Hi folks. I was away last week and my apologies for lack of posts so to get the new week and new month of to a good start, let’s fill up an Open Thread.

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  1. graphene fedora says:

    ‘It has taken just one word, one word to burst Russell Brand’s revolutionary bubble of being some kind of modern day “Che Guevara”. One word & all his pompous verbosity & over-weening self-aggrandizement is turned to great comic effect.
    The word is “PARKLIFE” as in the 1994 hit song by Blur.’


    • AsISeeIt says:

      And how about Ed Miliband – ‘Parklife’?

      “Predistribution is about saying, ‘We cannot allow ourselves to be stuck with permanently being a low-wage economy and hope that through taxes and benefits we can make up the shortfall.’

      Come on BBC payroll comics, it’s an open goal


  2. Thoughtful says:

    New EU members add £5bn to UK says research !!

    Wow fantastic, amazing, how could I have been so blinkered?

    Except that the BBC has not unusually ‘managed’ this report to only report the statistics which it feels comfortable with.

    So the inconvenient fact that the immigration has cost the country over £100 bn is simply omitted. So is the effect on other white British people who have lost their jobs as a result, or those unable to get jobs because they’ve ben taken by migrants.

    The only positive figure is that those migrants in work are paying more in tax than they’re taking out. Well no shit Sherlock ! It’s just the desperate grasping at straws of an extremist left wing broadcaster which has no place in a criminalised funding arrangement.


    • Guest Who says:

      “Except that the BBC has not unusually ‘managed’ this report to only report the statistics which it feels comfortable with”

      So, some nifty editorial by omission for the day. Again.

      On twitter their ‘summary’ tweets have been noted for their selectivity, and the BBC’s woeful credibility plunges further.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      BBC News Channel playing mein host to the nutty EU-loving Professor Dustmann right now.

      Despite the veritable Teutonic avalanche of supposed positive statistical data I can’t help but hear “Und zo, Tommy, vee are the masters now eh!”


  3. Thoughtful says:

    The UN has decided to take up the cause of stateless people, and as can be imagined, the BBC have leapt onto the bandwagon with great enthusiasm.
    The UNHCR estimates around 10 million people are currently stateless, and I can just imagine the drones in the BBC with vacant smiles, suggesting that ‘they could all come here’ !


  4. Thoughtful says:

    Oh dear, the Feminazis are up in arms that – perish the thought, wimin might be held responsible for child abuse, for which for many many years, they have been immune from prosecution for.

    Child abuse takes many forms, it is not just sexual, Jimmy Saville, Pakistani Males, but also emotional and physical.

    Women are not immune from prosecution for sexual abuse, but they are for the other two, and the Feminazis would like to keep it that way.

    One of the most widespread child abuses is parental alienation syndrome, where 99.9999% of the time, having won all the marital assets in a divorce, and forcing her ex partner to support her, with criminal sanction if he does not, she then decides out of spite that he’s never going to see his kids again, and poisons them against him. The UK law aides and abets her in this by standing by and doing nothing until it’s far too late, and the lawyers have bled everyone dry.

    Then there’s physical abuse where again you’ll never hear a woman being prosecuted for until she actually kills the child.

    Now we have a case where a woman has drunk so much alcohol the infant has fetal alcohol syndrome. The grasping weasels are trying to get the taxpayer to pay compensation through the criminal injuries compensation scheme, and the feminazis are up in arms that women might have to take some responsibility for their actions.

    Lets be clear here, the odd glass of wine of a Saturday night is not going to affect a baby to this degree. We are talking the quantities an alcoholic might consume, and in which case it’s not unreasonable that a woman who CHOOSES to get pregnant either stops drinking, or faces the consequences.
    No one forces a woman to become pregnant (unless it’s one of the fascists other favourite groups!)

    So the BBC is covering the case with interest, in a difficult position, because it’s a very difficult situation to take side in. On one hand a severely disabled child who needs the compensation money, and on the other a ‘wimmin’ who they don’t want held to account for what she’s done.

    The definition of a rock and a hard place?


    • Llareggub says:

      A lot of women have supported and participated in FGM, and should have been prosecuted.


  5. Thoughtful says:

    According to Radio 4 Today The Grauniad has published a book they have culled from the comments section on their web pages.

    Not only a piece of shameless promotion, but also hugely indicative of the bias towards the Guardian and its political position.


    • Guest Who says:

      These comments presumably carefully selected from those the CiF mods had not already deleted for failing to meet their ‘community standards’?

      No wonder the BBC is in full support. Russell’s bookie wookie could only be propped up for so long.


    • Old Goat says:

      I would imagine that if the Guardian were to publish all the comments that they saw fit to remove, as not being conducive to their thinking, a compendium of volumes akin to the Encyclopaedia Britannica would ensue…


      • Guest Who says:

        Well, you can have a LISTEN (why do they feel the need to instruct folk in this manner?):

        BBC Radio 4 Today @BBCr4today
        LISTEN – The unintentional humour of newspaper comment sections

        Ironically, it has this comment:

        Les Majestey ‏@LesMajestey
        @BBCr4today vs. the disaster of journalist shills, I prefer pompous pontificators and hobbyist obsessives.

        Got to love the internet, even if the BBC and Graun may not. Or want to see the BBc uniquely funded by it (a further irony?).


  6. Thoughtful says:

    Followed by the report of a ballerina retiring, and how she was one of the first to actively manage her images.

    The Today reporter remarks on the amazing photograph of her doing the splits mid air – in the Guardian.

    But they’re not biased !


  7. Hexhamgeezer says:

    BBC working overtime nationally and locally on their latest project I see. Devolving power to the regions to deflect us from what they fear would happen if more power does to to Scotland and Wales and the English demand likewise. They are clearly terrified of this and are pushing on local and national TV and radio the idea of regional power rather than English power.


    • Old Goat says:

      Gerald Warner – he writes good stuff, and has recently come on board at Breitbart. A very welcome addition.


      • John Anderson says:

        I said the other day that Warner was never likely to be asked to appear on the BBC, in spite of the quality of his writing over many years. This new article will get the invites flooding in ?

        How about a Moral Maze prog – “Is it ethical to have a deeply regressive BBC poll-taxand threats of imprisonment ?”


    • dave s says:

      Simple and clear. The BBC would take a couple of weeks to privatise.


  8. Lunchtime Loather says:

    It really is enough to make you weep with despair…

    A while ago on here somebody (sorry, I forget who) mentioned that the BBC’s list of Main Political Parties ( had not been updated to update UKIP’s gain in Clacton. Little stirrer that I am, I used the complaints web page to submit the following message:
    Full Complaint: Not really a complaint, but I cannot find any other way of contacting you… Following the recent election of Douglas Carswell as Member of Parliament for Clacton it is now true to say that the United Kingdom Independence Party now “have one or more MPs in the House of Commons”, yet there is no mention of UKIP under the “Main Political Parties” section of this page. I note, however, that the page has not been updated since 31st July 2012. Could I ask, please, that you make arrangements to update this page accordingly as soon as possible? Thank you.

