to grow ever more powerful at the expenswe of the sovereign nations…that is the problem…the complete opposite to  what this report by John Lloyd tells us….Lloyd being a big fan of the EU.

Whilst Lloyd bashes the papers he thinks the ‘Broadcasters’ ‘do pretty well’….such as the BBC which even in its own report on its EU journalism had to admit it was institutionally inclined to be pro-European.

The problem for those Broadcasters, apparently,  is that the EU is a pretty dry subject….lots of men in suits, all very technical, repetitive, too complex and lacks drama.

If only it were more exciting the Public would take an interest in this vital subject and realise that it is very important for their own interests to pay attention to what is going on in Brussels….and of course don’t listen to those nasty, rude sceptical papers….hmmm…I thought the Public were only too aware of what went on in Brussels, that’s the problem, they know the truth.

When Kelvin Mackenzie said he wished the Sun was more sceptical and reported even more of the absurdities of the EU project the presenter stepped in to demand if that was being ‘responsible’.  So we know that reporting errors and absurdities of the EU is ‘irresponsible’ in the opinion of the BBC….an attitude it takes to much in life such as climate change and Islam.

The programme turned out to be the usual BBC half-baked, self-serving piece of twaddle as it tells us that the EU is great if only people realised that and didn’t listen to those dreadful, sceptical newspapers….the BBC’s job is such a hard one battling ignorance and prejudice whipped up by the Redtops whilst the complex and undramatic nature of events in the EU political sphere make reporting on it so much more difficult that they can’t get anyone to listen to their siren messages.

Good job then that Labour imported millons of EU citizens who will vote for the EU should Cameron actually, for once, do what he said he will do and hold a referendum.

Another reason the BBC loves mass immigration.





Alan has already covered the BBC onslaught against Lord Freud today. I wish to point out two further thoughts. First, isn’t is SO convenient that the BBC blasted this on the same day that the Government announced the biggest fall in unemployment in YEARS and at the same time as Miliband was given heat for dismissing the concerns of English voters re “English votes for English laws”. Oh, and then there was this….from Guido.


Who is the nasty Party?


“Educating Rona Part 1: BBC Staff Admit BBC Leftwing Bias”

I commend this YOUTUBE post to you. Here is the background.

“In the run-up to the BBC’s application for the renewal of its Royal Charter – i.e. the legal device by which the BBC has the right to demand a tax of £145.50 of every inhabitor of a U.K. dwelling with a colour TV – the BBC’s adherance to its present Charter’s conditions will come under scrutiny – in particular, the onorous requirement for political impartiality.

This video – the first in a series of fifteen entitled “Educating Rona” – serves to assist that debate. It features acknowledgements, both implicit and explicit, by more than thirty serving and former BBC staff – including: three editors of the agenda-setting “Today” programme; two director-generals; and several news editors, producers, and reporters – which indicate that there exists within the BBC an institutional Left-wing bias.

The full list of acting/former BBC staff whose comments are reproduced include:”Today” reporter Robin Aitken; “Panorama” producer Gerard Baker; former “Newsnight” reporter Joan Bakewell; former director of news Helen Boaden; former “Feedback” presenter Roger Bolton; “The Moral Maze” presenter Michael Buerk; “Top Gear” presenter Jeremy Clarkson; former “Newsnight” political editor Michael Crick; documentary presenter Sebastian Foulks; former diplomatic correspondent Freddie Forsyth; “Woman’s Hour” presenter Jane Garvey; director-general Tony Hall; former “Panorama” producer Steve Hewlett; former director of news Peter Horrocks; former “Panorama” producer Anthony Jay; director of editorial policy and standards David Jordan; former documentaries commissioning editor Richard Klein; former “Today” editor Rod Liddle; former “Today” editor Tim Luckhurst; former “Good Morning Sunday” presenter Don Maclean; Radio 2 presenter Simon Mayo; former political editor Andrew Marr; former “Today” editor Roger Mosey; former BBC governor Dame Neville-Jones; former “One Man And His Dog” presenter Robin Page; former “Newsnight” presenter Jeremy Paxman; former news producer Nick Pollard; former business editor Jeff Randall; political editor Nick Robinson; former “Crimewatch” presenter Nick Ross; former “Talking Politics” presenter Dennis Sewell; former head of current affairs Samir Shah; former news anchor Peter Sissons; former director-general Mark Thompson; “Today” presenter Justin Webb; former Online science editor David Whitehouse; and creative director Alan Yentob.”