Pre-emptive Strike



This is from the far the BBC has refrained from being drawn in….

2014 on track to be one of the wettest years on record

Unusually rainy November and December could make 2014 the wettest year since records began


The Telegraph is quoting the Met. Office and that old fraud Bob Ward (who isn’t a scientist) who tells us…..

Mr Ward said the trend for wetter weather was being caused by climate change.

“The very wet and warm year we are experiencing is part of a pattern, with the seven warmest years and four of the five wettest years on record so far have all occurred from 2000 onwards. Climate change means the UK is now about one degree warmer on average than in 1970, and the warmer atmosphere holds more water, leading to heavier rainfall,” he said.


However even the Met. Office says…

“As we head into December there are signs that rainfall amounts should become nearer normal.”



But what do the numbers say? Do they, as Bob Ward claims indicate one of the wettest years ever?  Do they indicate a trend towards wetter weather?

No. of course not.  You didn’t believe the paid up peddler of climate propaganda did you?

In the years 2000-2014 in England and Wales the wettest year was 2012 with 1244.4 mm.

That’ll be less than 1768 then, with 1247.3 mm…

or 1879 with 1284.9 mm.


The trend is definitely there then.


But surely 2014 is heading to be the second wettest on record….

Well so far there has been 900.1 mm…..and with December looking to be average, and even if it wasn’t, the rain would have to be totally extraordinary to be above the levels seen in the years quoted above.

Even if you add in Scotland and Northern Ireland there is no trend towards wetter weather…and you have to take into account records there only start in 1931 not 1766 as in England and Wales….

The wettest year in Scotland since 2000 being 2011 with 1668.2 mm…but 1990 had 1720.4 mm, 1954 had 1675.7 mm and 1948 had 1669.9 mm.

In NI in 2002 there was 1193.6 mm, but 1958 had 1197.1 mm, 1954 had 1315 mm and 1950 had 1238.2 mm.


That trend for wetter weather is shaping up nicely…but only in the mind of climate fraud Bob Ward.

Shame the newspapers, and all too often Roger Harrabin, give him any credence at all.




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16 Responses to Pre-emptive Strike

  1. stuart says:

    so the bbc has gone from predicting the weather from 3 days in advance to 10 days in advance,funny that when on friday they said this weeks weather will be mild,windy with rain at times,tonight forecaste said this week it will be cloudy,drier with sunny intervals,how did that change in 2 days,super duper new computer i guess,more confusing than that is the mets weather forecaste for the next 3 months,they say it will be mild,very wet with gales and severe gales up until january when they expect a cold snap coming in from the east.who do you believe,just who do believe.


  2. Old Goat says:

    Posted this elsewhere before I saw this thread, where it’s probably more relevant:

    Speaking of the Met Office, and “since records began”, this winter, apparently, is going to be the wettest since records began, which will be even wetter than last year, which was the wettest since records began…
    …and so it goes on.

    The Daily Mail says it’ll be the wettest for 33 years. If that’s the case, presumably that 33 years includes last year, which was the “wettest since records began” – that doesn’t seem to correlate with 33 years, does it?

    The Met Office – blinding us with sceance.
    The BBC – believing it.


  3. Umbongo says:

    The Telegraph article relaying these “facts” is at this time (10:34 am) not open for comments. The Telegraph has evidently twinned with the BBC on the matter of “climate change” and its related mock-science. Having Geoffrey Lean heading the Telegraph‘s environment team (with Emily Gosden stepping up to be crowned as the new Queen of the Press Release) is eerily similar to having Roger Harrabin in charge of climate change propaganda at Broadcasting House.


    • Mike says:

      To be fair to the Telegraph it does balance Lean (on a Saturday) with Christopher Booker on a Sunday with his contrary views. A 50:50 split then. Just like the BBC’s balance with Left and Right, Warmists and Deniers, Islamists and Israelis etc. Oh, wait …………….


  4. Philip says:

    You wont believe this; but I do learn that those who were swamped by the poor provision offered by the (Lord Finsbury Park (Lords above) Environmental Agency (another state funded EU Quango) on localised flooding (Staines area) can now receive (FREE) TEN empty (plastic) sandbags to offset the 2.6% possibility of flooding. No doubt the same generous offer is already available to those living in in Somerset. On the upside they will have to widen rivers, dredge depths, add weirs, maintain river sluice lock etc. something which was always maintained before the Environment Agency was established for ducks and Greens by the Labour party. Still the cash for damp carpets will come in handy. Lord Finsbury will no doubt get cashback on his pad higher up the hill.


    • lojolondon says:

      Somerset, being largely reclaimed land desperately needs dredging on an ongoing basis. Can you imagine the Dutch deciding not to dredge their canals for fear of upsetting the lesser spotted frog – the whole country would be under water and the person responsible should be lynched, but, like here, would probably be made head of the EU’s climate change team….


  5. johnnythefish says:

    The Met Office merrily regurgitates these ‘wettest year on record’ claims with a frequency and hysteria which makes Henny Penny look like a model of calmness and rational thinking.

    And whatever happened to those ‘hot dry summers’ we were promised not so long ago? Shouldn’t they sort of even things out over the year? Oh, sorry, that is like, so yesterday doncha know along with the end of the skiing industry in Europe (no more snow, you see) and the Earth’s glaciers disappearing by 2032.

    Let’s not forget Slingo and the Met Office have form when it comes to rainfall:

    ‘Of course, nobody would say it was “unprecedented” as we only have records back to 1766, and therefore cannot know what happened before. The reality, though, is that in the records since 1766 there have been other years with even greater rainfall, whether measured over one, two, three or four month periods. Consistently, we find that the period of October 1929 to January 1930 stand out as much wetter than this winter, or any other similar periods in the records since 1910.’

    But that won’t worry them, the BBC, the Telegraph and the rest of the ‘climate change’ cheerleaders who either have the attention span of a gnat that they forget these things or have adopted lying as their default modus operandi in climate reporting. Whatever, they consistently fail to see the absurdity of their position as they scrabble almost daily to tell us of new and more bizarre reasons why we need to abandon our sophisticated Western industrialised society in favour of economic and social Armageddon and a return to famine, pestilence and early death.

    So thank God for the internet, and the voices of sanity that dwell therein, we hope and pray that they prevail:

    Click to access Climate_Truth_File_100614_Online.pdf


  6. thoughtful says:

    It is seeming more & more likely that the US will have another polar vortex, and that we will have a mild winter similar to last year, with high rainfall.
    Very nice for those of us will homes to heat, but I have no doubt that a mild winter in the UK will be used as evidence of global warming, whilst temperatures of -30 C in area which are normally -5 C will just be ignored.


  7. dt54685 says: most confusing weather forecaste i have ever seen.


  8. Simon says:

    rain in England? I never would have guessed…..


  9. DICK R says:

    That deluded old ecolunatic Geoffrey Lean who writes his garbage in the Telegraph is part of the problem , the Telegraph, once a good rational paper has now descended to the levels of the Guardian and the BBC.


    • Old Goat says:

      I get my news, and associated comments from Breitbart, now. Many folk who formerly inhabited the blogs in the NeoGuardianesque Telegraph have already voted with their feet.