    A reasonable request to have an out-of-date page updated, or so I thought. But no, I – as usual – am completely wrong. My reply arrived this morning:
    We note you’d like our article,, amended to reflect the fact that UKIP now has an MP in the House of Commons.
    We appreciate your concerns. However, under the terms of our published complaints process, we are only able to respond to complaints made about an article if it is made within 30 working days of the article being published ( That said, it is clear that this is an older article (as you say, it clearly states that it’s from 31 July 2012). We have of course widely reported recently that UKIP now does have an MP following the election of Douglas Carswell as MP for Clacton last month.

    So, because the page was last updated in 2012 it is impossible to complain (their term, not mine) about it and, presumably, it is now set in stone forever and will never be changed.

    A suitably-worded response expressing my misfortune to not have been in possession of a time machine back in 2012 has just been sent. No doubt they will interpret that one too in their own very special way.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘my misfortune to not have been in possession of a time machine back in 2012 has just been sent. No doubt they will interpret that one too in their own very special way.’

      It is still funny, even if also serious.

      I cannot believe anyone who created this system, or works within it, can go home at night and look in the mirror and not wonder just how they can live with themselves, much less go in the next day to repeat it.

      A reasonable request to have an out-of-date page updated

      And yet the default is to again go into full wagon-circle denial, citing semantics and their own idiotic self-penned rules in justification… to prevent the BBC website being accurate and up to date.

      Rather than ‘Oo, ta, we’ll sort it’, they opt for ‘We appreciate your concerns. However, under the terms of our published complaints process, we are only able to respond to complaints made about an article if it is made within 30 working days of the article being published ‘ plus a ton of other guff.

      There’s also as you say the inevitable BBC mixed precedent. This is the outfit that never met an article it didn’t like evolving… as long as the evolution suits.

      Now they are claiming inaccuracy is enshrined because their guidelines mean that they can look at the date, stick their fingers in their ears and go ‘La,la, la… can’t hear you’ no matter what.

      Explains a lot. Still no excuse.


  9. John Anderson says:

    We had very waffly reports from the BBC eg Jim Naughtie before the US elections – just giving a vague sense that Obama was in trouble, a risk of losing the Senate. No suggestion that there could be a huge kick-back. And last night, before the results started flowing in, the World Service was having a discussion involving some Occupy Wall Street idiot – equivalent to the fawning they have been giving Russell Brand.

    This morning, they are having to play catch-up. The biggest news organisation in the world had been way off-beam in the earlier reporting.

    There was a sniffy report from Iowa, which went Republican. No chance of the BBC telling us why the fresh new Repub candidate barnstormed it ? Like a $9000 30-second political ad that went viral on YouTube –


    • Guest Who says:

      BBC Radio 4 Today retweeted
      Gilly Orr @gillyorr
      Impressed that Pat Roberts held on in Kansas. @naughtiej was discussing the independent challenge with him last week

      Interesting who is ‘impressed’ by whom, and enough to RT such a comment


  10. Charlatans says:

    Seasoned BBC watchers will not be surprised by the choice of which of the two immigration stories, featured by the UK papers today, would be highlighted by our National Broadcaster.

    Of course, just as expected from our institutionally biased BBC, there is only one story in town!

    Featured right up there at No 2 on it’s main website news page,:


    On the scale of 1-10 in actual amount of immigration benefit or damage to this countries economy, the real story, right at the top of the scale of immigration impact to this nation, is in the Telegraph, (not even featured at all by the BBC – never mind being at No 2 on the BBC website):


    The BBC is just so predictable and they really cannot help themselves in only highlighting the lefty position as normal, totally ignoring the bigger impact story!

    But just like last time when the BBC featured such a positive EU Immigration study they might find, after serious analysis by other academics, the report was corrupted or omitting crucial evidence which makes a mockery and travesty of their headlines:

    The BBC trumpeting also does not match my personal experience, since my partner is Polish. I can tell many stories about benefit abuse and non-payment of taxes from just the 7 other Polish families living close by, (almost everyone has found a fiddle of sorts):

    1. One family, (now found out and stopped), were on housing benefit, plus working tax credits and Child Allowance, (even though claiming for one of the children who has never ever been to England), sub-let their rented property to another Polish Family whilst they went back to Poland themselves secretly, (i.e. still in receipt of all the benefits paid into their UK bank account) . That is creaming it in – Council paying rent – plus extra £850 a month from sub letting etc etc

    2. Another two immigrants, who are local taxi-drivers, I know inform HMRC a bag of worms about their cash earnings.

    3. Three others have cash in hand local cleaning jobs which they do not declare earnings to HMRC.

    Most will get caught hopefully, but the BLACK economy is so very much worse with EU workers locally, with almost everyone involved.


  11. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ: its political campaign for Mass Immigration into Britain continues today with its selective, censoring coverage of the evidence.

    When Robert Rowthorn published the following report for Civitas in August, 2014, Beeboids virtually ignored it because it contained some uncomfortable truths:-

    “Large-scale Immigration”

    By Robert Rowthorn.

    ( Civitas, Aug, 2014.)


    Click to access LargescaleImmigration.pdf


    “The cost of immigration”

    (Posted on 5 November 2014)

    By David Green,



    • George R says:

      Cultural impact of Mass immigration on America-

      some thoughts of late Lawrence Auster (2002)-

      “Mass Immigration — Its Effect on Our Culture”

      By Lawrence Auster.


      “The reason Americans cannot effectively oppose the transformation of our culture is that they subscribe to the belief system that has led to it.
      “The Credo That Has Left Us Defenseless-
      “What is that belief system? At its core, it is the quintessentially American notion that everyone is the same under the skin that people should only be seen as individuals, with no reference to their historic culture, their ethnicity, their religion, their race. Now there is a great truth in the idea of a common human essence transcending our material differences. But if it is taken to be literally true in all circumstances and turned into an ideological dogma, it leads to the expectation that all people from every background and in whatever numbers can assimilate equally well into America.
      “This explains why patriotic conservatives acquiesce in a policy that is so obviously dividing and weakening our nation.”


  12. Vector Curl says:

    Before I heard the full story on BBC World, I read a ticker tape news headline that said, “Driver runs down pedestrians in Jerusalem”. Of course, it was immediately obvious to me that driver was a crazed Palestinian, otherwise the pro-Pally beeboid who typed those headlines would probably have said something along the lines of “Right-wing Israeli settler mows down Palestinians”.

    When I finally heard the report, it transpired that the “driver” was a crazed Palestinian who tried to run down three policeman, before exiting the car and attacking passers-by with a metal bar. Finally, he was shot dead. Then came the obligatory linking of the incident to “illegal settlements”, and something about “right-wing Israelis” (aren’t there any right-wing Palestinians?). The temporary closing of the Al-Asqa mosque (a.k.a. “third most holy shrine in Islam because Mo flew there one night on a winged donkey, apparently) was also mentioned.

    Predictable, anti-Israeli, pro-Palestinian mush intended to give the casual listener the impression that the Israelis deserved it.

    It’s a wonder the BBC didn’t get the Husain woman to interview an eyewitness just so that she could express her moral indignation at the small number of Israeli casualties.

    The BBC’s constant stoking of anti-Israeli sentiment is beyond just bad, biased reporting: it’s criminal and downright evil.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Finally, he was shot dead’

      Reading BBCWatch, the vague ‘driver’ and detail ‘reporting’ you share could be viewed as a step forward, as usually the BBC kicks in about at this point and then tries to whip up a riot that some poor soul was gunned down.


    • deegee says:

      Jerusalem: Palestinian car attack kills policeman

      Damn those cars. If they are so dangerous how did they pass their Motor Registry inspection?

      The policeman, Jedan (Jidan?) Assad, who was murdered was a member of Israel’s minority Druse community. The funeral was dignified, patriotic (his coffin was draped with the flag of Israel) and colourful (many of the Druse wore traditional clothes). Pity the BBC missed it.


  13. pah says:

    Dropped my car off for a spot of TLC care of the local dealer and drove home with a nice shiny new loan car this morning.

    Quite a simple pleasure.

    It was spoilt by the fact that the over complicated console couldn’t be easily used whilst in motion and I was stuck with R4 for ten minutes just before 9am. During that time the BBC managed two impressive pieces of bias.

    1. Obama has failed at the Mid-terms so the BBC get two American journos on to say that, never mind Hilary will be the next US President.

    2. A ‘report’ has found that EU migrants are jolly decent chaps and bring in more money than they cost. A ‘pressure group’ called Migration Watch doesn’t agree.

    Off goes R4 and the only option left is Radio Oxford unless I want my ears to start bleeding listening to the inane nonsense of Fox FM or Heart.

    Guess what? Yep BBC Radio Oxford doesn’t mention the mid terms but it does say aren’t EU Migrants such lovely fellows. No rebuttal from Migration Watch is even mentioned.

    Off goes the radio!


  14. Jerry Fletcher says:

    The BBC would NEVER cover a story like this:


  15. Thoughtful says:

    Try finding this taken from the report on religious freedom, and the persecution of Christians on the BBC.

    In total, 20 countries are designated as “high”
    with regard to lack of religious freedom.
    a. Of these, 14 experience religious persecution
    linked to extremist Islam. These are:
    Afghanistan, Central African Republic,
    Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Maldives, Nigeria,
    Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan,
    Syria and Yemen.
    b. In the remaining six countries, religious
    persecution is linked to authoritarian regimes.
    These are: Burma (Myanmar), China, Eritrea,
    North Korea, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan

    I would strongly dispute the word ‘Extremist’ in regard to Islam, especially in Afghanistan, and Iraq. After all what would our government and armed forced have been doing for all those years if they allowed an ‘extremist Islamic government’ to operate with their funding support and blessing?

    Can we expect to hear the BBC reporting on the ‘Extremist Islamic Government’ of Pakistan? Saudi Arabia? Egypt? Iraq?

    So 70% of the worlds worst places for religious freedom are Muslim.
    Of the remaining 30% Both Burma and China are having problems with Muslims
    Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan are being advised by Tony BLiar, why I am not surprised about lack of freedom, intolerance, and despotism there?


    • pah says:

      From the Uzbekistan wiki page:
      The nation is 88% Muslim (mostly Sunni, with a 5% Shi’a minority), 9% Eastern Orthodox and 3% other faiths. The U.S. State Department’s International Religious Freedom Report 2004 reports that 0.2% of the population are Buddhist (these being ethnic Koreans). The Bukharan Jews have lived in Central Asia, mostly in Uzbekistan, for thousands of years. There were 94,900 Jews in Uzbekistan in 1989 (about 0.5% of the population according to the 1989 census), but now, since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, most Central Asian Jews left the region for the United States, Germany, or Israel. Fewer than 5,000 Jews remained in Uzbekistan in 2007.

      and then there’s Azerbaijan

      Around 95% of the population are Muslims. 85% of the Muslims are Shia Muslims and 15% Sunni Muslims, and the Republic of Azerbaijan has the second highest Shia population percentage after Iran.

      Looks like they don’t need Tony’s help – they are getting there on their own.


  16. RJ says:

    An interesting little lie at the end of “National Treasures of Wales” yesterday evening. Talking about how to best defend coastal farmland from flooding, ending with the conclusion that the best way to save it from being flooded was to let it flood, the case against sea defences was bolstered with a reference to the flooding in Somerset last winter as being “caused by being King Canute like with your thinking about the sea, the ocean”.

    And there was me thinking that the flooding was because the Environment Agency had neglected to maintain the defences, switched off key pumps and allowed the drainage channels to silt up. After which Owen Paterson insisted on remedial work that upset the greenies so much that CMD sacked him.

    The BBC programmes that set out to argue a fantasy case, like the evils of CO2, are easy to identify and filter out, but I find the more hidden propaganda of a short comment in an unrelated programme much more insidious.


    • Leha says:

      I thought one of the National Treasures of Wales was Labours NHS?


    • Richard Pinder says:

      King Canute showed that the Danish method of ordering the sea not to come in did not work, but the more practical and proven Dutch method used in Somerset did work until it was replaced by the ideological methods of the left-wing Environmental morons at the Environment Agency.


  17. Guest Who says:

    Just saw this on FB:

    BBC News
    2 hrs ·
    Luckily no-one was injured when this London bus exploded yesterday. We still don’t know why it happened.

    It happened yesterday and as of 2 hrs ago nothing still known.

    At least the BBC has mentioned it.

    Weird the commenters have all used it as a means of having a go at the DM. Guess that’s Friday’s HIGNFY sorted.


  18. Guest Who says:

    Those who think any sites who host hate should be closed may like to head over here:

    BBC World News
    5 hrs ·
    A man has been shot dead by police in Jerusalem after he drove into a crowd of pedestrians getting off a tram. It follows clashes between dozens of Palestinian protesters and Israeli police at the city’s holiest site.

    Kendice Masse Great to hear, a shame he did run down more. Nice break from Israeli snipers shooting Palestinian children in the head.
    Like · 5 · 5 hrs

    Five likes. Still up after five hours.


    • DB says:

      BBC headline is “Jerusalem attack: Netanyahu blames incitement“.

      Currently, this is the third paragraph: Hamas militants said they carried out the attack. PM Benjamin Netanyahu said it was a result of “incitement” by both the Palestinian Authority and Hama.

      Hamas has claimed the attack. The BBC admits it. Yet they pick the “Netanyahu blames” angle for their headline. It should be “Hamas claims deadly Jerusalem attack”, but that would be too forthright, too revealing, for the BBC’s journos and their eager sado-masochistic role as Hamas’s bitches.


    • Guest Who says:

      And, today…. ‘Meet the Fokkers’:

      BBC World News
      5 hours ago
      Meet “Abu Hattab”, 13-year-old jihadi preparing to join Islamic State militants in Syria

      3hrs ago, no likes yet…

      Miraj Ahmed Before killing kafirs….first we have to wipeout shia.kurd and ahmedi….they r biggest threat for islam

      But I also don’t see a queue of shocked Flokks mounting high horses either.


  19. squeal says:

    and now for something completely different…


  20. JimS says:

    I’m waiting for the weeping liberals who think that a baby with foetal alcohol syndrome should be able to claim under the criminal compensation scheme to realise that if it is a crime to drink for your baby it must be murder to screw its neck in the womb.
    They just keep digging don’t they.


    • Ken says:

      I wonder if the pro abortion liberals who want to see massive compensation claims flow from this have really thought it through.

      IF it becomes a crime to harm an unborn through drinking or smoking or using drugs…

      Surely it follows that it becomes murder to have an unborn aborted?


      • JohnM says:

        I thought the same thing.

        If the court say “Yes” it is a criminal act to harm a baby in the womb by drinking excessive alcohol or taking drugs, then it must be a criminal act to have an abortion.

        I look forward to the Judge’s decision. I suspect he/she will decline.

        Surely it must be a Parliamentary decision, it is not up to a Judge to make the law. He/she only interprets it.


  21. “Small English Town Burns Effigy of Alec Salmond”

    Says BBC Scotland. True one of Lewes’ bonfire societies will be. But what the Beeb article on their website doesn’t bother to explain is that they choose someone who is WELL KNOWN in that particular year.

    I was there when they burnt an effigy of an Argentine soldier but one of the societies burnt Margaret Thatcher that year as well. I remember the press getting in a tizz with the burning the effigy of a miner around the time of the miners strike then too.

    The Lewes bonfires are amazing events started to commemorate the burning of Protestant martyrs and carried/changed as a carnival with great centuries old tradition.

    That the Beeb article didn’t bother to explain that shows a wilful ignorance and/or omission of this particular towns English culture and I am sure they would not presume of another nation’s culture the same ignorance.

    By the way one of Polly Toynbee’s homes is in Lewes…a stray firework anyone?

    Notice the disgusting Toynbee buys a home in the very white, very middle class, very affluent, very English market town.

    Up the workers Toynbee!


    • Mark says:

      “The Lewes bonfires are amazing events started to commemorate the burning of Protestant martyrs and carried/changed as a carnival with great centuries old tradition.”

      Times have moved on since then, with a very different enemy supporting a very different faith.

      But …..

      Supposing an ISIS plot were discovered in Westminster and Buckingman Palace and the Islamist perpetrators were all killed in an SAS-style shootout. Would the Establishment celebrate the foiling of such a plot with the burning of thousands of Korans and ISIS flags, with an AK-47-wielding fighter as the “Guy” ?

      Would there be a 250-year ban on Muslims practising their faith like there was on Catholics back then ?


      • Ken says:

        We all know the anser to that. The liberal progressive multiculti liars would swear blind that the culprits and the crime were absolutely nothing to do with Islam.

        Which makes me wonder….

        I guess I should give credit to the tories for the economic recovery being due to the tory long-term-economic-plan(TM)

        However, I will wait until the tory leadership accept that Islamic terrorism, and Islamic crimes are actually Islamic, before I accept that tory economic plans have anything to do with the performance of the economy under that tory plan.

        After all, if Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam….
        Then Tory economics, has nothing to do with the tories. Same Tory Logic! Meaning that tory Logic, has nothing to do with Logic.

        BTW, the same applies to labour, who are utterly vile, incompetent, corrupt and in all imaginable ways, disgusting.


  22. Sandal-wearing, Postmodern Cultural Theorist says:

    If the British army is involved, they’re guilty according to the leftie luvvies at the BBC.

    These Guardian-reading assholes will take anyone’s side but the British; also, anyone seen that pathetically biased report plastered all over the BBC today regarding the ‘benefits’ of immigration? That report if you can be bothered even reading the Abstract, wouldn’t even pass a postgraduate critical essay!


  23. noggin says:
    BBC – Man? … 18, charged with terrorism … any ideas?
    An 18-year-old man has been charged with preparing to commit acts of terrorism … no … nothing??
    (thank Allah its not, a guy called Moh again eh!)
    Kazi Islam, from Manor Park …… DOH!


  24. George R says:

    Beeboids: pro-Libyans, anti-British army in England-

    “Libyan cadet in Bassingbourn claims ‘poor treatment'”
    By Lucy Manning and Ed Campbell.


    • The BBC report just doesn’t add up to sense. It contradicts itself from one short paragarph to the next.


      • Glen says:

        “It was the British from the beginning. They should have sought a solution and finished the training well.

        “They didn’t tell us about British law and what’s the difference between right and wrong here.”

        So in how many other countries does this moron think that rape and abuse is legal? Does he seriously believe they had to be told?

        It’s simply a case of the libyans being let off the leash in the decadent West and taking full advantage.

        What disappoints me more is the Military top brass, even they have been infected by rampant liberalism…more lives ruined by utter lefty scum who will never pay for their crimes.


  25. George R says:

    For Beeboids to investigate:-

    “UK Muslim killed fighting for Islamic State”

    “Where did William Hasmou Clinic, otherwise known as Abu Abdullah al-Britani, learn about Islam? Was he ‘radicalized on the Internet’? If so, why did he so readily accept what he read there and discard the peaceful, tolerant Islamic teachings that British authorities assume that he learned at his local mosque? And if he didn’t learn peaceful, tolerant teachings at his local mosque, is that mosque being monitored? Or would that be ‘Islamophobic’ in Insane Britannia?”


  26. Pounce says:

    Anybody else intrigued by the bBC article on how that 300 strong Libyan army contingent are allowed to play the victmcard for their bad behaviour on….racism. Yes according to the bBC these poor men were so badly treated, that not one asked to be returned home or even claimed asylum until 5 of them (with 9 more waiting to be charged) were charged with rape.
    Lets look a little closer into this shall we. This vanguard element for 3000 Libyan soldiers would entail Interpreters , chefs, Mullahs, Military police of which not one went to the newspapers or even the local mosque to complain. Then there’s the camp staff, which includes admin staff, cleaners, shop staff etc and not one them complained either.

    Instead the bBC regales us to:
    However, he said the cadets were unhappy with the way they had been treated by the British government, which he said had “not offered a comfortable way of living here [at the barracks]”, and that some people were “trying to ruin the reputation of the Libyan Army”.
    “It was the British from the beginning.
    “They didn’t tell us about British law and what’s the difference between right and wrong here.

    So on that note all these men are Muslims, and according to Islamic law, men are not allowed to fraternise with women, also men are not allowed to rape other men. So really the bBC reporting that these men didn’t know the rules in the UK, so can’t be held responsible for their actions is flawed simply as the bBC goes to great efforts to inform us all that Muslims are all pious and wouldn’t dream of looking at another woman. As for shoving your dick up a mans arse, well the Koran has a few rules on what to do with people who get caught doing that.

    But, I really liked how the bBC decided to end its baised article:
    Asked if the cadets had a message for the British government he said: “Not to take things too seriously”.
    14 men out of 300 found to have stuck their dicks into unwilling people..really bBC?


  27. George R says:


    By James Delingpole.


    • noggin says:

      Cambridge? … now come come, after all benefits people have
      been “enriched” by in Oxford, trafficking, drugs, and mass child gang rape, it must be the UKs Islamic “bootlicker in chief” PM Camerimam s small attempt at ….. “balance”


  28. George R says:

    British people, as INBBC licencepayers, pay for INBBC Arabic:-

    “Egypt’s ‘Om Amira’ wins Best Documentary at BBC Arabic Film Fest: TRAILER”–Culture/Film/Egypts-Om-Amira-wins-Best-Documentary-at-BBC-Arabi.aspx?


  29. John Anderson says:

    Joel Barnett – famous for the “Barnett Formula” which he disowned – died a few days ago. I remember seeing him as Chief Secretary to the Treasury in action at Cabinet Committee meetings in the mid-1970s, when the UK was essentially bankrupt and the IMF were called in, trying (solo) to defend the public purse against ridiculous demands for even more public spending by the likes of Tony Benn and Shirley Williams.

    An essentially good man. OLD Labour. Sound as a pound.

    It is the demise of such figures that lets UKIP cut swathes into the Labour vote.

    The BBC gave us several days of eulogies when Tony Benn died. I have not heard a dickybird from them about Joel Barnett’s death.

    What I did not know is that he was totally against the cult of Climate Change –

    Maybe that is why BBC idiots consign such good men to Orwell’s memory hole.


  30. Fred Stubber says:

    Russell Brand on Start the Week

    On Feedback a few days ago some hapless BBC woman attempted to justify Brand’s appearance on Start the Week. She said, ‘everyone is talking about the Brand book.’ I therefore looked forward to such discussions.
    When my wife got back from her book club that day I asked her what had been said about the Brand book. She said, “We wouldn’t discuss nonsense like that.”
    My son called round and we had a long chat about various things; current affairs, work, vandalism, his new shed, my new gate, all sorts.
    My older daughter called in later and we talked about her recent holiday, the percolator she’d got for a pound at a car boot sale, the problems her son is having with his teeth, her husband’s job, and what we watched on the telly last night.
    I went to the pub and met my mates, and we talked of sport and politics and the quality of the beer and the attractiveness of some women who came in.
    The next morning the nurse called to check my dad’s condition. She had a coffee and we talked about the poor quality of the urinary catheters, the funny noise her car was making, the traffic hold-up on the M18 that morning, and her new caravan.
    At B and Q I chatted with one of the staff who I know slightly. He told me that he was reading something by Deborah Devonshire, and was enjoying it.
    My sister rung me to give some details of her son’s forthcoming wedding. We went on to talk about our dad, and the shops in Lincoln, and the ITV programme about the Great Fire, and her other son’s progress at university, and the worry that the fireworks might scare the dogs.
    The next day the local farmer called round for a cuppa. We talked about the price of lamb and pork, and the problems round here with thieves, and the antics of some of the locals.
    Then my younger daughter rung me to tell me about her daughter’s stage show. We went on to discuss various matters of the day. But not Russell Brand’s book.



    • Guest Who says:

      Very good.

      Seems that everyone is talking about Isis wannabes on Radio 4 today. How they hate the West and love killin’ ‘n stuff. Until now I had not understood their motivations.

      Next everyone will be likely talking about lady body builders or lgbt train drivers.

      Not enough of either.



    • Ken says:

      Some people in my office (3 people) did discuss Brand, well, they were discussing the Morons who caused a bit of havoc, who were wearing the corporate sold, sweatshop created Guy Fawkes masks, and how they are incabable of rational logical thought, in wanting to destroy the state, and the police….because the state are not taxing us enough to spend more money on the police… Yup.

      Brand was mentioned… How he flies in, pretends to be “one of them” to sell his corporately published £20.00 book, then flies out again to live in luxury in his mansion.

      He must be having just as much of a laugh at those “protesters” as everyone else as he mugs them for their hard claimed cash.

      Brand has attended the same conferences as me. Spoken to the same people as me and knows for a fact HOW to bring the “capitalist’s” system crashing down in a single day.

      IF he wanted a peaceful and democratic new system, and to destroy capitalism, he knows how to do it. He would get his celebrity supporters together and publisise how to do it and get this action all taken on one day. Bish, bash, Bosh! Bang goes your dosh!

      He won’t do it, because he owes his millions to corporatism.


  31. Old Goat says:

    Lord Hill – he has “called for calm” about the £1.7 billion EU “bill”!

    Who he? Ah yes, somebody from the Former UK now resident in Brussels, and “working” for the EU. I thought he’d been rejected by the financial people because he didn’t know anything?

    “Called for calm”, indeed – yeah, that’ll sort it.

    Elsewhere, Mr. Clegg (who he?) has “called” for an enquiry into speeding up rail travel between Northern Muslim cities. Why? How is it of interest to him, a has-been whose governmental days are numbered?

    I “call” for a UKIP government.


    • Random says:

      I was thinking about asking David Cameron for £1.7 billion to be paid by 1st January.
      Obviously he’ll refuse to pay BY THE 1st OF JAN, but I’m thinking that leaves a lot of room for negotiation.
      Maybe we can work out an installment plan or something.
      Works for the EU, why not me? Or any of us? It’s not as if the EU has any democratic justification or legal basis to make such a demand.


  32. AsISeeIt says:

    Week in week out the Babylon by Bus corporation of W1A white rastas project a predictable and consistent left-of-centre rap with a monotonous drum beat of Confrontation, always looking for an Uprising.

    Last week news anchor (call him the MC) that old Soul Rebel Simon McCoy channelled his inner Peter Tosh when he exclaimed “At last!” as the subject of drugs came up. I don’t know what the BBC has been puffing but the message was Sing a Song of Freedom.

    ‘Legalise it we’ll advertise it’

    So should we be surprised when this week the tune is :

    ‘Immigration, don’t gimme botheration’

    Really the only surprise is how come the BBC have such a down on the Israelites?


  33. Guest Who says:

    And the latest in the ‘statement as a question so it’s legit’ from Downunder…

    Is #Australia courting controversy with mixed messages on #Ebola? @Jondonnison finds out

    I wonder if what Jon ‘finds out’ may have the merest smidge of what Jon is determined people will learn, in that special way he brought to facts and analysis in the ME?

    Countries must shudder when the BBC announces a new office opening there, as the swelling ranks of BBC staff do what they do worst.


  34. I Fucking Hate The BBC says:

    Hammered by ALL news outlets today that immigration has been good for the UK.
    How about ‘calls are growing in some quarters’ for a survey on how well-off we indigenous Brits would have been without mass immigration?
    ‘Some say’ Might it be possible that some surveys could be conducted to what would have happened if we hadn’t opened our borders?


    • Democracy my arse. says:

      Doctor appointment with the Doctor of your choice the same day.
      Houses that our children can afford.
      First choice school for your children.
      Congestion free roads.
      A lot less illegal drugs on the streets.
      No grooming gangs.
      A prison population 30% the size it is now.
      No riots, looting etc.
      No bombs on buses, tubes.
      No rotten boroughs.
      95%+ full employment.
      Jobs gained on merit.
      Driving standards much improved.
      No crash for cash claims.
      Fish and chips the main takeaway. ( maybe not )
      I could go on and on, but I preaching to the converted here, so please don’t any of you contemplate slitting your wrists, maybe a vote for UKIP may help but I am not holding too much hope.


  35. George R says:

    Is the following INBBC article intended as:


    a.) free publicity for Islamic jihadist barbarians of Islamic State;


    b.) a pro-West article warning us of the dangerous Muslim jihadists who want to kill us?:-

    “Islamic State crisis: The 13-year-old on ‘righteous path'”
    By Mark Lowen,
    BBC News, Turkey-Syria border.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      A heartwarming story, lovingly told. It reminded me of Sherlock Holmes and ‘The dog that didn’t bark in the night’. In this case, the BBC bark of ‘And we thoroughly approve of this’ is silent but fully implied.


      • Roland Deschain says:

        Actually, I disagree. I thought it was what a BBC article should be like. Simply reporting what he found without adding opinion pieces, so we make up our own minds.

        Frankly, I find it chilling and wonder at what point so many followers of a religion coming to the same conclusion makes the “nothing to do with Islam” tag impossible to get away with.

        It reinforces my view that people like that should be let nowhere near our shores. If anyone wants to call me xenophobic for that they’ll need to explain which part of the ‘phobia’ is irrational or unreasonable.


        • Guest Who says:

          I can see your point, and there is legitimacy to knowing what faces the West, but by golly it can be skewed from information and education to flat-out propaganda very easily in the wrong hands.

          This morning my twitter timeline had key quotes complemented by photos ISIS recruiting would have found dreamy posters, courtesy of Radio 4.

          How are these moppets found? Sought or served up? Why to BBC ‘reporters’, ever keen to show their motivations.

          The 13-year-old on ‘righteous path’ (evidently no space for ‘…to ignoble slice and dice or execution’)

          I am not seeking counter-propaganda (though just once it would be nice to think the British BC may be getting its head round British interests first), but reading this, as a measure, imagine the ‘take’ from various readerships.

          Are Jihadi-minded teens going to suddenly say ‘Woah, wrong righteous path to take!”, or “Cool! I fancy me some of that kit and mayhem” having maybe missed some of the small print towards the end: ‘Some jihadist groups are using child soldiers as suicide bombers’

          As to domestic audiences not booking the next family outing to Ankara, I am unsure the story of a tousle-haired moppet with an ambition to lop off heads really does much more than either scare the willies or inspire to start digging a moat before Remembrance Day threats get enacted.

          ‘As I left the house of “Abu Hattab”, I asked his mother what her 13-year-old wanted to become when he was even younger.

          She smiled: “A pilot.”‘

          Lovely. They’ve just topped off WTC in NYC too.

          Was this a piece designed as a caution, or dripping with empathy?

          A bit like Gaza, my suspicion is the BBC doesn’t get access unless the result is foretold, and approved by those in real charge of the interview.

          And if they are happy with the result, what, and who has it really served?


          • Roland Deschain says:

            I think there’s a danger of reading too much into something just because we all know what the BBC default position usually is. If that same article had been on Breitbart, I think it would be viewed very differently.


    • George R says:

      Perhaps the above INBBC article was not written for ‘kafirs’ of Britain, but was mainly written for the millions of Muslims of the Middle East who have access to INBBC Arabic (paid for by we ‘kafirs’).


    • dave s says:

      Fair enough article but the liberal reading it will go into denial. The child is clear and articulate as to his reasons for joining Isis.
      Our incredibly stupid leaders who have made themselves self appointed experts on Isis and militant Islam are also in denial. Just listen to Cameron – the man has not got a clue about the Koran or the history of Jihad.
      To defend our civilisation we are going to need men and women who are not liberal( in the modern sense) Who actually believe that Western civilisation is better than Jihad driven Islam or any ism or left leaning tyranny.
      Few qualify but they are going to be needed. The current political elite cannot grasp this and must give way. The entire liberal establishment must give way. If European Christian based culture is to survive then we have to face reality.
      We have no divine right to our safety and our prosperity. It will have to be fought for against those who are always waiting for a civilisation to falter.
      We have a compact with our forefathers and with the future generations. This must be kept at whatever cost. It is for this reason that I say discussions with the liberals who dominate our lives is a waste of time. They cannot understand reality.


  36. George R says:


    In America, viewers can get same Islamic political line on INBBC anyway,
    as on Islamic Al Jazeera.


  37. George R says:

    Will BBC-NUJ support Free Speech?:-

    “Promoting ‘British Values’ by Curbing Free Speech”

    by Soeren Kern.


  38. George R says:

    Translating INBBC on Jerusalem:-

    Islamic jihadist murderer = ‘Palestinian van.’

    “Jerusalem: Palestinian van attack kills policeman”


    “Second Jihad Attack in Hebron, Israel In the Wake of Today’s Islamic Terror Attack in Jerusalem”
    – See more at:


  39. Deborah says:

    Just switched off Radio 4. A programme about a South African woman, the heroine (obviously very clever, very brave) who was involved in a demonstration against being educated in the Afrikaans language. Maybe she was bright, maybe she was brave and maybe she was right, but the same programme is oft repeated using the same tone and format. We have had the same admiration from BBC producers for the participants of the miners strike, CND marches etc etc. somehow I can’t see the same sort of programme for the Countryside March or the demonstration I attended to protest against Gordon Brown when he entertained the EU Finance Ministers in York. I can assure all readers of this site that Gordon’s arrogance had to be seen to be believed.


    • Old Goat says:

      Yes, these programmes appear to be inserted between the news and You & Yours, annoyingly.

      Had you left the radio on, you would have heard a discussion about the parlous state of electricity generation in the Former UK at the moment, and how you appear to be on a knife edge this year, and worse next year. No sign of a cold winter this year, fortunately (or, unfortunately, if, like me you want to see DECC fail miserably), so perhaps next year…

      Anyway, Ed Davey has allegedly described the situation as dire, but not to worry, he’s on top of it, what with STOR, and stuff…


      • Deborah says:

        Thanks OG, I really feel better after reading your comment. I think I should just leave the radio off the whole time (or listen to Classic FM but missing the headlines.


  40. Cull the Badgers says:

    There was discussion on The Daily Politics on the subject of political correctness and an academic gave a view on what he considered its origins – namely that to keep alive or to avoid being sent to the salt mines in the Soviet Union it was necessary to say what the government wanted you to say; thus politically correct. Naturally people did not always say what they thought. We know it is now a Marxist/Communist doctrine, supported by the present day Left, to stifle free speech and freedom of expression.

    We then had an interview with Peter Bone MP on his opposition to the concept and his wish that it be removed from our daily lives, which would be helped he said if the BBC were to be closed down, to show I thought how he is not cowed by pc. ‘Typical’ was the reaction of the interviewer. Much distain of the interviewee apparent.

    Typical of the BBC more like, they consider themselves above criticism and could not see the point.


    • bendybus says:

      If you want to understand PC and the motives behind it then you only need to read Orwell. His 1984 deals with it in a fairly entertaining fashion but his essay “Politics and the English Language” offers a more insightful treatment of its origins.

      In a nut shell, if you can control the words and language people use (for example by making certain words ‘forbidden’) then you eventually make certain ideas literally unthinkable. You cannot effectively think about concepts and ideas that you lack the linguistic tools to describe.

      Orwell was a genius. The Left claim his as one of their own of course, but in fact he was highly critical of the Left – especially the bourgeois Hampstead set (Ralph Miliband et al). He understood the power of language and the effect of constricting it for political ends.

      And so it was that Guy Gibsons black Labrador became ‘Trigger’.


  41. AsISeeIt says:

    DAB radio can be a strange temperamental beast.

    For months now I have been boycotting the awful left-biased BBC 5 Live.

    But when I turn on my radio it often fails to pick up the station I really want unless it has first been tuned to another station – BBC 5 Live seems to have a strong signal and so I use this as an intermediate stop on my way elsewhere.

    Much to my amazement I was pleased that I alighted briefly there today.

    Ben Elton was on plugging something or other at the national broadcaster that doesn’t do adverts.

    Eleanor Oldroyd and Dan Walker were happy egging Ben on to criticise late Education Secretary Michael Gove for his comments about Blackadder colouring young people’s views about the Great War. Another plateful of good old-style BBC 5 Live left fair served up to the masses – not us gov… we’ve no opinions of our own, it was Ben wot said it…

    Then, suddenly what’s this…. Eleanor tries to go on a roll by introducing the subject of the highly popular poppy installation at the Tower of London… assuming perhaps Mr Elton will chip in with another regulation lefty view. So Ben, there has been a lot of people saying…..

    Unfortunately, and unexpectedly for the BBC militant peaceniks Ben Elton rather likes the poppy display.

    He guns Eleanor down in flames.

    “You at the start of your question said ‘there has been a lot of opinion’, in fact it was one bloke writing in the Guardian”

    Oh my that put down truly encapsulates most of BBC’s received views and supposed commentary right there.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘‘there has been a lot of opinion’, in fact it was one bloke writing in the Guardian”

      Which to the BBC becomes actual fact as spoken for the nation.

      A precedent in counter has recently been set by a source as equally surprising as our Ben.

      Though I am unsure it was quite intentional.


    • uncle bup says:

      That would be the same ‘lot of opinion’ that was talking non-stop about Brand’s drearathon.

      I was in the very large Waterstones yesterday on Piccadilly and all I saw of Brand’s was a small table right at the exit. I think just encouraging the crusties to pick one and run.

      I suppose the Salford Waterstones is floor to ceiling with them


      • DownBoy says:

        Can’t be sure but I think Ben Elton may have shifted a bit from his edgy red wedgy earlier self.
        I saw him a while back waxing lyrical about Ronnie Corbett. Maybe it’s nothing but I suspect he’s changed a bit.


        • bendybus says:

          Perhaps Elton has finally grown up. I always thought he had potential as a writer but his uber-leftist act just got in the way. And I truly think it was just an act. He milked the political climate of the day for laughs of course. Fatcha!!! and all that. I think there is more to the man than this and we may see something better from him in the future.


          • GCooper says:

            What, like his retirement?

            He’s the worst kind of socialist hypocrite.


          • Essex Man says:

            On LBC yesterday , Nick Ferrari had journalist Robert Fox reviewing the papers. Nick asked Robert ,what he thought of the Tower of London poppy display , Fox was very impressed with it . He then went on to recount an earlier visit to the bbc ,within the last few years during the Remembrance season. Fox turned up with a poppy on, to do an interview on news 24 . The producers ordered its removal ,when asked `why`& that he was not bbc staff ,they said, `You look like Bbc staff & we don`t do poppy`s here` .Says it all about the Evil bbc bastards , a fatwa on all of them .


            • Guest Who says:

              ‘The producers ordered its removal’

              Aside from all else, I’d be interested how such a process with a guest is enacted.

              Physical battery and theft?

              Threat and menaces?

              If resisted and the chair is left vacant, I’d love to have heard the BBC’s explanation.

              And how consistent is this in precedent?

              Hatty lobs up in her fave ‘T’ and suddenly is there doing a Dove commercial impersonation?

              Phil Jupitus stripped of his badges on the parade ground?


    • Pounce says:

      The backlash agaisnt the Guardian regards the Poppy even by its own has been something else. However in true school boy fashion they continue trying to promote the view that the Poppy is evil and must be banned, the otherday the Guardian ran a Poll asking if people feel they are pressured into wearing the Poppy. (contrast that with how the left (esp the bBC) pushed for the PM to wear a this is what a feminist looks like TShirt. Until that is it came round to bite them on the bum.

      Today they’ve knocked out an article on how big the display wouild be if we took into account how many people died in WW!. (HAve to laugh as that was instantly shot down by somebody who stated that more people died after WW1 than during)
      The whole debate was best summed up on the Guardian CIF by somebody who stated that he has no problem with people who don’t wear the poppy. (As do all of us) but to lecture us on why they are not wearing it is a fucking joke.
      Me, I’ve purchased 4 poppies this year at £2 a shot. Why becasue I know the money I give goes to a British charity that helps..British people
      Now contrast that with the current bBC charity , Children in need which goes primarily abroad to people who hate us.
      I’ve also been to the Tower twice this past fortnight both times (A week apart) the place was absolutely packed. And the thing we noticed both times, there was an equal number of foreigners as there was English. So much for the UKIP angle.


  42. Guest Who says:

    Can’t find it now, but Mr. Easton and his always valued contribution to cohesion cropped up recently.

    And here he is again…

    ‘And the “content” ? Largely vox pops’

    Phew. Control who gets asked. Control what they may say. Or not. Doesn’t get better than that at the BBC, especially with a safe pair of standards like those of young Mark.


  43. Guest Who says:

    Lord Pantone’s claimed words vs. deeds on BBC staffing always entertain.

    The revolving door of market ratedom indeed. Not so much a sidestep as lie down and hop off.

    Still, the BBC have been luvly, which is nice. She can only be wished well.

    But as one door closes behind, many more open. It even has DNA making a welcome return:

    ‘a public lecture on how technology will change news’

    Presumably more on logistics than the unique way the BBC treats accuracy, objectivity or integrity. So same top-rung agenda-driven sh*t, only more of it, via more delivery systems, using more unsackable staff. Maybe a bit quicker still so confirmation of stories becomes even more so last 10 minutes.

    And finally, as Yoda would say, ‘Another there is’ (actually more than a few…

    That’s a fair few £100-200k’s on the hoof.

    With a few old friends, even after uncomfortable parts in the Newsnight/Lord McAlpine palaver.

    Aunty does look after her own.


  44. noggin says:

    Why is the BBC ignoring this story?, got all their points?
    forced marriage should be a “biggie”?, threatened child?
    recall their R4 program at the weekend? waxing on about “Asian” girl victims?

    and … That’s sharia for you … better get used to it, time and time again flaunting it over our law … and nobodies pulling them up on it.

    In fact the Tories want help them in their supremacism.

    and today
    The GMC (should be based in science … right, or at least in fact
    islamofauxbia is a crock!)
    investigates the “unicorn” of islamofauxbia ?, There s a joke in there somewhere, surely.

    Why did the General Medical Council even consider this?, to even mention this is superfluous but, Islam is not a race, that they took this complaint seriously? is absurd.

    The traitors in No10 deceitfully wiping our rights away, the BBC getting all luvvie over Libyan rapists?
    “It was the British from the beginning. They should have sought a solution and finished the training well. “They didn’t tell us about British law and what’s the difference between right and wrong here.”

    Better get P Condell on the line, never mind, “Goodbye Sweden” goodbye UK
    Truly the world turned upside down.


    • Llareggub says:

      If I were the doctor accused of Islamophobia I would hire a top class lawyer. He will find many in his profession ready to damn him, and will have no support from a Government that has capitulated to the muslims.


  45. AsISeeIt says:

    ‘ “The key point is the double, triple, quadruple standards that the BBC seems to use in these things,” said one well-placed insider.’

    You, and us both mate.

    On this occasion it’s about tv chefs and adverts for spuds.

    Garry can promote chrisps but Michel can’t work with potatoes.

    You say potato, I say…. the BBC thingy

    “Every moment I have worked for the BBC I have enjoyed, and I have absolutely no regrets in any of the work I have done with them.”

    Or, if you prefer Sir, we can serve the non-BBC-friendly non-Guardian version….

    ‘Michel Roux Jr blames ‘two-faced BBC hypocrites’ for the end of his Masterchef career’


  46. joeb says:

    “I like Islamic State because they pursue Sharia and kill infidels, non-Sunnis and those who converted from Islam…We must behead them as Allah said in the Koran.”

    No doubt it has nothing to do with Islam…


  47. George R says:

    Remembrance Day-when many people in Britain (inc Beeboids) wear poppies-seems to hurt the ‘sensibilities’ of more and more Muslims.

    “Poppy Jihad: Rash of Muslim Attacks on Army Cadets Selling Remembrance Day Poppies”
    – See more at:

    How long will it be before Remembrance Day is banned in Britain, as an attempt to appease Islamic interests?


    • bendybus says:

      Of course it should be banned! Any right-thinking, hand-wringing, ‘progressive’ socialist could tell you that.

      Witness the article in the Guardian decrying the poppy installation at the Tower of London. Sadly for the Graun, the comments on the story didn’t quite go the right way and it was universally panned. Even Bella Mackie (daughter of the editor) tweeted her disgust at the piece.

      Wear your poppy with pride folks – if for no other reason than it irritates the shit out of the cowards and traitors in our midst.


      • JoShaw says:

        “Wear your poppy with pride folks – if for no other reason than it irritates the shit out of the cowards and traitors in our midst. ”

        And why not get yourself a Help for Heroes hoody or something? Christmas is coming up. Lots of stuff:


        • RJ says:

          My Welsh Warrior badge is right next to my poppy.

          Different charity, same principle.


        • pah says:

          get yourself a Help for Heroes hoody

          God no! Cameron might want to hug me … 🙁

          Recommend the rugby shirts tho’ – very good quality.


  48. Dave666 says:

    BBc run banks are evil and responsible for all evil on 18:00 news and are being investigated. High levels of dissatisfaction, what like BBc. Reporter pretends to be on his phone “waiting” for a response, what like complaining to the BBc waiting to get a template non reply. Nice free advert for Metro bank and the usual thriving business who need money and can’t get a loan. So one would assume not that thriving.


  49. Deborah says:

    BBC1 Mark Easton on the news talking about English devolution in Yorkshire and how the hopes for an independent Yorkshire is on everyone’s lips. Living here I can assure BBBCers that I have not heard it raised once. This is the county with a large turnout for the election of a police Commisioner but that was because everybody was determined not to get Prescott. We would not stand for a chance that he would become PM for the Yorkshire. Now that Easton has come to my area I realise what a nonsense his series of reports have been.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Now that Easton has come to my area I realise what a nonsense his series of reports have been.’

      There would seem to be a significant measure of telling the people of England what they want via editorial selectivity to a significant degree.

      Not sure such advocacy is really what the BBC is meant to be here for.


      • Englands Dreaming says:

        Yes I also saw on the news at 6 more propaganda for unwanted English devolution.

        Also the part they had on poor Ed’s non future as Labour party leader was interesting. The Beeb referred to the recent photo blunder when he gave some change to a 14yr old illegal Romanian beggar, but she was described as a “homeless person” . This is clearly incorrect as the Beeb and everyone else know she lives with her aunt.


        • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

          Forgive me if it has already been mentioned here, but this process of softening up toward ‘ regions’ has nowt to do with home rule for england.
          Its phase 1 of a process to enable control of areas to be ceded to islam and its barbarian sharia practices.
          In spite of Fatty Prescott’s failed attempts at regionalising in the past, albeeba have an ulterior motive here, to set up some justification for what they see as an inevitable step towards islamisation.


    • Essex Man says:

      Yes , the Evil bastard has spent the whole week stirring up the natives , a `Divide & Rule ` Bbc policy , on tuesday Cornwall . Yesterday Wales ,on how devolution is `SO` good for Wales & how the `English Regions` must have it . This is Bbc /Labour policy to stop ,English votes for English Laws , because Labour don`t have a majority in England , so The Millipeed`s Plan B, to` Crush the English` must be brought in. This all smells of a `Directive ` from Labour`s Central Command Bunker .


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Long ago the BBC used to recount rather dry facts with little context or bias. Then came “Birtism”, contextualisation and editorialising, along with increased bias. Now, at times, we appear to have advocacy, or what Martin Bell might call “the journalism of attachment”.

      Easton is a disgrace. I didn’t hear this report but, if he really did say that independence was on everyone’s lips in Yorks, then he should be sacked immediately. He has form, as they say. I recall his reaction to a predictive report where he said that the Britain of 2030 wouldn’t be very different from that of today … having just said that Britain would still be 70% White British (it’s 86% today and was 99% in 1945) … as if we should be grateful!!! Do the Math, as they say in the US.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Ever since the declaration of autonomy for East Yorkshire, the southerners still insist in calling it North Humberside when they send junk mail. So I cannot wait for Home Rule with the Lieutenant Governor being declared Governor General of East Yorkshire, Her Majesties 17th and newest Realm.
      As for Prescott‘s bogus working class Northern image. He was born in Wales, and taught himself the Northern accent while living in the Hull dockland area in the 1960’s. He is now a member of the House of Lords.


      • Deborah says:

        But Richard, you know that the East Riding would be lumped in with Hull and the newest realm would be permanently Labour – it’s not what I would want.


    • Donisthorpe Boot Boy. MBE. says:

      Yes, but what a nice car, although I need 4 door’s now.